Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Expecting Second Child

10/30/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Pregnant Expecting Second Child Jay Cutler
Jeff Schear/WireImage

A year of love continues for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

The reality star turned designer, 26, and her Chicago Bears quarterback husband, 30, are expecting their second child, Cavallari confirms.

“Thank you for all the love!! We are so excited for Camden to be a big brother!” she posted on her Instagram account.

After welcoming son Camden Jack, now 14 months, in August 2012, the proud new parents were open about wanting to expand their family further — and sooner rather than later.

“We’re talking about having another baby soon. We want kids close in age,” she told PEOPLE.

The couple recently celebrated a milestone with their June wedding in Nashville, followed by a romantic Italian honeymoon.

“We definitely weren’t ready to get married [when we got engaged], and so we put everything on hold and we ended up having the baby before,” Cavallari has said.

E! Online was first to report news of the pregnancy.

— Andrea Billups with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Guest on

God help this world!

Beth on

Congrats! I don’t know what it is, but I really like this couple.

Crystal on

YAY!!! Camden is so cute! Congratulations to the Cutlers!!!

Emry on

i cant stand her, shes such a fake and spoiled brat!

Just My Opinion on

Securing her future.

cbfan on

I know a lot of people hate this couple, but I am not one of them. Congratulations to them and I hope they have another healthy baby!

Eva on

Putting to shame people assuming they married cause she got pregnant

Wen on

They got married AFTER she had the first kid, so yeah, they got married because she got pregnant in the first place.

AbbyDogg on

How weird is that?!? You’re not ready to get married when you got engaged but you were ready to have a baby?? As I said–how WEIRD is that??

Amanda on

Congratulations! I was pregnant the same time as her last year! I can’t wait until it’s my turn for baby #2!

Monica on

“We definitely weren’t ready to get married [when we got engaged], and so we put everything on hold and we ended up having the baby before.”

I love it when ‘people’ say this…

…but let’s make a baby, which is only the biggest responsibility that a person can have and then justify their decision to put off marriage ’cause marriage is apparently too much to handle… (enough bastards already)

Stop judging people on

Wow, Monica. You’re a true class act. Please continue to call everyone born out of wedlock bastards. Do you also use racial and derogatory terms for ethnicities and races outside of your own? Clearly you’re a well-educated, celebrity-worshiping guru…not. Get over yourself and stop judging people. These two both have good incomes, careers and families… Regardless of how or when they chose to have a child they CAN provide for that is NOT your business. Go back to the anonymous lifestyle you coward behind.

Dawn on

I am not a fan of theirs, but wishing them another healthy baby.

Anonymous on

Ugh. She is not a nice person, which makes it hard to be happy for her.

Kristin on

Congrats! Its always exciting adding a new family member! Their son is very lucky to get a sibling.

Guest on

Wow! Congratulations!

Mel on

I know alot of people don’t like her, but I think she is really pretty. Also, she is honest. Even if she was bitchy to people she did it to their face. She was not a fake person on the hills or laguna beach. She is who she is and she knows who she is and does not apologize fo it. She has always been up front with people. There is nothing wrong with that. I do not have any problems with her and like her. If another baby is what they want then congats! Best wishes to them.

Lisa on

She looks like a washed up *****.

Meia on

Maybe I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this relationship ends up being a Tiger Woods and Jesse James kind of situation.

Jenny on

“We definitely weren’t ready to get married [when we got engaged], and so we put everything on hold and we ended up having the baby before,” Cavallari has said. Sorry? You weren’t ready to get married, but you were ready to bring a child into the world? She’s a simple girl.

Cindy on

Guess Jay’s uterus has healed enough that he can carry a child now …

Donna Bodo on

She is such a bit@#, she copied Lauren Conrads dream of clothes designer, Kristen never said she wanted to do that in any of the shows! Sorry but I can’t stand this girl never did like her, and I feel sorry for her kids!

mihunny on

Ready for a baby…but not for marriage. Not that I think it matters if people are married before they have a child…but it’s such a stupid way to phrase how your family came to be.

Ashley on

Kristin looks much older than 26 in this picture. Too thin and a bit haggard, IMO. But a baby is always a blessing so I wish her a healthy pregnancy and both parents a healthy baby.

jean on

Good thing she got pregnant before his groin injury.

tina on

Very cool. Congratulations to the Cutlers. Camden looks like his daddy maybe Kristen will have a little girl looking like her.

I love duh Bears.

Razmataz2 on

Must have happened before his recent groin injury.

J on

Maybe that’s how he strained his groin

b on

@Monica.. How dare you call children that. By calling innocent children names, you are holding them responsible for the actions of the parents, which by the way is none of YOUR business. As long as they are happy and no one is hurt, how does this affect you? YOU ARE THE BASTARD

Brandi on

Congrats to them 🙂 She seems like a great mom, very involved and hands-on with her son and I wish them all the best with the new addition to their family ♡

amanda on

I used to hate Kristin Cavallari but I feel like being away from the MTV cameras she has really grown up and come into her own. She’s 26, married, mother, business woman and seems to have her act together than many other 26 year olds I know. I wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby!

The Stupification of America on

Ugh, annoyingly vapid people pooping out multiple kids. Just what this world needs. He’s so freaking ugly too.

Marky on

I think this couple looks happy, and they seem to have handled having Camden just fine. Like some other couples I know personally, seems as if they thought things over while apart, and came back together ready to be a stronger couple. Kids close together is not so hard now; there are washers and dryers, organic foods, the kids usually play together pretty well since they are close in age, and car seats that stay in the car. I had kids 15 months apart, with a total of 3 in exactly 4years. I had to lug seats back and forth, and had no family or help anywhere within 350 miles. I did fine, and so did the children. They all got along just fine, played together, and I managed without going crazy, was always clean and neat, and so were they. Little harder in the teen years, but not bad. Sure she will do fine, and unless you know them extremely well, you have no idea whether she “is securing her future”. Child support is just that…..it isn’t easier on anyone to have a split family. Many of you probably know that. Ease up on the criticism, none of us really “know” this couple……

SoNotHollywood on

Thank you @Monica and @Abby… The morals in this world have just continued to get worse. I wish people would stop conforming to what society says is acceptable and acknowledge that moral values are highly regarded yet sorely lacking. Acknowledge that your marriage is legal BEFORE taking on having a family. I would think making your commitment to your spouse would take precedence and show your offspring that “Hey, I have my crap together, this is the way to do things.”

Kassie on

Judging is never a good idea, but..here I go..

Why do these twenty-something “girls” procreate? Their 1st child may have been unplanned, but what is the hurry now? Far better to wait & have a gap btwn siblings..AND spend some time maturing, than to rush into all of this.

I don’t care what anyone says, you are not a woman & ready to mother a child in your twenties.

I’m pretty sure I can predict how this is all going to end..

KP on

“We definitely weren’t ready to get married [when we got engaged], and so we put everything on hold and we ended up having the baby before,” umm…what?! Never liked her anyway, but this is probably the stupidest thing she’s said.

Jennifer on

WOW, lots of bitter women commenting on this. Seems Kristin can do nothing right in some peoples eyes. People complained when she had a baby before marriage, now you complain that she’s having a baby after marriage but too close to the birth of Camden. Stop being bitter hags!

Becky on

So many Negative Nellies commenting here. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then maybe you should shut the hell up. I doubt she has the time to read these comments but it’s just nasty to say such awful things about anyone. You don’t know them. You know a character they played on TV. Anyway…new babies are a joyous occasion. Many congrats to The Cutlers!

diane on

people need to get over her whole comment about not being ready for marriage but ready for a baby. at a certain point, you don’t have a choice about the baby – it’s coming, ready or not! so if they didn’t feel that they were in a place to add marriage to the mix, good for them for waiting. they just increased the chances of the marriage lasting longer.

guest on

That photo is hilarious. She looks like a guy in drag and he is in dire need of a tan. He seems to have slept in his clothes and awoke for the picture.

Julie on

Awesome how in Hollywood, getting married is considered a “milestone”!! *eye roll*

Rachael on

Dang. Let your vaginal rest! Smh!!

BG on

I don’t really like her but a child on the way is always a blessing. Congrats!

Pat Brown on

people are so clueless, she was on 2 scripted reality shows. SCRIPTED, she was HIRED to play the villain, how hard is that to understand? Like it or not, she is an entertainer, was hired to play a part, nothing more or less. Go to IMbd and see all of her actor credits there. She is an actor, as for marriage, that’s a piece of paper, for a made up concept to sell flowers and cake, and dresses. If it were so holy and sacred and magically no one would ever get divorced. A made up concept passed down to mindless sheep? then yes most realize it’s just a bunch of nonsense and divorce, move on preachers!

Chet on

this leech has got a free ride for life now. You’re stuck Jay.

Taryn on

I have seen her out many times. she is a lush… and runs her mouth. Always trying to be louder than the person next to her. There is no way she is prepared to be a mother let along a mother of 2. I am sorry, but she is not a nice person to be around. Perhaps that is why her “husband” isn’t… Just sayin’

D on

Congrats to both!!!

Milky on

This board is so weirdly obsessed with marriage before babies – I fail to see how it makes a difference. It’s literally a piece of paper. Mankind has been having babies since before marriage was invented, it’s totally not a prerequisite. I think it’s nice they’re having more kids

Everyonehasanopinion on

…and so it begins……

Robyn on

Kassie, not a woman and ready to mother a child in your twenties? Last time I checked, mid-twenties was a perfectly acceptable age to become a mother. I had my first at 26, my second at 29, and now I’m 30 and pregnant with #3 (our last!). No, our first child wasn’t planned. My husband and I were engaged at the time and living together but were certainly committed.

Tammy on

You’re not ready to get married when you get engaged but you’re ready to have a baby??? I’ve done both and raising a child is a helluva lot harder than being married. I’m confused by that. Maybe I’m just getting old…

maryhelenc on


I think what she meant was that they put the wedding on hold, and then surprise! Camden appeared! Either way, they’re married now and things seem good, so let’s be happy for them.

Isabel on

SoNotHollywood, a stranger’s marital status will never have an effect on your life so why do you care? Are your personal relationships sullied because some random reality star had a child before she was married? Did you lose your job over it? What a stupid thing to be up in arms about.

jojo on

Congrats!! Another lil BEAR fan. Go BEARS!, Heal fast Jay!

Mira on

Hmmm, Mother Nature makes a woman’s 20s her most fertile period, so I’m guessing that means that the 20s are a perfectly fine time to have a baby

KiKi on

Why is she relevent? And, what is she a “designer” of?

bob white on

I like him. She seems like a gold digger.

jwinks on

I’m glad her uterus isn’t sprained like his is.

Anonymous on

Kassie maybe you were some immature child in your 20s but we are all not like you. I had my first at 22 and second at 26, and we are very happy and my children are extremely well cared for.

Katie on

He looks like the type of guy who sits on the couch and drinks beer all day. Well… she got him for another 18 years. Sad it’ll just end in divorce like most celebrity marriages. Not many find true love in the spotlight.

Emily on

I love that they had called off the engagement to begin with, get back together momentarily and what do you know— she’s pregnant. How convenient for her.

Mr. Sunshine on

@Kassie You do realize women were having kids way before their twenties at one time. And, who are you to judge her maturity level. I’m happy for her. Hope they have a healthy baby and sweet brother or sister for Camden.

Lyanna on

“A man should take precedence over a child” ? Seriously? You have got to be joking. I could never love any man more than I love my children.

Anonymous on

You weren’t ready for marriage, so you had a kid instead. Yep, I sense maturity here.

Anonymous on

So funny when people hate on these stars….ur jealous…now close that icky potty mouth of yours!

Kassie on

@Robyn @Mr Sunshine & Anonymous

I am entitled to my opinion about procreating in your twenties.

I just don’t believe it is a good idea. I happen to think that parenting is a forever & a full-time job.

Your twenties should be about self-discovery & experience..post-secondary, travel, work. You are a far wiser parent with those experiences under your belt.

We’ll have to agree to disagree. And see where you are all at in twenty yrs..

stacey on

Lyanna, I could NOT agree more!!!!!

Marilyn on

Tony Romo and wife are expecting in March, too (their 2nd child).