Edyta Sliwinska: It’s ‘Weird’ (But Nice!) to Put on Pregnancy Pounds

10/14/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Edyta Sliwinska Pregnant First Child Alec Mazo
Courtesy Edyta Sliwinska

Dancing always put a damper on starting a family, but now Edyta Sliwinska is ready to shine in her greatest performance to date: motherhood.

Expecting a baby boy in January with “the greatest guy on earth,” husband Alec Mazo, the former Dancing with the Stars pro says the couple’s latest steps have been completely choreographed.

“This was absolutely planned. We always wanted to start a family and it never seemed to be the right time with our careers,” Sliwinska, 32, tells PEOPLE.

“It’s difficult for a dancer because deciding to have a baby means taking yourself out of the game for awhile.”

She adds, “I come from a big family and I always wanted to have kids. It feels like the right time now to make this change in life.”

But while everything seems to have fallen in place, the mom-to-be admits the effects of pregnancy — mainly the extra pounds — have taken some getting used to.

“It’s weird to be a little heavier, but it’s good because I need to gain weight for the baby because he needs to grow,” she explains. “It’s fun to let go and not worry for once in your life how much you weigh and being in perfect shape.”

Now into her second trimester, Sliwinska is taking advantage of “the best time of the pregnancy” to continue exercising. “I try to do something active every day. I’m putting in an hour a day of physical activity,” she says. “I do a lot of cardio because it helps me with my energy. I’m eating really healthy and I’m feeling great.”

Fortunately, Sliwinska isn’t alone in her journey into motherhood: she has found a pregnancy pal in Dancing with the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya, who recently announced she is also expecting her first child.

“We have been talking and comparing our bellies. I think she is due about the same time as me. It’s great to have somebody to share the experience with, particularly another dancer because we are going through the same thing. [We both understand] how difficult it is for a dancer to take time off to be a mom,” she says.

Once their babies arrive, the new mamas are “definitely going to keep in touch and … end up having some play dates together. It’s nice that we are starting our families at the same time.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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blessedwithboys on

She had a very healthy attitude toward the weight gain and I love to read of a MARRIED woman PLANNING her pregnancy. 🙂

Arlene on

I am so happy for Edyta & Anna also. Edyta was our favorite dancer & she is missed. It is a shame she never got a really good partner on the show. Happiness to you & your husband.

Nikki on

surprises can happen for married ppl some times too

Anonymous on

Nikki, you are right! Many married couples have surprises.

I don’t notice if a person is married, single, divorced, etc. I don’t notice if they say they planned it or if it was a surprise. I do notice how they speak about the upcoming birth of their child. That is what is most important to ME.

Brandi on

Totally agree with you. Too many people focusing on the wrong things these days when it comes to couples instead of the things that should be the most important!!

gracie on

Both of these woman are i amazing shape. Their bodies are tools in their profession…much like Gisele Bunchen. She has looked amazing through two pregnancies and bounced back quickly. Edyta and Anna will have no problem returning to dancing and their former shapes. I wish them both the very best.

Jan on

She’s so gorgeous!

Leah on

Edyta was my favorite when she was on DWTS. Miss seeing her on the show. Congrats on the pregnancy. She will definitely be one hot mama!

suzy diamond on

How nice. Congrats. She’s even MARRIED! Even better!

Gaile on

I miss Edyta and Alec! So nice to hear about their happiness!

micky on

Congratulations Edyta and Alec

Sun on

She looks great! Nice to hear that married woman are planning her pregnancy.

tanya on

I liked her on “Dancing With The Stars”. So happy for her and Alec, I wish them all the best!

leh on

Happy for you..no worries about weight tho…you look like a boa constrictor who just dined on a mouse 😉

LuvLeeRita on

DWTS is going down hill fast. Changing the format of the show and losing their best dancers just sucks. It used to be I would look forward to the new season and now I look at the cast of celebs and dancers and say to myself who are these people. The show isn’t fun anymore. And I no longer consider myself a fan of the show although I still watch on occasion.

As for Edyta, Alec and Anna, I miss my ol’ favorites and hope I might see them in a future DWTS show.

Ariel on

I feel so sad when couples have kids if neither parent wants to stay home. Children are happier when raised by a loving parent, not just when they see them for a couple hours each night. I just wish the decisions parents made were based more on what’s best for the child. To me, that’s the greatest beauty of parenting: learning to love someone else more than yourself.

Leah on

Ariel – if one parents makes great money and the other parent decides to stay home – great! My parents had this arrangement. However, i’m one of 3 siblings with kids and All of my siblings and their spouses work. It’s the world we live in and practicality wins over idealism. I spend lot of time with my child. There are 168 hours in a week and i work 40 of them.

Ms. Parton on

Nice…………..normal nice !