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Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Winnie Is All Ears

10/21/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

How un-bear-ably cute!

Proud papa Jimmy Fallon shared a sweet snapshot of his bouncing baby girl on Instagram Monday, posting a picture of his 3-month-old daughter Winnie Rose relaxing in her activity center.

“Jumping bear,” Fallon, 39, captioned the photo of his firstborn, clad in a cozy pink romper, complete with little ears.

The new dad — he and his wife Nancy welcomed Winnie via surrogate in July — has said that while the couple’s path to parenthood, which included several failed fertility treatments, was hard, it was all worth the wait.

“I just love her. She’s a little angel. She’s so cute and so fun,” Fallon said in August. “Little girls especially unlock something in your heart.”

Jimmy Fallon Daughter Winnie Rose
Courtesy Jimmy Fallon

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Catca on

Oh my goodness – could she be any cuter?

Marky on

Winnie is adorable! I know Jimmy is the famous one of this couple, but People’s headlines always sound as if she is Jimmy’s baby and Nancy is just a nanny or something, LOL…. Bet this baby is one of the happiest celeb babies in the world; so wanted and so loved!!

LC on

Such a little doll!

Anonymous on

she is the cutest baby girl i ever seen!

Karolina on

Awwww, Winnie is so beautiful! What a cute photo in general

JessiMarie on

Cuteness. So happy for Jimmy and his wife.

klutzy_girl on

The cute!

Kristina on

She is adorable!! I love little hoodies like that with the ears. My husband used to call them “horn warmers”, lol.

Tina on

Hey cutie!

kaemicha on

How could she not be adorable? She’s Fallon’s daughter and he’s totally adorable. But the tongue, lil’ Winnie? Way too Miley C.! 😉

kim on

OMG she is precious!!

Nancy on

That is one cute little girl!

nas on

Wonderful!!! Just speechless…..I am so happy for the entire family.

Carrie M on

How delicious!

Lilac B on

Adorable Baby. Stick her tongue back in her mouth, no future Miley Cyrus.

gotcha on

baby is three months old, would be just as cute and sweet if had male genitalia (and would be as nice in pink too). Babies are babies, and almost always every-second lovable. Sexism not needed! Gosh, like boy babies don’t unlock your heart?

They are born with APBs (attachment promoting behaviors). I never even wanted to know what sex my kid was, a baby is a baby! Baby wore clothes of any color…

Enjoy it Jimmy!

and people, please stop with the “sweet pic” and “sweet smile” and “sweet photo” and “sweet shot.”

Michelle Jackson on

Awww! She’s so precious! I wish them all the best in the world!

amy on

How darling!

amy on

@gotcha, you sure sound like a miserable person. Get over your self.

Jess on

She is so cute. Jimmy Fallon must be a terrific father!

Sara on

She is so cute! A true proud papa.

Charli on

That is such a cute pic!!!!

macga on

What a sweet photo of a cutie with such a sweet smile!

Edie on

What a doll!

Julia on

Completely adorable

Katie on

Gotcha I respect your desire to not put a label on your child but the majority of people do use a label and there is nothing wrong with that. My daughter is a girl and my son is a boy and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Isabel on

She’s too cute!

Gotcha, step away from the computer. You’re unhinged.

Anonymous on

Wow! What a doll 🙂

Mai on

Cute kid, definitely takes after her father. They used a donor egg in addition to the surrogate, right? Wonder who the real mother is.

Katie on

Mai her real mother is Nancy his wife. Being biological doesn’t make you a parent. I have a bio sperm donor who chose to leave forever after my mother’s divorce. My real dad is the man she married after that and chose to adopt my brother and I.

Amy on

I just wonder about the nut jobs that clicked on the frowny and mad faces. Seriously?? Yes, this baby is so cute that it really ticks me off. Oh, the world today.

Vicky on

What a beautiful pic! Cutie Pie!! Congtratulations.. what a beautiful family.

Beth on

She’s a cutie. Happy for Jimmy and is wife.

Ms. Parton on


Anonymous on

Mai- They’ve never said whether they used donor eggs or Nancy’s, and good for them! It’s nobody’s business but theirs (and, should she want to know when she’s older, Winnie’s too, obviously!)!

Anyway, Winnie is adorable, and sorry gotcha, but any photo of a baby is sweet! 😉

Anonymous on

Mai, the real mother? Egg donors are not mothers. What a horrible and uneducated thing to say.

me on

i didn’t read the story just saw the pic and had to say what a sweet baby ~ ALL babies are sweet

peoplearestupid on

@gotcha, you sound like a complete psychopath/moron.