Chris Pratt: How Skype Helped My Son Remember Me

10/17/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Chris Pratt Anna Faris Jack Taylor Hill/Getty

Welcome home!

Chris Pratt was greeted by his 14-month-old son Jack‘s adorable face Wednesday morning after flying in at midnight from London, where he has been filming his latest movie Guardians of the Galaxy for the past five months.

“I had a very special moment with him today. He recognized me when I came home,” Pratt, 34, told PEOPLE at the Parks and Recreation 100th Episode Celebration on Wednesday.

“I was worried that he wasn’t going to recognize me, but he recognized me from Skype,” admits Pratt.

The Parks and Recreation star says his son is doing the cutest things now.

He’s standing up, saying words and showing off,” says Pratt. “He has a real personality there. He just smiles for the camera — he’s like his mom and dad.”

While Pratt was overseas, his wife, Mom actress Anna Faris had to double-up in the parenting department. “The whole time I’ve been gone she had been taking care of the baby by herself so she needed time away,” he explains.

To gift Faris with some rest and relaxation, the couple had a very special mini-getaway in New York sans their little tot. “We had a really nice 18-hour romantic rendezvous,” shares Pratt.

— Mariah Haas

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blessedwithboys on

He left his family for five months straight? I hope the money was worth it.

June on

So his reward was to leave his son again? Great dad.

j on

by herself? LOL she has a nanny!

Nicole on

No matter what I read about this guy he seems like such a jerk! And it makes me feel like she is a fool for being so blind to it.

Anonymous on

He sounds like a loving father and husband to me. 🙂

NicolaFinnegan on

He didn’t see his son for five months?! Gee movie money or not – that is sad! And she would have day and night nannies!! Puuhlease someone tell this couple to put their son first. Oh yeah, Hollywood. Sorry bubs. Money but no love.

Anonymous on

If they took the child to London constantly, they would be bad parents for flying him back and forth. Projects like this were most likely signed up, before he was born. She works too.

J, she works! Someone has to watch the child while she isn’t working! His comment is reference to being the only parent in the household for five months. A nanny/babysitter wouldn’t be there all the time.

Nicole, what makes him a jerk?

Zzzzzz on

It doesn’t say he was gone for 5 months straight! Geez! He’s an actor. That’s what they do.

Carol Renihan on


klutzy_girl on

Chris seems like a pretty awesome guy to me, and a great husband and father.

Missing him on Parks and Rec, and can’t wait until he’s back!

guest on

Relax people (not the magazine). He isn’t the only person in the world to have to leave on business for periods of time. “Normal” people do it all the time, you just don’t hear about it. He seems like a great father to me. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, so who are we to judge? And if you actually read the article, he was gone for less than a day. I’m sure they are both allowed to have a mini 18-hour vacation.

michelle on

Sounds like a loving husband and father to me also. Are some people jealous? May not be your way of life but their jobs are to be moviestars so sometimes they must travel. If you read any other articles Anna Faris does not believe in having a nanny. People are so critical of other peoples lives.

klutzy_girl on

Do you ever get tired of being so judgmental ladies? If he wasn’t working and doing anything to provide for his family you’d be complaining about that too.

Miche on

No wonder celeb families fall apart…

deezy92 on

I do not understand the negativity in regards to having to be away due to work. It’s not as if they both left the baby with a nanny and took off for 5 months. I know plenty of great parents who have careers that take them away for extended periods of time, including my own spouse. Being away is not a deciding factor in the kind of parent a person is…. just as a parent who’s always around isn’t automatically a great one either.

If that isn’t the life for you, be happy that it’s not the life you’ve chosen, but no need to make assumptions about the man and his priorities.

JB1024 on

So are you saying Dad’s in the arm forces who have to leave for years at a time are crap father’s also?

Different circumstances but why is one an awful parent and the other is a hero? Both men are doing their jobs and taking care of their family.

I also dont see where it says he never came home for 5 months. It says he was filming for 5 months, he does get days off.

Anonymous on

Other anonymous, no they don’t. There are certain posts I will stay away from….Kardashians, Suri Cruise, Snooki and Jennifer Love Hewitt, are just some. Why? Because the comments are beyond hateful. Celebs are people too. It is beyond disgusting the things I have read. I truly don’t understand, how people can say some of the things said.

Yesterday, was anti-bullying day, so I refrained from the internet because I wanted a cyber bully free day. Yet today, I see the comments were in full force. My hope for parents is to stop being so nasty, so that the their children will not repeat this behavior. Children only do what they know.

Melissa on

Yes, he was gone for 5 months BUT you guys aren’t reading where he said “I was worried that he wasn’t going to recognize me, but he recognized me from Skype,” admits Pratt. i also read an article where he stated that he talk to his wife and his son all the time on Skype while he’s away. He’s an actor and was before he got married and had a baby. She too so it’s not really fair criticizing them for doing their job.

Look at it this way, his son will always see him even when he’s not with him because of today’s technology and that’s a lot better than not seeing him at all. My husband and i had been putting off a trip to the Bahamas for 2 yrs and it was going to expire so we went away for 9 days (this was13 yrs ago). My daughter was one at the time and when we came back, she didn’t even recognize us. It hurt me so bad but she eventually came around. Five months is an incredibly long time to be without your child but at least they have something to communicate with.

Melissa on

If you guys follow Anna on Twitter, it’s pretty clear that her mom is the person who watches Jack when she and Chris are at work. Probably not all that different a situation as many of you. Let’s cut them a break, huh? I hope you guys aren’t this judgmental of people you actually know.

maryhelenc on

He seems like such a sweet guy, who loves his wife and son very much. As for the naysayers, marriages need couple time too. In addition to being away from his son, he was away from his wife and he took 18 hours to be with her and give her some r&r too. I think they seem like a lovely family.

Claire on

Wow. Spoiled rich people amaze me. My oldest son saw his father a total of 4 months the first two years. We didn’t have that capability, because he was at a forward operating base. The military really ought to be treated better than someone who chooses to leave his child for money.

liz on

i love her new show MOM so funny, what a handsome couple best wishes for a happy life together

Hopper on

That’s just so sad .

Anonymous on

Melissa- Thank you for mentioning that her it’s Anna’s mom that watches Jack. I don’t get why people always assume that if someone’s a celeb, they have a nanny. Celebs DO rely on family sometimes, just like us “regular” people! 😉

Anonymous on

Meant to add that I also don’t get why people act like having a nanny is a crime. I mean, really, as long as said nanny isn’t actually raising the child (or children), how is a celeb utlizing the services of one any different than a “regular” person putting their child in daycare?