Paul Delvecchio Welcomes Daughter Amabella

10/22/2013 at 01:40 PM ET

Pauly D Welcomes Daughter Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Surprise — Pauly D is a dad!

Former Jersey Shore cast member and popular DJ, Paul Delvecchio recently discovered he fathered a daughter, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The mother of baby Amabella is a New Jersey native he met last year in Las Vegas while in town for a gig, reports TMZ, which broke the news Tuesday.

“I’m proud I’m a father,” Delvecchio says. “I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.”

According to TMZ, the mother, who is 26, filed court documents in New Jersey to formally establish paternity. However, Delvecchio, 33, has already taken a paternity test that proves he is indeed the father.

The baby is reportedly a few months old and living with her mom.

Delvecchio, a Rhode Island native, seems to be embracing unexpected fatherhood — he retweeted several messages of congratulations on his Twitter account.

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd with reporting by Elizabeth McNeil

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SoNotHollywood on

No guy should just “discover” they’re a dad. They should be a part of it from the very beginning. Not spreading their seed like confetti. Glad to hear he is taking a role. That’s more than I can say for so many sperm donors out there.

Beautifulblurr on

As if this is a shock all this entire cast did was sleep with different random women every night. To think that he didn’t use protection with this one is disgusting. She will be cashing in on his reality tv checks. It’s cheaper and smarter to keep it in your pants.

Anonymous on


Lyanna on

Sounds like this sperm donor is late to the party. No doctor’s apts.? Not there for the ultrasounds? Not at the delivery? Wow, explain that to this little girl later in life, and she WILL ask, believe me on this. Also, the idea that he considers her mother a “whore” since he ordered a paternity test, that’ll go over well.

Sammi on

lol this was bound to happen eventually….classy.

heather on

you’d think people could at least attempt to practice safe sex. i’m guessing she didn’t know who the father was for 9 plus months?

uhmm on

he is actually a sperm donor. nasty std trash

msliftbig on

A girl for a womanizer! Good luck Pauly

Bianca on

How sad is this. He probably didn’t even remember the woman until he saw her in court. When will we as a society learn that sex is meant to be between a man and wife. If a pregnancy occurs, a family unit has already been established. How unfair for this child and others like her.

Melisa on

Why dont they just call it a one night stand and be done with it??? Poor kid….another classy Jersey Girl in the making.

freegluten on

i’m actually surprised! embarrassed to say i watched the show, and PD was always so responsible. just seemed like he would have been more careful. hope he can be a true father.

Babies Rock! on

Oof! I read that too fast–I thought it said, “Surprise! ‘Pauly D’ Is Dead!” (One can only hope…) RATS!!!

jeff on

Congrats! You impregnated a one-night-stander! Of course, he’s excited, now that the paternity test shows it’s him. What a d-bag.

kim on

“surprise”?? thats no surprise. im sure hes the baby daddy to many kids out there, he just doesnt know it yet. what WOULD be a surprise is if he had sired NO kids…

Pat Brown on

he’s a loser that got really lucky, I guess his luck just ran out, with hefty child support payments for the next 18 years, stupid wastoid!

Amanda on

A lot of assumptions being thrown around here. What makes any of you think that he was stupid enough NOT to practice safe sex. The only form of BC that is 100% is abstinence.

I’m not surprised that he’s taking responsibility. He was by far the most mature and responsible one on that show.

Emma on

The fact that he’s 33 and still acting like a college kid is pretty disgraceful. Step it up and grow up, your poor daughter will want to know who her daddy is.

Lauren on

congrats, I’m sure it’s not the last one he will learn about.

Dan on

where does this fit in with GTL?

_Kristine on

To assume that there was no protection is crazy. The only birth control that is 100% effective is not having sex. Hormonal contraception has an approximately 3% failure rate average among all the methods, condoms are a whopping 18%! So if you are solely relying on them to prevent pregnancy, you probably want to consider another method or a concurrent form of birth control!

guest on

Ewww. Classless mom and dad. One night stand in Vegas? Don’t they know about disease? Talk about gambling. Gross.

Babies Rock! on

What? Bastard babies all over the place! I thought it said, “Surprise! ‘Pauly D’ Is Dead!” (I think I read that too fast; maybe next time, eh, Pauly?)

dorothy on

He’s 33? I thought he was in his early 20s!

Snipercat on

Come on now is Paulyd having a child he didnt know about really a SUPRISE? I feel bad for the baby. Obviously her mother has no taste and we all know what a looser he is.

Chris on

What a bunch of jerkoffs you all are on here! SO SICK of the negative crap like you know these celebs personally, GROW UP and get out of grade school you pathetic excuses for human beings!!! SAY congratulations, you have ZERO idea about the circumstances and have ZERO idea what kind of parent this man will be?! GEEZUS just stfu with your horrible attitudes already!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna on

This guy is so low class, he seems proud to announce to the world that he sleeps around, without protection, doesn’t even know he fathered a child and then acts all happy when he finds out. Poor baby. She deserves so much better.

lbm on


Kids Tshirts on

Hopefully he will do what’s right and be a father to his daughter. I wish them all the best.

lifeasahouse on

He may or may not have used protection. We do not know that. It appears that the woman did not tell him she was pregnant until late in the game or after the birth. This is what happens when you have casual sex. At least he is taking responsibility now.

Kat on

Does he or Simon Cowell understand there are things called condoms that could keep them out of trouble?

anona on

“No doctor’s apts.? Not there for the ultrasounds? Not at the delivery? Wow, explain that to this little girl later in life, and she WILL ask, believe me on this. ”

Um, no, I don’t think children ask who was at their ultrasound. *rolling eyes*

Anonymous on

I feel bad for him and the baby…. any woman who has a child through a one night stand is asking for problems…. now she can collect her child support and complain about what a bad Dad he is while forgetting how she got pregnant and what situation she placed a child in.

Debra on

he is taking a role. How long will that last? maybe when the mother insists on living in a million dollar mansion that his child absolutely must have.

Guest on

Wow, it’s really amazing how people must have no idea how this went down. The mother probably had no way of contacting him after their one night stand, so she had to wait until the baby was born to order a paternity test before she could even establish contact with Pauly D. Otherwise, tons of celebs would be bogged down and harassed by ‘baby mamas’ whose babies turn out to not be there’s down the road. Duh.

Elopez on

How sad for the child that this is news that random people can comment on.

Ris on

Pathetic that he’s still acting like this and why have unprotected sex?! There’s HIV, HPV, and so and so on. So sad she will never have a real family. 😦 that 26 year old putton mother hit the jackpot financially though. He is worth 15 million.

Helen on

What about the girl that already has another child from another guy. These poor kids will grow up knowing their mom is a slut.


Is this really surprising?

viciousgirl on

I’m excited to conceive an unplanned human and add to the billions on the planet!

Rachael on

What a dirt bag. Feel sorry for the kid.

keith golay on

so not hollywood you were kind of right. he shouldnt discover he is a dad. i am glad that he is taking care of this. but this woman needs to do jail time and sent to the vet to be fixed. why did she not contact him sooner? instead she went to see lawyers to see how much she can bleed from him

keith golay on

yo people what happened to my comment?

guest on

Wow!!! I just got back from Vegas and all I got was a hangover!!!

Taylor on

Lol at “recently discovered.”

katie on

good god, no one uses condoms??

pixiemom on

My husband, of 11 yrs, and I became pregnant with our second son when a condom BROKE! It happens!

Anais on

we need to see how old he is cause 33 is way older than his real brain age…

Stephanie on

Just because he found out he’s a father doesn’t mean he’s going to do anything for the kid, to him this news means more publicity for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him and the other dudes from the show on Maury one day with about 5 girls each, not knowing which guy fathered their child. The chick who slept with this STD filled dude is a skank herself, oh but wait, maybe she purposely didn’t use protection for publicity herself, although once again, this is a complete Maury episode. And what will the baby’s father teach her all about? DTF, gotta be one of those girl’s to get places in life….what a joke!!!

lprdgrl on

Surprise??…it’s a miracle he’s not knee deep in them. My best wishes to the little one!

Anonymous on

Amanda, _Kristine, lifeasahouse, Thank you for showing some sanity and not jumping to conclusions. It’s sad that so many others could or would not! Unless we were in the room when this baby girl was concieved, we cannot possibly know whether protection was used. Why so many people think birth control is 100 percent effective I’ll never understand!

Marky on

Those of you acting as if he “considers her mother a whore” because he “ordered” a paternity test need to chill out a little. Men who have had brief affairs and had sex are not at the top of my list, but I will also say, it sounds as if he may have voluntarily done a paternity test, which protects everyone concerned, including the child. Those tests can be done after the child is born, and means the child is protected from finding out, as a child I knew did, at age 10 years, that the guy he thought was his bio father, was not. The man who raised what he thought was his only child, was devastated, but rose to the occasion during a divorce, and actually ended up with custody of the child. Because the test wasn’t done when the child was born, it is nearly impossible to find the bio father. When my grandson was born a few years ago, we asked that a paternity test be done because there was a question as to who fathered the child, and for the sake of the child, it was important to know the truth. Didn’t mean anyone thought anything negative about anyone involved. Pauly D is stepping up, and for all you know, didn’t even know the woman was pregnant until the baby was born. As for BC, nothing is 100%; I have 2 family members born to women using BC every time. One on the pill, and one on the shot AND condoms. It happens.

use condom sense on

don’t be silly, wrap your willy!

Jeni on

Let’s all stop harping on his lack of basic sex education and start harping on his grooming skills. Why does he style his hair in the shape of a mushroom??? Eeeeshk.

Lilly on

Should of worn a condom!! That is going to a very expensive one night stand!!!

dee on

Gross this guy along with the rest of jersey shore are nasty. All they did was sleep around. It doesnt surprise me either. Time to grow up!!!

Guesto on

Ugh. Stop multiplying. An out of wedlock baby brought into the world by a grease monkey and tacky baby mama. Best wishes to child’s future. 😛

teno on

I watched the Jersey Shore several times and found this guy to be total TRASH. The women he slept with were no better they allowed themselves to be used and to get their 5 minutes of fame. Well I hope she gets all the funds she needs from this two timer to raise their child. He’s a horrible influence to all young men.

Anonymous on

He knew!!!

raneydayart on

This is the new normal==YIKES.

Amanda on

Jeni – I wouldn’t comment on anyone’s lack of sex education when you’re not even educated enough to know that there isn’t a birth control method out there that is 100%. Abstinence is the only way. So before you go preaching on – make sure you know what you’re talking about kiddo!

Paula on

WOW. Keep it classy, Pauly D. Keep it classy.

Alicia on

You people and your comments are disgusting. One even said that this baby will grow up to be a loser like her father. A baby is a blessing ALWAYS. Congratulations.

Guest on

Come on everybody. It’s not all his fault. It takes two to make a baby. Neither he nor the mother of his child thought to practice safe sex. No one is innocent in this except the baby.

wrenaroo on

“Paul Delvecchio Welcomes a Daughter”

To welcome a daughter, he would have had to be there at her birth. More like after he was told, and tested, he accepted that he a daughter. Hopefully he will take his role seriously.

Lyanna on

anona on October 22nd, 2013

“No doctor’s apts.? Not there for the ultrasounds? Not at the delivery? Wow, explain that to this little girl later in life, and she WILL ask, believe me on this. ”

Um, no, I don’t think children ask who was at their ultrasound. *rolling eyes*

Roll eyes all you want but I work with the Court system and it does matter and they do ask. So, apparently, you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a boat.

beccaleccahigh on

“The baby is reportedly a few months old and living with her mom.” I guress this is better than at the shore? Or maybe with her sperm donor…

Anna on

First off why is everyone assuming he didn’t use protection? Condoms can fail ya know. Yeah he just found out he is a dad how is that his fault he didn’t know. The mother had just as much responsibility to tell him she was expecting but didn’t. Good for him for stepping up and actually wanting to be apart of this little girls life. It shows there are still good guys out there.

J on

Lyanna, maybe he considers himself the “whore” since he has slept around and moved on without a thought of a relationship with all of these women.

J on

LOL w/ Congrats. For me, Miley Cyrus’ tooth licking squint face is the kind of face that needs a punch.

Crystal on

Are we all reading the same article? It says he “RECENTLY” discovered he was a father. He wasn’t at doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, etc because………….. HE DIDN’T KNOW! When I first read the article I thought “YUCK! A one night stand?? Don’t people use protection anymore????” However, like other posters said, protection isn’t 100%. The positive thing is that he is stepping up and being an active participant in his daughter’s life. He should be encouraged. Not talked down to and ridiculed.


Poor kid is going to find out later in life that she was the result of a drunken one night stand. Her parents, hate each other and are already fighting over custody and child support. Her mother is using her like an ATM. It’s bad enough that ALL that is going on but to act proud of the fact that you had UNPROTECTED sex while drunk during a one night stand?? What is wrong with these people.


“A lot of assumptions being thrown around here. What makes any of you think that he was stupid enough NOT to practice safe sex.”

NOT assumptions. The mother of the baby has already openly admitted that they were both drunk and neither used protection. People can call him a dbag and say negative things about him but she’s just as much to blame for this too. Oh, and SEX IS NOT just meant for marriage. You can have sex but there’s a difference between being mature enough and responsible enough to do it and just going out there and being an idiot.