Tia Mowry-Hardict Jokes: Tamera and I Compete Over a Second Baby

10/27/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Tia Mowry-Hardict Halloween Instant Mom Maury Phillips/WireImage

Halloween was just another holiday for Tia Mowry-Hardict — until the birth of her son inspired her to get in the spirit.

“Now that I have a little one at home, I like to dress him up,” the actress, 35, tells PEOPLE of her 2-year-old son Cree Taylor. “Last year he didn’t have one costume, he had two!”

With plans in place to host a Halloween party featuring “cool desserts and foods that play into the theme” of the evening, the hands-on mama only has one thing left to conquer: the costumes. Fortunately, she’s not short on creative ideas.

“I’m going to be a Geisha girl, my son Cree is going to be a sushi and my husband is going to be a Samurai. My son is going to be a sushi roll. I think that’s cute!” she says.

“Or maybe my husband can be chopsticks … or my husband could be the chopsticks, my son the sushi roll and me edamame. That’s cute!”

When it comes to getting into character, Cree, who often joins the actress on set, is already schooled in the process. “All he knows is seeing his mom on television,” she explains. “He’s been in the makeup room plenty of times. It’s so cute to see him play around with the hair brushes and the makeup brushes — he knows where to put it! It’s adorable.”

If his interest in the industry is any indication, Cree could be following in his famous mama’s footsteps in the near future. “He points to the screen and he says, ‘Mama!’ It’s cute having my son on set,” Mowry-Hardict says. “Who knows, I think he may end up being an actor one day. He just has so much personality, he’s full of energy … we’ll see. I enjoy him being on set with me, he rejuvenates me.”

Although she loves spending time with her baby boy, Mowry-Hardict is quick to point out that motherhood isn’t just a journey of highs, recalling an incident over the summer that left her in tears.

“My son had his biggest tantrum at the farmer’s market. It was embarrassing … he wanted to push this cart instead of get in the little cute car buggy,” she shares. “He was not having it, he cried and sprawled all over the floor, screaming and kicking. It was a moment, but we got out of there safe and sound.”

She adds with a laugh, “I cried when I got home, but it’s all good! It happens! I like to be real and honest about it, being a mommy is cool and it’s fun, but there are some times when it gets a little stressful and you cry. But, guess what? We all do it and it’s okay.”

While the actress is learning how to manage two kids on her new show Instant Mom, she’s not quite ready to double up on parenting duties in her real life.

“I think I’m going to wait a little bit right now. I personally want to give all of my attention to my son right now,” she explains. “I don’t know how I can balance two kids right now, but who knows.”

But while Mowry-Hardict is hesitant to add another baby into the mix, she jokes her twin sister Tamera Mowry-Housley‘s desire to expand her family further could potentially play into her decision.

“There’s always this inner competition with my sister and I: who’s going to have the second child first,” she shares. “It would be interesting if we end up getting pregnant together — that would be crazy cool in a way.”

She adds, “I do want another child — and sooner rather than later — but just not now.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Caryn Midler

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Sara on

Reblogged this on Starting Over in 2013 and commented:
Here is one hands on mom. You go girl!

Jae on

It’s really irritating the way People writers use misleading headlines to get people to read the articles. Not exactly yellow journalism, but only a stone’s throw away.

Just My Opinion on

Why is this news?

Sandra on

Don’t do the geisha girl thing, you could potentially be offending someone and have to offer up a sincere apology for the perceived hurt.

Shannon on

These two are so pitifully desperate to stay in the public eye

Mika on

Really a Geisha girl? Can we say cultural appropriation? nonononono.

Aly on

Headline is misleading. I love Tia and Tamera!

bkable on

So they’re competing to get pregnant but she’s not ready to get pregnant?? Odd.

Stacy on

“She adds, ‘I do want another child — and sooner rather than later — but just not now.'”
Hmmm, sounds like LATER to me!

Ashley on

I like Tia and Tamera, but they really need to find better publicists. Most of the interviews and appearances Tia and Tamera make seem contrived and fake, like they’re just trying to stay in the public eye. These days when info is so readily available via social media, it’s very tempting to constantly put yourself out there in order to keep up with your celeb counterparts. But if it’s not done judiciously, it begins to smack of desperation. Tia and Tamera are walking that fine line between staying relevant and becoming over-exposed. They need to step back and re-assess their PR strategy.

Marky on

I love these two and always have. They aren’t drug-addled losers on their 4th marriages, and are pretty much like a lot of the (terrific) young women I know. They have been young girls, teens and now, young women others can respect. Not like some of the other celebs many of us wish would stay out of the spotlight until they get their act together. Lover Tia and Tamera!!

Guest on

She should really rethink her costume… it’s just as racist as Julianne Hough’s especially if her son is going as sushi smh

You should know better tia.

Jenn on

OK did anyone else notice she said “cute” like 500 times !!???

maggie on

At 35, you can’t wait to much longer.

Heather on

Hey I know why they say it’s the terrible twos now!

IT on

I like these young ladies,but Tia needs to stop having these mindless interviews,Tamera does not have that many mindless interviews like Tia,Tia have stated on Tia&tamera that she was Not having another baby now she wants to do her career,but once Tamera her sister stated that she and her husband is trying for another baby now Tia is making it seem that it is a competing between them,if any one is competing to have a baby first its Tia not Tamera,she is the one that flipflopping,she needs to stop having these mindless interview. and find something else inportant to speak about.

gerta on

how could you not be ready to have a baby,but you are competing

Aly on

Some of you guys are such haters! It’s so dumb to waste your time trying to analyze Tia and her career. She’s out there making millions…and you’re here busy criticizing her. Get a life.

Anonymous on

Guest- People dressing up as someone or something from another country is racist? SMH

That being said, I don’t see how the headline is mis-leading. Tia DOES discuss competing with Tamera about having another baby! But anyway, I love Tia and Tamera. They seem so “normal” and down-to-earth!

Brooke on

Yall need to stop with these jealousy tactics and let them live their life the way they want to and on the show Tia did say exactly what she wrote on here that she wanted a baby sooner rather than later but not right now

Anonymous on

If you negative Nancies watched Tia and Tamera show, you would have known that Tia suffers from endrometriosis and her doctor told her that the scar tissue had come back worse than before she had Cree and that her ability to conceive naturally has been decrease by a year and that she and her husband needed to try now if they want to get pregnant. I have been fortunate not to experience those issues , so my heart goes out to any woman who is being told it’s either now or never, especially when the timing isn’t right. People need to learn more compassion and less judgement.

Anonymous on

Anonymous, for starters, guest is not the only one here to point out going as a Geisha girl is not appropriate. Geisha is a Japanese entertainer. She is not Japanese. Julianne Hough went in costume portraying an African American character and had to apologize because so many were offended. Regardless of what people go as, stick to your race, ethnicity, nationality, etc…and so on.

Nadia on

Anonymous, “for starters, guest is not the only one here to point out going as a Geisha girl is not appropriate. Geisha is a Japanese entertainer. She is not Japanese. Julianne Hough went in costume portraying an African American character and had to apologize because so many were offended. Regardless of what people go as, stick to your race, ethnicity, nationality, etc…and so on.”
First of all asian people are always offending black people. Asian are pretty racist towards black when we as a race we never treated them bad like whites did and they worship white people. Second of all Tia mix is mixed like my son black mother and white father. So stop lumping her with all black people because in the eyes of majority of negros world wide she is mixed not black. I do not care if a white person has black face because some white people are not actually being racist but are trying to make the costume believable.