Zac Hanson Welcomes Son George Abraham Walker

10/24/2013 at 11:50 AM ET

Zac Hanson Welcomes Son George Abraham Walker
Courtesy Zac Hanson

And baby makes five!

Zac Hanson, 28, and his wife Kate, 29, welcomed a baby boy on Thursday, Oct. 17, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple’s son joins big brother John Ira Shepherd, 5, and sister, Junia Rosa Ruth, 2½.

“We are very excited to share the addition of George Abraham Walker Hanson to our growing family,” Zac tells PEOPLE. “Abraham is healthy and we are happily sharing a little down time together as a family.”

Their new arrival, who will go by Abraham, arrived at 8 lbs., 7 oz. (the same birth weight, coincidentally, as his sister) and has surely thrilled his siblings.

As Zac told PEOPLE in May, “It’s fun this time to watch the little ones so excitedly anticipating their new sibling.”

Added the drummer, “We are so happy and thankful to add more life and love to our family!”

— Rennie Dyball

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Maria on

Are they Mormons? Why did they all get married so young and have so many children?

KJH on

This makes me happy. I’ve been a fan of theirs for 15 years and they are definitely good guys.

Vane on

So cute!!! Congrats Zac & Kate

Nicole on

Oh my God he’s beautiful!!! Congrats Zac and Kate I’m so happy for you!!

Alycia Folkerts on

Congratulations to Zac and Kate on your newest addition! He’s absolutely beautiful! Sending happy vibes to your growing family!

guest on

Sweet,.. congrats.. ♥

Shannon on

Awwww! Congrats Hanson family!

lmm on

wow jut saw them I concert the day after the baby was born!

Windy on

Congratulations to Zac and Kate for their new addition!!!!

Chet on

why not just name him Abraham? Cut out the middle man.

Annie B on

Congrats Zac and Kate! 🙂

Jennifer on

@Maria—he’s 28 with 3 kids…..what’s wrong with that???

M.T on

If you’re going to have your son go by his middle name, why not just use that name as his FIRST NAME? So confusing for this poor child and for the rest of his life it will be confusing for his classmates and teachers and beyond.

Niqui on

Their family is kinda known for it. Zac is the only one of the brothers that doesn’t go by his middle name. Issac’s first name is Clarke and Taylor’s is Jordan.

Katie on

Cute baby! Congrats Zac and Kate. But they should of just named him George Walker. Abraham is a stupid name and why they don’t call the baby by his first name is stupid on Zac’s and Kate’s.. Same way with their first boy call him by his first name..

niccie on

No they are not mormons.

they come from a big family.

Tanya on

Yay! So happy for them. I just saw them perform in Milwaukee 5 night before his sons birth. All around great guys and musicians.

tori on

The babies adorable but the daddy is even cuter;)!

Mary on

The Hansons are trying to re populate the earth

Katie on

Chet I agree with you.. if you are going to call him something else then why not just name him that?

renee on

The Hanson brothers seem to have had a close and loving family upbringing. They are good role models and have nice families of their own now.

hdticket on

No they are not mormons they are from a big family, there are 7 Hanson’s, so I think everyone expected them to have lots of kids (and 3 kids isnt even a lot, Isaac has 2, yes ok Taylor has 5 but meh lol)

Congratulations to Zac, Kate, Shep and Junia – Abraham is gorgeous 🙂

Barbara Goode on

Such old people names! I pity them when they start school. Some parents are so selfish when they name their newborns, and kids can be so cruel to other kids with unusual names.

Lyanna on

Wow! Please pass the hot daddy 🙂

Amy on

Congrats to the happy family!

Jane on

My son’s first name is George, but we use his middle name. George Donovan just sounded better than Donovan George. Nothing wrong with using the middle name. My son knows his full name and was never confused by it.

JustMe on

Wow! This couple can’t win. They name them ‘real’ names rather than after ‘things’ and they still get criticized. They can name their kids whatever they want and I don’t think their name choice is grounds for teasing later on. I have loved Hanson since I was young and in middle school. Congrats and enjoy that baby, Zac & Kate!

Annie on

@ Jessica – She didn’t say there was anything wrong with it. She was just asking a question. Chill out.

Holly on

The Hanson family as a “tradition” of members going by a middle name. Zac’s older brothers Issac (Guitarist in Hanson) goes by his middle name, his first name is Clarke, and Taylor (keyboardist in Hanson) goes by his middle name, his first name is Jordan. Also, Walker is Zac’s middle name.

Jen on

What’s so wrong with the name Abraham? A lot of the older names are making a come back. Some people must just live to complain. My god you wouldn’t be happy with Apple or North or whatever name they choose. Ps folks it’s their child not yours. As for going by the middle name I did that when I was younger never bothered me or family or friends.

Katie on

The question about names is somewhat silly. To know anything about this family would mean you would know 2/3 Hanson brothers were brought up the same way.

Jordan Taylor Hanson
Clarke Isaac Hanson.
Zachary Walker Hanson is the one brother not in this order.

Younger brother is
Joshua Mackenzie Hanson (AKA MAC)

They adjusted just fine. To assume their own children wouldn’t is just silly.

stacey on

The Hanson family has the WORST taste in names. Abraham………You’ve got to be kidding.

Jaime on

To all those complaining about the middle name thing…it’s sort of a tradition. Taylor and Issac also go by their middle names, and always have, and I don’t remember but some of their younger siblings may as well.. Taylor’s first name is Jordan, Issac’s is Clarke. I don’t know why everyone thinks it would be so confusing…he’ll be called (consistently) one name, he’ll learn to write the WHOLE thing, and probably when he gets older he’ll end up just writing what he’s called. Big effing deal! lol Anyway, if the boys follow in their parent’s footsteps then they’ll just end up homeschooling their kids too…so no classroom confusion.

As far as maria wondering about them “already” being married and having “so many children”..1) they aren’t THAT young lol, and 2) they are from a big family. Last I was paying attention they have 4 other younger (than Zac) siblings. USUALLY those from big families also want big families. No they aren’t Mormon (that’s not the only reason to get married before 30 and have kids), they are (last I remember) Evangelical Christian. Mind you the last I kept up with biographical news on them I was still in High School.

Joyce on


dneruck on

@Barbara who said that they were selfish for giving their kids “old people” names because the kids at school would make fun of them… there’s nothing wrong with these parents… it’s the parents who don’t teach their children not to make fun of other children because of their name (or skin color, or whatever else) who have a problem.

Myst on

So happy for the boys. Congrats to Zac and his fam. Love the boys and always will!

Anonymous on

Everything has pretty much been covered here, but I think it’s funny when people comment about the number of kids they have. =p 3 for Zac, and 2 for Isaac sounds pretty normal to me. Taylor has a fair amount, with 5, but it’s not surprising since the brothers come from a large family.

They did get married young by today’s standards, but *shrug*. Just kind of have had more of an opportunity to meet people and grow up faster than most. They all dated long term and are still together, so that’s good.

I don’t know that I would do the middle name thing, but it’s a tradition in their family, as is the name Walker.

martina on

Lets see. He is 28, married, financially secure and comes from a big family. So what is wrong with him having 3 children? Nothing.

MMMBop on

That baby’s name sucks.

Kim on

Isaac, people. Not Issac.

klutzy_girl on

“What old people names” says Barbara……..

Lacey on

Once again, I hate Zac’s baby name. Ira-I instantly thought of the “Unicorn Killer”, Junia Rosa-Sounds Hispanic and now George Abraham?!

zizy on

BLAH AND MORE BLAH . getting tired of these news … kids kids kids . they are rabbits … but god stop having sex for a bit ! insane … lol congrats anyway to Zac and Kate …

Tanja on

Awesome stuff he is so precious its amazing to see Zac grow from a kid to now a man and loving father very awesome.

Lena on

I honestly have no problem whatsoever if the Hanson brothers want to have many children, they’re all gorgeous and make beautiful babies. Congrats Zac!

Jayme Stephens on

No they are not mormons. Taylor was the only one who really got married young, the other two were in their 20’s before they did it. They come from a big family so it stands to reason they might want their own large family. Zac is only on 3 and Isaac on 2. Taylor has 5. They are worth millions, they can have as many as they like. If you can afford them, have as many kids as you want!

Anna Milan on

Excuse me Maria I’m mormon and you gotta let people be whatever they want to be and let them do whatever they wanna do, I’m 30 and I got onle one child?? so your point is kinda silly

Anonymous on

Zachary Abraham is so cute.

Becky on

They’re not Mormon they’re Orthodox. That’s how they chose their kid’s first names. St. John Chrystostom, St. Junia and St. George are each very notable saints in the Greek Orthodox world. Middle names are used for most the males in the Hanson family. Their dad uses his middle name too. As for Abraham, it’s a biblical name from Genesis, and very trendy. And Walker is a family surname on both sides, so he was honoring the family name.

Leslie on

Maria – No, they’re Evangelical. Isaac was not that young – he was 25 when he got married. Zac and Taylor, however, were 20 and 19, respectively. It’s just their preferences I suppose. Not everyone is an immature child at that age.

Laarni on

Congrats! Beautiful baby!

sarah on

When you start a band at 6, get a record deal, travel the world & get nominated for a Grammy at 11, start your own business at 18, etc…getting married in your early 20’s (to someone you dated since you were 14/15) & having 3 kids by 28 doesn’t really seem THAT extreme.

Congrats Zac!

Robyn on

Of course people can’t be happy. You just have to say something stupid like “why name your kid blah, blah, blah …..” It’s their kid! They can name the damn thing anything they want! I still can’t get over the fact that the virtual world is so ugly and so full of hate. People feeling entitled to share their closed-minded opinions with everyone. What would you say in person to Zac and Kate? Would you seriously be that stupid as to tell them what they should have named their child? Who are you people? I’ve never met anyone like you … and that is the whole point of my rant! You can be anyone you want to be out here, right cowards? And you better believe that in person, I would say this straight to all you faceless idiots who believe your opinion on matters such as these … matter.

Anyway!! Congrats Zac and Kate! And can I just say that I can’t believe he’s 28! For some reason that puts time in perspective. I’ve been a fan of theirs since he was 11 … Oh crap ……. I’m old.

Christa on

Congrats Zac and Kate 🙂 That has to be a GREAT early birthday present too Zac 🙂

Cidy Silva on

God Bless Zac’s family! Welcome to this world, George <3!

Anonymous on

Barbara, parents have every right to name their children what THEY want! The other parents need to stop teaching their kids to be such bullies and care about a name and instead worry about the person not the name. My children go to school with children with unique names and not a one of them is made fun of…why? Because they go to school with nice children and nice parents and not you.

MollyF on

What’s wrong with the name George? I like the name. My uncle is named George and don’t forget the future King, Prince William and Kate’s son is named, George. Nobody has criticized them on their name selection, oh wait…..they are royals and have to pick named like George. Give me a freakin’ break. George is a better name than some of the celebrities baby names

Jax on

I KNEW IT!!! HE was named after Prince George lol. Too cute!!!! love the name.

Jax on

soo happy for them!!

Charlotte on

he (Zac) look so much like Taylor in this pic. I was a huge Hanson fan when I was in high school, great to see them still doing what they love and having families too.

candy on

Gotta question? Why do people give their babies these normal first names only to call them by their middle name? Then why not name them the middle name first?

Anonymous on

Loved them since ’97. I just love seeing how the haters keep hating, but they keep doing what they do in their lives, and are happy doing so… These guys are excellent role models. Especially considering what’s out there today…

Congrats to the whole family!

(And as for the argument of “why not just use it as his first name then?” can also be used as well for “Why do people even need middles names?” They can do what they want. Why have a middle name if you don’t go by it? It’s a choice they made, and that’s what it will be.)

Michele on

I think its funny that everyone complains about the babys name. Newsflash its not your child, so if you dont like it, too bad. Get over it and if you cant say something nice, keep your comments to yourselves.
Congrats to Zac and family on the new arrival..

Jax on

LOVE this family!!

Katie on

Taylor & Isaac go by their middle names.

Taylor’s first name is Jordan & Isaac’s is Clarke. It could be a family thing.

mammabamma on

I’m 29, married and pregnant with my 4th child! Not Mormom, this is all by choice and I love it! Don’t judge! Good on them!

Amanda on

It just seems strange to me that all three brothers would marry and have kids at such a young age. Where I come from men don’t even get married until they are at least 30 and women are usually in their late twenties and this is for 1st marriages.

Anonymous on

Let’s hope these babies are blessed with their fathers’ good genes — wow, what good looking young men. *Almost* makes me wish I were younger…….. However, congratulations to the family on this newest addition — a baby is always a blessing. There’s absolutely *nothing* wrong with these “old fashioned” names, let’s hope they are raised with the same “old fashioned” morals that are so sorely lacking nowadays. Much love, happiness, and good health to them all.