Soleil Moon Frye: Why I’m Excited to Raise a Son

10/21/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Soleil Moon Frye Pregnant Son

Being six months pregnant with a baby boy isn’t stopping Soleil Moon Frye from going all out to celebrate Halloween with her two daughters, Jagger Joseph Blue, 5½, and Poet Sienna Rose, 8.

“I love everything about Halloween,” Frye, 37, told PEOPLE at an event to celebrate the release of her book Let’s Get This Party Started and her new Moonfrye app at The Grove in Los Angeles.

“We love decorating pumpkins, and this year we’re really into glitter pumpkins and chalkboard pumpkins. And we love trick-or-treating and dressing up.”

She adds, “Jagger is going to be a vampire, and Poet’s going to be a cheerleader, but one that comes from the dead.”

Next year she’ll have one more member of her brood to celebrate the holiday with. “It’s crazy. I’m so excited. I’m just totally blown away,” the actress says about having a son.

“My girls and I, we love designing together, we love creating together, we love coming up with craft ideas. I think it will be fun to add some more boy energy to that. I’m excited to be able to raise him in a household of girls, and teach him to be a gentleman at an early age.”

Frye and her husband Jason Goldberg have already been preparing — mentally and physically — for the arrival of their son.

“We’ve started exercising and training our minds. I’ve got to store up a lot of energy and get prepared, because apparently boys have a lot of energy!” she jokes.

Jagger and Poet are also readying themselves for the arrival of their new baby brother. “They’re so excited. It’s really cute, my younger one will go and have conversations with the belly. She’s like, ‘Excuse me mom, I need some private time!'”

Soleil Moon Frye Pregnant Son

— Gabrielle Olya

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stacey on

That is the biggest 8 year old I’ve ever seen.

Carrie M on

Put your running shoes on….boys usually are FULL of energy!!

Anonymous on

@stacy Soleil is just really short

Jay on

They make a nice couple and the girls are beautiful! I’m glad to see they have stayed together. I think they got married rather young and in Hollywood the statistics are not so good on a successful marriage so it’s heart warming to see them so happy!! Best of luck on the new addition.

Tara on

Sons are wonderful. When I was pregnant I was one of the few of my friends who was hoping for a boy. He is my only child and when I found out the sex I nearly jumped off the table. The technician was surprised because she said 90% of the time when she tells women who will only have the one kid, that they want a girl. I grew up with 6 older brothers but ended up being a Girly girl… Worked in fashion and love decorating. But the connection I feel with my almost 5 year old is like no other. Soleil they are exhausting but such amazing little creatures. Good luck.

katrina on

I dont know about boys having more energy since I only have one child but my son is only 5 months and I can tell already I am going to have to have an eagle eye on him and he will probably get into EVERYTHING (sighs) lol

Taylor on

I have a boy and a girl Both are so much fun in different ways. She’ll love it!

Tlc on

Wonder what this baby’s name will be. Jagger is so masculine and Poet is ultra feminine. If they name the baby something really masculine, it will just accentuate the masculinity of Jagger’s unfortunate name. If they go to soft, for a boy, it will sound ridiculous.

Mari on

Beautiful girls with ridiculous names!!

Tlc on

Soliel is four foot ten. So not overly short…but under five feet. Her daughter IS big and tall..she must take after Jason! But Poet is very tall for 8 years old!

Shoshie on

They are having a boy. I guess they will be giving the baby a girls name, if naming their daughter Jagger is anything to go by.

Anonymous on

Tlc- Four foot ten IS very short for an adult woman. I’m only two inches taller than that, and it’s rare for me to bump into anyone over 18 who’s my height, let alone shorter! 😉

Anonymous on

Umm… I don’t know if the daughter is that tall. If you look closely Soleil is hunched forward…

Anonymous on

Where do you live that you don’t “bump” into anyone your height over 18? The average female is around 5’4. So are females at 5’8, not bumping into people at that height? Where I live there are people everywhere that are around 5 ft tall. Really curious what tall town you live in because my friend is 5’11 and maybe should go live there 😉

labot on

oh that’s marvelous to hear I mean you have two children already all girls and now maybe the creator has blessed you with a boy, I am glad for you I hope that’s a bouncy baby boy so as time goes by he be jumping around and doing what boys usually do’ so I wish you all the best on your newly born and I hope things will be ok, I am sure that the girls are happy to have a baby brother! ( p.s. if I make a mistake I didn’t know until now )!