Melissa Rycroft Expecting Second Child

10/22/2013 at 10:25 AM ET

The results are in: Melissa Rycroft is pregnant!

The Bachelor alum, 30, and her husband Tye Strickland are expecting their second child in April, she announced Tuesday on Twitter.

“Clearly excited to share our big news!!! A new little Strickland will debut this fall!” Rycroft wrote, only to quickly correct herself with a new Tweet. “Oops … clearly not due this FALL! I meant SPRING. (Pregnancy brain at work!).”

The couple — who wed in 2009 — are already parents to 2½-year-old daughter Ava Grace.

“Sooo … It’s official, the Strickland Family is growing by one next Spring! Ava is so excited to be promoted to Big Sister! We are so excited for our new little addition!” Rycroft wrote on Facebook.

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant Second Child
Courtesy Melissa Rycroft

“I totally got lucky in the husband department. I’ve heard the rumors … when the baby comes it [ends up] being 90 percent the woman’s responsibility,” Rycroft has said. “Tye’s there in the middle of the night to get up with Ava and is there when I just need a five-minute break. There is definitely that bond.”

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant Second Child
Courtesy Melissa Rycroft

— Anya Leon

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Joanne on


Melody on

Congrats! I knew it last week when I saw her on the Price Is Right as a model. She just had that look like she was So happy for her and her family!

4tmama on

Yeah!! Congrats!@!@

stacey on

Awesome!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this family!!!!

Anonymous on

who cares!

Kat on

That’s stupid posing with the pg test stick like that. It’s tacky, anyhoo, she’s just another reality show-wonna-be-famous hag. Her 15mins ended long time ago.

Brandi on

Just because YOU wouldn’t have done it like that doesn’t mean that it’s stupid. Smh. It’s a shame when people are so unhappy and bitter in their own lives that they just can’t say congrats and move on. I personally don’t follow Melissa a bunch but I’ve never heard anything bad about her or her hubby and they are such a cute family…I wish them all the best 🙂

CamdenAgain on

Congratulations, what a beautiful family!!! Blessings!

UnKnown on

that is too cute how they announced this, Congrats to Melissa and Ty!!!!!!!

Akita on

Thanks for showing ClealBlue you just peed on…Lovely!

Big Fan on

Love her, she got lucky in the husband department, what a gorgeous family!

whatever on

NOOOOOOOOOO not the stick pic….so gross….some things are meant to private…..

Karen M. on

Thank you for showing us your pee stick.

deb on

I love happy endings. All the best!

annabelle on

I thought she looked pregnant on Price is Right last week. Good for her!

Pamela on

Congrats to the Strickland Family! I have a wonderful husband called Tye also!

hessin on

This girl is SOOOO annoying!!!!! Maybe a second baby will cause her to grow up on the maturity aspect.

Guest on

Wish all these people would stop gloating about their pregnancies. No one stops to think about the women who have tried, miscarried and then had surgery to discover they’ll never have biological children. It’s becoming bad taste.

Katie on

Lay off her people, she can show the pregnancy stick if she wants…she isn’t getting any pee on you!!

Nonya on

YAY!! Not sure how I feel about the pee stick in the picture, but good for them!!! Congrats!!!

Amanda on

Wow, “guest” needs to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Being someone who has lost a baby almost halfway through my pregnancy, I can say without a doubt, that I would NEVER be so selfish as to tell someone who has exciting news that they should can it because it might upset someone. Suck it up and deal with it like the rest of us Angel Mom’s do. Yes, it sucks that we’ve lost our babies, but it’s absolutely uncalled for to criticize someone for being happy about their pregnancy. Get therapy!

heather on

Yay! So happy for them!

Jen on

Hey “Guest” How about not hanging out on a blog about BABIES if you are so bitter about not able to get pregnant yourself? If you are so wounded and hurt and feel like pregnant people are rubbing it in your face, maybe you should protect yourself and stay away from online places such as this.

(Also some counseling may help since it’s actually kind of sick to think celebrity strangers announcing their pregnancies online are doing it to gloat at your personal expense. :/ )

Tee on

None of us are forced to read, review, look at this site, the articles, the pictures. We all know you have a right to your opinion. I rarely have anything positive to write about any Kardashian, but I don’t comment or read every single article on them either. For the commenters who find the stick so gross, it may not be how you choose to announce but I think there’s much worse ways and for gosh sakes NO PEE is showing – big deal. You really show your own personality when you take something such as a baby announcement and be so ugly with your comments. As for the commenter who wrote about it being bad taste for all these birth announcements when there’s plenty of women who can’t get pregnant, why would you want to keep such wonderful news private? It’s not anyone’s fault some women can conceive and some can’t. Why not be happy for those who can, and compassionate for those who can’t? There’s so many ways to become a parent these days, soooo many. If those who can’t get pregnant become bitter, they truly add more hurt to themselves, their lives, those who surround them. Again, no one forces you to read these articles, if you can’t be pleasant, why spread your uglyness?

smithy on

Congrats to her….next time keep the urinated on stick pic to yourself or friends and family. Yuck.

deneo on

Congrats on the new one. Now go away 🙂

Christine Ortiz on

Congrats to Melissa and Tye.

Stormy on

Have to agree stick test pic should be private for new grandparents only

Jennifer on

Love them! Just too adorable family.

I watch VERY little “reality” TV other than the bachelor and loved their show on CMT?!

Lori on

Who’s to say she hasn’t struggled to get pregnant? Or had a miscarriage? Just because she looks happy and is sharing her good news, doesn’t mean that it’s just been an easy ride for them. Maybe it has, but it is so naive to just assume she hasn’t had any struggles in this area because she’s happy about her pregnancy. Who wouldn’t be happy about a pregnancy? It is a blessing, and I am thrilled for them! Ignore the haters, and enjoy your precious moment Melissa and Tye!

viciousgirl on

those were rumors, called that because they are not true. Guys are co-parents.

Too many humans. Planet gets a million more every 4.8 days. Lovely. If only humans consumed nothing and generated no waste, then it wouldn’t matter, right? Oh, and produced no pollution.

kimberly on

Ummmm yea, no one wants to really see her piss stick

kim on

thats the cutest little announcement pic ever!

hillbilly nation on

I bid $10 on the “stick”. Do I hear $20???


To the people accusing her of being just another reality star, you are WRONG!!!! She actually is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, long before going on The Bachelor! Why are people so rude and negative? Congrats to her and her family!

Mary on

Oh, Guest, get over yourself. I tried to have a baby for five years before being successful, but it never stopped me from being happy for anyone else that was expecting.

tracy on

Who cares? I find it annoying that past Bachelor/Bachelorettes make the news… Boring!

Kevin on

This country is going down the drain!!! Why are we glorifying dumb, useless people????

beth on

Can we just say congrats??? Some of you people are so sour. Get a life and be happy.

melissa on

guest, what a hateful thing to say. ive had multiple miscarriages and even a stillborn child, one miscarriage 5 hours before my first nephew was born, and I still celebrated that new life despite the crappy hand I was dealt. how do you not? most people celebrate a pregnancy. these people don’t know you or your circumstance, so theyre not announcing it to rub it in your face. theyre just celebrating their blessing, it has nothing to do with you. don’t let your bitterness take the joy out of other peoples blessings

Anonymous on

To bad people don’t just concentrate on the good and not all the negative. That is what is wrong in today’s world. To much hate and negative. Congrats to Melissa and her family!!

Anonymous on

Guest, this is a blog about babies, babies, and more babies. What do you expect? Sorry for your struggles. If you can’t handle reading about her joy, then you shouldn’t be reading it. Many mothers have shared their struggles and losses as well as joys on this site. If this site followed your advice, then their would be no birth announcements, as most, if not all expectant parents, are beaming.

Regarding the “pee stick,” I expect that from her. While I am happy for her and her family, I am not happy that she will be on this site multiple times throughout her pregnancy. I find her to be over the top annoying.

Laura on

Happy for them! And just a side note, I have 3 beautiful, wonderful kids and I am not going to be sorry about that! I’m very sorry for those of you who can not have a child but I AM NOT SORRY THAT I’M NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! Couldn’t believe “Guest” actually said that! I’m not ashamed that I have kids! Sounds like you and a few others may need to get some help! And btw, I have also lost one child!

DeandraK on

I find nothing to celebrate. On the contrary, this worries me.

Melissa Rycroft is very unstable, and just because she is famous for being famous, people overlook the chilling details behind Ava’s first few months. Do people realize or care that Melissa had unusually severe Postpartum Depression?? And that hick husband of hers. What is he thinking? Melissa has been quoted repeatedly as saying that her husband wants “a big family!”

These two remind of of Andrea and Rusty Yates.

Karen on

Great girl, I wish her and her very handsome husband all the best. (I hope it’s a boy)

Karen on

What a beautiful family. Little Ava is just adorable. I wish them the best.

sk on

@viciousgirl: you might want to see what happens when people don’t have children in places like Japan. All animals btw consume food and generate waste/

krista on

that’s great! congrats! Reading other comments and realizing that their is a lot of bitter people in this world. First of all if you don’t think she should be excited about her pregnancy and posting pics of her pg test why re you in he section of BABIES on the website.?! Get over yourself

Lilly on

You go, girl!