Pauly D: My Baby Girl Is a ‘Blessing’

10/24/2013 at 03:15 PM ET

Pauly D Daughter Custody Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Pauly D is ready to roll with the punches — right into parenthood.

After confirming on Tuesday that he is the father of a baby girl named Amabella, the new dad took to Twitter to share some words of wisdom.

“Sometimes in life things aren’t planned and they may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing,” the former Jersey Shore cast member, whose real name is Paul Delvecchio, 33, writes.

He adds in a statement, “That is how I feel about having a daughter, I am looking forward to being a parent to her.”

According to a source, after the reality star found out he had fathered a child, he made plans to be a part of the little girl’s life.

“Pauly requested immediate visitation and has filed the motion to move the custody hearing to Vegas where he owns a home. He hopes to gain fully custody of the baby,” the source tells PEOPLE.

Delvecchio and the child’s mother, 25-year-old Amanda Markert, met once in Vegas, where they spent one night together before she flew out the following day. Markert, who has a child from a previous relationship, was introduced to Delvecchio by her pal, the girlfriend of a member from his security team.

The first-time father has yet to meet Amabella, but is already looking forward to the day he can begin daddy duty.

“Pauly is super excited. He can’t wait to meet baby Amabella and spend time with her,” the source adds.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Emily Strohm

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operationdebtfree on

Yeah, because taking the baby away from her mother is in the best interest of the child. Nice.

(Unless, of course, she is unfit. Doesn’t sound like that is the case. Just sounds like he is being a selfish jerk.)

fguyxdtut on

He needs to get a paternity test done before he steps into “daddy role.”

And operationdebtfree, he isn’t trying to take the kid away from her mom, he’s filing for custody, which means as the father, he has rights to the child the same as the mother…

msliftbig on

He did. He’s the father.

Jennifer on

Joint Custody is the best for the baby Pauly D. Baby girl needs her Mom right now, and from the looks of her Mother, she LOVES her Daughter. Doesn’t deserve to have her taken away. It’s called “co-parenting” here in FL…just sayin.

Jay on

I hope his daughter doesn’t run into a guy like him when she gets older!!

TaylorB on

Yeah, good luck with that, Pauly…..Might as well go ahead and write your attorney a check for $250,000….it will be a long, useless battle fighting for sole custody of the baby and you will ultimately lose…you can only hope to get 50/50 custody (best for the child anyway), so play fair and stop being an idiot….save your attorney fees for your child…

guest on

He already took a paternity test. If he hopes to gain full custody, he is attempting to become the custodial parent which means that the baby will have visitation with her mother but live primarily with him.


I’m not sure which parent would be worse, him or someone that would sleep with him.

Kica on

A one night stand with no condom…..*siiiiiiiigh* really???

Anonymous on

I wonder if the writing is incorrect and it means that he wants to be fully involved in the baby life and not going for full custody. That just makes more sense.


Just My Opinion on

Sounds like someone is trying to avoid paying child support.

Anonymous on

if you’ve read previous new about the father to be, hes already taken a paternity test. and she is in fact, his.

Katy on

Amabella? That looks like a typo.

Denise on

This child is the result of a one night stand and he wants custody?! This country is just getting weirder by the day.

Patrice Jackson on

So you haven’t met the child, but yet you are seeking full custody?? REALLY!! How about you learn from this situation and use condoms when you do random hook ups.

Margo on

I don’t think going for full custody is a good idea for him to do right now

Flash on

How are you the one hoppin from town to town bedding any fast ass honey than splitting. Going to even insist on telling magazine and other sources that you are trying for full custody. Fame can buy you a lot I will give you that…but not the right to butt into peoples lives and disrupt homes…now we do not know this girls history or her for that matter however but she was nice enough to make you apart of a situation she could have very well kept from you without you ever knowing. Now your trying to spit in her face, cute! Your a “Great Guy” and maybe she did it for help cause maybe she doesnt have the resourses you have but in the same token don’t take advantage of that dude it’s messed up. Your not cool for it or better for it…your no super hero cause you found out you fathered a child with one of the 3000 women you slept with across America and now your deciding to try to take over just calm down play your part and let her play hers don’t be a tool!

Kimbob on

Okay fguyxdtut the article states that he is filing for full custody, which generally means that he want to be full time parent and take custody from the mother. Seriously……I hope you have more than you are a reality star to prove you deserve full custody!!!

klutzy_girl on

fguyxdtut – he already has had a paternity test that indeed proves he is the father.

Debra on

this screams white trash

Ann Marie on

Actually fguyxdtut, operationdebtfree is correct. If he is filing for full custody that’s exactly what he is attempting to do, seeking primary decision making and physical custody of the child. Joint custody would mean he would seek to share those responsibilities and physical custody of the child with the mother.

Just My Opinion on

Sounds like someone is try to avoid child support payments.

Amy on

Girlfriend needs to learn how to use or insist on using birth control, it seems.

Janet on

Who the hell does this clown think he is, trying to get full custody? He has no right to that. Use a condom next time loser!

Brandi on

Um yes he does…he’s her biological father. It seems like there is more to this story than what meets the eye and I think there’s a legitimate reason outside of child support that he’s seeking full custody of his daughter…

Leesa on

@ fguyxdtut if you knew how to read..

1. he did take a paternity test, he IS the father;
2. filing for full custody means he has the child and she gets visitation. Most states will allow 50/50 parenting with one parent being the residential custodian. You have NO idea what you’re talking about and should research before you opine.

Anonymous on

ok just because he got a paternity test that proves he is the dad, does not mean to start being a butt..and start taking the child away from her mom..he needs to get to know the child and the mother since it was a one nite stand.. Really, just because he has the money that people are supposed to jump..Whatever!!

Jen on

Why would you seek full custody? Isn’t that just a bit crappy to the mother? How about joint custody? wth…

Marilyn on

Good grief, requesting sole custody? Taking an infant away from it’s mother is NOT the best way to begin this parenting journey. What a selfish asshole.

Nicole on

“He hopes to gain fully custody of the baby”

Reading for comprehension.

Rachael on

fguyxdtut – he has already had a paternity test done. And he filed for FULL custody, which means he wants to take the girl away from her mom. Probably just a legal move to get equal custody rights, but it comes across crass.

SoNotHollywood on

If he’s a fit father, if she’s a fit mother, I hope whoever is the best parent for the child gets custody. Just because you got some or gave some, doesn’t automatically qualify you to be a fit parent.

Nope on

@fguyxdtut – The article says he plans to seek FULL custody. That’s custody 100% of the time. That would be taking the baby away from her mother. SHARED custody is when he’s looking for the same rights as the mom and equal time. That’s NOT what he’s seeking.
It’s kind of a d-bag move seeking full custody at this point.

tokoreo on

fguyxdtut – he’s filing for full custody. He has already gotten a paternity test – this baby is like 3 months old. He already knew it was his, hasn’t visited her yet, but wants full custody? That sounds logical. How about meeting the baby first?

chloe on

1) He’s had a paternity test. The baby is indeed his.
2) The article states he’s filing for full not partial custody.

torrance mom on

Already did DNA. Mom has posted photos with baby surrounded by money. And took money from him to have an abortion…and didn’t obviously. He is doing the right thing stepping up, taking responsibility…she hasn’t let him see his daughter yet. hmmm. guess we will have to wait and see how it plays out…

Jesse on

He seems like a good guy. I like him wanting to step up… Italians are better than illegal Mexicans anyday.

Nancy on

Riiiiiight….there are just gonna take the baby away from it’s mother and give it to this doosh (yes and I KNOW that’s not how it’s spelled!) bag…………

If he’s the BETTER parent then that kid is DOOMED!

missy on

operationdebtfree why would it be selfish for him to want to parent his own kid.

dancer92136 on

What makes him think he should have full custody of child he hasn’t even met.

laurie on

who takes a baby from its mother? what the hell is wrong with him? well..besides everything

yeller meller on

I like Pauly, from what I saw on Jersey Shore, but it looks like he’s trying to wave his money around her face as well. Who has the time and money to go to court and fight for years, sometimes, to fight for custody?? And like I read in the comments, he’ll get 50/50 at best. His actions on Jersey Shore could play into that factor. He needs to face realty and go to court in the first place and get a parenting plan in place and go from there.

yeller meller on

Seems like he’s trying to wave his money in her face. Who has the time and money to go to court and fight for custody? I’m sure she’s an average working chick. I like Pauly, from Jersey Shore, but like I read in the comments, he’ll get 50/50 at best due to his line of work and travel. And his actions on Jersey Shore could play into that deciding factor. If he’s smart, he’ll go to court, get a parenting plan in place, and then go from there. Do what’s right for now. She’s an infant, you can’t do too much with her right now anyway.

Iscis on

good luck with that…should’ve wrapped it you’re gonna lose wads of cash to child support…cause thats the ONLY reason he wasnt custody…

Anonymous on

You are going to enter the world of bi state joint custody. Look how that worked out for Alec Baldwin. Better play nice in the sandbox and get along.

Anonymous on

Be smart, Pauly. Take a paternity test first.

Shoppinggal on

Gross sleazebags, the both of them. Poor baby.

Saywhat on

Who the heck has unprotective sex in this day and age with HIV still around.

Curly Fry on

There is no court anywhere that will take a newborn away from a mother unless she is in prison or drug addicted and even then you have to prove the addiction. Good luck with that one!

hypocrites much on

What a double edged sword. If he wanted nothing to do with his child the comments would be even more negative. I never watched the show he was on but I think there’s something positive to be said that he wants to man up and take care of his daughter. Maybe he’s had his 15 minutes of “fame” and is ready to grow up and be responsible.

Grace on

Were was her other child when she was sexing it up? Is she fit?

Pat Brown on

he is just gross, no other word for him. He is 33 doesn’t know what a condom is? Give him fame, millions, any girl he wants, and he still has no class and he’s a shameless loser!

Lauren on

I wouldn’t trust this nitwit to babysit a cactus for an hour, let alone have full custody over a child he’s never met. What a waste this guy is.

rothiam on

Give the baby to Pauly. After a night of screaming, soiled diapers, and no sleep he will be happy to give it back in the morning.

Anonymous on

I’m happy that he’s embracing the fact that he’s now a father and stepping up to his responsibility but this beautiful little girl who is 5 months old and looks to be well loved and taken care of deserves to have both her parents in her life. Pauly’s first step is to meet his daughter and experience fatherhood before he goes seeking full custody and taking his daughter away from the only parent she knows.

Sun on

Time for Pauly D to GROW UP and be a Father to Baby Annabella. Wondered why the mother didn’t tell Pauly D when she found out that she was pregnant?

mrs123 on

Clearly Amanda does not understand what birth control or safe sex is….which is sad as she is old enough, c’mon.
Secondly, when a dad requests full custody, something usually funky is going on with the mom as most men do not advocate for that. I may be wrong as I am only assuming however somehow I think not!


If it weren’t for everyone else on here ripping pauly a new one, I’d probably take that avenue myself. In light of this certainty I will play devils advocate for just one moment. At least he acknowledges the child and desires to be in her life. Though I would encourage him to seek 50/50 custody instead, I think it’s great he’s not being a douche. Can I say that word on here?

Bugsmum on

Got to love when a heated debate starts up over something “a source” said.

According to a source, after the reality star found out he had fathered a child, he made plans to be a part of the little girl’s life.

“Pauly requested immediate visitation and has filed the motion to move the custody hearing to Vegas where he owns a home. He hopes to gain fully custody of the baby,” the source tells PEOPLE.

Who knows if this is even true.

It’s nice to see him stepping up.

Donna on

Please…..the only thing he was there for was the conception. He hasn’t done squat to help this woman (one night stand)…Now he is a Daddy and thinks he’s the better parents. Please…….leave her where she is and take whatever visitation they give you. You’ll forget about her as soon as something better comes along.

guest on

I’d say he is a bully. He’s made some money, so he thinks he can buy custody. Though he has passed the paternity test, there wasn’t a need…she looks exactly like him…laughably so.

Brandi on

I did a little research online about this story as there seem to be a few details missing and found out some pretty interesting information. This lady took money from Pauly to have an abortion and not only changed her mind but didn’t even tell him that she was keeping the baby. He just found out recently that she kept the baby and took a paternity test to establish that he is the father since she had been dishonest with him before.

She posted pictures online of the baby surrounded by $100 dollar bills (and the fact that she would let her baby put her hands all over that money, which statistically is more dirty than a toilet seat, is VERY telling). It’s pretty obvious what’s on her mind here…MONEY. She expected Pauly to just pay support and not be a part of his daughter’s life so she got upset when he actually asked to see the baby and has refused to let him see her. This is why he’s seeking full and primary custody and I can’t say that I blame him one bit.

He should have been smarter and used protection to prevent this from happening, but he’s 33 years old and is definitely able to provide for this child, so he’s stepping up to the plate and trying to take responsibility for his daughter and also not allow himself to be played by her mother. I wish him all the best and hope it all works out in the best interest of the baby.

Ashlinn on

What a pos excuse for a man, he didn’t even know he had a baby until recently..pathetic and who will really look after her? Jwoww?

Dan on

She looks like his sister…..

Kat on

So, Markert was introduced to him by a g/friend of a member of his sec. team?

Sounds like he was set up. Somebody saw an opening (no pun intended) and took it. Men are so predictable when it comes to using the small head instead of the usual.

rose on

He just doesn’t want to pay the mom child support. Probably thinks she trapped him. What makes him think he’d be a better parent?

I’m just waiting for 6 or 7 Situation jrs to pop up

The behaviour exhibited on their show was disgusting. This was so expected.

Gail on

Paul d have a baby ARE real with some body elis baby he never got married yet have sex some girl you don’t know it is bad lock on wedde day it is bad lock

Guest on

Sounds to me like he just doesn’t want to pay child support and wants to use the baby as a publicity stunt to get more attention.

Marky on

I find it curious in these days and times, that so many commenters assume no one used protection. They may have used a condom and it failed as they do 18% of the time!! Also, why put the knock on Pauly D, but act as if there was no problem with the MOM having a one night stand? Kind of two faced, seems to me. They both willingly had sex, she apparently told him she was pregnant and wanted money for an abortion, which he gave her, then she decided there was more where that came from, so she had the baby and then it hits the headlines as if he turned his back on her and the baby when he didn’t. This woman has her own set of issues, just as he does, and it’s worth asking where her other child was while she partied in Vegas with PaulyD.

Nicole on

Douche wants full custody so he doesn’t have to pay child support. He should have thought about that before he had the (unprotected) one night stand!

Anonymous on

Donna- From what I understand, the mother has no one to blame but herself for him not helping her during the pregnancy. She apparently waited until after the baby was born to tell him he was a father. For all we know, he would have been very supportive during the pregnancy had he known about it.

Anyway, whoa! A LOT of assumptions are being made here. For starters, abstinence is the only method of birth control that is 100 percent effective is abstinence (even vasectomies and tubals fail on occasion!). Therefore, we cannot possibly know whether or not Pauly and Amanda used protection.

Also, why is everyone automatically assuming that Pauly is just going for full custody to be a jerk? We know next to nothing about Amanda, so she could be an unfit parent for all we know. Giving birth does not automatically make someone a good mother!

That being said, it’s also very possible that Pauly actually wants shared custody, but had to file for full custody because Nevada doesn’t allow filing for joint custody (a lot of states don’t.). Basically, he may have simply gone for full custody because that’s all the paperwork would allow!

Bottomline: We really have no idea what the real situation is!

Sara on

I would guess that he is filing for full custody to show that he is serious about being a large part of the child’s life. It is probably just a legal ploy to make sure he gets decent rights and not just have to pay a large amount of money. I have no doubt he will eventually settle for joint custody He is showing that he wants to take full responsibility for his actions. Instead of ragging on him, I choose to applaud him for showing maturity.

lisa on

Seeking full custody? Why?

Becky on

I pray the mother is a fit parent because this jacka$$ has no business raising that baby girl. He’s never even met her, yet wants to rip her away from her mother? Niiiiiice. A blind man can see this twerp is only trying to get out of paying child support, plain and simple. Ugh.

(Flash, I liked your comment. “Fast ass honey” made me giggle!)

Paulydsucks on

What a douche bag.,,,,,,!,,,,,,who Was carrying the baby for 9 months!!!!! Who is breast feeding the baby?.. Thats show you what an inmmature scum bag he can be.! If you are man enough to have unprotected sex with a stranger act like a man Thats wanrts the best for his baby JOINT CUSTODY….. And pay up!,,,,,,

Paulydsucks on

What a douchhhhheeeee bag you can’t take the baby away from the mom she is sooooo little and obviously is a horn dog that will be sleeping around again

Just My Opinion on

@Leesa you don’t have to file for full custody for visitation rights. He can file for visitation, why is he trying to take this baby away from her mother? A baby he’s hasn’t seen yet. HE’S A JOKE!

Mandy on

Why didn’t she tell him she was pregnant? Seems like she didn’t know who the dad was & it took this long to figure it out.

Ann on

wow! he is so excited to be a dad…..does he even remember the female’s name as he says it was a one night stand and evidently it must have been one hot night not to even use protection….nine months later out pops baby!!!!

monix on

Good for him, stepping up like that. And shame on all who are so judgemental here. A one-night stand resulted in a baby. Lesson learned here for sure. He’s prepared to take on his paternal duties. Let the courts decide what that will exactly mean for the three of them. Good luck to them.

Lisa on

He slept with this woman, and know he’s busy talking crap about her.

McKeanzie on

The only reason he is requesting full custody is because of child support.

Everyonehasanopinion on

Not using a condom on a one night stand… that’s something that can scare you…..

lisa on

The baby was born in May according to TMZ and he hasn’t even met her?? Sheesh.

Tina on

The baby mama is a s*ut bag. Just look at photos of her….and she has ANOTHER baby from another guy. She is definitely unfit to be a proper mother if she’s boinking random men.

lttlrbbt on

Seriously?! What a total douche! You have a one night stand, minus protection (hello STD’s) end up getting someone pregnant & you think you should have custody of the child, hmm…. how about heck NO!
Joint Custody is ALWAYS in the best interest of the child unless a court can prove that there are health/welfare interests that are harming the child.
Why would you even for one minute think you are a better parent then the mother, who went through her pregnancy all ALONE without your support!
Sounds like someone needs to still GROW UP!
Money doesn’t make you a better parent!


Here are some FACTS you all are missing.
He IS the father. She never told him about it. They DID NOT use protection, she’s already openly admitted that. He WANTS to be a part of the kids life, but she wants an obscene amount of money before that happens. She is using that child as an ATM machine. I feel bad for that kid. Growing up to find out that you’re the product of a drunken one night stand and that you’re mother is a hoe and then tried to use you to suck money for the father. Geeze…

Lauren on

Wow, Tina. Post some pictures of yourself so we can judge you too, you pathetic redneck. Sorry you’re not attractive enough to get laid…even as a throwaway one night stand.

guest on

Maybe the mother has serious issues that makes Pauly D worry about his daughter’s welfare. Or maybe he is going for full parental rights, rather than actual full custody. Might as well wait for more information to come out. But I say kudo’s to Pauly D for stepping up and taking responsibility and wanting to be a part of his daughter’s life. Too many children have fathers that would rather forget they exist.

M on

If he can’t wait to meet her, why didn’t he fly to her upon learning about her?

Danielle on

People are so judgemental. One night stands happen. Children are born from the worst relationships and some from the best. All that matters is he’s trying to do right by at least wanting to be a dad to the little girl. No matter any reaction or situations someone always has to talk shit. Negative people are what’s wrong with this world. Not people who are living their life the way they choose to.

sandy on

Full custody?? How dare he! Buy a home near mom & daughter, pay child support and then give more thought to where your sperm goes on your one stands! Baby should be with mom, jerk!

Lyanna on

I don’t buy for one second that this guy just found out recently that he’s a father. I would bet dollars to donuts that when the rabbit died, she was in touch with him or his people, to let them know. This is not something a mom keeps to herself, unless she is brutalized. He is only stepping up because it became out in the open and he was going to have to pay child support.

CJ on

Sole or full custody. The parent that is granted that is the primary household. They do not need the consent of the other party in regards to the child’s welfare. They do not need to share school, medical etc records. They can get documents for the child without the other parent’s signature.
Joint custody means both parents have a say in the child’s life. One parent is primary resident. If the other parent does not cooperate with let us say school records the alternate household parent can get the information themselves by showing the court order. Major decisions such as moving out of state has to be agreed by both parents.
I don’t know about other states but NJ custody, visitation and child support are three separate issues. You can address custody and visitation and not child support etc.

Lorie on

Why full she needs mom and dad take it from me to have a grounded loving secure person she needs both it is not about dad and mom it is about her