Nick Cannon: I’m Lucky My Job Lets Me Spend Time with My Kids

10/18/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Nick Cannon Twins America's Got Talent
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America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon is a busy man, but he is grateful that his schedule allows him to see his toddlers more than other working parents.

“I mean, when you think about it there are so many other occupations that take the parents away from the home for a long period of time,” Cannon tells PEOPLE.

“The beauty of being an entertainer is I probably get to spend more time with my kids than the average person because I’m not on a 9 to 5 schedule.”

And while Cannon, 33, and his wife Mariah Carey, 44, both balance their celebrity lifestyles with parenting their twins Monroe and Moroccan, 2½, they understand the benefits of working in their industry.

“We are lucky because we get the ability to bring our kids with us a lot of the times and we get to control a lot of our hours,” Cannon says.

But one thing that will keep Cannon away from his children is the upcoming open auditions for the next season of AGT, which begin in Miami on Oct. 26.

“It is always hard when you leave the family but luckily for me, I’m never gone that long,” the NBC talent show host says. “And I love traveling. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. I get a kick out of meeting all the different people in each city, seeing their talents and seeing the makeup and DNA of each town.”

Cannon encourages anyone who has a dream of performing to apply either in person or online, but when it comes to his own children he hopes their aspirations lie elsewhere.

“My kids have talent. It is cool to see them singing and my son plays the drums. It is in their DNA,” he says. ” But the only reason why I say I don’t want my kids to be in entertainment is because I want them to have a sense of accomplishment. When your parents are entertainers that is the easiest thing — that’s a given. I would rather them strive for something like sports or education, something that is technically outside their wheelhouse.”

— Patrick Gomez

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lovingit on

Those poor kids have no sense of reality. Their parents use them as ornaments and decorations, all sex stereotyped: girl in pink scratchy dresses and bows and mary jane shoes and with nail polish; boy in ball cap and bow tie and boots. Nick said “My son loves sports.” Really? Does your daughter love sports? Have you thrown a ball with her, and run around a track with her? Has she hit a tennis ball? How do you know if she wants to be a soccer player or swimmer? What if Moroccan wants to be an interior designer? You decorate them and prop them up for all the “holidays” like they are accessories, and they have no chance to develop their own ideas about who/what they are. Does Monroe (who is named for the made-up surname of a drug addict) get a chance to wear sneakers and denim and NOT comb her hair? sigh.

Guest on

Seriously? Gender roles often times are engrained in a child whether you encourage them to be or not. My daughter loves princesses, my little pony, & anything purple. My son loves cars, balls, and anything else you would consider boyish. I didn’t force this on them, my son has played with dolls and my daughter cars. This is just what they have preferred. And they are only four and two. You need to relax.

Emma on

If anyone is hung up on gender rolls it would be you dear. What, girls that wear pink and bows can’t like sports?

Guest on

Beautiful family!

I love them.

SLB on

Jeez Lovingit please stop being so angry on and go raise your kids! Oh, and I hope you have kids because you have a whole lot to say about the way these two raise theirs!

ElinaR on

I didn’t even read this because if you have children you are a lucky parent. Children are the ultimate blessing and the most amazing accomplishment you could ever be lucky enough to have.

Becky on

Such a great story.Hope he keeps these thoughts as they get older..

lovingit..Bitter much? Young kids do know things they like. I have a great niece that is 16 months old and she loves The Price is Right, every time she hears it on TV, she comes running..She dances to music..And guess what? I dress her up and take pictures of her..

Chris on

Their son looks like there is something “off” with him. They are both cute but the boy’s forehead gives me the impression he has some special needs issues?

Rachaelmalle on

lovingit is NOT angry or bitter, she is RIGHT!

These celebrities DO use their kids as ornaments and decorations in the name of publicity. It’s been a fad for at least a decade now.

Midwest Mom on

I am disgusted by anything he says after he tweeted about hitting his kids with a belt when they are older. Sicko Sicko Sicko I thought it had to be some kind of sick “joke”, but then he explained that was how he was raised and he would raise his kids that way too. And Mariah said nothing…. Both are a–h—-.

Anonymous on

Chris- His forehead looks fine to me. Some people just have high foreheads. 🙂

Marky on

Lovingit, it’s too bad you’re a single mom with no guy in sight, and your son wants the latest American Girl Doll and ALL her stuff for Christmas, so you seem upset that this dad is proud of his children and even knows what they like. He clearly loves his wife and kids, and is grateful to have his family; you have no idea what games he plays with his daughter or his son, so turn loose of your nasty spell and just let it go. People get to name their own children in this country, and no one sane chooses not to comb their child’s hair. If they did, you’d complain about that!

hi on

I think he’s a good guy…. and he’s not ‘hood’ at all… like those other ridiculous black guys with gold chains, saggy pants and ghetto mouths accompanying them.

sarah on

Wow didn’t know maria is 11yrs older than him, I love them though.

hotchoc on

It is true, when you’re parents are famous and rich, its easy to just follow that road. But him wanting to encourage his kids to try other pursuits is great to hear.

Cris on

Why make anise remarks about lovingits’s opinion? They are voicing their thoughts. I didn’t see where they expected anyone to share that opinion. I agree that Mariah and Nick are photo ops type of people. That’s my opinion based on the pics that I have seen of them.

thenitenurse on

Nick Cannon is an interesting celebrity. He was like the biggest Mariah Carey fan before marrying her. He started his career quite young in life and is like one of the most hardest working people in show business. He has like several jobs. While I don’t doubt he loves his children very much, I can’t believe he spends very much time with them when he is always working to prove he isn’t just Mr. Mariah Carey.

thenitenurse on

Dear Lovingit,
I am pretty sure most parents make their kids dress in outfits that they don’t like. AND I know several MONROE’s and they ARE NOT NAMED AFTER DRUG ADDICTS! I come from working class parents who worked very hard and spent very little time doing things with me because they had to feed us. So stop with the judgments about the Cannon family.