Neil Patrick Harris and His Family Head to a Halloween Party

10/21/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Neil Patrick Harris and his gang are making sure they’re not late, late for a very important date.

The actor proved his family is already in the Halloween spirit with a picture posted to his Instagram on Sunday, showcasing the foursome’s adorable Alice in Wonderland-themed attire.

“Our costumes for the Halloween carnival at the kids’ preschool yesterday,” the How I Met Your Mother star wrote alongside the photo. Their trip to Wonderland comes following their previous adventure in Neverland.

But while they all played their parts perfectly — Harris and David Burtka dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum and 3-year-old twins Harper and Gideon were Alice and the White Rabbitย  — they’ll be switching it up in time for the season’s spookiest night.

“But 10/31 will be frighteningly different … ! @DavidBurtka came up with both themes/costumes. He’s amazing,” Harris, 40, adds.

Neil Patrick Harris Twins Halloween Costumes
Courtesy Neil Patrick Harris

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Jen on

Such an adorable picture of a beautiful family! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see what David came up with for Halloween!

Cecily on

As someone who had to beg my dad to even take his eyes off the tv and look/tell me what he thought of my costume as a kid, I think these guys are awesome.


They are such great Dad’s! They sure do know how to have a good time!!
The twins are so CUTE!!!!!!

Brooke on

This family is PERFECTION

Callie on

So adorable! That little girl is gorgeous. Doogie always looks cute.

Tlc on

Love this family!!! So cute.

Tee on

Absolutely love the pic, their kids always make me smile,

Jen on

Ok…I am in LOVE with this family! They are adorable!!! I know this is dumb but I still doubt one of each of those kids is Neil’s and one is David’s. They both look way too alike to be half siblings! They both look like Neil to me! Just sayin’!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

klutzy_girl on


Really excited to see their Halloween costumes this year (along with the Hannigan-Denisofs because they’re awesome every year too).

Margo on

Such an adorable family!

shawna on

What a bunch of goofed—–BALLS!

Adrian on

Awwww. Too stinking cute! And the kids aren’t bad, either. Lol.

Sandra Barwick on

You will probably remove mine because it is a sin for two men to have sex and for them to raise children as a couple makes me ill. I don’t ever watch anything this perv is on!

Jamie on

Ugh, so freaking cute

Bree on

ADORABLE!! Love seeing pictures of these four, definitely my favorite celeb family ๐Ÿ™‚

Brianne on

Such a sweet picture! I love this family! Neil and David, you have 2 precious kids! Very creative Halloween costumes!!!

Akali on

How in the world in Neil 40??? He still looks the same from the DHMD days. Love him.

Me on

cute picture. too bad the babies were bought from a surrogate. Surrogacy is immoral and ought to be illegal.

Andrea on

@Me- What an ignorant and hateful comment! There are many things that are immoral but that doesn’t mean they should be illegal. Many women, like myself, have been left unable to conceive children the natural way. If it weren’t for surrogacy, I wouldn’t be a mother.

If I remember correctly, didn’t God say it was our obligation as a women to procreate? Which do you think would be a bigger insult to God, not fulfilling our obligation to reproduce or using artificial means to conceive a child? I may be an Atheist but the answer is clear as day.

Anais on

those children are absolutely gorgeous and always look so happy. kudos to the parents!

Anonymous on

I love this couple! They are such great parents and a great role model to couples everywhere! They always put their children first. They know what it means to be a family!

Elle on

Their kids are absolutely adorable! Great family pic!

Carrie on

They are so cute! I always look forward to seeing what they dress up as for Halloween. So so cute…that put a smile on my face.

Jen on

Sandra- Okay, I’ll take your hater troll bait. How exactly do you come to the conclusion that being a homosexual means that person is a ‘perv’? Please tell me you’re not one of those idiots that believe that gay men molest children, because that is so misguided I don’t even know where to begin to school you.

And while you’re over there on your judgemental high horse decreeing what is sin, why not think about your own sins, like say, judging others? These parents are loving and stable and able to give these beautiful children a wonderful life. How unfortunate of you to be too blinded by your so called religion to see how precious such a thing can be.

And before you begin to thump your bible at me in retort, I am a Christian and I have Jesus in my heart AND I have love and respect and acceptance for ALL people. Including homosexuals. Just as Jesus himself did. *GASP!*

Kc on

And Sandra you’re a b!tch that needs to pull her head out of her a$$. They’re not pervs and they have a right to have their children just like any straight couple.

Anonymous on

These poor children had no choice in being adopted by what some–most–of the world’s population would consider an aberrant and immoral parental situation. Please do not celebrate this! The children are being used to make this look acceptable.

Laine on

Look at those guys ruining marriage! Ruining those kids’ lives.

sky on

I love this photo and say good for them! They obviously love their children. For those opposed, why bother making a comment? Move on, keep you ignorance to yourself. Wake up this is life for so many people today. Perhaps you should go back in time to the 50s!

Jeni on

God, some of you people are ignorant and hateful. To think that two people who love each other are abhorrant and “evil” is beyond stupidity.

I have a brother who is gay and let me tell you ignorant, spiteful, judgmental people something…my BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN parents fought it until the day he came out of the closet but one thing was for sure….he was gay since he could play with toys. He never had anything in common with my other two brothers and he was always a feminine boy. No matter what my parents (especially my father) did my brother was always himself…

Growing up with him by my side taught me something I could only hope to pass on to other less fortunate people (because I DO consider myself fortunate to have a gay brother since it has enlightened me and made me more empathetic to people who are NOT heterosexual) and that is that gay people are no different than ANYONE. They just want to love and be loved in return and for some (like straight couples) want to start families.

I think it is awesome that they found a surrogate to have their children for them. That is no sin. That is a blessing. Do you really think those kids are going to grow up lacking in anything? Sure, they won’t have a mother but not everyone has a mother they know personally. They are going to have two parents that love and adore them. A happy household is the most important thing. I would rather have my daughter raised in a house with two men or two women than a man and a woman who fight constantly and hate each other.

So, get off your high horses and stop judging people. Gay people aren’t evil. YOU are evil for judging and condeming.


micky on

What a cute picture

Lital on

SOOOO adorable! love this family

Sara on

Love this family.

colleen on

they are awesome! its nice to see such a happy family.

MommytoanE on

Cute picture. I love the costumes. Gideon pulling his nose away with that adorable expression just kills me. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the others, don’t feed the trolls. They feast on negativity.


Can’t get any cuter then this. I love this family, they are adorable

Anonymous on

They always have the best family costumes.

Harper is just precious and Gideon is adorable.

sue's on

What a cute and adorable family.

guest on

Awwwwwww, love them!!!! Too cute

korynn on

i just love them!

Amanda on

For the ignorant people spouting hate about the family shove a sock in it. I’ve seen Neil Patrick Harris and His partner David Burtka with their kids when they visited Disney. Aside from being celebs and needing escorts through Disney they were perfectly normal acting parents. Their children were very well behaved and obviously very much loved. So if Loving your children and being awesome dad to them makes them “sinners” and awful people I guess that makes us heterosexuals just the same.

Oh right….NPH and DB are probably better parents than most of the hetero population.

Krista Smith on

Okay, this has got to be one of the most precious families E.V.E.R! What great parents and happy kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

Elle on

I love this family!

ALM on

Too, too cute!

Karen on

Everyone has the right to live their lives as they choose. Bottom Line. Bless this family.

KB on

Adorable family. So much love!

Dee on

They are a gorgeous family. It is great how loving and involved they seem to be.

Kristin on

How anyone can look at these two adorable, happy children and their loving parents and see anything wrong here is astounding. I adore this family!

Anonymous on

Jeni- With all due respect, a child’s toy preferences have nothing to do with his or her sexual orientation. Please don’t spread mis-information!

That being said, I agree with the rest of your comment and think it’s one of the best on this thread! ๐Ÿ™‚

phre on

4 cuties!

Anonymous on

Jeni- With all due respect, a childโ€™s toy preferences have nothing to do with his or her sexual orientation. Please donโ€™t spread mis-information!

Jeni said, “he was gay since he could play with toys.” Ishe proceeded to state he acted very feminine. I believe she was solely referring to knowing he was gay at a young age. Where did she say his toy selection is how she knew? I read nothing his selection of toys that has to do with his sexual orientation. My mom knew her sister was gay when she could play with toys, but it had nothing to do with what toys she played with. It’s just an expression she used. My aunt played with dolls. But was more masculine in everything she did.

Judy on

OMG this is an adorable picture.

Carol Anne on

This is disgusting. These two children are being raised in an abnormal situation. No matter how you spin it, homosexuality is wrong. These children will need years of therapy to help them sort out what is normal and what isn’t.

Anonymous on

Carol Anne, how many sessions are needed? What type of program, etc? How do they end up afterwards?

Anonymous on

Carol Anne- What a sad, narrow-minded view of the world you have! I sincerely hope that you don’t have kids!