Khloé Kardashian Shares Sweet Photo of Niece North

10/16/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian recently boasted that daughter Penelope and cousin North were already besties, but it looks like Kim‘s 4-month-old and aunt Khloé also share a special bond.

The reality star — who is taking her current marriage woes “one day at a time” — posted an adorable photo of herself and her niece holding hands Tuesday.

“NW,” wrote Khloé to caption the charming black-and-white snapshot. She even added a cute kiss emoji icon.

North’s face isn’t visible in the pic, but we were able to see the little beauty in a recent shot posted by her proud mom.

Courtesy Khloe Kardashian; inset: Michael Simon/St

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UnKnown on

too cute, what a sweet pic

Jazz on

People Mag, stop harrassing us with that attention seeking family. Enough already with them!

deb covington on

How funny jazz…you read the article..I’m sure your up in all the kardashians news but wanna scold people magazine? Not their fault you can’t keep your nose outta the k-news. You had to read article to get to comments..if you don’t like them..simply DONT READ ABOUT THEM….but bet you couldn’t stop even if you wanted too! Also bet your one of those irritating people that nag and rag about everyone and also had to click on link to even get to this don’t you feel foolish jazz?? Lol I bet! Don’t like, don’t read! Uh you do know how that works, right??

Carol Smith on

She just wanted to show off her diamond watch.

Pia Razon on

What are we looking at exactly . . . the baby’s hand or the watch?

Brandi on

I’m totally agree and am glad to see someone saying something nice for a change🙂

Anonymous on

Why have Kanmess and Kimwhit actually shown a full on head shot of their baby? Think the very first pic was photo-shopped.

ts on

must be a slow day. its a black hand big deal

Callie on

Stupid picture. It looks like a picture of her watch!

Elizabeth Nolan on

Building that bond!! So sweet!

violet on

How stupid is this photo…why are they hiding her face..and how is this news people magazine?

deb covington on

People doesn’t just cover news, not at all. This pic fits into the magazine perfectly! Besides,sure seems like news the way people act about them! Usually the biggest headline, wouldn’t you say? I love them all! People is mostly a celebrity oriented magazine, with a few regular people stories along with a few news stories. Its a variety mag. I love this magazine!

deb covington on

What an adorable photograph! I love pics like this. Way to go people..I knew there was a reason I have been reading you for a hundred years…lol….thx for sharing.

Ivy on

how is this a sweet pic? just because she is holding her hand? big #$%%^%^% deal! so %^%&^ sick of this damned family

deb covington on


Diana on

OMG her watch !!!!!

Michelle Jackson on

Technically that is not North West its her hand just sayin

esymmons on

love the LO tattoo….just another reason that you shouldn’t be marking up your body….some things don’t last forever….relationships and skin tone.

guest on

The L O tattoo shows how dumb she really is.

ellajane on

Most parents think their children are adorable, and Kim and Kanye are not exception, however due to the fact that Kanye wants to make his daughter all about money, we should all stick together and not support his nonsense, in other words, people, us etc needs to stop trying to get her picture, and all of us needs to stop wanting to see what she looks like, she is a baby, cute or not, no kid is worth paying for its pictures, I hope that Nori does not get all of the checks that her nasty father thinks she is going to get, because quite frankly right there, that will make her just like all the rest of the pimp family she is related to. Honestly I don’t know about everyone else but just due to the fact that Kanye seems to think his kid is better than everyone elses makes me not care at all! sorry Kanye your kid is the same as everyone elses kids, cute or not!

Rachael on

Stupid picture just like stupid parents. Fu.

maryhelenc on

This is a really cute photo. Khloe seems like a super cute Auntie. I think it sucks that she has so many fertility and marital strife, because I think she’s the only member of that loony toons family that takes anything seriously.

sue's on

I wonder if people Magazine is the new home for keeping up with Kardashian? It seems every day there’s some silly story about these people.

Greetings on

That should have been her baby.

Charli on

Are we supposed to note the she chose to show the hand that has her husband’s initials tatooed on it?

dudley doright on

nice watch, very tacky tattoo…now she has to figure out how to get rid of Lamar’s initials…

heather on

While i’m sure they do have a bond, a picture of the kid’s hand near the aunt’s hand doesn’t exactly make everyone think they have a special bond.

Pnut on

i love khloé, and wish this was a picture of her holding the hand of her own infant.

Christie on

Like Mother, like daughter…future porn star.

diane on

biggest crock of sh*t ever. i admit, i fell for it. aaahhhhh people we need to quit clicking and ignore these articles!!!!

Bunti on

Hahahhahahahah So cute…a hand!!!

Keysha on

noo we are lookin at Lamar odoms initials lol

Jazz on

@Deb Covington, shut up! Mind your own business! Just cause we comment on these articles doesnt mean we like them. I’m just stating it like it is this media outlet is obssessed with that family posts several articles daily on them and its disgusting that people like the KarTRASHian who contribute nothing to society are given so much attention over nothings. The public fans like you have gotten more stupid by watching their shows.Grow a brain.

Bobbi on

There has got to be something wrong with this baby for them not to show her face! In the one photo they did this child looked retarded!

Akita on

doesn’t matter where are they coming from…babies are precious

babs on

That’s just stupid! That could be a stunt hand for all we know.

kazumi on

To Christie, i know you hate the Kardashian family and all, i’m not exactly a fan of them either, but SHAME ON YOU for saying something like that about a child, she didn’t have a choice who her parents will be, diss the grown-ups, even THAT is not ok, but at least they can fight back, but can that little child do the same?what has the baby ever done to you anyway except be born in the Kardashian family? again, SHAME ON YOU!

Ann on

What was the purpose of this picture? A baby’s hand or the watch…..the Kardashians will do whatever to maintain a place in the spotlight……YAWN!!!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

wjw on

What is it with these people and posting body parts of this kid. First a foot, now a hand. What’s next it’s knee or something?

June on

Awwww… very, very sweet. I pray that one day, Khloe will be able to hold one of her own – just like that. Meanwhile, you all haters – the magazine is called “People” and they write about people…… If you don’t want to read or see something, then for heaven’s sake skip it. The more you give them attention whether negative or positive, the more they remain relevant so go on…comment, comment, comment! Anyhow, lovely normal family having lots of fun. I LOVE THEM!

Guest on

What a stupid picture!

DD12551 on

Khloe shares picture of niece and Kim (the mother) shares picture of her fat a$$….what’s wrong with this picture?

lola on

The baby’s hand is out of focus and the watch in the background is in focus. Not a great picture!

Patricia Butler on

I have a funny feeling the photo isn’t of the baby, but rather of the watch. These people have all made their priorities sadly clear.


Everyone else has to be a mother to kims kid .Her nasty ass is posing like a skank,has no time for her kid.

cbaker on

headline is quite deceiving. that is not a picture of north, that is a hand. so stupid to even post it, much less an article.

Sherae on

She took this pic a while ago. GOD, People is so late with their “news”

Remy on

cute pic !

Edie on

A sweet pic, but show the baby, already!

Dawn on

Cute picture, but correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t those Lamar’s initials on her hand??

klutzy_girl on

That could be any baby…..

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