Little Girl Creates Own Tap Dance Routine – And It’s Adorable!

10/24/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Who needs set dance moves when you can just feel the music?

Cover your eyes Abby Lee Miller! The only choreography the little girl in this video originally uploaded by Randall Burns (the father of another dancer) is interested in following is the footsteps in her heart.

The 3-year-old stole the show at a Dance Factory recital when she lined up in a colorful tutu to perform a routine to Stephen Sondheim’s “Broadway Baby.” But when the music began, this cutie did her own interpretive dance that showed she’s not your average chorus girl.

In just under three minutes this diva-in-training won the audience’s heart as she stomped, time stepped, mugged and sang along to the song (and confused the little girl standing next to her who was trying to execute the moves she’d been trained to do).

It was sweet and funny and adorable. And with moves like that, we think she has an amazing career ahead of her.

— K.C. Blumm

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rrahc on

That was entirely too cute! I can’t stand it. She gave me happy/proud tears. So darn cute! I loved it!

booboo on

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaayyy toooooo cute.

claudiazz on

I got a kick out of the little one next to her!

traxie on

Actually, she looks a bit autistic.

Jordan ! on

That’s right baby dance to the beat of your own drum!!

Abbie on

She was so cute!!!! She couldn’t contain her joy and need to dance!

Roze on

cute little monkey !!


OK…I see where people think that’s funny now. But, what about when she continues to do it because she knows she’ll get attention? I can only imagine what she’s like in the “classroom”. Poor teacher.

Carrie on

That’s right little girl…..don’t be like others….dance to your own tune!! Loved it 🙂

cw on

@km I wonder if you look ignorant as well and @ Goop I wonder if that’s what you see when you look in the mirror.

cw on

@Roze, be very careful, karma is a bytch!!!! @KDHT, not poor teacher, but rather poor you! You must be miserable living in that wasteland you call a body.

Carol on

It was cute, but it was also showboating. There’s a time to stand out and a time to be part of a team. She spoiled the dance for the little one next to her who had worked hard to remember the routine.

cw on

@Roze, be very careful, karma is a bytch! @KDHT, not poor teacher but rather poor you. You must be miserable living in that wasteland you call a body.

Melissa on

Are we rewarding this by saying its ‘cute’? That was not cute. She was spastic! The other kids were trying to do the dance the correct way and she was very distracting. I am embarrassed for her and her parents. Sad that we as a society feel the need to reward that kind of behavior.

okay on

She is cute, but I did not find this funny. This little girl has some issues. Some ADHD or Autistic behavior, at least and if she is not slowed down, school will be a problem.

RR on

So why can’t tell us who she is, People Mag? Tell us about her, that is your job. We saw this on Facebook two days ago.

Callie on

Hey KDHT- RELAX!!!!!! She’s 3 moron. Anything else cute and adorable you’d like to piss on?

That was hilarious and adorable. I have tears from laughing.

kat B on

LOL I’m surprised she managed to stay in her spot the whole time! Shes obviously very cute and creative but a recital is the wrong time and place for that much silliness.

Anonymous on

She is probably perfect during rehearsals but we all know that when some kids have attention they like to show off. And she said ” Im gonna shine today”. She certainly got my attention! Loves it!

3ronald1 on

Actually, she proved she is incapable of learning a routine and performing it in public. Rewarding this behavior will teach her that “rules” are not for her and she will be rewarded by not following them. Sad.

yeahisaidit on

I don’t know why but I was waiting for her to start twerking.

nwbmb on

Actually, she proved she is incapable of learning a routine and following instructions. And that she will be rewarded for being disruptive. Sad The other children were doing their best to do the routine the way they were taught and she ruined the performance of the group as a whole.

nwbmb on

Actually, she proved she is incapable ot learning a routine and performing it as instructed. And, that she will be rewarded for her poor behavior and being disruptive. Sad. She ruined the performance of the group as a whole. All the other girls were trying their best to do well.

Jada on

I’m sorry, I just don’t see what’s so cute about this. She clearly ruined the recital for the other little girls who were trying really hard to do what they were taught to do.

justamom on

oh my word! can you people not find anything better to do than criticize a 3 year old?!?! they do things like this because they are 3. that does mean they are autistic, have ADHD or will be a menace to society. please people. find something else to harp about. this is adorable and if it were my child, i would give her a standing ovation!!

Anonymous on

don’t see anything cute about it!! Think the little girl has problems!!

justamom on

oh my word! can you people not find anything better to do than to criticize a 3-year-old?!?! they do things like this because they are 3. that does not mean they are autistic, ADHD or will be a menace to society. please people. i think it was adorable and if she were my daughter, i would give her a standing ovation!

Wow... on

Really, folks??? SHE IS 3 YEARS OLD!!! And she was having fun. All children are not carbon copies of each other. They all have their own personalities. All of those little girls were beautiful in their own individual ways. This is not something to be taken so seriously. Because she felt the music in a different way, she has autism and other such challenges? Really??? And she’s a challenge to teachers? Really??? And @Roze, calling her a monkey in any way is not cool. At all.

Sabrina on

Thats what it all about.. Its fun, exciting and she was having a great time and did some of the moves and added her own little ones too! They all looked adorable. Happy time for the proud parents!!! Go girl!!!

Wow... on

@justamom, I agree with you whole heartedly! She is a small child and these folks are acting like she created a major crime! “She proves she is incapable of learning a routine and perfoming it as instructed.” Really? That harshness for a 3 year old????

kayci on

I am so surprised by all the comments……. maybe none of you have a 3 year old or have never have children in dance classes. This happens all the time. I can assure you this was cute and perfect. I thought this was age appropriate , most 3 years scream and cry in dance class. Who knows she may not even do dance next year but what a wonderful memory to have to show her personality as a young child.

Michele on

Mother can you spell Ritalin. .This child was not funny she was totally disruptive. Children allowed to do just as they please by the parents and allowed not to conform and treated like they are cute is what has caused these children to be totally out of control. I read the other comments and I am not alone .

geegee on

I’m all for personal expression…in the right context, such as your own solo. Yes, she is young, but dance is about routine and discipline. The others are able to do so, and she commanded the attention, while talking away from the hard work of others. What should be rewarded is effort, not the absolute opposite.

Anonymous on

GOSH PEOPLE…She’s only 3, not a teen. I thought it was cute, lighten the F*$% UP!

Ann-Marie Gauthier on

She didn’t ruin anything for the other little girls. The one next to her basically stood there. Neither feeling/hearing the music, nor following the teacher’s instructions.

The child is adorable and full of energy. Those of you with a sickness in your hearts should get help.

beth when on

So cute! She is having a great time! She’s 3 – this is not a competitive event. It should be about having fun- we forget that when we are adults.

anniebobannie on

Cute little girl made me smile. Too bad there are so many jealous people on this site.

w rauh on

This was not adorable. It showed a lack of follow through and trying to learn a routin and discipline.

Madeleine on

This clip made me laugh out loud. What a sweetheart.

w rauh on

Showed a lacvk of ability and discipline and ruined the performance for the other children.

Guest on

Jada on October 25th, 2013
I’m sorry, I just don’t see what’s so cute about this. She clearly ruined the recital for the other little girls who were trying really hard to do what they were taught to do.

^I completely agree. The other girls worked very hard. Sad that nobody was able to pay attention to their hard work.

curiousme on

Really adorable! She obviously was feeling the music and dancing it out the way she felt it. We should all allow ourselves to be uninhibited occasionally. I loved it and so did the audience.

DaisyMoon on

I think a writer at H u f f Post said it best…
“She’s a perfect example of a child not yet bogged down by inhibitions, having fun and feeling the music.
Now, let’s all go out there and be more like her”.

Diane on

Someday this will probably show up at someone’s engagement party. How cute!!!

Joyce on

I am so sorry that the other girls, who were doing their best got no attention. The diector owed it to the other girls to remove the “showboat” from the stage. No one else had an audience or any attention to the skills and performane that they mastered. The laughs were only an encpouragement to
dancer, who did not know the routine. I feel so sorry to all of the other girls and families, that were so proud of their daughter. How unfair!

me on

I must be the only one who thinks it’s NOT funny. Yes, she’s young & cute but, if she can’t control herself now, what’s she going to be like in school….sad that the other kids do as they are told & again..the one who doesn’t. Gets the attention.

Charli on

That was hilarious!!! Kudos to the little girl next to her who kept her focus and her game face on. They are only three years old and having fun. Those kids were all over the place and it was adorable. For all those making mean and/or racists comments Get A Life!

Ann on

ROZE did you say cute little monkey?? What does that remark mean???

Walt g. on

She was adorable, if you look closely non of them had it down, very well….actually but she was a show withing a show.

Tracy Keels on

I think that when it comes to children they should be off limits. We don’t have the right to speak on other folks children. You don’t know what your child may do someday only to have someone saying something inappropriate and hurtful concerning them.

Ann on

You guys are taking this recital way to seriously. She is about 5 years old for Pete’s sake and most probably cant keep up and did the best she could. She is a child it does not make her a monkey, per Roze, nor spastic nor a child having ADD or a problem child to her teacher. You guys are way rough on this poor child. Take it for what it is and just smile and have a good day. I wonder how many of you had perfect, well mannered kids at five years or as a matter of fact even now. Chill and enjoy the moment, they grow up and life changes.

Debra on

Kids are ingenious, next time allow her to Choreograph the Dance.. Some comments here show little respect for Interpretive dance.. lol

Smitty on

A future star is born.

tbone on

I found it uncomfortable to watch. I think the child has some ADHD issues or something of the like.

Brian on

These kids should be at home, in the backyard, playing in yard, in the mud, with bugs, and dolls, and on the jungle gym!

loopy on

Stupid and embarrassing

davie on

She has to pee!

Brian on

These kids aren’t having any fun! Should be home,playing on the jugle gym, and with dolls!

Anonymous on

Express Yourself. LOL these kids are just too cute for words.

Brian on

How would you like to be put on the stage, and be told to dance, and improvise, and be laughed at!?

jessyd30 on

Well Cute but wow that kid did not follow directions at all , Sorry but she was too out of it . There is a difference with being your self and just being all over the place , No direction what so ever .

Catherine on

First of all, the racist comments are disgusting. Monkey? Good God, you low life person who wrote that! I am a mom and I raised two sons. I do know 3 is very young, and I understand some children will act out. She is cute, but the teacher may want to discuss with her how directions on stage must be followed, if she is in another performance. If she is in a routine, she has to follow what was taught to her, even at the tender age of 3. It is a perforamce lesson, and it is a life lesson. Cute or not cute, rules apply. One is never too young to learn that, I think. By 3, it’s time. Sorry for those who do not agree.

Dawn on

It’s just like all of them, don’t listen, pay attention or follow directions. And let’s not forget soooooooooooooo. Dramatic about everything

Lyn on

It looked more like she was hyper and couldn’t follow directions. More disruptive and not cute.

Debbie on

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but she isn’t even tapping. None of them look that good, like they even take it seriously. I’d say a waste of money a waste of time.

G. Morg on

Keep on dancing Baby Girl loved you.

Walt g. on

As I read these blogs, quite sure where the racist lay, they find fault in everytnhing anyway. If you don’t watch the cute little black girl, look at the ones that were to your left, non of them had it down, it was just little kids so go hate an adult. My wife watched it with me, she studied under Balachine, and danced many years ago with the New York Ballet, see to says it is impossible to have kids this age that diciplined, and they should not be: fact it haters, she was the main attraction.

BigMomma on

Im sorry, whats cute about some girl ruining the whole routine for everybody else? This is how monsters and bullies start off…parents who refuse to control their kids, and then the kids thinking they can go out and do whatever they want, when they want, to whoever they want. Mark my words, this one will grow up to be a bully, a conniving backstabber, or even worse. Ive seen it TOO many times.

Kham on

Someone should have taken her off the stage!! How unfair was that to the poor little girl she was standing next too, whom obviously knew her routine!

cll on

Why are you people being so mean towards a 3 year old. Just because she is happy and dancing to her own drum does not mean she has ADHD or ruined the performance for the other kids. SHE IS 3! That’s what they do. My parents have a similar recording of me acting worse then her on stage and I currently hold a BA , BD and I work for a fortune 500 company. I was kid not an idiot nor do i have ADHD.

Catherine on

Racist comment, “monkey”, was disgusting. Yes, she is only 3 but I raised two boys who were 3 once and both were in school perormances. It is best to follow directiobs on stage, and thus is not only a petormnce lesson, it is a life lesson. I understand having a personality it fabulous, but at the same time, even a 3 year old needs to know rules apply. Sorry, I am all for adorable kids, just not ones who take a bit away from other adorable kids.

Babies Rock! on

Future Tony winner! That little girl had such joy while the others stood there like dazed robots. She was happy to be on stage, knew the routine & was more than ready to give it her all! Killing her spirit (or anesthetizing it as some of these posters seem to imply) by giving her Ritalin, Thorazine, etc., is not the way to go. She follows directions like her classmates & the only thing different about her execution is she does not look dazed & terrified like her classmates. [I was in ballet & theater classes at that age & loathed it so I can empathize with their plight. However, my twin sister did school plays & community theater, then minored in theater in college. Yin & yang, I guess] She is three years old & young enough to know what gives her happiness already.

Andrea on

American Idol, here she comes!

Beverly on

I see a class clown; she should’ve had her own moment to shine instead of ruining the performance with her antics

Cris on

Not cute!! I would pissed if my kid was one of the ones trying to do it she messed it up for everyone!!

Lizzie on

Wow. Amazing how many totally ignorant people out there. Really, is it because she was the only black child there so you morons feel that you should critisize? She is 3. Apparently she loves to dance and enjoy the music. Yes I agree that she went off her routine but she’s 3. I found it to be absolutely adorable and was very happy for her. And I’m not black…

Btmam on

As cute as the girl was, she really did ruin the show for the rest of the girls. No one paid attention to the other dancers. I would have loved seeing all the girls. Not just the one girl dance troop!

Rroxon on

These children are all being guided to perform.. You can see them taking direction from their instructor.. That little girl was having her own fun.. She will set herself apart from the norm as she grows.. And One day.. Just might be a superstar…

Dan on

You call it “cute” because it is easier than addressing the real problems here. Is this a case where a minority student is not getting the discipline and training that the other kids are getting? This video is not a good thing. It really shows very deep problems and a youngster who is certainly not acting (or being treated) as if she is a capable member of the group. Why did she not get the proper skills needed? Is she stupid? Did the instructor not give her the attention that the other dancers got? Did her family refuse to accept the instruction given? I make no judgment here other than this is not cute or funny. This is a problem in its very initial stages.

nae on

very cute she stole the show awww

mrsb on

@Goop: children don’t “look” autistic. pretty ignorant comment, but at least not as negative as @km or as racist as @Roze.

Anonymous on

NOT CUTE!!!!! She is acting like a kidzilla……..

Kate on

That was awesome LOL!

MommaMaria on

If this were an adult, they would have been escorted off stage because they were not keeping in line with the practiced routine. This is NO different, this girl should have been escorted off stage because she ruined it for everybody else.

How else are these kids going to learn discipline?

Shocked on

Wow! I can’t believe you all think this little girl has issues. That is just down right mean. If she does have autism, ADHD, or whatever. So what. Let this little girl have some fun and enjoy life. Yes! She was way off the dance routine she was suppose to be doing. What is the big deal. If you look at the other girls. They were a little of the routine. The little girl was doing her own thing. Singing, dancing and having a really good time on the stage. If it were your child and people were making comments like this. How would you feel? It isn’t nice. So keep your comments to yourself and enjoy the girl having fun in that video. Have a smile on your face as you watch. Stop being so negative. She is child. Remember that.

AmandaC on

Sorry it’s only sorta cute, did the mom give her a pound of sugar or something???

Kate on

You know what they say about people that make assumptions. And I see plenty of of those kinds of people on this board. Let he kid be a kid for now. That is what is wrong with society today, we stop letting kids be kids and paint them into a corner.

Anonymous on

I am beyond disgusted that comments are allowed allowing the bashing of A CHILD! If I was her mother. I would be contacting People magazine right away. She is THREE, not that age matters. Not human should be called names or insulted or cyber bullied. Please remove these comments. Please!

Sue Ellen on

I didn’t think it was fair to the other children to allow this kid to go on and on; she should have been removed from the stage. I thought it was more pathetic than funny….sorry.

.b. on

Wow at some of you people, way to show your ignorance. Was it really that bad in your mind? I have to wonder if some of you aren’t either crazy stage moms who flip out if the performance of everyone isn’t satisfactory and didn’t showcase how perfectly wonderful your little daring is. Or if there isn’t another ulterior motive behind your obvious hate of a 3 year. Maybe some of you need the freakin’ Ritalin to call your asses down.

And y’all do realize that these videos win thousands on America’s Funniest Home Videos. And why? Because that is what 3 year olds do and everyone things it’s cute and everyone laughs, as evident in the damn video.

ChesterV on

Thats really sad. If that were my kid, I would have grabbed her off stage! How extremely embarrassing for the parents and teacher!!! Shows that the parents refuse to teach their kid respect or control, and that the teacher has no guts to pull her off the stage. She ruined the whole show for everybody else.

Advertisement for worthless parents and teachers if you ask me.

curiousme on

I find that this little girl DOES know the routine, and very well, too. She is just adding some embellishment that she’s feeling. She does know all of the major movements in the dance routine. Lighten up, people!

Bethanie F on


Brian on

Kids like that drive teachers crazy. Not funny.

Mo on

She may have known the routine, but sometimes small
children just do unexpected things. My little one who
was always shy got on the stage with his pricipal for a halloween show and called out to the large audience,” everyone having fun, let’s have a great time!” Ok!!

Marz on

This really isn’t funny. Maybe she has slight autism. Who knows.

Steve on

adorable..where and how is it adorable..they all look half retarded..lolmao why waste time with this crap..i know there young but there Not even any good..get for real..OMG..THEY SUCK

Mastermind on

It actually looks like the parent(s) never brought her to practice. Kudos to the girls next to her who did their best not to let her distract them from doing what they learned at practice.

Jaroslaw on

Many people commenting here have never been involved in dance schools. Children are very capable of following a routine and instructions at a surprisingly young age. While self expression has its place, and agreed, children are not carbon copies, let that parent enroll their child in a program without limits. So, I won’t presume the child has any disabilities, neither can I excuse this as being cute. Some parents encourage expression as other encourage sports or book smarts. This child has obviously been strongly encouraged to do her own thing for a long time when I see her going on for several minutes in a formal recital.

Deb on

I can see both side to this. Yea, she was funny, and maybe she was showboating a bit and perhaps she is a behavior problem, but what I think was the funniest was the little girl next to her, who didn’t know what the heck to make of the whole thing! She was like Little Miss Perfect and kept looking mortified for her dance friend, all while trying to stick to the routine!

william on

cute? Typical jive

ANN on

Gives a whole new meaning to “Dance like no one is watching”.

Steve on

if i were the little girl all the way at the end i would had SMACKED her..and they all laughing because there NOT good..roflmao and u are all saying cute.Nothings cute here waste of time and money

Lady_M on

I’m seeing a lot of words like “control”, “conform”, “Ritalin”
As a parent, I have no desire for anyone to control my child or have her conform to anything. Nor do I have any interest in medicating her. Anyone who suggests this isn’t normal 3 year old behavior is an ass. Anyone suggesting this child’s parents need to medicate her needs their own prescription. We have enough robots in this country and hope she remains happy free and uninhibited forever!

Anonymous on


Brooke on

It is a wonder why the world is filled with so many stuffed up serious people who are on depression medication. No one knows how to enjoy life and laugh anymore. This little girl was expressing her love for life through dance. So glad to see so many experts on discipline here..

Jane on

to those that say she ruined it for all – you have never been in a dance class at 3 years old – they were performing and she most certainly had a wonderful time. Every three year old class has one that does this – she enjoyed herself and will continue dancing due to that fact and she will in all likelihood start to conform with everyone else sooner or later. My wish is that she continue to DANCE! What does the song say – when you have the option to sit it out or dance I hope you dance – Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

curiousme on

Good post @ Babies Rock! Yes, she knew the routine very well. And @ Big Momma, This girl will probably be a leader and a joy in everyone’s lives that know her. She will make her own decisions, not be stifled by fear nor be a sheep-like follower.
Viva la difference!!

Ris on

I would’ve been horrified if that was my kid. I don’t blame the child, although I don’t think she’s quite right…I blame the parents and the teacher. Surely she must’ve displayed clues that she was incapable of following directions and could not follow normal social cues. She was so intrusive and had no manners at all. Even 3 year old manners and I’ve worked with pre-schoolers a ton. I blame her parents. Surely they must’ve asked to see the routine beforehand. If they saw she didn’t know it at all, they shouldn’t have let her go on. If she did know it, knowing her personality, they should’ve explained how important it was to follow the instructions. That everyone worked hard and to behave and not ruin it for everyone. I’ve always had such manners and was so empathetic to others, even as a small child, that it is a crazy fear I have that somehow (despite proper parenting) I will have a child with an obnoxious attention hogging personality like this…unless she really is special needs, in which case why did the parents put her in a regular class. The whole thing is just unfortunate. 😦 I’m not one of those people who thinks everyone should think exactly like me so if you disagree, that’s fine. I’m not going to come back and read comments. I’m not into drama. To each their own:)

Katharine on

After watching 13 years of dance recitals, this is nothing new. There is usually one child like this at every recital, and everyone (parents, teachers, other children) knows that the child has an issue. In fact, I’ve seen this routine before with the same music. Just happy that she has had a chance to do something mainstream and her parents had a chance to enjoy it. In my experience, she won’t be there next year.

Claudia on

What I see here is a kid who never showed up for class to actually learn the dance. Not impressed.

Logical53 on

Cute but distracting and it didn’t help those that worked to get this dance right. She reminds me of Tina Turner who sang loud at her choir practice and she was dismissed. Tina became a star and made it big with her voice. Maybe this child does not belong in that setting but she might become a great dancer someday….just not as a ballerina!

Luke Vaan Horne on

The super star will always outshine the chorus, even if they have to make up the routine as they go. GOOD FOR HER! ADORABLE!

Tiffany on

As a mother I feel horrible for that little girl next to her. Obviously that girl is SOOOO use to getting ALL the attention so she had to ruin it for everyone else.

fit4ufor3rd on

I never sent my kids to dance school, so of course my daughter did send hers. I went to my first recital in may. I never laughed so hard.

tsmith on

This girl is the next Beyoncé, she can’t help but stand out. @justamom, I completely agree with you, the child is 3 years old w/out fully developed body coordination. Yes, she was showboating and looked a bit too silly at times and it was uncomfortable for the little girl to her left, but Ms. “Beyoncé’s” intention was not to hurt anyone, but to have fun and get attention. Many adults exhibit equally silly behavior to get attention (reality stars) and they do not have being a child as an excuse.

Marie on

Adorable! All of you with negative comments should spend more time around children. It will teach you not to take life so seriously.

Luke Vaan Horne on

Those of you who are criticizing a 3 year old little girl should be ashamed of yourselves–WHat is wrong with people that everything has to do only with them and everything else is so negative? She was adorable and very sweet. Any of your remember Shirley Temple?! Im sure you would all say she was the anti-christ by todays standards. Grow up America.

ms c on

OMG I am in tears she was so funny and loved it and too you HATERS take a chill pill .

Elissa on

The little girl next to her just kepted on dancing and the other cuttie just did her own steps..way to go..they both made me laugh.

MaryLou on

Is she the only little girl that can’t follow directions? Cute but out of place.

Anita Meyer on

I loved it! She was adorable!

Lynda on

She is a born choreographer!

Momma43 on

I think it’s disgusting that People wants to make this little brat into some sort of “star” by putting this up here. She ruined this recital for the rest of the girls and their families who came to watch their own children. So, because this kid didn’t know the routine she’s now the star of the video. Sad….

Crystal on


spotprawns on

Not that cute….ruined for all the girls next to her….the ones who really tried. Forget about “how cute” “Go Girl dance” and all that. She won’t be long at that dance school or any other. And no sorry she won’t make it on her own!!

NiteOwlett on

I was going to post this darling video on my FB until I read some of the very rude, ignorant, stupid & racist remarks made here. It is very shameful to think people still think these comments are in any way helpful or interesting to read.

Fran on

I enjoyed the display by this three-year old. Expressing herself in this manner is only natural and innate. A future Tap dancer.


I am really appalled of the comments made about this adorable Africian American Child. If this was a White child would the comments be the same. If she does have any problems I am sure her parents are addressing them. People grow up and stop bashing this beautiful child. If you have children of your own would you want someone to say these hateful things about your child. Your comments are extreamly hurtful. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

evolve4luv on

@roze..jerk…Internet bullies suck. She looks confident, loved and happy. Good job mom and job!!!!

jen on

Oh my word! It wasn’t that cute. All I could think is follow directions………………..They had to go over the dance many X’s.

laura on

Ok, coming from a dance teacher and dancer… that age is more about the experience and fun of it. It is not expected for this age group to retain every thing. You will have ones, like that little one, that get so worked up and excited they’ll do a variation of what they remember with a bit of their own flare. She clearly knew some of the steps. She also probably didn’t even understand she was getting special attention. Or that is was as yall say wrong. She was out there to preform. Good for her for trying

curiousme on

For all of you that think the audience was horrified:
Watch it again (and listen). The audience was delighted!

Megan on

I don’t understand why this is on the news… it’s nothing special. Know how many kids make up their own dances onstage? plenty. This was not overly cute or anything of the sort. Thanks for wasting 3 minutes of my life..

L. Anderson on

This was funny, adorable, cute and embarrassing. This baby is only 3 yrs old. She did not mess the recital up for the other girls. She may have gotten a lot of their attention, but she did not touch the other girls, she did not run around on the stage, nor did she disrupt the line. She stayed in her place. If you were paying attention she was doing the moves, she just added a little “flare” . Yes the teacher, the other dancers and the parents probably expected her to do the dance as practiced. But in case you didn’t know it, 3 yr olds are little people and they can have a mind of their own. She will be on point the next time, but this time she was awesome.

evolve4luv on

@roze…you suck..go kick rocks. Internet bullies are such scum. I see a confident, secure, and loved little girl. Good job mom and dad!

Morgan M on

Listen, I am a dance teacher, and I found this adorable!
Do you know how hard it is to keep a three year olds attention? almost impossible. So for her to be up on the state and working it like that is great. Her parents should be proud! Most children get up there and forget the dance and end up either watching the teacher to remember or cry from all of the people watching them. so rock on little girl 😀

william on

rude, ill-mannered. somebody has taught her that she needs to be the center of attention.

Judith Siverson on

Why not rename these types of programs: Pedophile Haven ?

Marie on

This remined me of the time I bought my 3 years old granddaughter tap shoes.She danced and we laughed but only with love. How adorable , cute funny. Kids are great.Especially at this age they are so genuine

Stu on

She’s good! When she gets older she’ll enjoy watching this.

Ellyn on

Honestly after reading all the comments so far. I can see both sides of the fence…but reality is this child needs some sort of dicipline…she had no rythm or any sense of music. She was obnoxious. Getting into the face of the other little girl is not normal. Three years old or not she is displaying some very disturbing behaviors that should be addressed. It may be cute at 3 years old, but not really. Where are the parenting skills? Please address her health is she hearing impaired or visually? Acting out usually is a cry for help!!

spotprawns on

Cute? Where is the cute? All I see is a little girl messing up the whole dance and messing up the concentration of the two little girls next to her trying to do the dance right. Forget “go Girl” and all that. She is not long for this dance school or any other. And sorry….she probably will not be able to do it on her own.

Anonymous on

Not funny. I just felt sorry for the other girls who were trying to do the dance they rehearsed.

me on

Its sad when a child has to ruin it for others , because she has no parents to teach her right from wrong …. Im sure she is no fun to have in that class , The poor teacher who has to put up with that all day long .

Pat Brew50 on

So sad “monkey” has now become a racist term. My late father’s pet name for me was Monkey and you couldn’t get a kid who was any whiter than me. My husband calls our granddaughter Monkeyshine and her Daddy loves to tease her by saying she has monkeyitis. It’s just a cute pet name that my family uses often as a term of endearment for those we love best.

Laura on

This is from our dance recital in June. The Dance Factory is in St. Louis, and these adorable kids were my students.

Sadly, you have the wrong video linked in your story.

This is the original. The one you have is from a guy who copied and has been claiming it to be his. Randall Burns (the original owner) is the father of the pint-sized blonde.

Sue on

I saw the clip and immediately thought this little girl could not focus at all. I started some research and found this definition on
It’s normal for children to occasionally forget their homework, daydream during class, act without thinking, or get fidgety at the dinner table. But inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity are also signs of attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), which can affect your child’s ability to learn and get along with others. The first step to addressing the problem is to recognize the signs and symptoms.
Dance class is the perfect way to burn off energy and help this little girl. I think we need to recognize issues and celebrate all these adorable little girls.

Anonymous on

LMAO She was so adorable, what a little “SuperStar,” She is destined to be.

jake on

so apparent how some of the negative haters would comment on a talented little African American cutie that showed up the rest of the boring dancing near her,this world will always be divided due to hate ,jealousy by the others that copy our sensibilities but cant copy our style.. we have out done you in baseball basketball,football,tennis, and every other sport that’s conceivable on this earth..go ahead show what ur best at u haters…

Sabrin on

It was cute for a few minutes. But what is cute for the short term is annoying and disruptive in the long run. Age not withstanding, if she is “old” enough to be in a class than someone should have stopped her after a seconds of this.

Jane on

I don’t find this very cute. I was in a store yesterday, and a small child acted the same way. No discipline by the mother. This was supposed to be a team dance routine, perhaps she was encouraged to act this way.

Bobbb on

just looks like another undisciplined black kid. But because she is black they have to include her. Sorry just calling it like I see it. I have nothing against black people in general but how is the kid supposed to grow up and be part of a group if she can’t conform to the group’s parameters. Ya, ya , ya – she has the right to be her self but here she is supposed to be part of a chorus line. MISTAKE

Sandee on

This is not cute at all. She obviously has behavioral problems. The people who posted this use the word adorable as a euphemism for this little girl who has problems keeping up with the routine and with containing herself. It’s wrong because she’s the only black one an it could be easily assumed she’s slower than the rest, which some non-blacks would appreciate.


Wow!!! can not believe the comments that I am reading about this 3 year old child. One comment was made and called the child a Monkey. Unbelievable that was truly a rascist comment. If this child were white would the comments be the same. Just asking! If this child have the problems that you all are stating I am sure that her parents are addressing it. I really feel sorry for all of you adults that is bashing this baby she is only 3. GOD BLESS YOU ALL I WOULD HATE TO BE YOU WHEN IT IS YOUR TIME TO BE JUDGE BY THE HIGHER POWER.

Mary on

These are the moments in life that create wonderful memories! Who is going to remember a bunch of little girls standing in a line copying what their teacher is doing? You go little Broadway Baby!

Anonymous on

all of this hate and anger about a three year old doing what most three year old children do , have fun and show personality even in structured settings. She was impeccable!

Richard on

Thinking outside the box.

Don on

It’s hard to reign in a 3 yo sometimes, though cute, she was a little over the top. Her performance doesn’t deserve the attention it’s getting. Or the criticism. She’s 3; let’s just leave it at that.

Sandee on

This is NOT cute at all. The girl obviously has behavioral problems. The fact that she’s the only black one makes it worse. Non-blacks can assume that black children are slower by witnessing this girl’s difficulty in following instruction, and with containing herself. This video shouldn’t have been posted. Anyone ignoring the obvious issues is in denial.

minnmom on

I’ve attended a few of these recitals. The wonderful instructors at our local dance studio emphasize that in the 3-6 year old range, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. The kids may or may not dance. Or do the routine. They may cry and run off stage, freeze up, start to sing .. it is a complete crap shoot. And given the fact the girl next to her barely moved for the entire number, without seeing the instructors doing the actual routine, we have no idea if this girl was actually approximating the routine more than the girls around her.

realitycheck on

Seems to me that all those other girls failed to learn the routine properly! I guess it’s true that white people can’t dance! (Joking, folks… don’t get your panties in a bunch)

jake on

if u removed my comment I expect it from a fake magazine like yours,u probably feel exactly like the racist haters that are bad mouthing a 3 year old child,…if u had heart you would print the truth that I wrote but yes the truth hurts…… does it feel to know you’s will never be as talented as goggle the Nicolas brothers and check out there dance steps at the end of movie stormy wheather…oh and hate on…

bg on

A proud parent would think cute but at that age following a routine lead orchestrator would be normal as did the other children tried how ever that little girl seemed dyslectic and on drugs!

Michele Thorn on

Not a thing wrong with dancing to your own tune! Hilarious.

Laurin on

That was too cute.
Some of you seriously need to lighten up. The girl is THREE. There is a video of myself somewhere in my parents’ house doing something very simular to this at age 5 or 6 to the song “Splish Splash”. I was a very well behaved child and was never diagnosed with any type of learning problem, and in fact, had very good grades and went on to get a higher education and am not trying to burn down buildings as a hobby or anything.
It’s a kid having a moment of good fun. Take it for the cuteness that it is and quit trying to make more of it than is there.

Suzi on

While on one side of the fence I can see the humor in this but — the idea of dancing lessons is to teach control, grace, skill and teamwork. Her own version take of the dance routine did not show she was learning the teamwork side of the idea. She did take the “show” away from the other girls who worked very hard to get the routine right for their families also. I think this little girl has some sort of ADHD problem by the looks of things.

Mrs on

i think this kid is a brat. i did not think it was cute or adorable. it looked like it was a kid who did not listen and was hyperactive. i have no problem with her doing her own thing but she was making it hard for the children that worked hard and were following instructions. that poor little girl next to her. And everyone seems to think this is funny and cute because she is unruly and undisciplined. not me, i dont think it is cute at all.

redhummingbird49 on

I didn’t see anything funny or cute about it. It was like she was wanting all the attention on herself.

Anonymous on

I found it very disturbing for the cute little girl next to her who obviously tried to work with the team but could not keep up because of the one who didn’t do any of it correctly. She was entitled to her moment, too.

Rose Caine on

I really didn’t think it was that cute! All she is doing is ruining the dance routine for the other little girls who know what they are supposed to be doing! Shame on her, someone should have went out there and corrected her, on the spot!

Chefntee60 on

My sister-in-law was on a flight form Seattle to Burbank. With her was her 2 year old Daughter, who would not stop singing for most of the flight. Although it was a short flight, she was really tying to shush her the entire time try very hard not to disturb the other passengers. Finally a Gentleman told her “No No, let her sing my daughter was the same way, always singing in what we felt was inappropriate places, but we gave in and allowed her to blossom.” Children have there own personalities and they act accordingly.. By the way the daughter: TAYLOR SWIFT!

riccross on

I wonder how many of you that are ranting about her ruining it for the other kids, being ADHD, autisitic and all the other things – would feel the same way…if she had been the only little blond haired, blue-eyed kid and all the others were black…her being the only black student I am sure is motivating many of your comments. The kid is only 3, and it was only one crappy recital…not a bunch 16 year olds dancing for the king at Carnegie Hall.

jon on

Ann-Marie Gauthier, the little girl next to her was trying to do what the others were doing, and as she was taught. She couldn’t see them or keep up because this girl was in her face and loudly singing at her. I thihk HER moment was ruined, actually.

SweetPea on

What a DOLL! That made my day! She was really feeling the we see more from her in the future–you GO girl!!

rosita on

i don’t think it’s adorable. i think it’s sad that she is so self centered at a yo ung age . she doesn’t follow directions and distracts the kids who did what they were supposed to. she is not adorable. she is undisciplined.

lisa on

you know what is so sad? all the people commenting on this cute video saying that she will grow up to be some kind of bully, or other issues with not being able to “follow a routine”…..those people that are making those comments are the people who should not be allowed to have kids. you never stomp on a child who is expressing themselves. everything within reason folks. this is just a cute video that her parents will show her some day and get a kick out of. what has the world come to that we are attacking this cute kid and turning this into something it is not. its just a hilarious, cute little girl having a blast!!!! you GO GIRL!!!!

nj Mom on

not cute… obnoxious. Stand out by puting the effort in to learning the routine and perform it the best out of your group. Not just jumping around with out regard for what been put together for the group! Want to show your uniquness then should not be in GROUP DANCE! Parent(s) must be a piece of work! Obviously long line of family with issues if this is what they put out there as cute….. I bet her family were the only ones who thought it was cute…….. It was not!

Anonymous on

Really she’s 3…gtfoh with all your BS people. THREE what do you think a 3 yr old does in a show?!

grandma on

To all the idiots with your rude comments.
Did you stop and think this was the best she can do? Did u not hear the audience response? It was amusing and adorable and I laughed my A-S off. She was the cutest!!!

ciera on

The racism is appalling. This about a very energetic 3 year old. The way 3 year olds were in the past before they were all medicated and acting like zombies. All the name calling when she is the most normal of all a energized 3 year old.

HowdyDoody on

I’d bet that most of you who claim she lacks discipline or has some sort of psychological, mental, or behavioral problem, don’t have any sort of experience, degree, or certificate of psychology education to back up what you’re saying. I also bet most of you aren’t parents. Like Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz once said, “People without brains do an awful lot of talking.”

rosita on

not adorable not cute. out of control and undisiplined. rude unfair and should have been pulled out.

Anonymous on

I’ve seen many 3-yr. old recitals and yes, they all will do their own thing now and then, but to keep it up for such a long time and never TRY to do the routine is indicative of some kind of a
problem. I laughed, but it did get ridiculous after a time and yes, she has seen this behavior at home!

Shawn on

I might be the only one, but I didn’t think it was funny, I think she may have trouble following directions which made it odd for the others.

mbp on

I am quite frankly in awe of the many posts that critique the actions of a 3 year old in a dance show! I saw confidence, joy, humor, non conformity, and what is essentially a baby who is put in an venue that is well beyond her understanding of proper decorum. She is a lovely child who quite frankly puts me in the mind of a young Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball. Thank heaven no one made them conform or would we would be the most dull planets in the universe. For those of you who think this child needs “help”, let me tell you that if you approach your own children with such starch, it is you who will have problems when they are teenagers and young adults. And for the racists among you, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

brynn morgan on

Omg that little girl was having a good time her parents should be proud of her she was doing her own little thing.

karen on

As this video started I already knew what many comments would be on this little girls performance. First was racism and second was how unruly she was and how she stole the show. You adults should be ashamed of yourselves for those thoughts, but of course you are not.

These little girls are 3 years old and you talk about dicipline and following the rules of dance. They are barely old enough to dress themselves let alone remember a entire dance routine. The only parents that would be upset about it are the ones that thinks their little girl should have been in the spotlight and not some little “balck” girl. They are jealous of this little girls performance because she outshined their own daughter. They are the ones that parade their “little princesses” around in grown up cloths and makeup in fashion shows so they can relive their failings in their own childhood through their little girls. They are the ones that don’t allow their children to be children. How many of these little girls were put in this dance class only because mom wanted them to be there? The audience seemed to love this little girls performance as I heard no booing or yelling to get her off the stage.

Children grow, learn and express themselves in different ways and at different times. This little girls expressed herself in a more lively manner than the rest of the group. None of them knew the routine that well, but instead of just standing there as others did, she took the lead and did her own thing. Bravo to her. She didn’t ruin it for anyone, she was just having fun unlike some of the others on stage.

As for those of you who called her a names, you are all just bullies. Your comments make you sound racist (monkey) and ignorant. Instead of bullying a child who has done nothing to you why don’t you all grow up and learn how to live outside of your dark little box that has you confined. Open you hearts and your minds, you may find that you are a happier person for it.

Kathy on

We all have the dancers that march to a different drummer I see a future in that girl that will be great… she thinks out of the box.. how sweet she is…

Malia on

A three-year-old acting like a three-year-old. That’s what I like to see.

Greta on

This kid is going to be trouble later on.

Rose on

Some of the comments here are seriously disturbing. You realize these are three-year-old babies, right? Babies do not have the cognitive ability that older children have to determine when something is about “teamwork” or “routine” or “being serious” (the fact that some of you are arguing for “seriousness” at a toddlers’ dance recital says more about you than about the kids). This baby heard a song she liked, got really excited, and improvised her own little dance (and from the looks of it, tried to get the girl on her left to join in). She was not doing it for “attention” and she was not doing it because she “doesn’t understand teamwork.” SHE’S A BABY.

Emily on

Seems to me a few practice sessions were missed.

Madie M. Smith on

A “Star” In The Making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kima on

The negative comments must have come from people with a less than 3 yr old mentality! That little girl has more intelligence than they do! Keep on doin your thing little one!

robin on

ok, maybe she did not have the time to go to rehearsal with the rest of the kids, but it is distracting and hard to watch your own child dance as another child is not in line with the rest

janet62 on

I watched it over and don’t think she ruined it for the other little girls, but she def. would have ruined it for me as a parent trying to focus on what my own child has accomplished. Taking dance lessons is not a cheap venture either !

Brooklyn Girl on

Not cute. Not adorable. Just plain disruptive. As a mother whose daughter took many years of dance lessons (yes at an early age too because she wanted to), I know how hard those little ones work at rehearsing for that big moment. That recital is the culmination of all their hard work, and this child ruined it for every other girl up there, and their parents. NOT CUTE!

rick on

That kid is out of control!!!

Jenna Willbern on

Self-expression is cute and funny ….TO A POINT….but this
child took it way too far, and yes, she most probably has some problems. I laughed at her, but I see her as a bully,
the way she tries to impose her style on the other child! And
you are right: poor teacher!!

Kelly on

I didn’t find it to be funny at all. The faces she makes made it seem as though she is just mocking the whole routine. I certainly wouldn’t walk this post to be up if that were my daughter!

Anonymous on

Nobody I know will ever accuse me of being a liberal, or giving in to this “hip-hop” sucking culture of ours, I actually find it very disturbing to watch our kids (and adults!) following these stupid trends. I saw an interview a few days ago with Kanye West, and he made me nautious yet again by declaring himself a “creative genius”, and that Kim Kardashian should have a star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame”, (“Noone can deny that!”). But a 3 year old kid! She was adorable! Will she grow up to be a ham? Probably! It’s a different culture with black people. They show off, brag, and modesty is a word that they don’t know the meaning of, never mind see any value in. But to be racist to the point of calling the kid a monkey, or saying she’ll be trouble in school is WAY beyond the pale! I’m allowed my views, and I’m sure there are dyed in the wool liberals who take issue with ANYTHING you say about blacks that isn’t arse-kissing, and I think they’re just as crazy as the racist posts I read here. But a 3 year old kid? She was adorable! Give her a break! You give a bad name to selective “racists” like me who have opinions about what I see around me, and feel I don’t have to like some things about our culture. But I hate the idea that people like me with independent opinions get lumped together with people who are racists because they’re morons, and probably don’t even know why. To the little kid, “You go girl!”, as much as I hate these kind of expressions.

guest on

So… we are rewarding her “rogue” behavior,.. “aw it’s cute, it’s funny!” but NOT rewarding the children that WORKED hard to follow a routine?! Whatever happened to “hard work pays off?!” Yes.. we all got a laugh but dance is about structure and discipline. This little girl just proved she is NOT ready to be in a group dance class. My friend’s daughter has been dancing since about this age and I have never witnessed such a mockery of a dance. So three or not, they are able to learn their little routines.. and three or not they learn to respect each other and the dance.

supportwalterwalker on

Lighten up folks! It is a 3 year old adorable little girl expressing herself through dance. She is not taking away from anyone. What if she had been absolutely amazing and had more talent than the other girls up there? Wouldn’t that be “taking away” from the other girls too? Just let a kid be a kid. They have to grow up too fast these days…

WillRiseAgain on

Typical ape-havior. They ruin it for everyone. I feel sorry for the girl next to her.

Anonymous on


Jenna Willbern on

This was funny & cute….for a while….but as it goes on and on
even after the music has stopped, this is indicative of a problem. I feel she has seen this behavior elsewhere, maybe
at home and perhaps doesn’t have guidance she needs.

Anonymous on

The same people who are making negative comments are the same people that most likely would get with a group of people and said that was cute and go behind their backs and said something negative. Also would think it would be soooo cute for their love ones. I do not trust them in what they would say about a 3 years old who can not possible see what they see. COWARDS!

Ms. Mac on

Not cute. She ruined it for the well behaved little girls. Americans are so stupid! I think the little girls who paid attention and made a valiant effort are cute.

truthlover on

What a little ill-behaved, attention-hogging brat! She reuined it for all of the other little girls and wasn’t cute in the least! She will be one of the problems as she gets older and cannot constantly have her way. Selfish and no concern for anyone but herself.

Char on

For those who find this as a bad thing, remember this: All the most well known people in history broke all the rules and did things people told them they could not do. All of them were rare individuals that probably were scolded for being what we call unique. Just food for thought.

GiftofLife on

Roze on October 25th, 2013
cute little monkey !!

Roz, you are such a despicable person. This child is just a baby. Get a life, cow!

Thank you, Ciera.
ciera on October 25th, 2013

The racism is appalling. This about a very energetic 3 year old. The way 3 year olds were in the past before they were all medicated and acting like zombies. All the name calling when she is the most normal of all a energized 3 year old.

Theresa on

Didn’t know which child was supposed to be watching. It was OK, I guess, the children where all cute, just don’t see what the big deal is. Although, if you are in a recital and supposed to be following the routine, it is kinda distracting to the other children on stage.

teekster on

WOW! She was definitely dancing to her own music— LOVED IT! Can’t help but wonder how the children next to her didn’t get all confused though. 🙂

Anonymous on

I don’t really think it’s all that cute. It seems to show she is in a class that’s beyond her skill level since she apparently doesn’t come close to memorizing the routine. Not to mention the fact that all the other parents that paid good money for their lessons and to see their child in a recital now had it spoiled because one person couldn’t be bothered to do the routine. If she wants to dance to her own drummer, let her take private lessons. As they say, there is no I in team.

Jaylan on

Cute, obnoxious, distracting whatever you want to call it so be it. Kids are only one thing, learning. Do I think this child did this intentionally, no. Do I think she continued intentionally, yes. Kids love attention whether its from mom or a audience (if their not one of the shy bunch,that is). It’s not a crime, however. I didn’t hear any parents complaining, I heard mostly laughter and cheers. I disrupted an entire recital when I was 5 because my shoe came off and I knocked down music stands (clumsy me) did they shon me away. NO, I WAS A KID! I have two kids and when I go to events for them there have been other kids ‘enjoying the attention’, but nothing and I mean NOTHING distracts me from my child. So I think majority of you are speaking on what if’s, because I’ve never heard of such foolishness as the things you all are posting. She’s three, RELAX.

Ashley on

Hmmmm, didn’t see anything very cute about her…..

Pd on

I did not think was cute at all, looks like super hyper… Ruined the entire dance for all the other girls that I’m sure worked very hard to put this together. She does act like there is something wrong with her… To bad that others find this is cute and acceptable not to be able to follow instructions… Maybe needs medical attention..

Disappointed on

So discouraging and nasty for people to post such comments. Children will be children and they act as they’re suppose to as kids. Many of you don’t have anything nice to say, shouldn’t post anything.

I laughed the whole time watching this, and audience seemed to have enjoyed it as well. I think these comments were made because of her skin color, not because of her performance.
If she of the same color as the other kids, this would be no problem and everyone would think its funny then …. many of you really need to grow up

Patraleyeon on

I am amazed at all the racist, negative comments about this little kid! Geesh…she dance, people laughed! The more they laughed, the more she danced! Little ones love attention, so what! For all the idiots who are making stupid, racist comments…stop it. It’s silly, immature and totally uncalled for.

dk on

Precious That child’s soul does not want to move that slow. Keep dancing!

mrhaley5 on

Love it! Put her on the silver screen now!! You go girl! Future star in the works!

Anonymous on

Poorly behaved little girl. If she did this in a store or in school, I doubt it would be considered “cute.” There is a difference between being creative and being disruptive. This was the latter. Nothing against the little girl, she is three and obviously does not know any better. That’s where the adults come in. Shame on you adults for encouraging this behavior.

Greg on

That gurl really had her MOJO workin….

d. DeLong on

With some of the critical comments here, you don’t have to wonder were Ted Cruze and the Tea Party get their support.

Dee on

OMG! What truly SAD people in this world that YOU can call a “baby girl” such awful names. This kid has “great” potential and people like YOU will be there (in life) to SHUT IT DOWN! I can only imagine how “perfect” YOU were at age 3! Probably did not know your HEADS from your BEHINDS. One only know what sneaky, deceitful, dishonest characters YOU really are today, behind those lying smile. SELF RIGHTEOUS HIPPOCRITES! YOU are why our country is in the state it is. Chew on that!

Mrs.CP on

We are actually getting a small taste of what she does at home around her family. I can almost guarantee it!! I thought it was absolutely amazing and she brighten up my day. Every is entitled to their opinion but name calling is very ignorant and apparently those people do not have ANY CHILDREN. That is how most children her age act!! That is a very outgoing TODDLER!! Who stole the show in a dance recital.

Ann Nony Mouse on

She looks like she needed to use the restroom. Yeah, she was doing the I NEED TO GO TO THE POTTY RIGHT NOW dance.

Dusty on

I clicked on this video to watch something funny. And that’s what I got. Kid’s do the funniest things. Anyone that commented negatively in any manner probably are that same people that post every day every post on facebook. Get a life. They are 3 do you really think anyone their was really expecting to top notch performance. It’s suppose to be cute and funny. I thought we called kids like that ” A HAM” not all this other bull crap you weird psycho’s posted. To the people who think this is what is wrong with society, it’s actually your thinking. Why would a 3yr get disciplined by teacher, parents or dance instructor? what a 3yr does today does not make for what her future is. Calm down and only post positive comments. Be kind to one another.

GiftofLife on

This little 3 year old was not shy. She was having a time of her life. Who knows, we may see her on Broadway or on the big screen one day. And for you haters, it appears the audience enjoyed the show and from the applause, no adult went home disappointed. Now go suck on that!

Maya Washington on

It would have been even more cute if she had added that much enthusiasm and originality to her actual dance routine…she would have shown her talent by adding herself to the routine not just GOING CRAZY!! haha

Barb on

That to me was disgusting. The others were trying so hard to do their routine and then you have someone who steals the show. I agree with what Melissa stated, sad we as a society reward that kind of behavior.

HorrifiedMom on

I am so hurt by some of the comments that were made regarded who this little girl is and what problems she has. She is a 3 year old girl who knows what was going through her head when the music started. You can clearly see that she remembered at least some part of the dance and I doubt that she was showboating because she continued to look at the other girls for instructions. It could be as simple as she got stage fright and panicked. I highly doubt a teacher would have allowed her to perform had she not performed it correctly previously. It is sad when the world is so critical of something so innocent.

Patricia Cannon on

I thought racism was a thing of the past. You go girl. You do your thing and don’t worry what others think. You did an awesome performance. Anyone who thinks any different has problems.

Anonymous on

It’s amazing to me that some of you can come to the conclusion that she has “problems” because she is having fun and dancing to the “beat of a different drummer”. Again, she is only three and not hurting anyone. The people that took this way too seriously obviously do not have little kids. She enjoyed herself, that’s the main thing.

kfm on

I have endured 9 years of dance recitals with my own daughter…this was so cute. The choreography the other girls were performing was terribly boring! I would have loved watching her dance! You go girl!!!

fireaziam on

3 years old and receiving judgment from those old enough to be ashamed of themselves for their hate filled diatribes, Stop seeking perfection and start looking for beauty; you and the world will be rewarded.

Lan1017 on

I agree…not cute…just diverting attention from all the other dancers. These same kids are disruptive in the classroom, taking time away from instruction for everyone else. Boo!

Ashley on

Hey Luke! Shirley Temple had ACTUAL talent. I see none from this child. How disruptive and sad, I feel for the other girls who did learn the routine. There’s always one, isn’t there?

Patricia Cannon on

I read some of the post and anyone who thinks this was wrong and said cruel things has problems. What if this were your child? This little girl was awesome in her performance. I commend this child for dancing to the music as she wanted.

fireaziam on

3 years old and being judged by those old enough to know better than to say hateful things about a child. Stop looking for perfection and start looking for beauty through eyes of love as opposed to hate. You and the world will be better for the effort.

igor on

Adorable? More like obnoxious. Too bad for all the other kids that practiced the routine. More all about I’m so special.

KB on

I don’t get it. An adult should have come out and let her off stage. She took away from the hard work the other children had done, and is learning that only “self” matters. Bad example even at this tender age. NOT cute in my eyes.

Anonymous on

I can see some of the points being made but she was adorable!

lessismore93 on

I think it’s dumb to gush over this. The little girl didn’t do anything cute. She just seemed like she wasn’t into the performance unlike the other children. If anything, it made her look dumb. That’s how I would feel if it were my daughter even though I’d still love her…but I would feel embarrassed.

Sue on

I loved it. That little one made my day. Can’t ask for anything more than a really good belly laugh. Keep up the good work sweetie.

lifeisgood68 on

come on guys, refrain from the negative comments, these little girls are preschoolers. I commend her for her excitement to dance. She is an ORIGINAL and I give her props!!!

Ceo on

That was the cutiest!!! Very funny I also had happy tears.

Karen on

She is adorable. Her enthusiasm is adorable. HOWEVER, some of the reasons for children to take group dance classes are to explore talent & to learn to socialize appropriately. She either needs to learn to be a part of the group or perhaps she should have private dance lessons so she can have a private recital & not have to let any other little children have their moment also. My heart went out to all the other little children who did not get their moment to feel like they were special but who, nontheless, probably worked their little hearts out learning the “routine.” Next time this little enthusiastic charmer will be more mature & be more a part of group, I’m hoping.

Anonymous on

I don’t think she wants to be in dance class and this was her way of showing her parents that she doesn’t like it. I did a similar thing when I was very young and was placed in ballet class. Hated it. So, instead of telling my Mom that I didn’t want to dance, I made sure I danced terrible during a routine. It worked. No more dance classes for me!

LW on

I think she just had a moment of excitement! It didn’t look to me like she was being a stage hog or anything. It was adorable!

carrie on

Since she is only 3..I will admit it was cute and kept people’s attention. On the other hand it did ruin it for the other 3 year olds who had memorized their routine and were trying hard to stay on cue. She certainly held our attention and maybe “acting” is the way to go…lol

Felicia on

Can’t believe people are being so rude, and some of the comments are downright racist. This is a 3 year old child!
The audience loved it, and quite frankly she made the show. The whole routine was boring, except for her version of it. At least she has a personality and felt quite comfortable doing her own thing.
Nothing changes when you follow the pack. I hope she has a bright future, I have no doubt she will.

RDB on

She a kid

Anonymous on

The most adorable litle girl!! I can only imagine what great things the future holds for her!!

Kelly on

Fly your freak flag baby girl….

LW on

The racist comments were shameful! Are we going to be a people that EVER gets along and sees beyond skin color? As for that adorable little girl you can tell by looking at her that she was not trying to steal the show. You keep dancing sweetheart!

summer on

funny yes unless you are the parents and spent all that money and that is what she learned.

Horse Mom on

I think the little girl on the end stole the show! She held her own through all the chaos going on next to her! Brava to HER!!!

Anonymous on

I was not amused.

dlc7509 on

It is very cute…children always are….but the underlying meaning tells you that she didn’t learn the routine, doesn’t follow instructions very well, and has trouble blending in with others! That’s no so cute!

Concerned on

I can not for the life of me understand how these sites can allow comments like: “cute little monkey” – one day the world might exist without racism – one can only dream! As for the little girl – she was dancing. She was the only one who moved her feet and tried to do what she had learned. How can anyone who wasn’t there when the teaching was being done make such heartless comments? Can you dance? Tap or otherwise? To all negative respondents: Watch out – God don’t like ugly – you’ve been warned.

i knnow on

It’s genitic

Ron on

Let’s just laugh and make believe that we don’t see the problem. There was only one minority child in the show, and this poor girl was obviously not taught or disciplined correctly by the teachers. The teacher should be held fully responsible, both morally and financially, for this racism. Why didn’t the teacher offer the child additional lessons …. oh wait, that’s what the teacher tried to do in Danvers, Massachusetts ,,,, ok, never mind,,,,, great show! cute! cute! cute!

K on

Nothing about another unruly child is cute.
I feel sorry for all the others that worked hard and paid attention.

kepviolin on

All of this was too cute for words. I have three daughters and they had dance recitals just like this. The one acting out was
NOT cute but taking over the stage and she knew how to manipulate the crowd that was just encouraging her by laughing. If I were one of the parents, I would say something to the teacher tod either talk to the parents or put her alone in the back row if she cannot contain herself.

Cynthia on

To all those people with negative comments… GET OVER IT. She was NOT at school, she is a young child. Let the kid express herself. We are all individuals. This was entertainment for Gods sake. God help you if you have a child with special needs that doesn’t fit into the box.

brett on

Why are watching this girl with obvious ADHD issues? This is a form of bullying passing around this video for everyone to make fun of.

Anonymous on

She was adorable, Next time maybe she could have a solo performance, as it really wasn’t fair to the other girls who also worked hard. Not to mention, recitals are not cheap, consider the lessons, shoes and the costumes. Tickets were probably sold, proud parents, grandparents, friends etc. we’re looking forward to seeing all the performers, and she was a distraction, however cute it was.

DaisyMoon on

As with every story, there’s two opinions…

The idiotic one (criticizing a 3yr old as if she had the ability to plot to “disrupt” the dance and become the focal point)…

…and then there’s the logical thinkers.

PSD on

Don’t Hate on a 3 year old!!!

Andyouwonderwhy on

ust looks like another undisciplined black kid. But because she is black they have to include her. Sorry just calling it like I see it. I have nothing against black people in general but how is the kid supposed to grow up and be part of a group if she can’t conform to the group’s parameters. Ya, ya , ya – she has the right to be her self but here she is supposed to be part of a chorus line. MISTAKE

Oh white people. Always so disappointing.

chris h on

I noted this was the only black child in the line. It is politically correct for me to mention it because I am also black. Let me assure you her parents were embarrassed and not pleased with the performance. That young lady faced some serious discussion when she got home – no, rewards no treats for her that night.

Jack Smalls on

Cute???? I’m going to go with obnoxious.

Concerned on

One day the world might exist without racism -one can only dream! Why would this site allow a post that says “cute little monkey” – makes you go: “hmmm” This is clearly a racist statement and should be ashamed. As for the little girl, looks like she was trying to do what she had been taught. She was the only one who moved her feet and tried to “tap dance” – which is what the other girls were supposed to be doing. Bravo! Beautiful Baby, Bravo!

kepviolin on

Not cute. Out of control. I feel for the other children who took this
seriously and tried to dance, like the little one next to the out of control one.

Ok they are only 3 years old. Then don’t put them in dance recitals until they understand what they are for.

Julianna Matteis on

Adorable and Cute?!?! Maybe if she were in her own living room by herself. I think this is so DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE to the other dancers (and their parents) that were on stage with her and I’m sure practiced and tried so hard all year only to have what I’m sure may have been many of their first dance recitals hijacked by this child. I took dance myself at that age and my preschooler does now as well and I would yank my darling out of that school so fast as I hope all those other parents do. Well, the parents should have had a clue that the “studio” their children were enrolled in didn’t mind about rules or dance etiquette too much judging by the fact that this child also had on very different tap shoes than the other girls. That alone does not really merit mention as there could be many plausable explanations – but it is a tip-off for any other parents out there who have young children and are looking for a dance studio. “People” magazine should be ashamed for encouraging this behavior and I’m just appalled that this is considered my so many people to be not only acceptable, but applauded.

Andi on

This little girl was just overly animated, and performing ‘full out’. Clearly, you can tell she is still doing the dance moves , but she is given “extra”. People who are saying a 4 yr old little girl could be “trouble” ahead because of a tap dance …you people seriously have issues.

granma on

I guess everyone also thinks that Honey BooBoo is cute ! Well she is not. Don’t let this little girl keep doing her own thing OR she will be like Honey BooBoo **BURP** Then grow up and marry a man from Duck Dynasty…:-(

Carolyn on

Absolutely adorable! Good for the three year old! She’ll be a mover and shaker given the right guidance. I’ll take a kid with spunk over a mouse any day of the week. Shame on you nasty lemmings for demanding her conformity. She’s THREE!

Calvin on

The best thing I’ve seen all week (all year?) just awesome.I bet her parents are proud and tired.

Anonymous on

I’m disappointed this went viral. She didn’t do anything wrong but this behavior shouldn’t be promoted. Dance is an art and should be respected. Parents spend a lot of money for their children to learn a craft and she spoiled weeks of rehearsal for other people. She should have been removed from the stage and given the opportunity to try again next time. If a quarterback started goofing off on the field no one would think it’s funny and the same should be held true for dance.

John on

Wow. After reading these comments I see that about 10% of them are absolutely moronic and disgusting. What fools we have in this world. I’m sure glad I’m not so miserable and unhappy. But that’s no excuse. No wonder terrorist and racist organizations have so much traffic on their websites. These cretins are their customers.

granma on

My post was denied, because I said, Honey BooBoo isn’t cute either ? You know she is the rude girl who does her own thing . I think the dance teacher should let ALL the girls dance to their own feelings.

G Money on

The most impressive thing about this video is the girls to her left and right didn’t get flustered by her antics

granma on

Autistic ? Baloney ! Any time a child doesn’t act like a zombie, someone is quick to label the child. I am 75, some kids were playing music loud, I asked them to dance, in front Walmart by the door…I don’t have Autisum.

I hate people on here on

Give the gosh darn child a break, YES she was all over the place, and some of you saying “the other kids worked hard to remember the dance”, how the frick would you know, were yall there. She was NOT taking all the attention, shes 3….. what 3 year old do you know sits still??? So what if she was at a recital, maybe she forgot her routine and was just doing whatever she wanted to! the hell are grown ass adults so damn bitchy about small children??? Find a damn hobby and leave the child alone, go find a real Autistic kid to pick on.

Olivia's Mom on

Don’t get me wrong, the little girl is absolutely Adorable and will probably become a famous dancer when she grows up! Unfortunately she ruined the recital for the rest of the girls who I’m sure had practiced for a very long time and were trying very hard to do what they were taught. She may have been cute to her parents but I am sure the parents of the other children were very annoyed. Even at 3 you need to learn how to be part of a group and follow directions.

baw on

Sad that the little girl could not or would not learn the dance like the others. Any of these little girls could have acted silly like that, but parents and teachers had a lot invested in them not being silly and out of control. I say no talent, just disruption and the teacher should have removed her!

Dangerkitten on

Hate to be a spoil-sport or a doubter but I find it hard to believe that this was spontaneous. I greatly doubt that this little girl did this at the rehearsals … the teacher would no doubt have corrected her. I suspect a stage-mom wanted her little girl to stand out and get the attention and coached her to “do it like we practiced at home”.

Katie on

Will the real Whoopi Goldberg please stand up!!

seethrouyou on

She is only 3 yrs old can you people not find anything better to do than criticize. Well I see you hate yourself and the way you look so you talk about everyone else. Example of morons; Goop, Km, Roze, Melissa, KDHT, 3ronald1, yeahisaidit, nwbmb,Jada,Michele and all others who say negative things about a 3 yr olds just beginning on stage. You have never been on stage morons… you reap what you sow…. I see you have been sowing stupid all your life.

what??? on

ADHD is not funny. Kids do this s*** everyday what is the big deal. and why is it page two on huff post.

afrench on

I am surprised at how critical people are of her–even suggesting that she is autistic. Really? I see age-appropriate behavior no different than the kid in t-ball who dance around at their position on the field and digs in the dirt instead of paying attention to the batter. And she actually appeared to be trying to follow what others on the stage are doing but we can’t see them to determine that for certain. Stop being so critical of a child being a child.

Anonymous on

Give her a break! shes only 4yr !. she, like the others were trying to remember the role, but she improvised it while still remembering that the show had to go on! lol.. she really felt the music at one point and got so caught up in it, so much so, that she turned to the little white girl, saying ‘hellooo whats wrong with you?? cANT YOU FEEL THIS MUSIC!!! LOL..she could of stood there crying too but she kept it moving!!!

Candi on

So very. very cute. They grow up so fast!
Enjoy now….

Aissatou on

goop, what does autism resemble? Does it resemble a grown person, I suspect comparing someone’s child to a condition which causes extra care for someone for the rest of a child’s life? Or instead, does it resemble stupid in disguise, or bigotry revealed in a comment which is dared to be said in a place where anonymity if not masked, while ignorance revealed.

tingting on

I agree with many of the other posters here — not cute, and not “dancing to the beat of her own drum”. I could maybe be sympathetic if the kid’s own routine were actually good — but it wasn’t.

Anonymous on

A team player she is not. If it were billed as a comedy routine then fine. There is a place to acted up and then there is a time to be part of the team.
A Rockette she will never be.

lchance on

dear lord, please do not give our children any personality. let them be like some of those who commented in this post–forever walking around with a stick up their butts and with no sense of adventure. amen.

prosepo on

To all the haters give it up, please! She’s only 3. She just may grow up to be a world class dancer. You never know.

kalamry on

I think she was like a jumping bean all over the place. I bet she does not pay one bit attention to the teacher>

kalamry on

a jumping bean all over the place! she was not cute.

Mary Revis on

WELL worth the watch and smile on my face while doing so! CUTE!

curiousme on

Thank you, @Char. Very well said and is proven to be true.
I feel really sad for the children of these cruel, stifling and
negative people posting here. If you pay attention to the dance, you will clearly see that she did know all the moves! She simply added a few. You cruel posters are the ones with the ADD.

john allen on

I’m not surprised at the negative comments: The assumption that this was the ONLY camera in the building instead of ONE person in the audience focusing on this one child.. Perhaps a parent or friend? Being called a Monkey? This is a THREE year old. One person said, it should not be shown since she is the “only Black and people would think all Blacks act like that. Shows where this lady is coming from. lol.. Autistic? Really. At Three.

To all of the parents who know that their three year old would never do anything this “embarrassing”. Good luck to your perfect child.

Marlene on

It looked as though only a few girls actually practed and the other looked to another to see what to do next. I am with that little black girl. I loved to dance and I think she felt like I did. Learning was too slow. I believe she need private classes because she has it in her and it should be cultivated NOW

sandra blake on

Actually, if I was the dancer teacher, I would be very embarrassed. The kids cant dance. And this one who you seem to think is dancing, might be cute, but its a dance recital. Supposedly practicing for months, I am embarrassed for them all.

DC on

It was sad for the rest of the class. Their parents paid for them to go to class to learn a dance routine. The dance recital is the shining moment for all the girls. So their families can see the dance routine that worked hard on for months. Race has nothing to do with it. She didn’t do the dance that was taught. Took all the attention away from the other girls. The little one beside her was so distracted and trying to do it the right way as was the rest of the group. This was an unfair situation no matter how young. Even at the age of 3 children are suppose to be taught to behave and what rules are. Nothing funny about this. I would have been pissed if my daughter or granddaughter had to be in a class with a child that ruined it for the others on the big day. Mine would not have been in another class with her again. Some people may think this kind of behavior is cute…but it looks like more behavior problems down the road to me. I’ve been going to dance recitals for years and never have I seen anything this drastic. She needs to be taught that she can act like that at home but not in public. Yes, people were laughing but my bet is that there were a lot of pissed off parents and grandparents. If her parents weren’t embarrassed by her behavior and everyone laughing at her then no wonder she acts that way. If she truly has a problem then I wouldn’t want mine laughed at. Poor teacher, had to deal with her through all those classes and all the complaints.

Terri on

That was to cute for words. I can’t believe people were picking on this little girl! SHES THREE!!!!! I’ve been to other recitals where the almost the same thing happens you have a show off. There is nothing wrong with it.She did do the steps and added a few more. She has a bright future.I loved it it made me smile.

ralphie on

I feel sorry for the people who could not laugh. It shows u r an unhappy and judgmental person. to Roze, u are truly a monkey

john on

i feel real sorry for all the other little girls that worked so hard to learn and have their performace spoiled in such a sorry way

Anonymous on

Someone is actually collecting fees for “teaching” these children. It’s the parents who are dumb.

docljj on

So right @ curiousme…..although the video limits viewing of the others, the dad filming obviously was laughing and enjoying the dance. The other girls farther down the line were probably not even aware of what this precious dancer was doing. She certainly KNEW the routine but made it her own! Comparing her to a quarterback, really….how many 3 year old QBs do you know? She’s a three year old…anyone complaining doesn’t know squat about child development. …signed Ph.D.

lyn on

I think this is adorable & the people who said ugly things such as she looks autistic when it is obvious that she doesn’t and referred to her as a monkey and they see trouble ahead reaally shows how ignorant and stupid they are for those remarks. This is a 3 year old baby. Some people will try to cast their misery on others no matter what. Take it for what it is, a funny video. Those who said nasty things I would have liked to have seen them at the age of 3 or better yet their children. Leave that baby alone.

Anonymous on

For Pete’s sake, they are 3 and 4 years old! Showboating??? Some of you people with your pathetic comments – really what is wrong with you all. You take this fun bit video and turn it into something ominous – what is the matter with you all now a days?

Ppft on

I don’t get it. She just looks like a little girl who doesn’t know her routine. And her parents need a videography lesson.

Debra on

Yeah cute and all but if I were the parents of the one of the other children I would of been angry that she ruined the dance for my child and the other children that worked hard to learn the real dance.

TIA0322 on

I thought it was cute. I don’t think she was intentionally trying to be different. She’s 3 for crying out loud. She’s just rambunctious! My son was like that and everyone thought he was ADD/ADHD and he wasn’t, but people too many times try to diagnose active kids as it. He’s 17 now and ironically he his pretty shy, reserved and he graduated from high school early.

linda on

did not think it was cute, i guess she is never corrected for not following direction, she took away from the ones that did try to do their best. Parents do your job and look before you post.

Marlene on

I only read a few omments and I understood someone refered to this little girl as a money and having problems like attention deffiate. I am a white woman of 80 years and when I did not know how to dance I jumped around. I suspect most of thechildren did not practic their dance as I saw they seemed to be watching each other. The way I saw this little girl is she did not practice the dance so she did what she felt and that was pure inner music and authesim. Someone said why put this here a lot of children do the same. I assume someone thought it was cute. I believe this girl has a lot of potential and probably does not like mondane steps so if her parents can afford it (or donators) give her private lessons where she can focus and let that creative part of her come out NOW before she outgrows such ethusum. Please do not comment on my spelling; just the though I am trying to convey. Lucky for me someone paid for my sister and I to take about 4 months of tap dancing and that gave me an idea of how to move to music. I do ballroom dancing, clogging, still a little tap as it is hard for me to hold myself up the way a tap dancer must do. Even at 79 I am still complimented on my dancing when I am seen on the dance floor. NEVER MAKE FUN OF A CHILD; you would not like anyone to make fun of you

Charlene Ramsey on

The money spent on dancing lessons is to teach
desipline, grace, coordination and to follow instructions. If she was a l person dance special in the routine it may be cute
but with other children involved she should have been told
to do the routine correctly or not dance in that performance
I’m sure the parents were disappointed that she messed it
up for the others. Its called teaching respect for others of
which she will need for the rest of her life. Cute for a 1 person
routine not good for more than one . The teacher should have told them to stay together in every step and let her do a single dance of which I think she would have done well.

timmy on

As a dance teacher with over 30 years of experience I can say this is nothing more than a beautiful little girl who loves to be on stage! If you watch her reaction to the applause in the 1st number you can see the absolute joy on her face.
She can steal my recital anytime she wants.

Awaya on

a 3yr ld interprets music her way,
how any one can show so much hate for a child, call her amonkey, autistic and a lot of gross comments my question is
are you worried for the others (that you don’t know, or is there
something else behine the hate? it sure came as big….

tee on

um I’m not seeing the “tap” routine video. The ballet one is showing and that is not the hilarious one.

ang on

I would have thought it more “cute” if it was a solo, rather than a group dance with very young, inexperienced other children who were doing, what appeared, their very best…particularly the girl to the left of the screen with whom the subject of this post was (attempting) to interact with

Cheryl Meisel on

What I want to know is WHY the post by Roze on October 25th, 2013 , was not taken OFF PRONTO!!! Go back to the old days Rose we don’t need your kind any more!!! We are fine without you!!!
As far as the 3 year old, she needs a harder routine. She feels the music from head to toe and it’s not that easy to curb it so give her a stronger OUTLET. As far as ruining it for the others, one has to remember she is 3 years old. I am sure their mother’s cameras were perched on their kid. Everything is going to be alright with the kids it’s the parents that need HELP!

Tim Costello on

People who take a dance recital of 3-year olds too seriously have issues of their own if they can’t appreciate the pure un-bridled joy and enthusiasm of this little girl. They’e 3-4 years old!
Get a clue! Maybe if they’re 7-8 years old then it becomes more important to learn how to become part of an organized routine.
Seems to me that the audience loved it. Oh, but I’m sure there were a few stick in the mud, don’t color outside the lines conformists that were apalled that she dared to express herself. I think it says alot about how people look at life. Maybe if you’re unhappy in your boring, conformist existence you might feel a little threatened by this 3 year old’s expression. Sad.

Cindy on

Yes, the tap routine was insanely funny, but I had watched her do a ballet number before that, and she could not follow the moves, though she clearly tried. I think this poor little girl has trouble following directions, and agree with another poster that she may be slightly autistic as well. I think she frightened the poor little blond beside her who kept casting sidelong glances at her that reflect more than a curiousity about her peculiar dance.

Anonymous on

stupid,the others were just as,if not better/

Cheryl Meisel on

WE WANT THAT COMMENT REMOVED from Roze on October 25th, 2013. It should never have been let go to be posted by you either. REMOVE THAT COMMENT!!! PEOPLE.COM you are responsible leaving that comment on this page. IT IS a RACE COMMENT!

Charlene Ramsey on

I don’t care what color the child is but you must have a hang up about color. You expect people to say its ok if you mess up
if you are of color. Why do you get exceptions/.

D rail on

OH it was so great she ruined the routine! got a tribal dance in there.

DDW on

Okay so I get it everyone thinks this is cute. but sad to say I don’t. I feel bad for the other little girls that worked hard to learn the dance, even at 3 years of age a child learns what is okay and what is not okay. If it was my daughter she would of had to say she was sorry to her class and her teacher. There is no I in team.

Terri on

The only thing about this video is some of the comments about a 3 year old. I hate to see how you treat your kids if anybody is a bully its the ones calling this poor child names.
SHE WAS TOO CUTE. and some of the comments were how she might have missed classes I saw afew of the girls miss steps so what they are 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick on

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re not human……..




It’s saddening that grown adults would be on here trying to tear down a child. Of course the dance teacher knew that she probably was going to do something like this. And so what if she’s ADHD/Autistic, don’t kids with these type of issues have the right to participate as well. We don’t know if she joined the class, etc. But I just find it so troubling that adults would be bashing a young child. @Rozy – this is 2013, almost 2014…… still calling people names!

Anonymous on

A star is born! Good for her! To hell with all of the dried up, diconnected nay sayers who have nothing better to do than to post messed up comments about a three year old! Really?! And as for you,Roze, I’m not sure how far you’re willing to go with this, but, sit down and shut the hell up!

Susan on

This child is remarkable! If I were assessing her potential for independence, charm, creativity and chutzpah I would gi ve her a 10 out of 10!!!

Robyn Stephens on

Wow. This is a 3 year old girl. I doubt you can really tell anything about her or her future by a performance she did in preschool. She probably won’t even remember it. Honestly, if this was a little white girl she would be cute and funny. Race ALWAYS interferes with peoples opinions. Because she is black she is a “monkey” and disruptive.

Charlene Ramsey on

If you don’t want your child to be controlled or taught to follow
rules then don’t give her dance lessons The reason for lessons is to teach grace, poise, follow directions, Think as
you perform, enjoy movement, being in front of people,
following rules so as you grow up you know to respect
other people and work together as a team. This is a good age
to start teaching these things. They will do better in school.
I had 3 taking lessons and have grown up to be great
workers and leaders because they were taught respect
and disapline. All of us need this.`Let her do a solo
Everyone would have loved it.

ralphie on

It is sad to read some of the comments of those who expect so much of a 3 yr old. The ones who call the child a monkey or autistic, adhd , etc shows your prejudices and should not have posted because it is SO RACIST.

Anonymous on

wasn’t cute

Anonymous on

She deserves a round of applause and a big hug for her ballet routine and a serious talking to about “teamwork” for the tap routine. If she wants to do her own dance she should do a “solo”. Both my children and grandchildren took dance for many years to encourage independence in dancing on a stage in front of a crowd by themselves but just as important they learned to work as a team which also helped in real life. My grandaughter Jaeda agrees.

Cheryl Meisel on

Roze on October 25th, 2013,
Roze I have taken a picture of your comment it will be removed before I quit. YOU NEED HELP you are SICK!

Elise on

She’s got the gift and she’s gotta’ use it!

Shannon on

That little girl was adorable, For those of you that didn’t think that was cute, You must be a bunch of miserable people with miserable lives. I wonder how you acted when you all were 3 years old??? I Loved it, and it made my day!

mm on

She ruined it for all of the other kids who had bothered to learn the routine. Koodos to the little girl ignoring her on her left.

amh on


Queen B on

I am appalled at the comments under this picture. I must say it was cute. I feel that the teacher knew what this child was capable of doing prior to the show or she wouldn’t have allowed her on stage. Shes a child not an adult so lets stop being critical. If she does have a problem then don’t be on here talking about her. If her mom is reading you should have tried to encourage her to get her help with her issue not talk about her. i am a mother of 2 sons that have epilepsy, MR and autism and it hurts me to see comments like this. Shes not old enough to know what it means to steal the show or show off. She may have sung that song over and over again at home and just felt like she was at home. If she was standing in the midst of the rest and not doing anything you would have criticizing her then too for just standing there like she had a problem. Pleasing everyone is not a daily mission for everyone. She may have been doing this at the wrong time but she enjoyed her recital and im sure all the other kids did as well. Never stop a person from doing what they like it will either make or break their future, Blessing on each of you that comment of this picture and I pray that God will convict you enough to retract your negative comments.

Anonymous on

Sooooo cute! Brings back precious memories! Thank you for recording and sharing that!

Laverne on

Reading all of the blogs, I wonder what kind of response would have been received if all of the little girls were all the same race!

shadow on

HMMM all these people calling a cute little black child a monkey are REALLY showing there TRUE COLORS however when im in a supermarket an see all the 5 year old conners and billys throwing incredidle temper tantrums and disrespecting there parents its not hard to see why they grow up to commit the horrendous acts they commit in the movie theaters during batman movies an the insane crimes they commit in the elementary schools, don’t judge a cute little African American girl until u can explaine those insane actions of billy boy and the

Bruce on

I’d love to be able to see her vision of what she was doing, I’ll bet that is even more adorable.

GoldenRule on

She is totally precious. She stole the show and deserves a show of her own. Bravo!!!!!

Ray Brockington on

I can’t wait for the rest of my family gets home for diinner. This will be the highlight. What a beautiful and witty child. I loved it

Anonymous on

This is not cute, more like bizarre!

Patty on

Maybe she was channeling Sammy Davis Jr. LOL

Magadorthia on

All I saw was a little girl having an absolutely joyful time on stage. She wanted to dance and she did. Will NOT compare her to other little girls – they are all individuals. Can not believe people are critical of her performance. Haven’t you ever felt complete joy and laughter when no one else did? And why the reference to race? Are you saying that if a little white girl danced that way that it would be ok? She is a child of God expressing herself beautifully and she ended up giving happiness and laughter to all.

JeannieG on

Tiny dancer w/dreams of being a dancer extraordinaire. What does autistic look like?

Anonymous on

this was cute yet the guy who wrote the head line needs to be hit with a small scud missle

Chris on

ADORABLE! Chill out people, they are babies, not the Rockettes.
They are so cute!

Carolann113 on

It was only after reading other’s comments that I decided to add my own.

Really people! My God some of you are downright evil. Leave the kids alone, keep your remarks to yourselves and those of you whom I am addressing know exactly who you are!

Roze, Goop, km and Melissa to name a few .. you are the problem, not children.

Kim on

People need to lighten up…..They are children….Some “ADULTS”…can’t focus either….

Ronald on


Janice on

For racists and lowlife haters, no one is off-limits, not even children.

Diana on

When I was 5 I was in my first recital along with Margie, the girl next door. We were bluebells in the “Waltz of the Flowers”. The older grls were dancing and we were supposed to be very still. Suddenly Maries started waving her hands around wildly. The teacher is whistering from the side of the stage “Margie, Keep still” and Margie shouts back (quite joufully): “My Mommy told me to deep moving and I”m going to keep moving!”. Turns out Mrs. B. had told Margie “If you rorget what you are supposed to do, keep moving”. That is the world of little kids and dance recitals.

Aidan on

There’s a time to stand out and a time to be part of the team. She ruined the show for the other girls who were trying to follow the routine they were trained to do. Frankly, the parents are doing a disservice to her by rewarding her for her actions.

william on

its not cute. It is. selfish. Somebody needs to teach her that just because she is “black”, she does not need to be the center of attention.

Sherr on

@Roze…shame on you, you misguided bigot.

lordairgtar on

Most are gonna be the Chorus Line, she will be the Headliner

Anonymous on

This tells you the story about the parents of this brat, doesn’t it???

Steven Hackbarth on

witch one makes up the dance?

Anderson on

I don’t find this adorable or cute. Those parents paid to see their kids perform a dance routine. This girl is not doing the routine and yes, all the attention is on her. If I were a parent and my child were up there trying to perform like the little blond girl, I would be furious that all the attention is being diverted away from the group to a girl who is NOT dancing the routine.

PeoplePerson on

Shame on the racist comments being made here. To call that 3-year-old a monkey is awful. She did not ruin it for the other kids because they didn’t even all see her. As a matter of fact, they didn’t seem know what they were doing. I thought the young baby forgot the steps and just made some up. It doesn’t mean she has ADHD, autism, or behavioral problems. Really? Please stop letting your racism blind you. Newsflash: 3-year-olds have a mind of their own. I know that from watching all of the little white kids misbehave in the grocery store, the mall, wherever. I look at them and their exasperated parents and shake my head. But I don’t call them names because of it. May God have mercy on America. smh

Rollin T. Thunder on

She was awesome! To all you nay sayers…autism doesn’t have a look, she didn’t ruin it for anyone and sure, let’s stifle that creativity and joy and turn her into you.

Gina on

The other little girls were trying to hard to concentrate this little girl was all kid and all fun. She did look like someone did give her a candy or two before going on stage but she is one who will dance to the beat of her own drum. So many people have said terrible things about her on these post. I guess maybe because she is black, but mostly because people always want everything the same. When someone is different its a problem. I loved her but please no candies before the show!!! Lol

Shamekia on

As some of you can’t see that she is a small child who is over excited about the recital. To say that she has a behavior problem or that she messed up the show for the other children, you must not have children of your own. Children of that age are ALWAYS doing unexpected things. In her case it was, but it was very cute and innocent. I loved it, it made me laugh. She wouldn’t be any different from the child that would have just stood on stage while the rest performed. SHE’S A CHILD HAVING FUN!!!.

PV on

Yes she is cute and yes she may be looking for attention but to quickly label this adorable child as Autistic or ADHD is ridiculous. When we were kids we all at some point behaved like this, no one is perfect. She is being a kid. The other girls around her handled the situation very good and they should be very proud of their performance. They all did great.

w on

I don’t see any kid doing anything other than the routine in this clip. did they switch the clips? did I just sit here and waste 3 minutes of my life watching other people’s children’s boring dance recital? irritating.

Anonymous on

It was impromptu. She’s only 3 and unpredictable. She got some of the routine in there. Just added her own flavor.

Momma on

This little girl is very young, creative, totally expressive and trying to cope with a difficult experience . She may not be in sync but she is spontaneous and trying to keep the routine together to the best of her ability. Let up people. Enjoy this sweet little girl who tried so hard to stay with it and not just give up. Not every child colored inside the lines when they grew up either. Be proud. Love this kid.

Sally Miller on

I can’t believe there are people complaining here about how this child is “seeking attention” and “not following rules” and “out of control”. She is doing everything the other girls are doing but adding her artistic spin. She is rhythmically well above her level. She isn’t coloring in the lines, but isn’t just scribbling either. She is adding some shading and texture. This child is gifted and with the right teacher she will contribute to the world as an artist !!!!!!!!

Dangerkitten on

For starters all you racism-hysterics calm the heck down. A LOT of people, I mean A LOT, call children “monkeys”. In our family “monkey” was a term of endearment and each and every one of the six kids in our family were called “Monkey” … my dad STILL calls me monkey. Now, on to those who think this was ok … and who are ALSO getting hysterical accusing anyone who doesn’t find this thing completely 200% adorable of being racist … I ask you, “If she were white and had done this, do you think you’d find it so adorable?” Creativity and self-control are not mutually exclusive. A parent sends a child to a dance class to learn how to organize their minds, to learn how to LEARN, to learn how to follow-through with the steps. It’s part of a child’s overall learning in life. If this parent wanted her child to be able to “express herself” she should have sent her to a different class. That child won’t ever have to worry about being a free spirit or creative … that’s in her and in our society kids have UNLIMITED opportunities to express their individuality. What that child needs is to learn how to learn, to learn how to govern her own behavior, to achieve mastery of things that will build one upon another and give her confidence. To achieve mastery of herself. And it starts very young. The reinforcement she’s getting for this display is only going to give her the message that any time she wants ALL the attention she need only break the rules and act out.

Anonymous on

how is thinking going off on your own tangent is cute ? no one really thinks your child is cute except yourself , ballet is to teach how to work together as a group , dance moves an art , not just hopping around doing what ever you please ,,,,,, not cute at all.

Janet on

Just gotta dance!!! Maybe this little girl’s great grampa was a tap dancer back in the twenties – she’s actually imitating some pretty advanced moves. She followed the ballet routine real well tho, and even clued in the littler girl to her left of what the step way.

umm on

she kinda ruined it for the girl next to her, esp when she kept getting in her face…

Aretha on

what i saw was a 3yr old being just that…loving & honest…I noticed that she actually did know the routine she just OWNED her emotions of the song….she brought life to the routine which in turn brought a smile to a lifeless face or a chuckle to a weary soul…i loved it….a great deal of you with your negative remarks are probably now or have been a product of what you see in this little girls current being and her future (autistic,problem child,ADHD,incapable of learning or following directions) for the monkey comment pls get a life!!!!

Anonymous on

did not see this hilarious at all!

Connie Hedrick on

PROBABLY a little star in the making, because she is definitely an attention hound, and she has the music in her and she also marches to her own drummer…. she will most likely go FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!! too Cute!!!

Bernadette on

Loved the video!!

Joel on

I think she has to go potty

Joel on

I think she has to go potty.


Actually I think all of you are correct. she does seem to have a little problem but, at the same time she is only 3 so learning a routine and being hard for her would be hard to do especially if she is not into dance. Then recalling the young girl that was on Ellen dancing to Beyonce with her mother now that was adorable and cute. This girl that was suppose to be tap dancing needs to be in some other type of activity because this one is clearly not for her. You have the other girls that worked hard and was taking this serious then you have one of US acting crazy. I really do think that she needs to go and sit down and find something to play with using her hands. CLEARLY SHE CAN’T BE STILL TO BE PERFORMING WITH A GROUP

Joel on

Does she have to go potty?

BBQueen on

Amazingly Cute!!! they all were. I think this was her favorite routine and she was so happy to share her dancing skills. So what the routine didn’t go exactly as rehearsed. They are children and I believe someone said she was 3 years old. I have worked with this age group for years and she did exactly what 3 year olds do HAVE FUN!!! KEEP ON DANCING:)

Linda on

People saying ugly things probably never attended a dance recital of 3-4 year olds. This stuff happens all the time. I went to a recital that my niece was in at that age. My niece concentrated and followed the steps nicely. But her friend, who was in the same routine, tried to do the dance but ended up standing there laughing while the routine was going on. She apparently got tickled when she saw the audience and forgot her moves. Her parents were probably mortified after spending all that money on dance lessons but it happens at that age…unpredictable! Now the giggling rogue dancer is a beautiful well-adjusted 31 year old woman. So haters, please stop.

Anonymous on

Way too cute for words.

Danz Chaz on

Give her a break. It was the teacher’s fault. She knew the little girl didn’t know the routine so put her down near the end of the line and hoped it wouldn’t be noticed that she was trying to just follow the rest. The teacher put her in a difficult and embarrassing situation and the little girl ad-libbed out of frustration. Her creativity was cute till she aggressively got in the other little girl’s face.

zane on

Gregory Hines is looking down from Heaven watching this little girl and smiling!!!!

Gayle on

I cant believe the stupid remarks from the adults SHES A LITTLE GIRL

anaya washington on

Come on people its a little girl. I pretty sure your kids would act this way who have any. Just enjoy it. If you don’t like it them go to a diffrent video.

Danz Chaz on

Why did the teacher put this little girl in the lineup that do not know the routine well?

Ladychi on

This cutie made my morning. This is an entertainer. She will have people talking about this for years. You can’t find this much fun anywhere on TV now days. A great break from Vampires and Walking dead.

Tom on


JAB on

She is a child people please take off your racist caps…smh

jody on

and this is newsworthy how? what a waste of my time…. thanks…

Diana on

I can’t believe all the negative comments on here about somethin so innocent that some have turned into a child in trouble!. I didn’t see her running off the stage, she stayed in line with the other little ones…so what she danced to a tune to a dfferent drummer…it was her drummer…don’t make assumptions that the child is doomed for life…happy a child enjoyed their self while doing something that made her happy!

mommyf4 on

omg she is the cutest! She seems like they r all dancing to slow for her! Sooooooo cute!

JAB on

I bet you half of you people tune into Honey Boo Boo but want to find fault with this child get a life .She is a child having fun something you may need to try.

Jai on

I think we have a future star. She reminds me of a 3 year old Pearl Bailey.

Cnjmystic on

Wow…….I saw both videos, she can follow routines, and she was just having fun doing her own bit…..

Merv W on

It did’nt look like she was showin off.., she try to keep up but put in her own moves when she couldn’t,,I mean some of the comments on this site are just mean.Oh because she is black she a little monkey!!! REALLY some people are just EVIL. Get a life leave the babys alone!!!

Anonymous on

Some of you need to lighten up!!! She’s just a little girl!! She’s adorable!!!

jody on

obv people or whomever owns this site is inticing this criticism by asking for comments. they want a brawl so that people stay tuned to the comments so you can eventually click on their marketing or other areas of their site. just click off or go to another site and remember how this website picks it’s stories. what did they think they were going to get? exactly what was said above… they are making it controversial to keep you glued to this site by timing how long you stay on it to show marketing people how long viewers read the site to make more money on advertising. watch this prob wont get posted……

Brown on you reserve the right to remove comments at their discretion, but a comment calling the child a monkey is still posted. Is that really something you feel needs to be posted? We all know there are some stupid people out there, like Roze, no need to reinforce it.

deemann on

Cute but disruptive.

Susan on

They were ALL adorable. When it was done, I thought….what are they referring to??? They were all doing or trying to do the same thing and I think they all did very well!

jody on

how much time did it take you to look for your own post? see?!

tiredofstupidcomments on

As someone who has sat thru many dance recitals, it IS funny. But, at that age, you need something to change things from seeing a bunch of 4 yr olds standing there watching the instructor because they have no clue what they are doing. If you don’t like it, just don’t comment people, grow up, and lose the ignorance. She had no idea the people were laughing at her, therefore it was not show boating or showing off. It was simply a happy little girl dancing. It’s normal and she WILL learn to dance with the group as time goes on. Go to a recital and see for yourself instead of sitting on the computer all night and thinking of stupid, racial, ignorant comments to make. Better yet, read a book!

Deborah Howard on

Ok everyone calm down, the recital was funny, if the little girl did exactly what was rehearsed the routine would have been boring, but it was funny, and she made it happen. little Miss Black Shirley Temple

Marlie on

OMG, this is soooo funny/cute that little girl is just too cuuttee!! im dyeing with laughter LOL

jd on

Where is the hilarious? Tired of Huff Post and other so called “news” organizations using overly senstionalized headline language to redirect to mundane stories to get a “hit”. If I had seen the actual People Mag headline I would not have clicked. Huff Post is HORRIBLE.

Tina on

I loved the video and think some of the comments are by sick individuals. Says a lot about the person when you see their view of this sweet video. Guess you lack self esteem to trash a child.

Don Beaudreault on

This little girl’s talented performance, by NOT going along with others, reminded me of the incredible Josephine Baker who, untrained, becamse an international star. To really “dance” is to express one’s soul! Both did that! To hell with the routine!

South Florida Girl on

Obviously the majority of the posters of the negative comments have never been to a dance recital. My child started dancing at 3 also. He was the only boy in class and the majority of the girls never learned the routine they worked on every day til recital. At their very first recital, one girl sat on the floor and twirled her hair. Another twirled around in a circle. Only my child and the other 3 actually did the routing. Was anyone mad? No, they were THREE!!! At another recital someone actually peed on the stage and they blamed it on the 3 year olds…it happened to be a 5th grader…lol. Everyone gets stage fright at times. Haters will be haters and have nothing good to say about anything. Replying to what they say only keeps them going. Ignore them and they might actually find something productive to do one day…One can only hope!!!

eqphilly on

Anyone saying bad things about this performance didnt see the bigger picture. The crowd was entertained. They didnt go to a boring dance and they were only little children expressing themselves. Grown ups are the ones who have the problems expressing themselves. Telling lies to each other to save face.

wilmasview on

I think she didnt have a clue, no one took time to teach her the dance so she just made it up ………therefore making all the other little girls not get any attention………someone should have moved her to the end of the line the others all knew what to do

mimisqk on

I must admit if this little girl did not try to pep up this routine; this routine would have been BORING. The audience really got a kick out of her. I thought about the fact that she did not follow the steps that they practiced; however she really brought some life to an otherwise very boring recital.

alma on

As a dance teacher, I LOVE this age group!! What she did is not unusual at all. When kids hit the stage, they get out there and do their own thing. As dance teachers we just hope all dancers this age get on stage! When you get out there, just smile and have fun! That’s what she did!!!

saylove08 on

The hateful comments on this board just proves what most people with common sense already know… that most Americans are so dumbly prejudiced and they can’t even help themselves. That was so cute, age appropriate and even though she added her own spin (creativity), she followed the routine and turned when everyone did.

madyson007 on

I love a cute video as much as the next person but this was barely cute and definitely not funny? Am I watching the same video as you guys? Purple tutu hot pink sash?

CindyG on

WOW she really got into the Tap song…So Cute

smn on

This little girl does know the routine better than the girl to her side that keeped looking at her during the first part of the recital! She obviously found it a little boring and wanted to spice it up! Everyone calling her autistic needs to educate themselves on the topic! People do not LOOK autistic. More ignorant thing i have ever heard!

Anonymous on

She;s just younger than the rest, they all look about 4 to 6. And she didn’t make her own dance she was just a little bit slower.

pal on


Irene Spector on

She was having a horrible time trying to remember the dance steps~! Should have been removed ~!
The little blond girl was so adorable and trying to follow
every dance step, she was good !
As for the cameraman too bad he/’she could not keep it centered.!

Anonymous on

I’ve read the comments here, both positive and negative. I only have my own experience on this subject. There are dance classes for 3 yr old students all over the U.S. At the age of 3 my daughter showed some natural talent for dance, and I didn’t place her in dance training until she was 8 because I knew that at 3 she would not be able to handle the “discipline” – most 3 yr olds should not be expected to. The little girls in the clip were very young – they were not expected to remember all of the routine – and it was a cute thing anyway to watch them try. I enjoyed it.

grandma on

To all you haters……how could you put down a 3yr old that was so adorable and having so much fun? She actually made the recital enjoyable and fun as you can tell the audience just loved her. She brought so much laugher and enjoyment! Feel sorry for your children!

TxGirl on

Amazing that Adults will go after a 3 yr old child like this !! And we wonder why we have Bullies in school? They learn from their parents. This little girl was acting like a 3yr old should…
HAPPY and having FUN !!! She felt the Rhythm and got Happy Feet…. What could be wrong with that ??

Anonymous on

Not being critical, but simply stating a fact. This is only cute to the parents filming it. I am not even sure why this was posted here. I kept waiting for something to happen.

Peter G on

The little girl to her left was more entertaining than the girl being spotlighted in this article. Seen more adorable performance and clips than this.

DVF on

It’s refreshing to see someone with so much enthusiasm!

Danz Chaz on

Evidently, you only want to post the extremes on both sides of the discussion. Sadly, you don’t want to post something that is sanely in the middle to truly understand the situation. I was embarrassed for her and the little girl next to her. I’m more embarrassed by the majority of these posts.

an on

Really. she’s a three year old. I have never read such mean things about a BABY. Grow up and stop picking on little children!

Herm on

well that was 3 minutes and 6 seconds of waste I’ll never get back.

whatever on

WHAT THE HELL ID THIS? what a waste of film. and which one was the focus? They all did the same thing, noone stood out as extra cute or rogue… who is the idiot who posted this?

Faye on

You have got to be kidding, you people with the negative comments must have some serious issues she is 3 YEARS OLD. Get a grip. She is adorable and sweet doing her 3 YEAR OLD thing. SHE’S 3. You people are idiots.

Karen on

This little girl did not stay within the lines. Bravo!!! Thank God for the many others who have not and choose to sing as if no one was listening or dance and no one was looking. Some of you still think the world is flat…HELLO it’s ROUND.

SassyLady on

Why do I think that her parents put her up to this? I can’t believe it was spontaneous. My girls and now my granddaughters all had or are now taking dance lessons. One is 3 and the other is 4 now. I have never seen in any of the many recitals I’ve attended, any child acting out like this. Some may miss a beat or got to the wrong spot, but none has ever done something completely different. And the way she got in the face of the girl on the end is inexcusable. It is not cute nor funny. It is sad.

Patricia on

I’m retired but still have a photo of my “first” ballet recital where I was going in one direction and every other little girl was going in the opposite [correct] direction. Nobody chastised or ridiculed me for that back then & I grew up to be a successful Medical Professional – now comfortably retired.

Michelle on

So glad to see we have so many educated physicians commenting, I’m applaud your ability to diagnose this little girl and judge her parents based on one little dance routine. Maybe you should use your brilliant abilities to diagnose your closed and empty minds instead of picking on an innocent child of God! It’s funny how rude and ignorant people can be while hiding behind a computer-seriously, get a life!

paul on

That was funny, yall people need to get over it, in life there are always people that stick out above the rest, even amongst kids,

dale on

Such a cute kid. Now, please tell me they redid it without her, so the others girls hard effort wasn’t spoiled? Yes? If not, then something is severely wrong with the adults not thinking that immediately after her colorful performance.

PlayDay on

This dance troupe had its teacher sit down in front of them (out of camera range) and “coach” them through the routine. I think she and they did very well. The child is only 3 for heavens sake – she showed that she tried. Can’t we all get along.

DVF on

The racist comments on here are appalling! Those who called her a “monkey,” should be ashamed of themselves.

dale on

I’m joking… lol.

PlayDay on

I though it was adorable. The dance teacher was out of camera range coaching them. They all did their best – they’re only 3 and 4. Let’s give them a break, I really got a kick out of it.

itsmejenni on

It looks to me like she was the only one who knew the routine

itsmejenni on

Looks like she was the only one who memorized the routine

Tiffany on

rose you sound stupid and freaking redneck

akajk01 on

What was the big deal,,they were A

What was the big deal,,they were ALL,,ALL good….

Patty H. on

She did not ruin it for the other girls, they are three, they thought it was hilarious. She ruined it for the parents of the other girls, but who cares. It should be about the children, not producing a perfect carbon copy of everybody else. Bless the parents who allow this little girl to express herself. She will be required to conform soon enough as she gets older and goes to school. Let her be a fun loving child for a short while. Teachers will beat that creative spirit out of her in the years to come.

Elle on

This video was hilarious. I grew up in dance studios, and the best part of any recital is watching the smallest kids. That little girl is such a ham. I’m sure she’ll keep performing in the future.


WOW! How cute and adorable…….and to read some of the negative comments here as to autism and calling her a monkey. Those are those negative spirits that no matter what they just can’t wait to show their character which is evil and ignorance. There is a place for you. Beast Man of Sin Waiting To Devour The Child.

akajk01 on

come on,,they were all good

Tamasmit on

I would like to point at, as the teacher of many 3 year old ballet classes, it is indeed a struggle to maintain order in a class with a child who feels the need to “dance to their own beat”. While I work to encourage individuality through free dance, there is a time and a place. I would also like to point out that 3 year olds do not learn a routine to perform but rather they practice a routine and then copy what the teacher is doing in the curtain. It may not be the easiest thing for a “drifter” to focus on the curtain when there is a full audience and fun music going on, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the child.

Mamahen on

Some of these comments are downright mean, racist and cruel. This little girl clearly loved this song in particular. In watching other dances such as the ballet dance number she did exactly what the other girls were doing! She pumped it up for this tap number because SHE LOVES THIS song. The parents of the other girls seemed very supportive if you listen to the laughter and applause. Get it together America! This little girl is 3 years old and everyone was having a blast. Let’s celebrate Innocence for once and be happy for the child behaving the way a little girl her age should.. Happy and carefree!!!!!

Anonymous on

Why is this a headline on AOL News?????? what a waste of time…

Anonymous on

Nice job!

CKCandKT on

Funniest thing about this is that the parent filming and posting this is NOT her parent- Perhaps private lessons and her very own solo in the next recital are in order. The other parents are probably relieved that it wasn’t their kid.

Princess on

Some of your are so ignorant. I hope you never have kids and if you do I feel sorry for them.

Leo on

Ya. This 3 year old cleverly plotted to steal the show from the first day she was enrolled in dance class. ‘I’m ready for my close up Mr De Mill”.
She was probably excited, nervous, etc.
C’mon people!!!!

Sugar on

I can’t believe I just wasted time I’ll never get back watching this stupid video. It looked like she was doing the routine, just a little faster or slower, or didn’t know it quite as well. It was hard to tell since most of the time you only saw two kids. Once again a headline to grab your attention on a story about nothing.

Angela Jordan on

Awee!!! So beautiful! What a free spirit – she’ll go far.

Kj on

Dance like no one is watching little one! Awesome!

Truth B Told on

1) The child may be 3 years old, but this is a recital where the children were to perform a routine.
2) The child failed to perform the routine and threw-off the other little dancers.
3) Your child isn’t adorable when she is not prepared for a group demonstration, you (parent) should be embarrassed that YOU didn’t ensure she had properly prepared. The parent has now reinforced the idea that not preparing is A-OK if you can get a laugh. I feel sorry for all of the other little girls who practiced so hard and the parents that paid good money to prepare them just to have it ruined by this unprepared child whose parents shouldn’t be trying to achieve a viral video, but instead should have explained to this adorable child how her actions adversely affected others. Dumb-A$$ed self-centered parents.

Peg on

Nope, sorry…FAR from cute, that is an out of control brat who detracted from and distracted her fellow dance classmates to the point that they couldn’t perform. She should have gotten the big “hook” and been dragged off stage.


They all were cute and adorable. Unfortunately, there are those out of ignorance that negative spirit, that old serpent will strike with his tongue, now days it’s with the stroke of a keyboard. Years ago someone wrote in a column that Karen Carpenter was fat and that one article sent her to an early grave. People of the world are so CARNALLY MINDED, so hung up on the flesh that they judge with their eyes and not their heart because their hearts are evil continuosly.

Carol on

I thought this was great. She has alot of energy and she just wanted to step it up a beat. That little girl is going places. Hats off to the little one beside her. She really stayed focused on the routine. To be a little kid again.

JaneM on

Ok, yes she was cute. They were ALL cute. But what some people call showboating, I call a little girl who either didn’t practice or was simply unable to do the routine. Dancing to her own beat some posters said. REALLY? You’re kidding, right?

I applaud her spunk for wanting to get onstage to perform however. If she is this fearless at 3, the sky is the limit for this child.

Rev. C. on

Moderator, you need to remove the most insulting comment on here, which I find offensive, “MONKEY”! There are some people on here that need to lighten up. You are taken it too seriously. The little girl is dramatic and probably will be a good actress one day. GET A LIFE!

Kaye on

I fail to see the cuteness in the video. I don’t see that this video was anything special and watching it was a complete waste time. Cute kid, but dumb video. JMO

Kas on

As a parent with a 6 year old in a dance class, I would not be amused by this. Those other girls spent probably months learning that and then to be up there having people laugh like that? Wow. Can you imagine what the girls who were on the other end were thinking while they dance and people laughed? My daughter would come off stage and be upset. If that was my daughter I would reconsider dance as an option and think of something else. At least until she could control her self.

Michele on

This has nothing to do with the child being black. I don’t care if she was purple she was still out of control and ruining it for the others. The others might have done better if she had not distracted them with her unruly behavior.

Terry Jones on

I would be ashamed of her behavior. Clearly she had no idea how to perform so she had to act out. I would have pulled her from the stage for a time out.

pwnews on

What’s the matter km, you jealous because you didn’t make it in People’s magazine?

Pat on

I have probably seen 250 better examples of a little girl stealing the show at a beginner dance recital. So really, did we have to watch your relatives? I realize you think she’s the next Hunny Boo boo and all, but did you really need to invent a cover story and everything to disguise it’s like your niece?

kate on

This little girl was” just in the moment” I think she will end up being a dancer and a good one. She is a little doll and doesn’t need all the negative comments.

Mama on

NOT CUTE there was a kid like this in my child’s preschool class who was a problem – he ruined every important event for the other kids and 20 years later he was still a problem in social situations.

MaryLou on

she should have been given a solo and not interrupted those trying to follow the dance routine-

Anonymous on

What?!!! She apparently did not put the time in that the other kids used to properly learn the routine. If this was a class I hope they flunked her.

Linda on

You will never know how much i needed that laugh. That was just hysterical.

treeman on

What?!!! The little girl obviously did not put in the time practicing to learn the routine. She should have been flunked out of the class.

lightbodymp on

why is everyone cracking up? if i paid good money for my own kid to be in a recital…and we all know that THAT isn’t cheap…why would i want a kid standing there, doing her own thing, cutting up, making stupid faces, annoying the poor kid next to her, etc…..NOT CUTE IN MY BOOK!!! time to stop thinking that everything that a kid does is CUTE..let’s learn some DISCIPLINE, AMERICA…stop being your kid’s FRIEND..

Anonymous on

That Child runed to dance for all the other kids she should have been removed if she did not know the steps

Linda on

I’ve never seen such a huge group of people with no sense of humor. They are THREE years old, not a Broadway chorus. She didn’t ruin it. Actually, the sad thing is that her spontaneity and creativity will probably be squelched by the likes of the “be like the everyone else” people.

Noel on

“I hate cute.”

Mr. Grant, to Mary Richards.

Mary on

Are you kidding? If you have ever gone to a child’s dance recital, this is exactly what you see at every one of them. This is not unique … cute, but certainly not People worthy.

erin on

I am saddened by the fact that some of these comments are actually coming from grown woman who have children of their own. To hate on children is the sickest kind of sick….. YOU are completely and utterly pathetic if you think demeaning a child for having some fun and NOT hurting anyone is ok…. now i see why there are so many bullies out there, you are their role models… very sad indeed…… so to all of you parents or non parents who have to say hateful things about these kids… GROW UP AND LEARN WHAT RESPECT IS,……………………………
These children were wonderful 🙂 very cute and THEY enjoyed themselves …


For those of you that made comments as to autism, monkey, and incapable of following a routine for a 3yr old. This is my request of you ‘PLEASE DON’T HAVE ANY KIDS, PLEASE!” We wonder why our kids are bullies, hate themselves, commit suicide. If our kids are being raised by IDIOTS, such as those that have made such horrible comments here. SO SAD!

Anonymous on

Wow! rough crowd! it made me smile

anon on

Good on those beautiful girls who tried hard to do their routines even with the chaotic mess next to them. I am proud of those girls. I would be ashamed to admit that the other girl acting out and knowing nothing was my child. Just saying.

judi on

Amazing ..Wonderful… Its obvious she’s way ahead of class and should be moved a few levels up. I’ ave been to many recitals …most pre school students barely move , some cry, some stand there, some sit down and never move. Shine on little star … Let your light shine brightly. Some people are natural born stars and it show at an early age. Next year you should get a Solo.

colleen on

Do you think she was intending to be funny or do you think she was hoping to do ballet and tap? I see a child with problems controlling her impulses. I think she probably meant to do what she was taught to do but became overstimulated with the lights, the sounds and the attention.
She has time to work on that. She is only a preschooler–

whrit on

where is the tap dance? video. we’re watching the other one

HowdyDoody on

I’m expecting a baby girl in a month. After these comments, I pray that I can teach my child to be a joyful, loving, and happy soul, unlike so many of you.

It’s astonishing that so many of you adults have the capability to look upon a baby with such contempt. You’re sad. May God change your hearts.

wonderwho on

who care how everybody feel about this little girl she only 3 some of you don’t have kids so keep your opinion

jl on

Ruined it for all the other little kids. Not a good team player. If she wants to be a star, get her off a dance team.

me on

Another “can’t follow directions” now or the law later. Looks like low IQ to me…

Marcy on

As a child she is cute but did not follow the rules. As an instructor she should not be allowed in future shows. The other girls tried to do the right thing. Little kids get away with it but what happens when the disobey as teens and adults. Parents need to nip in the bud but today they don’t, they post it on UTube.

Steven Hackbarth on

The writer of this article set us up looking for something clever or creative. But the younger girls, of course, performed about as well as could be expected, and pretty much in sync. And what’s up with the person cutting off the team?

buddha on

Those saying that if it was a white girl everything would have been fine,doubt it,they would of pulled her off,because shes black they let it slide.duh

Patti on

Too lazy to learn the correct routine. Not the least bit cute or funny, IQ of a turnip.

Rosalyn Brown on

I’m glad that many of the negative, critical posters were not in the audience or in any way personally affected by this little childs’ performance! How harsh in your judgment of a 3/4 year old child can you mother’s be? If you negative, critical posters are mothers, then you can just look at your own personality and negatively critical attitudes to find the reason for some of today’s children bad behavior comes from. Lighten the f*** up!! She is 3 or 4 years old. And to presume you know anything about her parents so well enough that you can judge their personality or parenting skills as being inadequate, or non-existent, or even not as good as yours, proved yourself wrong the moment you condemned this little innocent and assigned her emotions and motivation not present in girls for several years at least. We also can acknowledge that women harshly judging and criticizing their fellow woman (sister) is alive and well, no matter the ages involved.

Shay on

I seriously can’t believe people are on here crying about how she wasn’t disciplined. ITS A KIDDIE RECITAL. So what if she didn’t stand there poker faced trying to get every move down perfectly. People don’t even enjoy when the performance is perfect as much anyway. That’s boring. We enjoy the adorable mistakes and bouts of silliness. That’s what makes a kiddie recital different from an adult recital. Duh.


OK – someone called her a cute little monkey. If she was white that would not upset people, right? So get over that. Is it just the outfit or does she seem way older than 3? Not her actions, obviously, her size – some of the other kids too. Anyway, all the kids looked lost, and I think the “funny” one was scaring the little one next to her. Yeah, she might seem funny in this dance, but I would hate to have to deal with her on a regular basis!

cooki on

*** this li’l 3/yr.old was awesome,I really enjoyed watchin’-her parents should be proud/p.s from what I could see thee other li’l-1’s were great also,at the ebd I’m so happy all clapped was happy/bravo 4 a beautiful li’l gal who danced her heart<3 out ***

Anonymous on

No disrespect to you whatsoever but your comment really got under my skin. Does it matter if this child is a bit autistic or not the point is she went on that stage and gave a wonderful performance and she has a gift from God and that is to dance. She will get the final dance to any song because this young lady has got some skills and I will tell her keep up the good job because she is going to someone in life unlike some of us.

captain muggles on

This child is out of control and obviously can not take direction. I think that she is self centered and is doing her best to draw attention to herself. Believe me when I tell you that even 3 year old children know how to manipulate people for their own benefit and draw attention away from their inadequate behavior. In her case she just can’t learn to work together with other children. She will probably get worse as she grows older unless someone instills some semblance of discipline in her. If I were one of her parents I would be appalled and extremely worried about her personality as it is currently being displayed. Bluntly she seems to do whatever she wants to do whenever and wherever she wants and is unconcerned about the unpleasant ramifications it will eventually bring to her. Ah well, she will live and learn in her own time if she doesn’t get some proper guidance somewhere along the way very soon! It could very possibly become a major personality defect that will adversely affect her in the future!

honeylady on

I was cute, kids will be kids, enjoy live, laugh, love ……life is too short…..

Anonymous on

I watched the whole thing and now feel like I lost 3 minutes of my life. I’m not sure what it was that was supposed to happen in the video but I saw nothing being done that wasn’t being done by the girl next to her. What a waste of time.

Nel on

I thought the little girl was cute, funny, and adorable. I did not think anything negative about the video. I was laughing soo hard. She did not ruin the routine. THE OTHER GIRLS WERE NOT THAT GOOD ANYWAY…They didn’t know what they were doing either. They were off beat as well. This little girl stole the show because she was unique. I thougt that little girl had charm and charisma. She stood out. For those people who are making negative comments about the little girl, they need to get a life. They are just jealous because a minority kid was more unique and creative than those other blonde haired, blue eyed girls. If that was a little white girl dancing and acting silly like that, everybody would be going “AHH how cute, she is going to be a superstar someday” White kids can do the dumbest crap and make the national news as heroes or something. That little girl was just being a silly little three year old. Three year olds are just babies. I could see if she was ten and doing that then I would say, she needs professional help, but she is three years old. We need to learn how to laugh a little and stop labeling these babies as future troublemakers.

DeeDee on

Wow…these are kids…Shame on all who posted negative or nasty comments. If you couldn’t find anything nice to say, you should have said nothing…

Anonymous on

Anyone old enough to remember Josephine Baker will know that she started out clowning at her own self and became a big star overseas. Not so much in the US because we were still in the throes big time with prejudice against Black Americans.

Anonymous on


dw77 on

To all the negative comments and harsh, gloomy “diagnoses” and predictions…she is THREE. 3 years old. You make yourselves look ridiculous by ominous pronouncements, and apparently you have never parented a 3 year old.

Grandma on

I had three granddaughters in dance. They all looked like that at 3 yrs old when they started. After 5 years of lessons they were wonderful dancers. Watch the ballet video and you’ll see she is just like the other girls. No problem paying attention or following instructions. She felt the music differently and was adorable and she WAS tapping. I think she likes the sound of the taps. Don’t call our little ones names. It’s not appropriate. Do your children hear you? This is how bullying starts – from the ignorant parents.

mommom on

I’d be more concerned about raising children who were intolerant, racists, and bullies … which is what I am seeing from several of the adults posting, here.

GiGi on

That wasn’t funny at all… all it showed was that the little girl couldn’t learn the dance steps like the others did.. I blame the dance teacher for allowing her to go on stage, ruining it for all the other little girls. Do you think the little girl standing beside her will want to show this to anyone? No.. it was rude and the blonde little girl was obviously very unhappy having to stand so close to someone that was acting so unpredictable and erratic. Honestly she moved so uncoordinated and “spastic”, she reminded me of Amy Winehouse near the end, when she would try to dance but was so spaced out she couldn’t. I would have never posted this if it were my child.. it’s embarrassing.

billybob on

Sorry, it was more of a distraction from the other participants. Cute? no. The other girls,especially the one on the end, were the real stars.

L J Bobb on

Give the kid a break. She’s a baby .. what she lacks in disapline, she made up in enthusiasm. All of the girls did a great job. Happy for them all!

mike on

what the point of the first video, the funny stuff is on the second video. I was waiting for the blond on the end to do something funny. Now I see who has all the energy. Advise to mom – focus on the group, not just the child, it may help the child in the long run.

LaNeita on

You can tell who missed a lot of classes or was very late to class.

Ziggy on

Funny, cute, adorable. Too bad there are so many jealous people with crude comments on here. Too much negative in the world to be so negative people.

knoxgal on

I taught intro ballet and creative movement for three and four year olds for many years. Most days it was like herding cats. 🙂 I’d rather have this little girl in my class than those who walk onto the staqe and cry, sit down or who stare at the lights, frozen in fear. I’m guessing, like many kids that age, she forgot the steps and decided to just to dance to the music. Very cute.

Sam on

Relax people she just 3 years old. And for those who said she doesn’t know how to follow a routine or”ADHD AUTISTIC”. You should look at the video again. She was doing everything the three other girls was doing just faster and with a little more excitement. She’s cute. I wonder if everyone would be so harsh on this girl if she was white. Yes I went there, because to me when grow ass adults behind a computer screen has nothing better to do but to belittle a child. They have to be stupid. Like a racist people.

phil on

that was cute. nice distraction huffpost while we allow innocent people all over the world get murdered. and allow our government to steal our freedoms.

BAR on

YOU go girl! Africa must have been calling her. She tickled the hell out out of me.. Ha!, Ha!

grandma on

What happened to the video?

G.Gipson on

For all the negative comments calling this child a monkey.It amazing all you guys want to be just like her. Brown skin full lips and big butt. Sounds like a bunch of haters.Keep dancing sweetie you truly have a lot of people who want to be just like you.Only one have the problems is the one with the negative comments.How would you feel if some one talk about you are your child.Think about it?

Vivian on

@ Ann-Marie can you sit there and act like this out of control little girl made the show better for the others because according to you, all they did was stand there and not follow the teachers instructions….LOL First of all, where you there??? And second of all..HOW THE HECK COULD ANYONE CONCENTRATE or FOLLOW ANYONE’S INSTRUCTIONS WHEN THERE IS AN OUT OF CONTROL, SPASTIC, little girl screaming in your ear and shaking her hands DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE???? I think the little girl who should be appaulded is the little girl on the very end… she was magnificent in my opinion.. how many kids could still contain composure while all this crazy stuff was going on inches from their face?? Bravo to the little girl on the end… and the other one should NOT have been allowed to participate.. she RUINED it for the other girls, who paid for their lessons and waited for their big night, which was ruined because some kid who lacks the ability to remember a routine was allowed to get up on stage.. and what tapping did they do? It was horrible.. my 2 yr old had a better dance routine and she was 2!

China Dior on

She is three yrs old…u morons….Tina Turner sung the loudest as a child…and became one of the world’s icons…maybe this little beautiful girl will be next…..with her dance moves…and to the ignorant person on here who called her a little monkey, I hope u don’t have kids. This made me smile, laugh until I almost cried. This little girl is going to be a star its in her step. Shes three yrs old once again. But what can we say, Miley Cyrus is twenty yrs old and they think she shouldn’t be twerking. Smh.

ProFessor on

Monkey? Wow…guess I should have saw that one coming. Kids have a natural energy and if we all stood in a line and behaved like programmed idiots, this would be a very boring place. The kids destined to be a star if someone doesn’t try to stick her on ritalin.

Jay on

I tend to agree with the people who said it was a little distracting and possibly she has developmental issues. It did take away from the other kids because it seemed like the audience was focused on her and not the other girls. There is a little boy like this in my son’s karate class and it is very distracting and takes away from the other student’s time and what they are supposed to learn.

Peaches and Cream on

I agree with KN, trouble ahead. she ruined for the other kids. But the parents all cheered and they are the reason so many kids today are out of control.

akajk01 on

They all did well

M on

Who was video taping? Terrible job with the camera. Cute kid, though.

Peaches and Cream on

Trouble ahead is right. And all the ignorant parents cheering her on don’t have to deal with her crap in the classroom.

No Name on

Not cute at all. Don’t see what the big deal was.
Parents should have seen to it that the kid learned the routine.

Deborah H on

Ok to the parents of the other girls, did you video the recital, if you did or did not how many time will you show your friends and relative of the recital if the little girls did exactly what was rehearsed. No too many time maybe not at all. This is a video that everyone got to see all over featuring your daughter. with a lot of humor. If I was depressed and saw that clip it would make me laugh. So parents of the other children lets laugh about it, the kids aren’t mad just the adults.

Sara on

Who are you kidding saying this was brilliant moving to the music indicating a great career ahead? If it were, the video would have proven it-which it did not. This darling little girl clearly did not know what she was doing and alternated between messing around trying to imitate what she saw others doing in the moment. Contrary to the spin put on the story, it’s more likely she never learned or practiced the routine at all (sorry mom if you disagree). The story teller would have us believe this should be highly celebrated and touted as an example of greatness…while the rest of the group that put in the time and did their work were ignored. There’s certainly no reason to single out this little girl with such unbridled compliment…yet in order to say something encouraging it seems the author of this post elected to fake her way through commenting, much like the subject of the video.

Gia on

People can be so ignorant! Grow up! Further more, get a Life! I bet if it was your child you would think its cute. And calling kids names….Wow! I bet you won’t say it to her parents-You cowards!

April on

When my daughter was three, (now a Yale grad with three children of her own) she was a clown in a dance recital. She had rehearsed like crazy and was excited to perform. On stage, she somehow turned 90 degrees and did the whole number, facing the wings. It was hilarious. Everyone thought it was adorable, and no one complained or suggested there was something wrong with her. Three years old is YOUNG! Take what you get and enjoy.

Suz on

Lighten up! You may be looking at the next Whoopie Goldberg or Carol Burnett. I wish my daughter’s programs had been as delightful. The parents certainly enjoyed it if their applause was an indication. The performance was only ruined for the other performers if we tell them it was. Otherwise that’s life baby and a sense of humor should be part of it!

nicole on

good think that wasn’t tap…

Carol on

It’s cute. She is only 3.
She seems like she is new to the class and did not have the same amount of time to learn the routine as the other students.

Reality on

Stupid little punk ruined the recital for the other girls who worked hard for the show. Not cute at all.

Gia on

And another thing! I decree and declare that this baby is going to grow up and become a famous dancer, something that she loves to do innovating the world through dance…..Were will you be?? Don’t throw stones at the innocent they can’t protect themselves nor fight or talk back. That is a baby, someones child. Gods child at that. I rebuke you…..Devil!

Sara on

Would the poster of this story have us believe this is a sign of greatness? Perhaps the darling girl’s mother got carried away.

renee' on

Sometimes when you hear the music like no one else does ….a girl just has to move! I remember my daughters first on stage preformance…she had practiced and knew her steps….there were those who obviously had not!!! The little tap dancer in this video is just a treasure!!!

kel on

I adore her.
Much love to the parents who instilled this confidence in their daughter.
Job well done. What a good start this little girl has.
Her joy is so wonderful to see.

Edna on

Isn’t it funny, if this child had not been of Africa American race, the negative comments would not posted. If you have hate, jeasouly, envy and ugliness in your heart against a child, then there is something very wrong with the individuals posting such hateful remarks. I can diagnose form the posting the patients with ADHD, Schizophrenia, Hate, Anger, Hate and it is not the 3 year old.

LT on

She didnt know the routine and probaility didnt try to learn! not cute

SoBrulee on

Ok…so that was a waste of my freakin’ time…when am I going to learn…..I’d rather watch puppies being born.

Roxanne Stuart on

When I was her age took a ballet class and the there was a performance at the end of the session. I did the same thing. I just did not follow what I was suppose to. I did my own routine. I turned out okay. I have 2 master degrees, I have a business, and I have had a very successful life.

Jim on

I hope she doesn’t become a driving instructor. “Don’t worry about the yellow line or the speedometer, kid, just do what you want to do and drive like you FEEL like driving.”

twinsmom on

SHE IS THREE YEARS OLD! Really, folks, let’s keep the rude/racist/derogatory comments out of this. You all know damn good and well if it were YOUR daughter that had done this at a recital, you would think this was the most precious thing EVER! This is not a reflection on her future behavior, and the cries of delight and laughter from the audience didn’t spur her on. If you’d watched the posters other video, the young lady in question performed the ballet routine almost perfectly, and the young blonde to her left was watching her to get the moves correctly. It’s called DECORUM as well as the innocence of youth, people…if you don’t know what it is, look it up.

Lebb on

I read many of the post before I watched the video. Based on the comments I expected to see the little black girl act a complete fool. Instead I saw a little three year old who loves the sound of her taps and who clearly knows how to make noise. She was dancing. What were the oher girls doing? Not dancing. Why are so many of you criticizing the one dancer who danced a lively dance to a lively tune. I am weary from racisim. What frustrates me the most is that it’s only going to get worse. Leave the little girl alone and let her freely express herself. Please.

Anonymous on

This was suppose to be funny?

Marianne on

disrups the other kids! needs to sit down

Anonymous on

Disfunction at this age leads to massive disfunction, failure to follow directions, Failure, and prison just a few years ahead.

Chris on

That was by far the most BORING video I have ever watched.

Anonymous on

Someone explain to me why AOL “thinks” this should be Page 1 news?????

Vicki Ross on

Precious, not a monkey, just human. People and you know who you are…. get over it. She’s human with the same blood just like you.

Anonymous on

Call me a grouch or whatever, but I really don’t see anything cute about this. While this child who “dances to her own tune” is in some ways to be celebrated, this is also a child who is not a “team player” and obviously thinks the rules do not apply to her and she can do whatever she wants. She ruined the recital for the rest of the kids because everyone was focusing on HER, laughing at her antics while she distracted the other participants.

Deborah H on

Ok to the parents of the other girls, did you video the recital, if you did or did not how many time will you show your friends and relative of the recital, if the little girls did exactly what was rehearsed, because it would have been boring. Not too many time maybe not at all. This is a video that everyone got to see all over the world with your daughter in it.. with a lot of humor. If I was depressed and saw that clip it would make me laugh. So parents of the other children lets laugh about it, and enjoy it with years to come. The kids aren’t mad just the adults.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

They need a new dance teacher. They are all so sweet but have no idea how this made it to the web?

phyllis on

she is beautiful and very smart GOD BLESS her

Paula Winchester on

That brought me a giggle that I sorely needed! To all you gloom and doom people out there, lighten up, she MADE the recital! I think the teacher should take a clue from her and let the kids do their own thing. Get them up there with a routine and let them let loose, that’s what real dancing is all about. Feeling the music and letting it take you she was adorable!!

marie on

She is the leader. The others are just followers. At 3 doing her own thing good for her. If you have little kids you know what it is about when they put on those tap shoes. Just buy a pair and let them at it. Get the camera out and sit back and enjoy the show. Your kids will do the same thing. Hopefully there own thing. Who wants to watch a group of kids trying to do the same thing, just so that one Mom can brag that her kid remembered the steps-get over it.

Anonymous on

That was adorable!!! Just made my night!!

BarbaraT on

I feel sorry for the girls next to her. They were behaved, it is ok to dance to your own tune, but there is a time and place. I wonder if that young little girl has any control in pre-school and how she will do as she grows if she can’t control herself for 3 three minutes in a rehearsed situation.

doll on

Didn’t think the child was funny at all. The other kids followed the dance routine and they were very cute to me. Just wasnt funny to me. Well they basically only showed the two kids, and I like they younger one who stuck to the prerehearst dance. She wasnt trying to get attention and innocently followed the dance act that was rehearsed. tc 🙂

Vicki Ross on

A lack of discipline and ability to follow direction hummmm. I love it. Do you know how many young people in this world even in our own society lack discipline and don’t have the ability to follow directions? Now all these people on this site are worried about a little baby girl dancing and expressing her joy. You need to check your own kids and stop worrying about this baby girl. If her parents do what they need to do like parents are supposed to do then she will be just fine. There is nothing wrong with energy if it’s directed in the right way.

michelle haynes on

For the haters that negatively commented on the video; I bet you got the blue ribbon in “follow the leader” games.


Oh!!! My it was a dance recital for 3yr. olds…their learning different routines and coordination..None of the little girls were coordinated and kinda wondered and did there own thing she just happened to stand out the most…Their 3… It’s a learning process.

thesby on

the little girls were very very good! the african american one was super bad like james brown!

garry on

She was adorable, definitely a “standout” performance, lol….

Melissa on

I heard her referred to as a future Whoopi Goldberg.

Joan on

I think we ought to all just chill. I remember as a child people referring to children acting out as “monkeys”, so lets give Roze a break and presume there was no racist intent. We know nothing about this child except that she is very young, very cute, and obviously not embarrassed to perform in front of an audience. That is about as much as we can safely say with any degree of accuracy. She will probably grow up to be a leader, unless some one beats her down for her energy and creativity. I don’t think we can say that will/will not be a problem for or to anyone as she grows up. I wish we could have seen the whole class, but I thought it was nice, and the child was a little over the top. It is what kids do-it’s their JOB. It is adults’ job to teach them what is acceptable behavior, not train them as cloned little robots with no originality at all. So give it a rest. The world is no worse off for this performance, and she and her parents and even the teacher may learn something from it all………or not.

tm on


Anonymous on

cute kid but not cute that she doesn’t know how to
follow the dance routine practiced and threw off the
other cute kid! Why is it cute not to follow instructions.


What fool filmed that…disgusting………….

aubrey on

OH COME ON! For those saying she took attention from others.. she was more theatrical but wasnt obnoxious. Get over yourselves! She is cute. If your worried about your kid getting attention teach them to be outgoing. Empower them to stand out..Dont try to hold others down. Smh.

Tammy on

Oh, my gosh. It was too cute. I have tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. Absolutely adorable.

Anonymous on


DW on

I thought that was so cute. The little blond girl to the right, was so precious too!

Mary S on

Some of you folks are cowards and deserve o have your ass beaten. This is an innocent 3 yr old. Only cowards would rag a baby. I wish her parents heard what yall cowards are saying.

A on

Peope need to keep their racist remarks and negative comments to yourself. Because this little girl was creative and unique you want to call her names. To Roze who stated cute little monkey (you are pathetic….get a life) She made the show and they they loved her….so stop hating because you can’t enjoy life.

Lisa on

I didn’t find the video funny however some of the people commenting are so rude. FYI once a upon a time we were that girls age too! She’s a little kid, just let her live for crying out loud. Instead you idiots are busy being critics. Grow up. She has twice the talent that you do!! Its so wrong to try to bring down young children.

Sunny on

I personally don’t think she was cute or funny. She was trained to perform a dance with her teammates. It wasn’t “look at me I can do anything I want show”. She wasn’t the star, she was part of the team. Not fair to the others who were working hard on their routines.

Charlotte on

Some of you talk about unruly children but i bet you cant control your own damn household! STFU

carmen on

Not All Black People Have Rhythm!!!!!!

Sandy J on

What rhythum..was dancing the way the number should have been done!

Tracyf67 on

Oh my god…sometimes I am a bit ashamed being white when I see some of the racist and moronic comments some white people make!!! For those of you that say that you can expect that because she was the only black child up there…um ..did you watch all three vids? the one before the tap routine showed at least one other black little girl. And what the hell does that mean anyway…because she is black she is automatically gonna be badly behaved…um I see a hell of alot of white kids acting like that all the time!!! With the way I see people raising their kids now a days you don’t all have a hell of alot to be proud of let me tell you! And what the f**k by the way…jesus she is a little 3 yr. old…3 yrs old people…I doubt she has issues as so many have said but if she does who the hell cares…so if she is ahad or autistic then if she wants to dance she should not have been allowed to?? seriously??? The people making the horrible and judgemental comments..and especially the ignorant racist ones…I feel sorry for your children..I truly do 😛

cb on


rebecca on

it looks like a naughty little spirit jumped in. Pray for her.

Bonnie on

Whats with this “Shes only 3 remarks and excuses? They are all the same, or close to the same age. This little one’s worked hard at the age of 3 to learn their routine, and she disrespected them, and her teacher because she demands a lot of attention! Cute has nothing to do with her out of control bejavior.

MommyE on

Cute indeed! Anyone who has ever been around a 3 year old knows that things like this happen! What are you going to do? All you can do is laugh. The person recording it got a good chuckle. It’s not that deep.

Anonymous on

Which one were we supposed to be watching? I didn’t see any scene stealers just a badly shot video.

Anonymous on

wonderful!!! be true to yourself…lets see her in 10 years!!!

Diana on

Sorry, Not cute. Ruined the whole thing for all the other girls. Kudos to them for being able to ignore her and keep on moving. Doubt if the other parents who came to watch were enjoying her out of control antics.

Pat Hayes on


Anonymous on

I don’t think it was cute, but I think she was just a 3 year old who liked the sound of her tap shoes. And when she got laughs, she added to it. She’s 3 years old!

darren on

I think her meds ran out about that time of the show.

Pat Duran on

This 3 year old has a feel for music and movement that is light years ahead of the bland wooden moves of the choreography she threw out the window. She needs a teacher equal to her talents – someone who is less into rigid stomping and more into the fluid moves of tap and jazz dancing. You go girl!

Anonymous on

That was a waste of time.

Kim Q on

Absolutely Precious and too dern cute!

mema on

ABSOLUTLY adorable!!

Bonnie on

Whats is with the “Shes only 3” comments? Their ALL her age, and at least trying to take their routine serious, and do their best. She was a distraction for the others, and did NOT know the dance, and should NOT have even been there. Let her do her own dance and comedy act next time alone. She did not show respect for the her little dance group. or her instructor! Stop making excuses for this disruptive little stage hog. they should have pulled her off stage, and allow the others to do their routine over.

tsk!! on

well now the little girl was dancing to her own drums….and the rhythm of her people…that is the way they hear music I guess. I’ll bet she is a little stinker in class.

Merciless on

It’s not cute when one kid thinks she’s the star of the show. How many other parents thought THEIR child was EQUALLY cute, but this little drama queen/twitlet/showoff ruined it for all of them.

BBQueen on

I can see her on Ellen’s show showing off her dance moves!! She is an innocent child, and not deserving of all of the Adult critical reviews. After watching again I noticed that she stayed in routine the entire first number. I still feel the second song had more energy and it was her favorite. Based on some of these rude comments about a baby I wonder if the majority or some of these comments are from other jealous parents that feel like their child/ children should have been in the spot light. I’m going to send this video to Ellen!!!

Anonymous on

adults bullying a three year old. disgusting.

billy on

Why waste time trying to teach the group. Just let them get u p there and make up their own “dance” . these habits start young and its sorta funny now but when she gets older she won’t want to follow rules but rather “do her own thing” Those of us that have taught young people see this behavior later and its a problem.

SJMommy on

She’s a cute kid but doesn’t follow direction well. I would imagine that directors at Disney or other movie companies would find her improvisation act cute. Unfortunately not only did she not follow the routine but she also came off as a bully by mocking the other child who did her best to follow the directions only to be thrown off by this child’s antics. Sorry but if this was a competition and I was a judge, she would receive a 1 in a scale of 1-10.

tsk!! on

hmmm well she is cute for sure…but rather disruptive. I have to admit she made me smile a few times, but certainly not have tears flowing down my face. I’ll bet she is a real live pistol in class. Her teacher probably can’t wait for the bell that ends school each day…lol

fancygirl4life on

adults bullying a three year old……………disgusting!

Rasputin on

The whole thing was too much, but the little girl to her left seemed not to have a clue, which makes it even cuter.

Anonymous on

so, I don’t get this. I do but…well. She completely disrupts the dance with her “own” interpretation and does not follow any of the steps and gets all the adulation while the other little girls follow the routine as learned and get …nothing? OK, then when she grows up after having learned that rules are for others not her, then what? I see nothing cute about this at all and no, I am not racist.

Z on

I think she jazzed the recital up. She did the same dance just differently. The other girls looked like they were lost looking at each other to remember. She wasn’t a distraction to them they just couldn’t copy her moves! She was cute. She was part of the team and a solo star at the same time. Congrats for making the front page and allowing your team to make the front page. Don’t worry about these people who comments only make the front page because you did. They should pay you homage…I first thought adhd too…but it is common around me and that adhd gets things done when its organized. I’m paralyzed so I need that energy…can you clean the garage out now…?! That’s how I start…

Allie on

It’s clear who all these people are that are griping about this small child’s undisciplined performance…say it with me….STAGE MOTHERS. She is a little girl having fun! Face it, without her nobody’s eyes would have been open. How many little girls are in dance? Tons and tons. How many actually end up sticking with it as a hobby or eventual career? A tiny amount, and that’s just fine. While she’s still a tiny tot, let her have fun. Time will tell whether she wants to seriously pursue dance. She was pretty low-key d uring the ballet part, but a lot more spirited in the tap dance–and that’s appropriate, since tap is one of the more improvisational forms of dance. “She looks a bit autistic.” What is wrong with you? Who says things like that? How does a kid “look” autistic? And you’re using that as an insult? How out of date are you? Pathetic. The girl did great!

Anonymous on

I see nothing adorable about this child not following the routine as the other children and getting all the adulation. She is learning at a very early age that rules are for others and not her. You people who see this as cute and adorable are fooling yourselves. Wait until she’s 14 and carrying a gun and see how adorable she is then. And NO! I am NOT racist.

Anonymous on

Adorable? Really? I see nothing adorable about her behavior. Just another child who will not follow directions. Nothing adorable about that at all.

YLR on

That child clearly has pizazz. What is disheartening are the adults making disturbing comments on this site. Therein lies the problem.

Grandmother on

I would be so disappointed if I were the parents of the others who had worked so hard in anticipation of their recital. This child’s actions made it impossible to zoom in on the ones who were following what they were supposed to be doing because of her lack of following directions. The dance teacher should not have allowed her to perform with the others. Maybe a solo for her to show her talents.

shun on

YOU ARE ALL RACIST…… IF that was little Becky…you all would have said she was cute…… I keep telling people…..racism still exist. How dare you talk about a 3 year old. I bet you all are fat, sloppy and nasty. How the hell did she ruin it for those other children. The other children wasn’t all that to begin with. YOU HATERS!

Anonymous on

she needs a solo with some ethnic step, clearly the piece they were dancing was much too boring for this alvin ailey future star!

MB Cobb on

Being the “class clown” is not cute. She doesn’t know how to follow directions and was disrespectful to the other dancers who worked hard to learn the routine. I did not find it funny at all. She is not mature enough to be in a dance class if she cannot follow directions.

mp on

Looks like she just didn’t know and was a step behind as she followed others and tried her hardest. As for the comments about ADHD – sorry say to the uneducated, ADHD does not limit your dancing ability. I have a kid with ADHD – she attends a performing arts high school for dance!

Christina on

Where are the tap shoes?

YLR on

The comments saying “she distracted the other performers”, “didn’t learn the routine”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The other performers were boring. The routine was boring. That kid gave it pizzaz. She should have choreographed it.

mw on

All these hateful comments are disgusting! All you wanna-be psychiatrists are obviously troubled, not this little girl. She is acting her age and having fun.

Mother on

Is this REALLY suppose to be something DIFFERENT than ANY OTHER parent who had or has a younger child starting dance lessons !?! Cute but what’s the point? I know millions of other parents including myself can show you these kinds of videos …. 😦

Amanda on

I saw this via dance teacher magazine & the actual teacher commented on it saying this girl was NEVER like that in class & thats why they all found it so funny!

karen on

Have to chime in – for all youstick in the muds who say she can’t learn a routine and ruined it for the others – get REAL. These are little kids DANCING. She did the routine perfectly well in the first song – the ballet, but when she got to the tap/jazz number that beat got in her blood and she had to move a little!! I think she was just dancing to the music that spoke to her little ole heart. I’m sure, at 3, she had no interest in upstaging the other girls and I doubt seriously if any of the kids knew why the audience was laughing. So, to those of you who can’t find the joy in moving to the groove, may I say – PARTY POOPERS !!!!

Natalie Manning on

Are all you people serious! This is what all 3 year olds do
at recitals. My daughter is 32 and we have a video of her
recital with her best friend and we literally fall on the floor
watching how none of the girls follow each other. This is not
Broadway, they are mostly having fun. Get over yourselves
about this poor girl “ruining” it for the others. Parents going to
their 3 year olds recital are not expecting perfection!

cwaltz on

Oh good Lord people, she’s three and barely out of diapers. Most 3 year olds lack the attention span to perform several numbers. Of course, she’s doing her own thing. Toddlers tend to believe they’re the center of the universe and see everything in concrete terms. She’ll outgrow it, like most of us do, when she’s older and gets how her actions affect others. Until then it’s not a national tragedy that a three year old danced around and made faces.

Nancy Irwin on

I couldnt help it, I laughed with tears in my eyes. She was so adorable,very cute.

Bonnie on

YIKES! They needed to give her her own comedy routine.
Poor little girl does not know how to follow or be part of a team.

ebneila on

To Roze and KM — You both need to get grip — and possibly, a life. That child is adorable. KM,– Your hateful comment is the product of a sick mind. You apparently didn’t see mistakes the other little girls made. They are all little more than babies, what did you expect. As children, neither of you probably had as much talent displayed

Linda on

I just sat thru 3 minutes waiting for her to do something, anything different, as advertised. She seemed a bit lost, but how is that worthy of a write-up in People magazine? And why was the father of another dancer taping a close up of this kid?

Barb on


Anonymous on

She did what all of the other girls did. They were all cute.

Jerseygirl on

To all of you, who dare post such harsh and rude comments about a 3 year old, who obviously was having a blast, SHAME ON YOU! You are bullying a child, who was showing her personality and joy for dancing. What if this was your child? If you do have children, I feel for so sorry for them. How do you sleep at night, making fun of a child?! I guess misery does love company…What goes around ALWAYS comes around, full circle! Grow up!

OpinesRmine on

I’ve read quite a few negative remarks about this little girl’s behavior. (tsk) She is a perfect example of a ‘Free Spirit’. LOL, She knew the routine. She just got bored with it, and cut loose. Bless her heart, she made the show!!

SCC on

A lot of over seriousness in these comments. The little girl was clearly bored. She is 3 and let’s face it all 3 year olds don’t have long-term attention spans; that’s normal. These routines can be tedious to us adult so can you imagine what some children might be going through? I’ve done the dress-rehearsal for dance recital thing with my daughter so I know what they are going through. It’s really not that serious folks especially to go to far as to insult her mental, emotional and physical states. smh! You can’t tell me that at 3 years old, you had the longest attention span ever, hell you can’t tell me that as grown ups you have the longest attention spans ever. Lighten up!

Jerseygirl on

To all of you, who dare make rude, nasty comments about a 3 year old, SHAME ON YOU! How dare you post such horrific things about an adorable child who was clearly having fun, showing her personality and creativity. If you have children of your own, I feel sorry for them. Hope you get a good nights sleep knowing you just humiliated yourselves by bullying a 3 year old child of God! What goes around, comes round FULL circle! Grow up!

grblessed on

She is beautiful and on her way to stardom. God bless her and her gift to entertain.

Denise on

It’s wonderful to see children being children! They are all beautiful. To those who still haven’t evolved emotionally: please do society a favor – especially for the sake of the next generation – and keep you ignorant, arrogant, underlying (and not so underlying) racist comments to yourself. It’s people like you who contribute to the ugliness of our world. STOP.

Gayle Craine on

This little girls’ performance and behavior are proof that 3-year-olds are not ready for dance recitals. The teacher should have removed her from the stage for showboating and taking the spot light from the other girls who knew the routine.

BMC on

I can’t say I found it cute but she didn’t ruin anything for anyone except some of you people. The other kids didn’t seem to care and I know none of the parents did – they were probably too busy laughing. That’s the way dance recitals with young children (boys and girls) go at that age. The grace and dicipline will come with age if they enjoy doing it and keep at it. I think some of you people need to have your heads examined or maybe just do a little freestyle dancing yourselves. Way too rigid.

Denise on

It’s wonderful to see children being children! They are all beautiful. Please do society a favor – especially for the sake of the next generation – and keep you ignorant, arrogant, underlying (and not so underlying) racist comments to yourself. It’s people like you who contribute to the ugliness of our world. STOP.

Mary on

You know, some of us just look for things to make us laugh and bring joy to our day without looking for ulterior motives and judging. That’s who the video was posted for. The rest of you just go back to your joyless pathetic lives and leave the poor little girl alone.

jdix on

It was kind of cute for a couple of minutes. After that, it began to look like a 1920s Vaudeville Chitlin’ Circuit act. Her parents should have given her “that look”….then maybe she would have stopped all that silliness. There’s a time and place for everything.

Granny Murph on

I have never seen so many nasty, mean-spirited, dumb, stupid, low, cowardly comments from supposedly grown people towards a THREE YEAR OLD. I taught dance and had a group of 4/5 year olds. They did a harem number and one decided, for whatever reason, to turn her back to the audience when they did their little hip twist. The audience loved it, and the other kids kept on doing their thing. NO ONE FELT LEFT OUT OR UNNOTICED. That’s all in the heads of you jerks. Unless you were there, how do you know it was ruined for the others? Get a grip, go have a drink of water, do something to keep your hands and mouth busy and away from here. By the way, she turned out to be a very successful person, as well as wife and mother. And, you, Ms. Monkey, I wonder if you would have the guts to say that to her/her parents to their face? It’s amazing how you people hide behind not having your face here. GOOP, do you have autism in your family to know so much? Do you know what autism looks like in a 3 YEAR OLD? Too bad you and a few other’s mouths open before your brain engages.

kath on

It’s really not funny. If you understand learning, and brain processing- there is a problem here with this little girl. She’s innocent . . . and trusting. What stupid adult made this public at her expense?

Intro on

It was that second Tape that was wild.Tap dancing as no
one has ever seen it.!! Actually we maybe should not be
laughin at this little girl~~ she may have a mental problem~
was not able to understand cooperation with others. Glad
no one was hurt.~!

drtp on

I speak as an expressive therapist: Contrary to the comments about ADHD and autism, no conclusions can be reached about this child based on a 3 minute observation during a recital.

Cee Cee N on

That was a riot! Loved it!
And for all the haters saying she was showboating or ruined it for the others….OMG People! SHE IS A LITTLE KID for crying out loud! Get off your high horses and appreciate it for what it was – raw talent and her feeling the music and expressing herself!

Anonymous on

She ruined it for the other children.. I would be very upset as a parent paying for lessons.

Marie on

I found some of the comments utterly frightening. This is a baby, barely out of diapers, she’s 2-3 years old. Some of the freaks on here are suggesting that she should have the discipline of a teenager. Toddler Recitals are always like this. It’s been this way forever. What’s wrong with you people??? I shudder to think of any of you being parents. God the immaturity is sickening. Take some child develpment courses, sheesh. Don’t breed.

susie on

I was waiting and waiting for the cute part….the girl next to her was acting not right and it was annoying to watch. It was disturbing actually. She was obnoxious.

Stixs on

The clip I viewed showed 3 videos with the second video showing the little girl performing a routine to magic tutu. In this performance, she clearly knows the routine and follows instruction, no goofing off. On the third video, she performs Broadway Baby and she is also following parts of the routine. I believe that she just enjoyed Broadway Baby more and performed it with a little more zest. I didn’t take it too seriously and had a good laugh.

Pete on

I’m not sure which one you were talking about.. They all looked like they were pretty much doing it on their on to me? They are a cute lot but I hope their parents aren’t paying good money for lessons because NONE of them were doing much dancing and they sure weren’t dancing in unison.. ha

Sharudith on

For God sakes, people, give the kid a break! I see those negative comments going up there about her, and she is only a child. So what if she is a little out of step – her brain is still developing and children learn at different rates. Let’s see how some of the adults fare getting up in public, on stage, in front of everyone you know, and trying to perform!!! The stagefright, alone, might just make someone miss a step here and there! Lighten up and learn to live a little and quit pathologizing difference!

Sharudith on

Cute, Cute, Cute. She may be the next Eleanor Powell, you know, so don’t put her down!!!! Those who seem to be stargazing are often creating, choreographing, writing. Never know what the talents are until you try, so no sourpuss remarks, please.

Anonymous on

so cute. but on the video before do you hear all the people talking while the girls are performing. been to many recitals where the audience talks when their kid is not performing.

Catca on

There have in excess of 600 comments at this point, 90% of which are either racist or hateful cyber bullying attacks against a 3 year old. It’s time for People to take the entire entry off their blog.

Anonymous on

she did the ballet dance just fine. She just wanted to tap more in the tap dance. I thought it was cute!

Ray on

I can’t believe how many people in this gossip column have taken the time to criticize and analyze a little girl who just wanted to shine and enjoy herself – she is only 3 years old, for Christ sake. Obviously, you guys need to get a &$#*& life.

liene on

very bad made video

Intro on


Anonymous on

3 year olds do not “showboat” you are all mental midgets. She’s practically still a baby!!! She is doing what comes natural.

Debrinda on

That was totally lame–sorry I wasted my time watching it. Sorry but that was only adorable to the little girls father!!

RocketRanger on

Great. Another child awarded cute points because she refused to be a member of the group and mistook this as an opportunity for personal showing off. Not the proper venue. Would have been more impressed if she had done what she had been taught. Teacher should have pulled her and let her dance solo. THAT would have been delightful. Too few understand propriety–there is a time and place.

Dotti on

Yjis shows that she is a typical 3 year old that is being pushed into dance. Her first performance was fine. Then she later has a second one to do. She is only 3 years old and has the attention span of a gnat. Be seroius people…she is too young to do more than one performance. It did ruin the show and that is the parent and the teachers fault. Let a 3 year old be a 3 year old. It did ruin the performance but the one to blame is not the child!!!

Amistad on

I know most of these comments are from women. If these were boys playing a team sport at three years old we would not talk this way; we would be cheering for anything. . I clearly see why little girls turn into crazy women. Thank God Im a male. If it was not for women like you guys, us guys would never be able to control insecure women. I could run the opposite way on a hockey court and everyone would cheer this is why boys turn into leaders early and then turn into C student presidents. lol. Ted Cruz for President.

Reye on

That little girl, bless her heart. Her performance was absoultely amazing hands down

DJR317 on

I thought this was hysterical. The little girl was having a great time…something 3 yr old children should be doing. So she was doing her own dance, so what. Did anyone get hurt by it? Were people laughing and enjoying the performance? I say – you go girl!!! How boring if everyone were the same.

Janice on

Oh my good lord, to those of you referring to this little girl as autistic or a “problem child”. First of all, you obviously have no clue as to the symptoms of an autistic child…and second, you obviously haven’t watched any two and three year old perfomers at ballet recitals! Having attended numerous recitals to watch my own grandgirls…there is ALWAYS the child that dances to her drummer! And it’s ALWAYS the best part of the show! My own granddaughter stopped ballet lessons when she was 3 because her instructor wouldn’t let her perform her own “dance moves”. She re-joined a year later, and that year made all the difference with her maturity.
That’s all it is, ladies….immaturity…not autism!

Angbii on

I watched both videos; the ballet and the tap. The child did as well as the rest on the ballet number. She added more to the tap than what appeared to be choreographed in, but that’s what made it cute. As for all those claiming a dire future for the child, remember that the Mayans were wrong with their prognostications, also.

Anonymous on

I can’t believe this blurry, out-of-focus, poorly framed video of 3 year olds dancing got air time. just looked like kids who were trying to do dance steps and didn’t know how. not funny. (not offensive as some suggest)… just a poor quality home movie. have we really come to this?

Anonymous on

what, what, what. didn’t get it

Debrinda on

That was lame, not really that cute. I don’t feel she was autistic but she was just a little girl who did not know her routine very well. I think only her family would think this was cute.



CW on


julia on

i thought it was kinda funny. I was wondering if she was going to start grinding on the other little girl tho. I do not think she needs ritalin like others posted however i do think that the parents might need to keep an eye on her a discipline her as she gets older. I think she was disrespectful and the parents can start working on that now if they care about her! however she is young and everyone gets out of control at times!!

Dr Cal on

I read the below comments and some of you folks have way too much time on your hands.
Cute is cute. I thought the little gal next to the “star” was equally cute. The little star just felt that need to dance. I remember seeing an interview with a young Michael Jackson when he left the energy and just dances some of his engergy off.
Love to see nice postings like this; there is just too much junk and bad news out there and I need a smile. Good job girls.

Opal Watts on

I Loved every minute of this little girl’s performance, without her it would have been one boring, I even saved the video so I can watch it again and again. I see a Star in the making, If she is given the opportunity to thrive and not be criticized and made to feel that she did something wrong, I truly believe this has happened to so many little( sad to say BLACK) girls. She was just full of energy, life and joy just like she ought to be at this age. I hope she gets many more major parts in life as she will always stand out….Keep on Dancing you beautiful amazing girl.

Deb on

I must of missed something!

kw on

People just relax they are only children having fun. he attendees appears to be really enjoying the entertainment. Many big celebrities started out stealing the limelight and now we cannot get enough of them.

amy on

Thats right, learn early that it is ok for special you to be out of line.

Angbii on

Ode to joy should be the title of the song for the tiny dancer. What is sad are the comments by supposedly adults about a child. Obviously, SOME parents weren’t upset or angry, since the video was posted by the dad of the little girl next to her. He was obviously pleasantly entertained, if you listen to his laughter.

Retired Teacher on

I feel sorry for her classroom teacher. I can just image this little girl’s behavior in class. It looks cute to watch but in reality one can see she is not easy to control in an instructional environment. I hope the parents and others don’t praise this gal too much for behavior like she has shown here. However, I have a feeling that is why she is acting up as she is in this video, a lot of praise for negative behavior. What really should be emphasized here is the gal on her left that kept on doing what was the goal… to dance as a team. That little girl was so well disciplined that she didn’t get distracted from the one that was totally out of control. My take on it all after 36 years of teaching Kgn. and first graders and raising three children of my own, two that were ADHD. 🙂

mostberg on

Well, I think they were all cute and would not single out any one of them

Lin on

I agree with you, mbp. It was exactly what I was thinking. As I watched this little sweetheart, first I thought of Carol Burnett, then Lucille Ball came to mind. They were geniuses, and so is this little honey. She needs a contract NOW! All the naysayers on here have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m white, I’m 64, and I’ve seen a lot in that many years. Believe me, it’s very common for this sort of thing to happen in a recital of 3-year-olds, not unusual at all. It doesn’t indicate any kind of psychological problem(s) at all. Two of the commenters I read were both amused and delighted by her performance and thought nothing was out of line for this age. Naysayers will be naysayers, and there isn’t much help for them. It must be a dull and boring life. As for myself, I’d rather be laughing along with this happy little girl’s performance. What a cutie! As for her parents, they’re to be commended for not squashing that beautiful spirit in their daughter.

dmuss on

Would it still be hilarious if every dancer behaved this way? I don’t think so. So “No” Not hilarious


I’ve taught dance for 30 years and I see more into the situation because I have dealt with it. Children who are not taught obedience at home and are way more than a handful in a class setting. Then comes the recital and she is encouraged to do her own thing, although she has been in a class setting for usually 9 months, so that the class learns as a cohesive team. I don’t think it’s cute. It’s disrespectful. It’s ok to show personality while doing the dance. It is not ok to make up your own. I am sure her dance teacher will agree.

MJ Anders on

I played it twice to see what was supposed to be “cute.” It wasn’t cute at all. Just some kid who couldn’t remember the routine and mixed up the others. The little girl on her left was confused by the one you think is cute. She was an embarrassment, not cute!

Lin on

I just remembered when we had our family pictures taken when my youngest was only a year old. She posed like a professional, went from one pose to another to another with all sorts of cute poses. The photographer couldn’t get enough of her. She was a hoot! She has always had the best personality. She’s 33 years old now, is a store manager, and has a 9-year-old son who is also a real delight. Don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s something wrong with you, little honey bunch. People will say all kinds of negative things when they’re unhappy with their own life. They like to drag others down with them. Don’t let them do it. Just keep that free-styling, happy spirit you’ve got there. You’ll go far!

Ugh on

I do not care if the girl is black, brown, pink or green. She was rude and disrespectful. It is never okay to get in someone’s face and taunt them. She is lucky the little blonde didn’t push her! Which would have been well deserved!

All the comments about the girl only being 3. Clearly she was not the youngest in the class. Even the younger child clearly knew better than to behave like that! She looked at the black girl like she was crazy.

Donna on

That was too precious. She had so much fun..too cute.

dsand on

Some of you people and your comments…GEEZ. They are 3 THREE year olds. ANY one of these kids could have done exactly as that little one did. If those with your uptight, oh she ruined it comments have kids, I sure do feel sorry for them. They are not dancing for their futures here. LIGHTEN UP! My son when he was four ran to third base instead of first in his first t-ball game. LOL. Did he ruin the game for everyone? These are babies, NO they do not understand social graces, or “ruining it for everyone else”, they are all about themselves at this age. Get a life and don’t be so uptight and ridiculous. I don’t think this one recital is a road map to future delinquent behavior. She was a three year old having fun, with NO concept of what the “others” learned and practiced. Kids are not trained circus animals, or robots. What is sad are some of the stupid, ridiculous, and holier than thou comments on here. You people realize you just jinxed yourself. Everytime you say, “My child would never do that” trust me they are going to embarrass you WAY more than you think. LOL….Let them be kids while they can.

Jeff on

Roze cute little monkey !! what the Hell!
I bet you’er a christian

Eve on

Never mind the racism on here, but how can you criticize a child that couldn’t contain her joy for dance?

sarah on

What happened to the video. I was fortunate enough to see the video this morning when there was only one, and before they messed it up. I put it on Facebook. I wanted my friends to see it ( my husband and I watched it at least ten times and loved it). My son called me and asked me why I wantd him to see a recital. And another mentioned the blank video for a minute. No one waited for the third one (until i checked it out I didn’t know what they were talking about)that i wanted everyone to see. I wonder how many people thought I was a flake wanting them to see a plain video of someone I don’t know. Anyway, does anyone know why they did that. They really spoiled a nice thing. I would love for my friends to see that. Again. Does anyone know what the point was to do that.

Shell on

Really folks, how many times have we seen video’s of a group of kids doing some sort of stage production, and there’s one in the crowd who just has to be different. Acting up, maybe, but remember her age, PLEASE. The best thing her parents can do, is to love her and let her know they were proud of her, and then just explain to her that the next time, it’s better to be more of a “team” performer.
But never, NEVER, crush that childish exuberance! She’ll grow up all too soon enough, and it won’t be there anymore. God willing, she doesn’t sour into some of the kind of people who have posted on this.

olivia on

Maybe she was cute but,she did not follow rules and I feel sorry for her parents.

Anonymous on

Josephine Baker all over again see the movie and you will see what I mean!! Butt he parents were clearly filming their little girl and she was not really a standout by comparison.. cute if you know her but I was confused waiting for her to be really good but the focus was to be on the girl next to her obviously.. loves the limelight so full of expression and clearly saw a more animated influence of relatives or somebody at home to make her be that way and she lit up the stage.. wonder if the stage bug which is contagious will ever leave her now.. destined to want this again all her life..not always a good thing.. if you can only make a living at it and avoid all the pitfalls of the entertainment industry but, it is hard being a female in that world.

Elora on


Anonymous on

She is absolutely adorable. I thought the title ws a it misleading. I was waiting for her to break out in her own dance movies. Instead it i was a little girl desparately trying to do what the other girls were doing. She kept looking at the girl next to her for the next move. But, she’s like, 3…what do we expect but cuteness?

scotty on

maybe she crapped her pants and somebody should have change her pampers…duhhhhh

mamaka on

This little darling had me laughing like crazy. Obviously she girl knows how to put on a show and she’s not wating for no one. The fact that she ended the dance routine at the right time is proof that she knew exactly what she was doing. ..

Ethel on

I believe that Lucille Ball may have had fun like that as a child.

Calvin on

Goop on,I bet you are just a joy to be around.People avoid you much????

Janet on

My impression was that the little girl did not really know the routine but had a natural rhythmn which she enjoyed following. She rose to the occasion, not knowing the actual routine. She was not showing off, in my opinion, just “doing what came naturally”. She was WONDERFUL. She was outgoing so obviously not AUTISTIC as someone crudely suggested out of jealousy, no doubt. ADHD. If so, she didn’t show it here- only a natural rhythm-LUCKY girl.

Janet on

To those of you who feel sorry for the other children, they’re probablyl not the ones with the talent. They will remember this and how a future born dancer was among them. They don’t have any right ot be jealous. They are simply having an experience and do not need to feel they are all equally talented. Also, it is so clear that there is prejudice from so many writers. It’s pathetic.

Calvin on

Carol,how in the world would you know how hard she worked on her routine????,You need a better format that is conducive to reply’s.The more time I have to spend going back and fourth on the comments seeing who replied to whom,the less time I have to read the rest of the site.Just a thought.Have a nice day.

Tami on

I LOVE this little girl! I just want to give her a hug! Nothing wrong with kids who like attention. It’s a phase. She heard laughing and hammed it up. She is so precious.

Joy on

I see your comments and you have to remember this is a “THREE YEAR OLD”! Wow, you people are really seriously ill to make bad comments as you have, but this is country is built on freedom of speech. My thoughts to the video, it was cute she is very funny and had a good time and she made me laugh and cry because she was adorable ! All the people who wrote negative comments, seriously! 3yr old people not 13! 3!

Shirley on

She looked to me like she was just “showing off”.

Shirley on

Watching that was time wasted. just a little kid showing off. See that everyday in public. Kids showing off and not behaving / no structure.

RengaOtoko on

Did I see the right video, I saw nothing cute or inventive by the girl on the end. Boring video. And I am not anti-child. I love cute videoes of children, this just wasn’t one of them.

Richard S. on

Rules like stopping at stop signs, red lights, not speeding are meant to avoid chaos/anarchy. Nothing wrong in expressing your individuality, but when the purpose of the group is to put on a show where the group works as a team, this kind of behavior is demonstrative of something gone awry. Imagine a gymnastics team that one person decides to do their own thing when it’s a group event.
What she did didn’t sadden me. The response of those fools who cannot see the forest for the trees and award inappropriate behavior saddens me.
The girl is 3 and doesn’t know better, but those fools who ignore the larger part of the story and award poor behavior are the reason we are all slipping and sliding to third worldism.
She has NO right to be an individual there since she was part of the group and it was a group performance.

Shannon G on

Ok, that was adorable! The little girl was doing the right moves, but was doing them with a lot more spunk and style than the others. Perhaps they rehearsed it more than one way; one simpler version and one more complex version, and she was just doing the more complex version. She had all the moves, just extra steps thrown in. Perhaps she just marches to the beat of a little different drummer. She, clearly, does not “have issues or ADHD, or will have problems in the classroom because of it”, as some of the clueless people on here stated. She is 3 years old! THREE YEARS OLD, people! She is probably only six to twelve months out of diapers, for goodness sake! She is a TODDLER!!!! She is absolutely adorable (they ALL are!) and she, and all of the little girls, put on a fabulous performance! Bravo to her and all of the little dancers in this video.

Angela on

This little girl had me in stitches! As far as the naysayers go, get a gripl She’s a three yr old having fun, and judging from her expression she was just plain doing her own thing. Let her enjoy her life, God knows with fine folks like yourselves, she’ll have plenty of time to feel like crap. Had she been any one else you would have thought this was cute; but c’est la vie, the aye’s have it! As for the ‘intelligent’ people, the little girl next to her was also cute and funny in her own right, i.e. her intensity no matter what was going on around her! Kid’s got great concentration skills!

catsmom on

Having read thru most of the previous posts, I must say that I am appalled by some of the insensitive remarks. The little girls were all lovely, adorable and the little tap dancer was terrific.
She gave some heart to the recital. Her parents should be proud of her. I certainly hope they are. Being a great-grand- mother of 2 little girls I would be thrilled to see them perform like this enthusiastic little one.

Sus on

I’m betting the dance teacher knew exactly what the little girl was going to do & loved it! As did I..She must come from real family dancers, as shown by some of her “steps”. If you really watched the other girls, not one deviated from their routine by her performance.

roadrunner on

I didn’t think that was so cute. She ruined the routine for the other girls.

EJ on

this is what happens when you give ADULTS the opportunity to comment on innocent videos such as this. They are toddlers!!! CALM DOWN with the criticisms.

VideoBloggingCash on

How many haters were perfect little 3-year olds?
How many of you have perfect little 3-year olds now?
Do you hate on you own little ones when they display a measure of creativity? How many of you even ever had the privilege of raising little ones? Why is there so much hatred, animosity and anger toward a 3-year old – who hasn’t been contaminated with the stuff being spewed out here. She’s a child, she was funny – and maybe, just maybe she brought joy to someone’s life for those few minutes. Hate racism, hate injustice, hate political evil and wickedness, hate joblessness, homelessness, hate a failing economy. But gimme a break here people – don’t hate on a 3-year old kid!

thor on

Obviously this isn’t the original video – two were made and this is the one where the child clearly proves that she can follow instruction. If you want to see the other one, click on the youtube logo below the video, and watch the video called “original”.

teri on

Very annoying that we had to suffer through 2 unrelated videos first.

Anonymous on

It’s sort of like watching Lucille Ball tap dance lol

Dee on

Ok people on here saying she is autistic or has problems…you guys are morons. Ever tried getting a room full of 3 yr olds to all listen and execute something all together without fail….not gonna happen.

I think she was probably tired or overstimulated and just did her own thing. It is apparent from the previous video that she is quite capable of remembering the routine and being part of the group and move together etc.

The audience didn’t seem to think she was showboating….she is a little kid. Lighten the *&^( up already!!!

It was funny and cute and totally what I would expect to see at a recital for a bunch of 2-4 yr olds.

Kate on

It’s not cute. She deserves a spanking in my opinion. She ruined the recital for the other girls and their parents, who presumably paid not only for the classes but cosutmes and tickets as well. she also showed she can’t follow directions.

Sacmar on

That was so cute!!!

syddie on

while it was hilarious at the time, if I had been the mother of one of the other kids, I’d have been pissed about the time and effort my daughter put in only to be upstaged by this one.
I’m a substitute teacher, I know she’s only three, but when you are trying to teach 25 kindergarten or first grade students, see how well it goes if even one child acts like that one. Those other dancers followed directions, they may not have performed so great but they TRIED. It’s all well and good to teach your child she is special and above all others but good luck for her life later on when she’s faced with tons of people who, unsurprisingly, don’t agree. what then, who laughs with delight then?

Anonymous on

Dam you people ace like it was a job, this is a kid and
she did her best who cares if she did not do the dance right , she is a kid and she did try and gave it her best.

syddie on

to those who claim racism, get a grip. I’m willing to be any color of parents would have not enjoyed seeing their own child upstaged.
You lug your child to and from classes, you pony up the ridiculous prices for lessons and costumes and then comes the pay off – the recital.
and what happens, one child steals the show, deliberately tries to derail the little girl next to her. No body is hating on the little girl; we are all point the finger at her guardians. they should praise her then encourage her to follow directions and dance like the others or else get her individual lessons and let her be a solo performer. Unless you end up as a brittany spears or christina aguliar (sp?), you have to be able to work and play well with others.

Selina Ross on

I think its horrible that people have turned such a beautiful authentic moment into hate filled racist comments..@ Roze your disgusting!!! Go babygirl keep shining!!!

Bee on

That made me laugh aloud!! It appears NONE of the girls really knew the dance anyway, so what the heck? Why not have some fun?

Anonymous on

I have been an educator for 15 years and I love children. Sadly, parenting skills have changed and have become way more relaxed. We now live in a society where children don’t have to earn anything and are always told they can do no wrong. I mean we now give 22nd place awards out – come on. I grew up in a generation where you were taught to obey and respect adults and children and you had to earn the 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place ribbon. If my child would have been on that stage with that little girl – I would have been pissed! Yeah, she is cute and is feeling the music, but let’s be real people – she did not follow the dance removes that her teacher taught her and in turn caused the little girl to the left of her to get confused. Children are children, but they need to structure too.

corie on

Sure it’s cute….for a one man show. When you’re part of a group and your child has been practicing her little routine for the recital and then she is distracted by the”one man show” …I personnally don’t find it so cute.

Anonymous on

Looks like ADHD to me

Michelle on

Okay I never post on these put just had to this time. 1st of all those calling her autistic/adhd, really, you can’t possibly know that from watching a 3 min dance and second if your not a dr. don’t diagnose. That’s one of society’s problems now because she’s happy and different give her a pill jeeze, Plus everyone bashing her for her dance moves if you really watch she was doing the dance moves just faster and better than the other girls and wasn’t shy about it. when did that turn into a crime. I thought she was beautiful.

SweetAces on

I loved it! What a cutie!

Anonymous on

When was this video actually made?

Larry on

What date was the video actually made?

Anonymous on

Sorry, but this video has been making the rounds – Huffington Post, etc…. and it’s not related to Celebrities, no matter how cute it is.



Catherine on

Omg, she is precious!!!



drtp on

Some people are obviously offended by the fact that a videographer focused on this child in particular. Knowing how parents are at their kid’s recitals, there are probably a number of other videos of this event – but none as entertaining!

f on

Fast forward 10 years. Bad parenting equals Bad Adult! Period!!

Judy Salter on

3-year-olds do what gets them attention. It’s baby genes. Daughter with 4 children all have something they use to get attention and always have and all very smart.

middlesister7 on

Lighten up you hateful people…they are 3 year olds…this was a parent taping his child…you didn’t see what the others were doing…It was cute and adorable…why all the judging?? No wonder this country is a mess..really??? did your 3 year old never act out???…or just be themselves?? Your comments are worse than her should be ashamed…she is only 3!

Vanna on

Dance school is ALOT of money. I’m sure the other parents were not thrilled that this little girl did that. The girls around her seemed to be following the teacher. Something is off… I can’t put my finger on it. I have a three year old, and they might not be following every move in a routine but the kids generally follow what the other is doing. Walking in line. Snack time.

Linda on

I cannot believe most of you. The child is 3 years old. 3! How old are most of you? Old enough to know better than to write such mean spirited posts about a little girl. She absolutely did not look like she was trying to get special attention. She was just doing her thing. All of you who knocked a 3 year old little girl should be ashamed of yourselves and grow up.

wow on

everyone saying that roze is racist, have you never heard a kid called a cute monkey just cuz monkeys are cute?? cuz that’s how I read it. never even crossed my mind that race was a factor in that comment. I think it was meant to compare her to the cuteness of a little baby monkey. if she was trying to be mean I don’t think she would have said CUTE monkey… geez

soflgirl on

So funny. She is dancing to the beat of her own drum. Hope she stays that way as she grows up. She’s an original!

Sasha on

i loved this video.. this child is a regular 3 year old. As a dance mom having been going to recitals for 12 years, this is ALWAYS the case in the younger groups. There is always at least one kid who is just hilarious to watch and that’s usually the best part of the dances. Stop being so ignorant. She is not autistic and she is most certainly NOT a monkey. Unbelievable.

Crabby on

Sorry NOT cute after about maybe 5 seconds. She ruined it for the other little girls and that poor little baby next to her was clearly distracted annoyed and trying to keep in synch. If my kid were doing that I would have politely and quietly went up guided her off the stage and brought her back *down to earth*. That child has some obvious ADHD issues.She looks nuts compared to the other kids.

lc on

im assuming most of you who criticized this little three year old have never been to a dance recital. theres always one little one who spends the entire time crying, one who spends the entire time screaming mom dad and waving, the shy little one who stands there and refuses to dance, and the Broadway star in the making who does their own thing. did I mention…shes three… so get a grip people…

jan laster on

absolutely loved it. i did feel sorry for the little one on the end..she seemed completely confused haha.

jan laster on

btw she did not ruin it for other parents. other parents were ..rightly so ..fixated on their own kid and filming her. this was one camera.

Tiffa Lester on

for all of you complaining about her ‘ruining it’ for the others…
the others weren’t even dancing.
they were copying their teacher standing in front of them. she is one of the only girls who gave it true heart and soul. I think the other girls ruined it for her.
Would have been even better if they were all that into it.
I am a certified early childhood educator and I can tell you right now NONE of you here have a baseline strong enough to even SUGGEST ADHD or Autism simply from watching this small clip. What I can tell you though, is that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything! sound familiar? way to sink down to a 3 year old level. I’m real proud of you 🙂 . Thanks to everyone else who has accepted this unique sharing of a childhood experience as beautiful and unique. Thank you to those who didn’t as well, and chose not to say anything about it. You are the truly knowledgable.

ann on

She is just too adorable and you idiots who are criticizing her REMEMBER SHE IS ONLY 3333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linda on

I was a professional dancer and singer in musical theatre, and I am telling you – this child is talented. Anyone who thinks she is “spastic” or has ADD or whatever is ignorant about dance and creativity in general. You can tell she is just performing – she’s not looking for special attention by doing the wrong moves. She is clearly someone who really has performing and music in her soul and that’s a born dancer. If you notice, she’s also trying to do dance steps that are more advanced – she’s probably just imitating what she’s seen and she’s just feeling the music and being free and trying to do things she hasn’t learned yet. The fact that she’s attempting to do this, and is actually feeling it and all things considered isn’t doing a bad job of imitating more advanced steps shows that she has ability beyond what the other little girls have. This kid is going to be a good dancer, trust me. She was completely uninhibited and dancing for the joy and fun of it – and that’s beautiful. I hope she never loses that. The discipline will come later – for God’s sake, she’s 3!!!! You don’t try to instill discipline at that age – they are mostly just learning movement and expressing themselves anyway. None of the other kids could do what they’d learned anyway. If you notice, the audience laughed, and erupted into applause. No one was bothered by it. It was hilarious, in part because she was clearly oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t supposed to be doing that. You could tell they all liked the final movements, including her, because they all got it together for that and seemed really enthusiastic about it. So funny. I watched this a bunch of times – I just love it and her. So anyone who doesn’t like it is probably either devoid of humour or lacking in creativity and imagination and individuality themselves.

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