Rachel Zoe and Gwen Stefani’s Glamorous Bumps

10/23/2013 at 09:50 AM ET

Gwen Stefani Rachel Zoe Pregnant
Courtesy Rachel Zoe

Friends who bump together, stay together.

While Gwen Stefani isn’t yet talking about a possible new family addition, her pal, fashion maven Rachel Zoe, is in full on mom-to-be mode.

Zoe, 42, shared a photo of the galpals showing off their growing baby bumps as they attended the inaugural gala of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday.

Hashtagging her Instagram post #majormommymoment, Zoe joined Stefani, 44, at the charity event where they stayed stylishly in sync in matching-hued royal blue evening dresses, with the singer choosing a sparkling fringe number and the celebrity stylist-turned-designer a more flowing frock.

“Another fun one from moms night out at #wallisannenberg! Isn’t @gwenstefani the most gorgeous?” Zoe wrote.

Zoe, already mother to son Skyler Morrison, 2½, officially confirmed she was expecting her second child with husband Rodger Berman with a post on her website in September.

Stefani is mom to sons Kingston, 7, and Zuma, 5, with rocker husband Gavin Rossdale.

— Andrea Billups

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Steffi on

Look at those arms. Eat something, Rachel Zoe!

shannon on

Wow! Can’t believe how big Rachel is this time around. She looks great! I think Gwen is definitly pregnant also.

Irena on

Rachel Zoe shockingly skinny #eat a burger woman

Kiki on

Whoever said Rachel looks great must work on her team. Her arms look very unhealthy. These women care more about gaining weight and how they look in their outfits than having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

shopgirltrace on

Rachel big? HA! Her arms look like pins. Disgusting.

Cate on

I don’t know how these skinny women in their 40’s even get pregnant. Strange.

Zaria on

@ Shannon…you “think” Gwen is pregnant too? Lol. I highly doubt she’d be posing for a belly to belly pic if she wasn’t!

Satel on

Those arms are horrifying. Be shallow and underweight all you want, but when you’re carrying a baby, that just isn’t healthy for him or her. Worry about your figure post-pregnancy.

chelsea on

Gwen looks beautiful! Rachel looks disgusting, im surprised she’s able to get pregant.

Anonymous on

Too skinny! That boney arm looks unhealthy! 😦

Bettie on

Love them both,

Teig on

I had a feeling Gwen was pregnant. Congrats girls!

amanda on

Those arms are too skinny.She looks sick and it makes her look older!

shannon on

Maybe her arms are a bit skinny, but I was talkig about her belly. Last time she barely looked pregnant right before she had her baby. I have long skinny arms but the rest of me is not, by any means, skinny. Overall I don’t think she looks bad, gaunt or overlly skinny.

And Gwen has not confimed whether she is pregnant or not. I was stating that from the way she looks, I think she is. Why do people have to jump all over someone for stating their opinions?

Anonymous on

Some women and men have a hard time putting on weight. I don’t know Rachel anymore than anyone here does, so I don’t know if she is one of them. I have a friend who is about her size and the mother of two and struggled both pregnancies to gain weight. She has been on TV and people constantly call her anorexic and tell her to eat a burger. It’s incredible rude and no different than telling an overweight person they are fat to go to Jenny Craig. As a mother myself, I understand the importance of a healthy pregnancy….but as a human I don’t understand the constant need to put down another person.

Anonymous on

They get pregnant at their ages because here in LA it is “buy a baby”….. they did IVF and I can guarantee they will both have girls….. you can choose the sex when you do IVF…they also use other woman’s eggs if they dont have viable ones… you think Kelly Preston used her own eggs to have their last baby? please

muah on

these women are too old to be making babies. the risk of birth defects is too great, and these women are too selfish.

Shannon on

I’m hoping it’s just bad lighting/bad angle, but man are Rachel Zoe’s arms boney! Her shoulder bones are popping out! Gwen looks fantastic though. Obviously she’s pregnant. Why does she have to talk about it?

DaisyMoon on

I agree w/ amanda…

Being too skinny ages you.

Didn’t Nicole Richie famously refer to Rachel as ‘Raisin Face”?

Dabs on


Melissa on

Who says YOU? I’m pretty sure they don’t value your opinion !


They are perfection personified.

Smithy on

Why anyone uses Rachel Zoe as a stylist is beyond me. She looks like a washed up hippie.

nicole on

Eww! They are both so grossly skinny! How is it that I cant get pregnant with my second baby at 32 and at a healthy weight and they in mid 40’s and anorexic get pregnant and dont even eat! Its terrible and wrong. How are the babies getting nurishemnt if their mothers starve??

Aimee on

If I were a bettin’ gal, my bet would be Gwen pregnant through IVF and the Zoe has a surrogate.

Melissa on

Ha you may want to look up the definition of a surrogate!

Katie on

Rachel looks way too skinny to me but she looked even worse the last time she was pregnant and skyler was a healthy baby.

Shannon on

I think they both look great, yes Rachel is thin- and her arms do look pin thin here, but she has gained more belly weight than when she was pregnant with Skylar.

As for the “buy a baby” comment- that is just rude! Maybe they did use IVF and/or donor eggs- and if so that is their business. As someone who went through IVF multiple times at age 27 because I was unable to get pregnant naturally- you have no idea what drives people to do what they do-

IVF is not a walk in the park (if that is even what they did) and gender selection is not as common as you think. Why can’t people just wish them well-

heather on

zoe’s arm is revolting.

Holiday on

I guarantee both did IVF and PGD to guarantee they have girls. No way at their age they got pregnant naturally.

Trina Manzer on

Rachel looks sickenly skinny. Good Lord, eat something for that baby.

B on

Gwen is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. So excited for her and her family! #gwenstefaniismyidol

ExperiencedMommy on

Oh dear lord, Rachael is definitely anorexic. Look at her arms and shoulders, or what there is left of them. Her baby bump is lovely though, I hope she ate enough to feed him/her.

Callie on

I had absolutely no idea Gwen was even pregnant. They both stunning.

For those of you that can’t say anything nice, shut up and go away.

Lori on

First I wanted to say that it is not unusual to get pregnant in your 40’s. I have had three healthy pregnancies with the last two getting pregnant at the age of 42 and 44 NATURALLY and within two months of trying. I have friends as well who also have gotten pregnant naturally in their 40’s. Why is there an assumption that this is not possible and the only way to get pregnant is by IVF? Do you think woman a century ago did IVF….they had normal healthy pregnancies into their 40’s.

Gwen looks amazing. Zoe, well she could gain a few pounds but I don’t know her circumstances. Be happy for them – those who complain are just not in a happy place and I guess their complaints just make them feel better.

Just Me on

For all of the armchair obstetricians on here saying there’s no way they could have gotten pregnant on their own at their “advanced” ages, I beg to differ. My sister in law conceived her first at age 41 and her second at age 44 with absolutely no medical help. She and my brother tried for years, both naturally and IVF, with no luck. They gave up and were considering adoption when she became pregnant with the first.

Both my niece and nephew are happy, healthy children and both pregnancies were absolutely normal. Neither are selfish people, they truly wanted children and can provide a happy, healthy, life for them. Sometimes babies shouldn’t have babies…more mature parents are awesome too.

Jenn on

GOD I hate hearing when Rachel Zoe is pregnant. She really needs help w/ her eating disorder. It just scares me.

me on

Rachel, your skeletal arm is concerning. Thank goodness your son looks extremely healthy. I hope the same for baby #2. Thin is fine. Skeletal is….well, for Halloween only. Hope she’s not secretly battling anything.

Catca on

Skyler looks like a well cared for child, the comment that Rachel is more concerned with being skinny than having a healthy pregnancy is frankly out of line. Some opinions should be kept to yourself.

I’d also say with confidence that Rachel has a good doctor who has Rachel and her baby under his/her care. Discussions about weight gain should be left to them. I’ll admit her shoulders in particular do look alarmingly thin, but again, if her doctor is concerned, he/she is having that discussion with Rachel and recommending nutritional adjustments.

And it’s been known for a month or two that Gwen was pregnant as she’s been showing for that long. It’s obvious with Gwen as she normally has very flat abs. Both Gwen and Rachel look great and it’s a cute pic of the two of them together.

theyknow on

HOllywood women are not the only ones who get pregnant in the 40’s. My mother had my last sister at the age of 43 is she is a very healthy little girl. Not everyone has to use IVF when they are older.

anne on

Oh pls! My mom was skinny like that n the same age. She ate a wholesome diet of lean proteins n vegetables.

No junk food, processed crap that make u gain a million pounds. I was a healthy 8 pound kid.

Anonymous on

Some women don’t gain much weight on their body as others during pregnancy, some are skinny due to their genes. Sometimes calling someone skinny is just as bad as calling someone fat. I am like this myself, and not because I don’t eat, but because it is how I am, and no matter how much I eat, I dont gain weight.

M on

Omg!! Zoe is starving herself and her baby-to-be!!

BRod on

How is it a “possible new family addition” if Gwen is actually pregnant? o_0

Bee on

I thought Gwen looked very thin…then I saw Rachel Zoe’s arm. Holy crap!

gini on

You all are so vicious. They both look great…And yes it is possible to get pregnant naturally past the age of 40…

Edna on

She is too skinny, Kim was too fat! O my God so old! Why so many kids? Just one kid, its going to be lonely! Why people put so much pressure on them to look a certain way? Why be so mean? Everybody is different and a pregnancy is difficult enough without all this added stress.

sue on

I honestly do not understand how a woman as obviously underweight as Zoe could carry a baby! How is that possible? And unless she has some condition causing her to remain that skinny despite eating normally than she needs some real help. That could so damage a growing baby..

Anonymous on

Some of these rude, cruel, nasty comments are un-believable. First, if you don’t have anything nice to write, don’t write anything at all- keep your comments to yourself.

Secondly, for THOSE comments- who are you to judge whether these women or any other women are “too old to have kids and chances of birth defects increase?” Don’t know what rock you have been hiding under, but new and advanced technology has given older women to carry out a viable pregnancy/birth. And if these women have the means to support a baby, i.e., GOOD STRONG family structure, finances, why shouldn’t they have one? And I’m sorry, last i checked, they are 43 and 44- highly “too old,”

Carrow on

Wow Rachel’s arm is fraking me out!

Em&Jo on

Rachel Zoe knows she is skinny and knows she is often criticized for being skinny. This begs the question: As s stylist to stars, shouldn’t she dress to de-emphasize her scrawny bits? I would never ask someone to “dress” me if they couldn’t even dress themselves to their best advantage. Billowing sleeves, Rachel, billowing sleeves!

Lyanna on

Those of you who think a woman over 40 years or in her 40s can’t naturally, normally, successfully, and easily have a baby, couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a boat.

Ivy on

wow, how is someone pregnant with such skinny arms? gross. i never thought she had any style to begin with and bones are not stylish unless you are a skeleton on halloween.

sky on

Big deal that they are pregnant and in their 40s. Are you jealous regarding the negative comments from anonymous, Cate, Nicole, and Aimee? They are successful and intelligent women, and know what they are doing (re: comment about birth defect risks, weight, etc.) .

I am happy for them. In order to carry a full-term successful pregnancy, you have to be healthy. Enough said about weight and age. I think their OB/Gyn is taking good care of them.

By the way their other kids are mentally and physically just fine. And Aimee, how can Rachel have a surrogate when she is pregnant?

Maria on

I love them both as well, but super thin! Start getting healthier ladies!

Crystal on

E confirmed Gwen’s pregnancy like 2 months ago. I am happy for them both! Especially Gwen. I read the article where she said she really wanted a third baby but it “didn’t work out.” This pregnancy is obviously a miracle and a blessing. I wish them both healthy, happy, safe remainder of their pregnancies and births! I hope they are both girls!!!

annioe on

Crystal why do you wish that they have girls? what is wrong with having another boy? You people are pathetic and are generating gender disappointment!!! Boys are great…why do all women think they are not complete if they only have boy children and no girl children? Shame on you!!!

Dee on

Hope Gwen has a littke girl this time. She will be the best dressed baby around. Love her and her family. She has stayed down to earth. God bless her.

Xan on

Meanwhile…people, Gwen Stefani is 44!!!!!! How can she look that good?! I’m fifteen years her junior and look her age or older. Amazing.

Aimee on

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

4mom on

Seriously all of you need to wake up to reality. My great grandma got pregnant at 40, 42, and 46 and there was no such thing as IVF 120 years ago! I had my children at 29, 34, 36, & 37 with no problems getting pregnant. Where do you get all of your information? My OB/GYN says there is no such thing as too old to get pregnant unless you have gone through menopause, although with age the risk of birth defects does go up. So if you don’t go through menopause until you are in your 50’s like the women in my family then having a baby in your 40’s is a definite possibility.

Anonymous on

sky- I’m guessing that Aimee was insinuating that Rachel is faking her pregnancy by wearing a prosthetic bump….which is ridiculious, in my opinion!

Anyway, I’m not surprised Gwen hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy (it’s fairly obvious that she is indeed with child. Her bump gives it away, plus one of her friends basically announced it to the media a couple months ago by saying something to the affect of that she’s going to be taking it easy because she’s pregnant!).

If I’m remembering correctly, she never really spoke about her pregnancy with Zuma, either. Her father confirmed it to the media (presumably with her and Gavin’s blessing!), but she never said anything about it herself until after the birth.

I also doubt she did IVF. She discussed wanting to have a third child a couple of years ago and made it pretty clear that, while she and Gavin wanted another baby, they knew it might not be possible due to her age and had decided to leave it up to God (or nature or fate if you prefer one of those terms instead).

conny on

Rachel’s arm freaks me out.

What is this “a who is skinnier when pregnant” competition?

I am sure that pregnant women, that gain weight, see this photo and fell bad about themselfs.

Shame on both! Don’t forget that as public figures, you are admired by a lot of people!!!!

Hea on

Zoe doesn’t look naturally skinny, she looks like she starves herself. :-/

Lili on

Rachel’s arms are that skinny you could snap them like a twig!!! For goodness sake eat woman

Guest312 on

Congratulations to both Rachel and Gwen!!

Waiting on viciousgirl, to tell us how the world is already overpopulated.

Crystal on

Annioe- There is nothing wrong with having another boy. HOWEVER, they have BOTH expressed their desire to have a daughter. There is NOTHING wrong with gender preference. I’m sure they will be happy with a healthy baby. I believe it is human nature to want one of each. There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule. I don’t understand your reasoning. What is so wrong with expressing your hope for one gender over the other??? YOU are what’s wrong with the world Shaming people for no reason. Shame on you! Grow up.

mary on

Gwen you look awesome, girl!!!

Misty on

I have always had skinny arms. I also had them when I was pregnant up until the 7th month, even though I gained the right amount of weight during my pregnancy. It isn’t uncommon.

Xoxo on

I’m just so excited that the @gwenstefani news is true! It was never confirmed on People… just E! news, so I thought maybe it was false. I really hope she has a girl + healthy pregnancy!

Isabella on

I have never seen Rachel Zoe ever put food in her mouth. On her show i saw her with Starbucks coffee only! Never does this woman eat.