Paula Garces’s Blog: Do I Have the Right to Feel Blue?

10/24/2013 at 08:00 AM ET

Paula Garces Baby Shower Blog
Me and my husband! Courtesy Paula Garces

Thanks for welcoming our new celebrity blogger, Paula Garces!

Widely known for her role in the Harold & Kumar franchise, the actress currently stars in Lifetime’s new hit show, Devious Maids, as well as All My Children and Warehouse 13.

In addition to acting, Garces, 39, is the mastermind behind the first Latina superhero video game, Aluna.

Already mom to daughter Skye, 21, Garces is currently expecting another babya son!– with husband Antonio Hernandez in November.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @paulagarces1.

Welcome to my second baby blog!

A lot has happened in a month. Where do I begin?

Well, if I’m being honest — as difficult as this is for me to admit — I am experiencing the baby bump blues!! I have everything I could want: a beautiful family that loves and supports me, great friends who are so excited about my pregnancy, a career that hasn’t stopped (I’ve been working on three shows: Devious Maids, All My Children and Warehouse 13) and I’ve been writing a children’s book Jose & Coqui throughout my entire pregnancy. I should be so grateful!

So why do I feel so blue? And do I even have a right to feel this way?

After four years of trying to have a baby and two miscarriages, I finally have this beautiful gift inside me and everyone around me seems to be so happy — they can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Paula Garces Baby Shower Blog
At my beautiful baby shower Courtesy Paula Garces

But lately all I can think about is how nauseated I still am, how much heartburn I’m living with and how my hands and feet have been swelling up like crazy. The biggest blow to my ego is the fact that I’m not one of the super pregnant women that you see in magazines: the ones that do Pilates and yoga and all kinds of exercises to maintain their figure and normal weight gain.

I’m just getting to be eight months pregnant and I have already gained over 50 pounds!!!

In the last month, I have been feeling very lethargic, a lot of back pain and my hips hurt so much that I waddle when I walk. I really haven’t had the energy to get out of bed and even wash my hair some days, let alone go workout.

When I’m not pregnant I’m a very active person. I guess I’m feeling like I’m losing my old self. I mean, my daughter is 21 years old — what am I doing having another baby?

Not only are the physical changes that are happening to my body getting to me, but these thoughts that are running through my head are really starting to bother me and worry me. Thank God I decided to communicate these feelings to my closest friends and family.

Paula Garces Baby Shower Blog
My daughter Skye and Antonio Courtesy Paula Garces

My bestie Stacey M., my daughter Skye and my sister Vanessa decided that what I really needed most was to get back to celebrating the most amazing thing that was happening to me: this growing baby boy inside of me. And to give my family and friends the opportunity to celebrate me, love me and spoil me in a very big way.

The coolest, biggest baby shower was the answer! I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful, but at the time a big party with everyone fussing over me was the last thing that I wanted. Thank God they did not listen to me!

Since I was no help, Stacey, Vanessa and Skye decided to recruit the BEST event planner ever Michael Russo. I must say Michael did his thing!!!

Paula Garces Baby Shower Blog
Plenty of pretty flowers Courtesy Paula Garces

The venue, Harbor Club at Prime in Huntington, New York was GORGEOUS. Not only was the place beautiful, but the food was so yummy, my guests are still raving about everything. The flowers by Pedestals Floral were right out of a fairytale dream.

Stacey contacted Lolly Clothing and they sent over a royal blue long dress that was so comfy and hugged me in all the right places, especially my baby bump. A necklace by Alma Mei had enough sparkle to make me feel like a princess.

My hubby hired a Cuban band called Trio Mas y Mas that played like angels and even made me shake my booty! Tony had them dedicate one of our favorite songs to me, “Love Song” by The Cure.

I got so inspired and so happy by the music and his dedication that I decided to do a dedication of my own to my daughter Skye. I quickly asked my close friend Adrienne Bailon to sing a song by the late Selena called “Como la Flor” to her. Adrienne rocked it — gracias amiga!!!

After that we all enjoyed Latin-flavored (guava, tres leches, flan and coquito) cupcakes by Brooklyn Cupcake for dessert. So yummy.

Paula Garces Baby Shower Blog
Adrienne Bailon and event planner Michael Russo Courtesy Paula Garces

My guests received goody bags filled with my comic book Aluna to remind me I still am super, foot rub and lip balm by Erbaviva to soothe my aching feet and chapped lips, a belly and face moisturizer by Novena Maternity and T-shirts by Alma Mei.

I even got a bassinet by Elm Baby‘s Culla-Belly that got me so excited about sleeping with my newborn in a safe way … I can’t wait!!!

My daughter Skye, my hubby Antonio, my sister Vanessa, my bestie Stacey, my friend/event planner Michael Russo and the rest of my family and friends: THANK YOU so much for reminding me that this is a special time that should be celebrated and remembered in a big way. The baby shower was beautiful and I am so lucky to not only have all of you, but this beautiful baby boy inside me!

I still get the baby bump blues every now and then, but now all I have to do is look back at the pics and videos from the baby shower and it never fails. It always makes me laugh, feel better and feel excited about my baby boy Antonio.

Paula Garces Baby Shower Blog
Group shot Courtesy Paula Garces

‘Til the next blog …


— Paula Garces

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Amy Cosme on

Congratulations Paula. Your blog is so inspiring. I’m so glad you are able to have another child. You’ve been blessed with great friends and family. Your shower, one word: WOW! It must have been nice, the pics are beautiful. Don’t worry about the extra pounds, you and baby are healthy, that’s all that matters. I look forward to reading your blogs. They’re very insightful…I think it’s cause you seem so down to earth and open. Thanks again!

paula garces on

Thank you all for your previous comments and well wishes! I hope all of you are well you can also connect with me on
twitter @paulagarces1
Instagram @therealpaulagarces
Facebook http://www.facebook.xom/officialpaulagarces
Thank you for all of your love and support xo

Vanessa Donadel on

You are the best mommy ever. Can’t wait to meet my nephew. Thank you for giving me the best gift ever of being an aunt again. Love you sis

blessedwithboys on

So basically name dropping and shilling for all the companies that gave you free stuff…

Joe Wilson Torres on

Way to go, Paula!

Melissa Corbo on

Yeh, A baby boy! What a spectacular blessing. Not to worry about weight – that will come off with time. Just think, you will have such a wonderful Christmas with Tony, Skye and the newest little Antonio. It’s a new beginning that is so well worth the effort. All the best 🙂

Bugsmum on

Being pregnant is hard work on it’s own then add 3 tv shows and writing a book, no wonder you are tired. While pregnant with my daughter I worked as a nurse and exercise went right out the window, simply making it through the day felt like an achievement. Go easy on yourself, working and growing a human are 2 full time jobs.

I often think about the effect of magazines representation of pregnancy on those of us outside the industry, I never stopped to consider how much more challenging that must be for someone such as yourself. Try to remember those women are often blessed with fantastic genetices and probably aren’t working on 3 tv shows at the same time.

Your baby shower looked wonderful, i wish you and your family the best for your impending arrival.

Norma on

Paula, you look amazing and can’t believe you have all that energy to be involved so so many projects. Can’t wait to meet lil Antonio . Don’t worry about the weight as long as you guys are healthy that’s what counts . Thanks for having us at the baby shower , it was great sharing this beautiful day with the familia . And those delicious Brooklyn cupcakes are to die for. Love you guys!

Genevieve on

I’m pregnant and miserable too. I hurt everywhere but I feel like I can’t say anything cause I’ve had a couple people say “you can’t complain, at least you can get pregnant.” It’s frustrating. Good luck with your last month.

Also, this is supposed to be a blog that people can relate to and it turned into a huge advertisement. You lost me there. Don’t appreciate that at all.

Vanessa Donadel on

The ad mentions are to also inspire and give ideas to other pregnant woman for their baby showers and products they may want to use

Observer on

Just hang on sweetie it’s almost over. It must be hell the last two months. So your not a superhero, you’re SuperMom. You’re creating a human being. You treat yourself like a gem. By Christmas you’ll have pictures and forget all the terrible times.

PK on

I hate these product placement blogs – I am not doubting that she felt that way but the whole line about including them to inspire other woman is so stupid. Well I guess I could be inspired if I was getting all of the products for for free too.

cm on

u are so beautiful and having a baby is a blessing.

Shanean Austin on

Ms. Garces! Congrats on all your success and your baby boy. You look great and very happy! The shower looks like it was a great success! I am a new fan of yours and I love your work on your show!! Girl, you look great you and your daughter look like sisters! What’s your secret! Anyway, I look forward to continue seeing you in all your works.

Sara on

This is a great blog! Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations on your new baby!

Halley on

you look fabulous! I’m sorry that you’re worried about your appearance, because you look amazing! Don’t worry about your weight, I am sure once your little guy is born, you will look like you did before!

Jess on

Boy, month 8 in Hollywood sure is a lot different than here in my world.

lwalsh2 on

This blog started off nice and relatable until the details of a pricey, flashy bridal shower took over the story. Wasn’t this blog suppose to be about overcoming the pregnancy blues? I do understand that her point was to celebrate this time in her life and the party helped her changed her perspective. Yet, the details of the party took away from what should have been an inspirational article. It was too much.

However, I am reading people magazine…so the article caters to the majority of her audience. Just had to comment on this one. I’m not a fan of it.

Michelle on

I am very happy for you and it is exciting to hear that you had this amazing party! I too am pregnant and when I saw the title of the article I was hoping to take something away from it that would help me through my pregnancy blues. The disappointing part is what is helping you through this period is something material that not everyone can provide to either themselves or for others. When I first got pregnant I had all of these amazing ideas for venue, menu, ect. Sadly right after I told work I was pregnant they “eliminated” my position. I lost our major source of income, our health insurance, and most of all myself. I don’t come to this website to get inspiration on how to get me out of my funk, but I’m extremely bored and when I saw the title I felt slightly better knowing I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer, as I do hope and pray that you have a beautiful, healthy baby boy!

Margaret on

i suffered from post-partum depression which actually started showing up before i gave birth–in retrospect, there were signposts all along the way and i felt it particularly just before giving birth. i think it’s something to really be aware of, not ashamed of and to seek help for if that’s the case. you don’t have to go through it alone!!!!

Tasha on

Finally, a celebrity who can relate to all people. We all have moments when we wonder how on earth do people do this. When will the feeling of discomfort come to an end. And when will you ever feel like your old self. Not everyone enjoys being pregnant. Thank you!

lynette on

Thanks for keeping it “real”!!!!

Liz on

Thank you for sharing this, especially the parts about not feeling like you’re measuring up to these super-moms who look perfect and seem to feel even better during their whole pregnancy. That has not been my experience at all, and I really appreciate someone in the public eye owning her personal experience.

Christie on

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have been using Novena from the get go and swear by it! I was SO happy/excited to see it mentioned here as I wasn’t sure how widespread the line is. Good stuff!
as for the insecurities and doubt, I can’t help but to feel as if that is all part of the process?! I haven’t experienced teh blues so bad yet, but def have experienced the doubts and emotional rollercoasters. Thanks for talking about it and bringing awareness to the situation!

Angelica Quintero on

It’s nice to hear someone say they have the pregnancy blues. It is something people really don’t talk about. All I ever hear is how great pregnancy is. I am 3 months pregnant and have been so sick, throwing up everyday and so tired. I don’t have the energy for anything. Nice to hear I am not alone. Congrats on your pregnancy!

Lisi H on

I am right there with you Paula!! I am normally super active, but now pregant with my first child (due to give birth via C-section this Friday, yay!!) I lost all interest in working out and eating well…I’ve put on close to 50 pounds too and feel like a house…I feel like I’ve lost “myself” and can’t wait to get my body back…and I too thought I would be one of those cutsie “baby bump” moms who still does pilates and runs up through her 8th month…WRONG. I know though that the joy of having my little girl is so worth it, and that I will have the rest of my life to get back into doing the things that make me feel good about myself. Again congrats and I admire you for admitting something that most people experience but don’t want to admit.

Jessica on

congratulations paula! you look beautiful! and by the way, you do not look like you would have a 21 year old daughter. you look like sisters. thats awesome!! wishing you many blessings.

Greetings on

NO WAY THIS WOMAN HAS A 21 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!! Wow she looks fantastic, I thought she was in her mid 20s!

Paula on

Hi all thank you for taking the time to comment and share your stories with me.Good luck to all of you pregnant mama’s if you aren’t feeling well I hope you feel better soon!! I have been feeling blue but it’s been a real combination of hormones anxiety and just plain exhaustion but I’m learning to be more patient to give myself a break and to look at the brighter side which is I will soon have a beautiful baby boy soon.I hope you guys don’t think I was trying to sell you the idea that an expensive baby shower will cure everything no!! I just wanted to share with you all that a get together with family and friends made me feel better and wanted to share my experience with you all Again God Bless & ty for taking the time hugs kisses Paula