Rachel Zoe: Skyler Is Excited About a Sibling – Sometimes

10/30/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Rachel Zoe Pregnant LinkedIn
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Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman announced in September that they are “beyond excited” to be expecting their second child — but their son Skyler Morrison may not share the same sentiments.

“You know what? I’ll get back to you on that,” Zoe joked to PEOPLE Tuesday of her 2½-year-old, after serving as a panelist for LinkedIn Discussion Series on What Women Want @ Work luncheon.

“It depends what day you ask him. Right now he just doesn’t want anyone near Mommy except him, so I don’t know when that should change.”

Zoe, 42, who touched on motherhood — and even showed off her barely there baby belly during her panel — is eight months along in her pregnancy.

“I am super pregnant. [My bump] is there. I feel it,” she said after West Hollywood’s Soho House event. “You know what? I am in good spirits because [being pregnant] is the biggest blessing in the world. I’m the luckiest person in the world.”

She adds, “I have a healthy, beautiful boy and hopefully I’ll have another healthy, incredible child.”

The stylist’s first pregnancy differed from her second, especially when it comes to morning sickness.

“In the beginning of this pregnancy, I was very, very sick. With Sky, I was not,” Zoe, who is a LinkedIn Influencer, says. “I think it’s always a bit easier mentally the second time. The first time, everything is the unknown. My foot’s tingling. What does that mean? Emergency!”

Part of what makes the entire experience so special is being able to share it with Berman. “We’ve been together 22 years, so he’s my best friend, my business partner, my husband and the love of my life,” Zoe explains.

“There’s no one I trust more on the planet. There’s no hidden agenda other than me being happy and doing what I love. From the very beginning, he was my biggest cheerleader — him and my dad.”

Calling herself “very lucky,” she adds, “I don’t think I could sit here doing anything I do today if I didn’t have him in that way. You need that support, that sounding board, that sanity to check yourself.”

And one piece of guidance Zoe is passing along to any expectant mom: “Don’t surrender so easily.”

She explains: “Take the extra five minutes and make yourself feel good about yourself because it’s kind of hard when you’re pregnant to feel sexy, to feel pretty, to feel attractive in any way. I think you have to give yourself some time to take care of yourself and feel good going out there in the world every day.”

— Dahvi Shira

VIDEO: See a flashback of Skyler’s closet below.

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candykane on

that is a very unfortunate picture of her

lovely123 on

Terrible picture – she looks like she is in drag.

essie on

she looks like a zombie in that first photo. how embarrassing and awful for her. such an unattractive and self-centered person with horrible fashion sense.

Anonymous on

That doesn’t look like her at all.

mayble on

this woman is soooo deathly skinny. awfully unattractive too. what a fake family.

Anonymous on

She is soooo gross! Soooo self-centered. Not to mention the fact that her kid always looks beyond uncomfortable the way she dresses him. He needs to be free of those designer clothes and be a toddler.

shel on

Love Rachel and her family. Wish them all the best!!!!

Emily on

I absolutely love her! Enough with the rude comments. She has a great attitude – I love hearing about her strong marriage and her sweet boy.

the nice girl on

You can always count on the comment section to be riddled with angry, mean people that cannot say anything nice!

Athina on

Certainly some nasty comments about this nice lady. Can’t you just be happy for her instead of being so nasty for no good reason. You look petty and immature when you tear someone down who has only been the nicest person.

Chelsea on

What a horrible comment ” her barely there baby bump”. That is such an insensitive thing to say! Many women are extremely aware and worried about whether they’ve gained enough weight, gained too much weight, and just generally if they are doing everything they can to take care of their baby. I’m not sure why the author felt compelled to comment on the size of her belly, but as in any other social situation, it is not acceptable to comment on a woman’s size.

Kieran on

At the nice girl….no one has ever said it better!

Anonymous on

Picture her at a PTA meeting… What a frightening thought! :-0

thesportygirl on

Funny how everyone always finds a reason to pick on someone. This woman has been with her husband for 22 years married for 17 years and loves her kid. Every parent dresses their kid the way they want. Doesn’t matter if it is designer or not. No reason to criticize for that cause I am sure any parent posting below has dressed their kid in something the kid didn’t like.

1SoaringLady on

Oh but I loved watching Rachel & Roger converse in their monotone banter. From the vanguard fashions she crafts, to their pristine yet luxurious home… are all just amazing & that Skyler, simply adorable. I wish them all the best!! PS, Rachel plz keep some of the baby weight this time.

Marky on

The rude comments about this woman and her family just appall anyone with a heart . She and her husband seem to deeply love each other, they are crazy about their son, and now they are about to have another baby; congratulations are in order, not insults!

The mothers I dread seeing in PTA meetings are not the ones who love their children and have a smile on their face; it’s the ones who are sniping about others, making rude comments and acting like scorpions toward other moms who are to be avoided. Rachel Zoe seems just fine.