Ivanka Trump Welcomes Son Joseph Frederick

10/15/2013 at 07:30 PM ET

Ivanka Trump Son Joseph Frederick First Photo
Courtesy Ivanka Trump

It’s a boy!

Ivanka Trump and her husbandNew York Observer owner Jared Kushner,  welcomed their second child on Monday, Oct. 14 at 9:54 p.m., she announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

“We just welcomed a beautiful & healthy son into the world. Jared, Arabella and I couldn’t be happier!” the businesswoman, 31, Tweeted.

Later in the day, Trump introduced her bundle of joy on Tumblr Tuesday, sharing a photo cradling her swaddled son in the hospital and revealing his name.

“With love we welcome our son, Joseph Frederick Kushner,” she Tweeted.

Baby boy — who shares a middle name with his cousin Spencer Frederick, the youngest son of Trump’s brother Donald Jr. — was named after both his parents’ paternal grandfathers.

“Jared’s grandfather, Joseph, was a rock. His indomitable spirit, his sense of family, and his work ethic are the values we hope to hand down to our son,” Trump writes.

“My grandfather, Frederick, was a builder not just of tens of thousands of homes throughout this city, but of a tight-knit family that honors to this day the traditions he established. Both men set the standards that have been passed down through the generations and which we hope to impart upon Joseph and Arabella.”

She adds, “We are honored to name our son after these two distinguished men. We feel so blessed with the newest member of the family!”

Trump and Kushner’s eldest, 2-year-old Arabella Rose, was busy preparing for his homecoming.

“Arabella is at home with her grandmother practicing her swaddle before her little brother comes home!” Trump Tweeted, sharing a snapshot of the 2-year-old cuddling her bundled up baby doll. Later, a photo of the toddler holding her new baby brother was posted.

While the proud new parents found out the sex of their second child prior to his arrival, the real estate mogul had kept it a secret due to her superstitions.

“I don’t like to tell people, but I don’t have the discipline to keep it a surprise,” she told Fit Pregnancy.

But Trump — who announced her pregnancy in April — wasn’t the only one looking forward to the family’s newest addition; Arabella was anxiously awaiting being a big sister.

“She’s really excited and borderline impatient at this point because I started talking about it around six to seven months and she hasn’t waited that long for anything in her life,” Trump joked to PEOPLE in September.

“So she asks me now, every morning, [if the baby’s coming]. I think she’s starting to mistrust me in the sense that her sibling is actually going to be arriving.”

Ivanka Trump Son Joseph Frederick First Photo
Courtesy Ivanka Trump

— Anya Leon

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Just Me on

She’s beautiful, he’s beautiful…best wishes for this happy family

Jay on

Congrats!! What a classic and beautiful name!!

Debra on

I love how this is the picture Ivanka puts out, instead of waiting for months and selling it to the papers. She is a great roll model.

Jen on

Aww. Cute! Ivanka looks really young.

Walking in Divine Wisdom on

Beautiful mom and baby! Congrats on the new bundle of joy. I just cant understand why the hip hop celebs have turned their babies into the biggest secret in the world when people with more money and assets than they could ever imagine are just sharing the joy even though its their private moment.

wren on

Love that she’s wearing the hospital gown and was willing to share that – she looks great!

Congrats on

FINALLY! A normal name. I mean normal. Congrats!

sandalwood on

And now Donald Trump has how many children and how many grandchildren….every second on the planet, 4.1 humans are born. EVERY SECOND. With each birth comes the addition of new resources — oops, WRONG. Wrong wrong. With each new birth is a compensatory death –oops, WRONG. 15 billion, here we come.

Katie on

She looks beautiful and her baby boy is so darn cute!!! Nice to see positive comments so far! Keep it up girls!!! 🙂

Kat on

Lovely lady, beautiful child!

diane on

congratulation ivanka with new born son joseph. pretty name.. enjoy. God bless your n your family.. beautiful picture..

Tee on

I will give her props for the pic of her in a hospital gown and no makeup….very everyday people like!

hbear on

I agree with the post saying Ivanka is a great role model. I hope we can raise our daughters with such class and values. Congrats!

Donna on

Beautiful mother and baby…..congratulations and God Bless your family.

Hockeymama on

She is one beautiful classy lady!

Her children are previous and I love the names she has chosen for both her babies.

Donna Marchant on

Finally someone gives their child a normal name.

Toria on

Congrats – much happiness and many blessings for not only this precious baby boy but the entire family.

JIll on

I’m surprised she announced the name before the briss.

Crystal on

Everyone in their family has that middle name. It’s her granfather’s name. Her brother Eric has that middle name. So does Donald Trump Jr’s 4th child Spencer. Seesh! Talk about keeping it all in the family! Lol! Congrats! Ivanka looks beautiful! Best wishes on little Joseph!

Meg on

Great name!

Kelly on

She is very pretty, always! AND – she picked a NORMAL name!? WOW!

Rashida on

She is really beautiful… May God bless her family!

Tess on

She looks so pretty in this picture and the baby is adorable! Best wishes to the family!

Meryl on

Love the fact, too, that she’s not in some posh birthing suite nor in a designer hospital gown.. Just the same stuff as the rest of is!

Jayda on

I love this woman! The way she speaks is so eloquent, and I couldn’t like that right after labor if I had an entire make-up crew.

Grace on

Both mom and baby are beautiful!

Vanessa on

In all of her interviews she seems so humble, intelligent and down to Earth. Mazel tov, Kushner’s!

icky on

They both look beautiful. And I like the name — very refreshing to hear something “normal”.

Perfectbaby on

I dearly hope she loved her son enough to realize he was born perfect- just like her daughter. Boys deserve to come home whole just like girls.

lifeasahouse on

She is gorgeous without makeup! And take note- no custom hospital gown for her. Congrats on her beautiful son.

Ginny on

So the first kid is named after JFK’s stillborn baby, and the second kid gets Kennedy’s initials? Given that she’s the daughter of a Republican wingnut/birther, it’s interesting that Ivanka seems to have a Kennedy obsession.

Kathy Carpenter on

I like Ivanka…..she seems very grounded, intelligent, and a hell of a lot more professional than her crazy Father. You get the feeling she’d be a success even if she was not Trump’s daughter. Congrats Ivanka and Jared.

diana on

Nice to see her with no makeup, in a regular hospital gown and her epidural line in sight! 🙂

f.lynn3 on

The name is so normal I almost couldn’t pronounce it!

Joyce McGhee on

How beautiful Ivanka is sans makeup and just after giving birth. She is an example for other young mothers that they don’t have to look ‘camera ready’ at this time.

Dulci on

Can’t stand her horrid father but she is even more stunning au naturel than when she’s made up.

Rhonda on

I really like this lady. Not that I know her, but she seems likable. Congratulations to her on the birth of her new bundle of joy.

Lisa on

Beautifully stunning woman, glowing with motherhood, and such a precious baby. It’s better people like these replace the dead “wood” in this world.

tgauden on

She is absolutely beautiful make-up free!

Ali on

Welcome !! New baby! he is so cute!

Becky on

Beautiful baby, beautiful Mom..Congrats to the family..Also love that she’s not all fru frued up.

EM on

Aww congrats to the mommy on the birth of her sweet baby boy. Love how she just had that photo taken with a hospital gown instead of waiting til she dropped 80 lbs in a week. Beautiful!

momofsdg on

She looks soooo pretty without all the makeup! Beautiful baby AND mama.

Mary on

What a cutie, love his name. Congrats to the happy famly.

KW on

LOVE!!! A beautiful, normal picture that isn’t staged. Take note Hollyweird.

manya on

Nice to see a woman who, could afford to be pampered and a diva in the hospital, be a regular patuient, in regular hospital clothes. I have more respect for her.

Carrie M on

Lovely mother, precious baby! Mazel tov!

Carrow on

What a lovely well worded announcement.

Cate on

Love Ivanka. Such a good role model for young women.

michelle on

What a lovely young woman. May God bless her family.

Anonymous on

I think she is much prettier in this pic than in the ones with makeup on. I also like it that she is in her hospital gown like everyday folk.

Just Me on

Sandalwood, get a grip, take your meds, try being happy for a change.

Meena on

Awesome pic!

Tiffany on

It doesn’t even look like her. She looks beautiful after just giving birth.

asoldiersdream on

She looks absolutely stunning, motherly love becomes her, and he is adorable ❤

Sarah on

I love the name, and the meaningful remembrance for special family members. Best wishes to their beautiful family!

Isabel on

Beautiful mother and son! Arabella looks a bit like her cousin Kai in that Instagram photo, too.

Lulu on

She seems like the only celebrity to give her kids a simple name! I love it!

Em&Jo on

She’s beautiful and he’s beautiful. And no frothy bedjacket or silk nightgown–she’s a mom who just gave birth and did it in a good old hospital gown. Class shows. My best wishes go out to the family.

mare on

She looks stunning, Congrats! And a normal baby name, how refreshing!! =-)

micky on


Pam on

She looks beautiful and her son is so adorable! I’ve always liked her. Congrats Kushner/Trump family! 👶💙😊

AllergictoBS on

Hopefully he won’t wear a toupee like his grandpa. Cute pic though.

haven on

I watch celebrity apprentice or before they had celebrity come on the show Donald must have done right because all his kids turned to be such well rounded people.

howard banks on

congratulations,today another link has been added to a strong chain.

lester on

This is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Ivanka look!

dudley doright on

sweet pic. She looks beautiful and so does the baby. Thanks Ivanka for sharing your personal photo.

Marky on

This is a couple one can hardly find anything to even begin to complain about; caring, kind, intelligent, hard-working, appreciative of what they have, both are solid citizens, and they love their children. Amazing…but, of course, “sandalwood” could find something. These people, with all they have to offer mentally, physically, and financially, are also totally able to parent, feed, and clothe their child. Go tell the people having children right and left with no money to pay for anything, including food, and/or a roof over their head. What’s the complaint? They should have never had children because too many others did. Shame on you, “sandlalwood”; get yourself together and grasp the fact that if you feel that strongly, start with yourself. Donald Trump having children has nothing to do with whether his daughter should be allowed to have any children or not. She and her brother apparently have loving families, respect for their partners and the other members of their families, are the kind of people we would be proud to call our own children and THEY are the ones who shouldn’t behaving children?? Seriously, everyone isn’t going to suddenly stop having children…how about the ones who have no spouse, no job, nothing to offer society OR their children? How about them? I personally am not saying that, but I am tired of Celeb Babies being used to ridicule, “hate on”, and generally be rude about everything from names that aren’t “normal”, to whether someone is ugly, fat, or just generally shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Why can’t people just say, “Congratulations! Lovely baby!” or skip it? Stop saying it’s just your opinion and being rude. There are appropriate places to do that, but this isn’t it! Sorry, but really!

Anonymous on

Ivanka Trump is the most beautiful woman. She exudes class and is very kind. She never acts better than other people because of her social and financial status. She also never talks down to people. Congratulations Ivanka to you and your husband and daughter. I wish you the very best!!!!!

Lisa54 on

Beautiful. Now they have to have the bris.

Does anyone know what that black thing on her left arm is ? Is she wearing something longer sleeved underneath?

Sylvia on

What a beautiful name combination. Congrats to the proud parents!

zzzzzzzzz on

A lot of Class….Ivanka!

I love that with all her money (& fortune from birth) she chose to be photographed in her very simple hospital gown with no make up.

Anonymous on

Such a cutie! Congratulations to Ivanka and family!

Marina on

What a classic beauty! Congratulations!

Anonymous on

SO cute!!!

Julia2012 on

She is a pretty and inteligent woman, love her kids name.
Mazel tov, Kushner’s

claudiazz on

It is refreshing and actually different to see a young fresh faced woman sans spiked hair, heavy makeup, tattoos, etc. She is a great role model for young women—-she has enough self esteem to be photographed in a hospital gown without makeup with her new son. Kudos to her!!

lg on

What lovely names she gives her children.

Linda on


ann on


guest on

Everyone get over yourself, saying how beautiful, great role model!!!!! Y’all such an idiot!looks like Donald!

b on

Makes me so happy to see such a beautiful picture and read lovely comments.

rickyjune on

does she realise that his initials spell JFK, a great democrat president, Donald will not be pleased

Anonymous on

Ivanka is such a class act. Congratulations on your new arrival.

Carolina on

Sandalwood, what is your problem? You can’t be happy about a baby because the world is over-populated? You are just a miserable human being. Go away and let other people be happy!

Anonymous on

She looks like she just left a spa instead of just finishing up labor! Both of them are beautiful!

Ron on

Just having a baby and looking so marvelous…of course baby too….those are God given riches. Congratulations.

Denise on

She looks more beautiful without makeup….she really does not need it.

Admirer on

While Donald and Ivana have their issues, the way their children have been brought up is so admirable. They are classy, educated, family oriented, grounded and smart kids. They don’t have to show off and prove themselves as do some of these trashy celebrities. I really do admire Ivanka and yes, while she certainly is privileged, she does have a grasp on reality. Congrats to all!

Jamey on

So cute! Normal baby name, too.

Ivixen on

sandalwood – Give it up. They have two children. TWO. That’s the number for a steady population. Cut them some slack, will ya?

ImaBoomer on

I couldn’t agree more with every POSITIVE comment I’m reading! Best of Luck to them!

bkable on

What great names! Classic names, I love it!

Observer on

So grounded and so beautiful you rock….congrats… Happy family…

Karen on

Why don’t they all stop wearing makeup? Ivanka is a natural beauty!

Anonymous on

Welcome J.F.K.

Tina on

Oh, that’s a nice picture. She doesn’t look like a snooty btch this time.

SweetChickster on

Just have to chime in and say that I, too, think she looks so stunning, natural, and is a beautiful Mom! This is a picture that they will treasure for years to come.

Great names, great reasons behind the names, and I hope for a blessed life with them! You really are classy, down to earth, but right to the point at well 😀

LC on

She has adorable babies!

Abbie Parker on


lillith on

Cute picture. She looks great after all that. Looks like a college girl, without the hair and makeup. Interesting when you see the “real” person underneath all the glam. She looks so healthy.

kristy on

congrats on the beautiful bundle of joy. this is what a beautiful nautral women looks like!!!

Dawn on

I love that she is still in the hospital, in her gown, taking the picture. She seems to down to Earth and not having to put on the make up and slim down before showing the baby. She looks great as does her new little boy. Congrats to them all!

Debra on

Even gorgeous in the delivery room!

linsey on

The most down to earth woman you will ever meet. Not at all phony like her parents. Her nannies did a wonderful job of raising her. Best wishes to this family!

Rose on

oh he is soooo sweet 🙂 blessings

Anonymous on

She’s much prettier without the make-up! Gorgeous son!!

Ally on

What a tiny cutie, and such a nice name. This woman is all class!

Gigi on

Beautiful, God bless them both!

Anonymous on

She looks so young without make up, but at the same time, she looks nothing like how she looked as a teenager…

Charlotte on

Beautiful mother and baby!!! Black thing on her left arm may be a blood pressure cuff.

Julesy on

He looks like a baby doll! Adorable. Arabella looks just like her mom.

blessedwithboys on

What a cutie pie! Joseph is a truly beautiful newborn. I think Arabella looks like a mix of Jared and Donald. Is that weird?

Holiday on

She is a gorgeous woman, she looks amazing having just given birth. Her kids are adorable, her little girl is the cutest ever.

Elena on

What a sweet picture of Arabella and Joseph! Congrats to the family.

Anonymous on

Charlotte- It looks like a blood pressure cuff to me, too. You can also see a pulse ox meter on one of the fingers of her right hand if you look really carefully. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

She looks so young without make up, but at the same time, she looks nothing like how she looked as a teenager…
Duh, google her name + plastic surgery and there’s your answer. Funny how no one else noticed.

Anonymous on

Anonymous- Just because the media says she’s had plastic surgery doesn’t mean she has! Personally, I don’t see it. She looks pretty darn “natural” to me! She’s 31, so of course she’s going to look different than she did at, say, 15!

Ruth on

She converted to Judaism , Her husband is jewish so she went all the way and had a jewish wedding with only Kosher food. They are keeping it low and simple. great couple . Mazal Tov.

beeswax on

She is so beautiful and so grounded. Love the Trumps!!!

Wellwisher on

She is pretty. Congrats on a beautiful family.

Patty on

Very lovely family!! I too, think it showed real class that she and her husband acted in such a down to earth manner. No expectation of money and big hype. They understood, because of their celebrity, there was going to be public curiosity about their new baby, so they chose to satisfity it by sharing little Joseph in a low key, classy manner. Kudos to you, Kushners!! As a nurse, I can only imagine lvanka would be a true delight to care for.

sk on

sandalwood,this is their 2nd child.If her father had multiple marriages and children how does that preclude her family size? Fertility rates in most countries are at historical lows. Rising life expectancy and modern medicine have read to a growth in population. There was a book called Population Explosion in the 1970s which promoted the same crap you are promoting. Paul Samuelson proved him wrong. Also keep your ideologies out of a baby blog which people come to read to experience joy, not hat.

Amber on

Beautiful family. Arabella looks very happy.

fafa on

must be nice to have money and always look good even after uve given birth!