Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde Expecting First Child

10/27/2013 at 06:55 PM ET

Olivia Wilde Pregnant Jason Sudeikis David Livingston/Getty

And baby makes three!

Olivia Wilde, 29, and Jason Sudeikis, 38, are expecting their first child, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

“They are incredibly happy,” says a source close to both. “They’re very excited to welcome a new member into their family.”

Reps for the couple confirm to PEOPLE that Wilde is pregnant.

The two met on the season finale ofย Saturday Night Live in 2011 and began dating six months later. They got engaged in January.

Earlier this year, Wilde said she was excited to start a family with Sudeikis in the future. “He’s so good with kids,” she told Marie Claire. “I’m open-minded about how many, but three is like a little party.”

— Julie Jordan

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Victoria on

Um, they’ve been “engaged” *cough* for quite some time. Couldn’t they have gotten married first and then had a baby?

Not feeling optimistic about this pairing, in particular because Wilde jumped into the relationship immediately after divorcing her first husband. Not good.

Penelope on

Stop expecting celebrities to follow your moral rules. Everyone decides what’s best for them. Hollywood is not a uber moral place. Want old school morality? Go to church, temple, or a synagogue.

Brandi on

Good Lord…just because you don’t see their situation as good doesn’t mean it can’t be good for them or other couples out there. So much judgement! I waited until I was married until I had kids, but just because I did what was best for me doesn’t mean it’s going to be what’s best for everyone else and I don’t expect it to be or judge anyone else for doing what works for them. Sometimes people get out of marriages and relationships, get back into the dating field right away and stay in their next relationship for a lifetime. It does happen. I’m glad that more and more people are putting their happiness first and doing what works for THEM and not what’s conventional or what keeps everyone else happy. At the end of the day, Jason and Olivia know who they are and what’s in their hearts so that’s all that matters. They don’t need to explain themselves or need approval from you or anyone else out there and I wish them all the best with their little one on the way โ™ก

Sarah on

It’s gonna be THE CUTEST.

klutzy_girl on

Whoa, wasn’t expecting this one!

Congratulations to them.

guest on

Jason is hot and hilarious! OMG-so cute–that is going to be a beautiful baby-they look so in love & happy-

Anonymous on

oh gosh their kid is going to be so cute! so happy for them!

Leslie on

Best of luck to these two wonderful actors!

Anonymous on

Who cares if baby comes first and not marriage. It will be a very loved child I’m sure. Congrats to them.

Anonymous on

They waited this long and were engaged. what….they couldn’t wait to a least get married first. Would have been a novel idea!

jessica laine on

I imagine the baby will look a lot like xander jones…

suzy diamond on

They waited all this time and were engaged and they couldn’t wait until they got married before she got pregnant! Would have been a novel idea! How silly.

Alisa Renee Kent on

I love that Olivia is pregnant. They make such a good and cute couple. She is pretty funny herself. Congratulations!!!!.

JT on

Is he the father of January Jones baby?

stuckinsouthcarolina on

@Victoria, Maybe starting a family was more important to them than planning a wedding. Just because you think they should have done it the other way around doesn’t mean anything.

Maybe because they started dating so quickly after her previous relationship they decided to take their time walking down the aisle. As for the baby, accidents do happen you know!

Emilie on

Is this Guy ever going to acknowledge his firstborn with January Jones?

smithy on

Love this couple. Wish them the best.

Michelle on

I KNEW IT. I saw a photo of her the other day and thought she looked pregnant. Baby no2(January Jones son,Without a doubt is his) for Jason, congratulations!

tennismom on

Would have been nice if they married first.

Lily on

“First child for both” – right. January Jones’ kid looks exactly like him, and he’s nowhere in his life. I wouldn’t touch a deadbeat like that with a ten foot pole.

Emma on

Good thing paternity doesn’t stand on looks alone. I see a lot of women posting that would stick it to some poor sucker just because their kid happens to share a resemblance to him. News flash!!! You can see whomever you want when you look in a child’s face. Too bad some see dollar signs. January Jones doesn’t seem to mind the paternity of her child so, why talk smack about a man that hasn’t been proven to be the child’s father… oh cause it looks like so and so! Laughable!

Emilie on

This is vile. I truely believe this Guy has a kid with January Jones whom he’s never acknowledged. So really this is his second baby.

Taylor on

Aw, I love them. Congrats!


I am happy for them. To those that will preach about marriage before baby, that is your opinion and one that they obviously don’t share. A one size fits all philosophy about life and love does not work for everyone nor should it. We are all different and have different beliefs.

maryhelenc on

Seeing as it’s widely speculated that Jason Sudekis is the father of January Jones’s child and some side by side pics show that Xander looks like him, I would be VERY wary if I were Olivia Wilde. I wish her all of the best and hope history doesn’t repeat itself. But, I can’t see him sticking around in that kid’s life if they split.

ReallyRosie on

So she recently gives an interview and claims she is trying to NOT get pregnant right now…and what do you know…suddenly she’s pregnant…mere weeks after Jason’s ex-wife has given birth. Interesting.

Marie on

She seems fantastic in every interview I’ve seen and his episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” showed what a classy, good guy he is. Really happy for them!

Kat on

Victoria, give it a rest.

Bijal on

Just because you like the idea of marriage before a child doesn’t mean others have to agree with it! Stop being judgmental and be happy for them. Not everyone has to follow the same path in life.

Heather on


Leigh on

Hey Victoria – how about you shut up?

Fe on

Victoria your are nasty,

Dawn on

Typical. No one gets married first anymore. To be more unique, a couple in Hollywood should try it some time. Probably get more press too.

Chris on

When’s Jason going to man up and be a father to his other child with January Jones? Deadbeat dad.

Sherae on

Good for them. Would be nice if wedding had come first but at least he tried to marry her first lol

Marcia on

I really like this couple. They’ll have a beautiful baby.

Ellie on

I fail to see why everyone’s so offended by the two having a child before marriage. They’re together and clearly in love; what’s so bad about not having signed a piece of paper?

Sacmar on

Congrats to the couple.

On a separate note, I didn’t know there was speculation that he was the father of Jones’ baby, but I can see the resemblance.

Karen on

Congratulations to them. They make a cute couple.

Hmm NO on

@Victoria – This isn’t 1853, people need not be married to have children. I know many unmarried couples with children who are more committed and more happy than married ones. It is because of age old traditions that people get divorced b/c they can’t live with someone they never loved.

meghan on

Her first, at least.

Duh on

Do you know what the Bible says about having sex before marriage? Why does People give so much press to these sinners?? These straight people are setting a bad example for our youth!

sara Q on

Think about you guys! January’s son father is Married that is why she is secretive.Everyone knows January dated Jason, so outing him as the father is no big deal.

What is the big deal, they seem in love. That is important. At least the baby will have two parents that love him or her.

Robynnn on

They’re a cute couple and at least they’re engaged, but couldn’t they have waited until after they got married? This doesn’t make them look very good.

Amanda on

Aw! A little brother or sister for January Jones’ son!

MJ on

It will be interesting to compare pictures of Xander Jones with their baby when he/she is born. To me Xander looks so much like Jason. If Xander is his biological son, he should acknowledge him – in all good conscience I don’t know how he doesn’t. But, congratulation to them both!

ImALadyToo on

Aw, how sweet. Baby before marriage again. People are so screwed up with their values.

Crystal on

Did People change the wording to the article? It now says “their first child together.” That baby will NOT be cute. I do not find Jason cute AT ALL! Hopefully the baby will look like Olivia. Lol! Congrats you two crazy kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just Me on

Marriage is over-rated. Congratulations to the happy couple and I wish them and their child(ren) a wonderful life. For the records prudes, Brad and Angelina aren’t married neither are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell yet these couples are very happy together. Why fix something that isn’t broken…

Crystal on

I have to agree with Victoria. She did jump into this relationship awfully fast after her divorce from her first marriage. I do wish them both nothing but the best.

Melanie on

Together less than 2 years and already knocked up out of wedlock. It’s Hollywood what else is new. It won’t last. Engagements mean nothing in Hollywood.

4tmama on

Congrats, here’s to a health happy pg & family!!

Kate on

I wonder if he will acknowledge this child.

Ginag on

I guess getting married first is….so boring…so predictable….so average person….so whatever. Another child born out of wedlock to parents who will not stay together. Let’s move on.

Natalie on

Who cares if they’re not married? I promise the world will not implode because they’re having a baby first. As for whether or not he fathered Xander Jones, speculation has always been that it was him or Claudia Schiffer’s husband. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Right after announcing she was pregnant, she said she’d chosen to raise the baby alone. I know this is a novel idea to some of you but maybe she came to that conclusion herself. Whether his father is one of those two or the milk man, it’s irrelevant to speculate since she’ll never reveal the answer to the public.

Carolyn on

More low rent pigs.

essie on

totally agree with Victoria. get married already and then procreate! and given their past histories with other relationships….it doesn’t look good for the stability of this one.

Chris on

Why do they need to be married at all?! WHO CARES. There is no religion in marriage, had nothing to do with “God”. It is a man made institution to generate a whole bunch of money. All the judgmental losers can move on..doesn’t affect your life does it?!

Abby on

Well, it was bound to happen after all the sex they’ve been oversharing about.

kasthleen haugh on

Use to be “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. Now it seems to be “always engaged, never a bride”, at least rarely married to the father of the baby. Why bother with the “engaged” bit, just have the kid out of wedlock. No one expects that these people will ever get married.

Anonymous on

Oh, I don’t like them together. Just hope the baby is healthy and happy.

Bob Smith on

Did anyone ever think that if he is the father of January Jones kid that maybe they have an agreement in place and he`s not a dead beat but an intentional sperm donor?

Nancy on

Yeah, I happen to agree with Victoria. Everything in life takes time and planning. If you haven’t got time to plan a wedding how are you gonna have time to raise a kid for CHRISSAKE?!?! It’s called MAKING THINGS A PRIORITY! If you want to get married, MAKE IT A PRIORITY! Commit to the woman who will be the mother of your child! Wilde did jump right into a relationship after her divorce so her track record is not that great. Let’s hope she learned from her mistake.

ebethsb on

Xander doesn’t look anything like Jason, and isn’t it an open secret that his dad is Claudia Schiffer’s husband?

Anonymous on

I’m pretty sure God loves babies born before marriage just as much as babies born after marriage. CONGRATS to the happy couple! First babies open up so many dreams, previously undreamed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Eli on

Marriage is an imaginary institution created by the church. Who cares if they are married or not. It’s not like Hollywood people stay together forever anyway.

Anonymous on

I am very happy for them! They seem to be very happy and in love.

Congrats on the baby on

Well with all the sex they they have it was going to happen at some point… congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚

Congrats on the baby on

With all the sex them two have… it was determined to happen, congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚

Katie on

I had my daughter 12 years ago. Just in August I got engaged to HER father. Doesn’t matter what happens first. As long as there is love. Heck we’ve been together longer than some marriages last.

b on

It was quite obvious in the picture of her at the “Her” premiere in NYC where she was wearing those huge flared pants. I don’t know if she was trying to cover it up but she was sporting a bump.

rimy1 on

Rich stars that can have million dollar health care keep having “oops I’m pregnant” accidents. Guess stars are too stupid to understand how birth control work or babies are the new little toy puppies they use to Carry in their expensive purse.

JEst on

To those saying the typical “marriage then baby line. There isn’t just one way to go about things. There is a more ideal way, but it isn’t the only successful way. Welcome to 2013 and familiarize yourself with it.

go bucks! on

She seems annoying to me. Most pics I see of her she has a fake a$$ smile on her face. She’s always talking about their sex life..nobody wants to hear that crap!

Niki on

OMG!!!!!! I saw them at the NYC premiere of “We’re The Millers” (got a pic and autograph from JS). They looked so cute together!! I am truly happy for them. When I saw the article I jumped up and down because I like both of them as actors and people. I hope they have an awesome life with their child(ren, hopefully)!!!!!!

SC on

Wow peole so a split screen of Josh Groban & JJ’s babyboy, that baby has his daddy’s eyes/eyebrows for sure, and it’s not Jason Sudeikis!

Sylvia on

I cannot stand these two but congrats on their baby news

Ashley on

Funny… I just recently read a piece that she wrote in a magazine (Glamour, I believe…) and one of the things she was urging people not to do was start popping out kids as they are approaching 30. Hypocrite.

Anonymous on

It’s carefully worded, guys. It says THEIR first child. Not HIS first.

R.e.d. on

Omg all the comments about having a wedding first!!! A wedding is a piece of paper, who cares! I did the wedding and then the baby that means nothing..don’t be such prudes. Do you want to reverse roe v.s. wade, go back to the 1950’s too? :p to you!!

Sophia on

Congratulations to Olivia and Jason! That’s definitely going to be a gorgeous little bubba ๐Ÿ™‚
Btw, everyone jumps to the conclusion that he’s a “deadbeat dad” because Xander Jones maybe looks a bit like him (pretty easy to think that though if you’ve already made up your mind that he’s definitely the father) and there are no paparazzi photos of them together… even if they are related (which has never been confirmed) who’s to say that, for example, January wants sole custody? I just think it’s a bit ridiculous to jump to conclusions in a story you don’t really know anything about. JMO.

mer on

It just took my breath away. I love love Olivia!! What a great news.

LiL MoNsTeR on

This is his second Child!!! January Jones’s child is his!!

Hollywoodista on

Just because he dated a woman who had a baby a short time later does not mean he’s the father. January Jones has never indicated that Jason is Xander’s father. I just looked up photos of the boy, and there’s no striking resemblance there. January could’ve had a fling for all we know.

Olivia and Jason seem really happy and in love. I’m happy for them!

ann on

It’s her first child but not his. He already has a son that looks exactly like him.

JP on

Sudakis is not the father of January Jones’ child. It’s pretty known throughout LA that the kid’s dad is Matthew Vaughn, the director of the X-men movie she was in.

julia on

Well, that’s one way of getting him to stay around.

Anonymous on

No where in this story does it say it is HIS first child. It says it is THEIR first child. Their first child together…

SHT on

Congrats to the couple. On a separate note, I did not realize there was speculation that he fathered Jones’ child, but I do see a resemblance.

ms on

Wonder if he’ll dump this baby like he’s already done to his first child. He’s the father of Xander… January Jones’ son.

Elizabeth on

I am so sick of every article regarding Jason Sudeikis being inundated in the comment section with comments about him being a “dead beat dad,” and “everybody knows he is the father of January Jones’ baby.” It is apparently WIDELY known in Hollywood that the father of that baby is actually a MARRIED director. THAT is why she is raising that child alone.

MEG on

I just find them BOTH a little strange and odd! There is something not right about them but I can’t put my finger on it! and if HE is the father of January Jone’s kid and not taking responsibility…… that is truly pathetic. On both their parts!

Anonymous on

No surprise here. Based on how thery have talked about their sex life in the past, it’s a wonder they ever sleep or eat! But I’m really happy for them and I have a feeling they will make great parents.

AmandaC on

I believe January Jones doesn’t want to acknowledge who the baby daddy is either, so it’s not all on Jason.

Doodlebug on

Another Hollywood couple having a baby while being “engaged” Does anyone buy that garbage? They will never get married. Just shacking up like the rest of them and setting such a poor example for our kids.

shannon on

If people aren’t going to stay together, it doesn’t matter much whether they get married first then have a baby or have a baby and then get married or never get married at all. It still ends with the parents split up and raising thebaby separatly. And about January Jones’ baby. Maybe she wanted a baby and asked him to be a sperm donor with no strings attached? Or maybe he does see and visit the child but it is not announced to the world? All parties involved are ok with whatever the arrangement is (if it is even true) so why should it bother any of you? Does what they do in their life affect you? If you don’t like them, then don’t read articles about them or see any of their movies. Everyone has the right to live their life their way!

shannon on

BTW…A lot of people have said “another celebrity couple having a baby before marriage. What an example they are setting for our kids.” Why are celebrities setting an example for your kids? You should be setting the example! You should be teaching your kids right from wrong and how to live a great life! Celebrities didn’t sign up to teach your kids anything…that’s your job as a parent!

ravens on

she trapped him

Katie on

I love how Victoria has no rights to her own opinion, but everyone else can tell her to shut up and spout their own beliefs.

Personally, (notice for all you haters I said personally) I’m with Victoria on this one. I’m always impressed when I see a couple who have gotten married first and then gotten pregnant. I love seeing those quiet Hollywood people who have been married forever.

guest on

He looks creepy to me…

Foxtrotter on

Why do couples feel the need to have a baby before getting married? I just don’t get it.

gb on

Congratulations…They seem very happy together. Emma’s comment is spot on.

Mai on

Didn’t she say that she divorced her ex-husband because she felt that love and relationships shouldn’t be work? She definitely won’t be able to split so easily now, not with this change in dynamics. Babies are a whole different ballgame.

Eli on

They are so adorable and seem pretty genuine. Congrats!!

Lp on

She is so beautiful. I hope this is one couple that lasts.

sscsforever on

That kid is going to have some mad dimples! It’s gonna be so cute!

lola on

She so did not get pregnant by accident. Birth control works if you actually use it. Getting pregnant on “accident” never a good idea, even if you are engaged and it doesn’t look as though the wedding is ever going to happen. Putting a child in the mix never helps.

Cathy Bittel on

A double CONGRATULATIONS for the upcoming wedding and the new baby! This is one Hollywood romance I would like to see last a long time.

Hopper on

I thought he was the father to Zander Jones . So this is his second child . Am I wrong ?

Hea on

Call me crazy but what if he’s NOT the father of January Jones’ kid? Nobody truly knows. IF he is the father then nobody knows WHY it’s never been confirmed.

Aud on

Why ruin the pregnancy with a marriage? If they went to stay forever engaged, then go for it! Congrats to them both.