Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrates Her Baby Shower

10/14/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Baby ShowerFameFlynet

Jennifer Love Hewitt may be keeping her baby’s sex a surprise, but that didn’t stop the mom-to-be from celebrating her little one’s pending arrival in style.

On Saturday, the Client List star and 25 of her closest friends gathered for a gender-neutral baby shower at L.A.’s Hotel Bel Air.

The baby bash, which was planned by celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss, featured everything from adorable cream-colored baby cupcakes created by Georgetown Cupcakes and old-fashioned milk bottles to a cute display of mini onesies on a clothesline.

Guests were also able to mix up their own perfumes using oils from Ka-mil-yin‘s scent bar to take home.

To help maintain the theme, Weiss decorated the indoor ballroom with yellow flowers and complementary black and white pillows and chairs. She even shared a few pre-event photos on her Instagram account.

Hewitt, who is due in December, glowed in a flowing lemon-colored sleeveless maxi dress by Rachel Pally with her long brown locks cascading down her shoulders.

According to a source, the happy 34-year-old smiled throughout the whole party while keeping her hand on her bump. She also got teary-eyed when fiancé Brian Hallisay arrived at the end.

The soon-to-be first-time mom also opened gifts including neutral-colored books, baby blankets, toys and more from her good pals.
Jennifer Love Hewitt Baby Shower Mindy WeissCourtesy Mindy Weiss(2)
— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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prettycrabby on

No one should wear those dresses. So un flattering.

Mrs. Winkler on

I think she is having a girl because girls that are carried in a mother’s belly have a tendency to steal beauty cause Jennifer looks old and hideous and very unflattering in that shot. I hope, for her sake, it is the camera’s angle. That BABY HAS COMPLETELY ROBBED HER OF HER MOTHER’S BEAUTY! UGH!

Ashley on

I absolutely love her. She’s just beautiful and will be the most amazing mother.

Alicia on

I say girl!

Jay on

I like her. She is so cute and seems sweet. My bet is she is having a girl!! Either way best of luck JLH!!

Tammy on

I think a girl also…

kim on

oy. pregnancy does not suit her very well. she looks worn out. a lil make-up goes a long way.

claireadele on

pregnancy suits her well. I think she looks nice.

Marky on

i can hardly imagine her with a boy, but that’s what I said my first time. Uh-huh, it was a boy, and he was, and is, fantastic! Look forward to finding out what she has, and the name. She looks so happy!

Mrs, Winkler, sorry to see you are so envious you would post such a hateful post! She is lovely (not crazy about the dress, but hey! That’s personal choice and not a criticism), looks happy, and personally, I wish her a safe, happy, and easy delivery with a cheerful lovely baby!

Sarah on

They say little girls are beautiful because they suck the pretty out of you……so Jennifer is clearly having a girl!!!

ava on

I think she’s having a girl. I’m so excited for her!

guest on

Oh, my. I always thought JLH was an attractive woman but this is a most unflattering shot.

Sunny on

When you’re 7 months pregnant you really don’t give a crap about whether a dress is unflattering. All that matters then is if it’s comfortable. And she was there with her friends, whom I doubt really care about the fit.

Penny on

I don’t care how ugly somebody is, making fun of how someone looks, especially when they are pregnant is just cowardly and low. Who does that??

Fe on

Poor dress choice pregnant or not.

Sue Smith on

Wow….it did not take long at all before the mean comments started. Mrs. Winkler, didn’t your mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say, don’s say anything at all????? Your comments were just mean and thoughtless.

Leanna on

“Neutral-colored books” made me laugh. No want wants bright colored books looking all rainbow-like on your bookshelves! This is the kind of thing I would’ve even chastised for in a 5th grade essay.

Vero on

Will she EVER be in anything GOOD??!!

mariposa on

Congratulations!!! She’s beautiful.

Anonymous on

I’m jumping on the girl bandwagon, reminds me of myself when I’m preggo with my girls 🙂

Just saying.... on

OMG! Such mean people on here tonight! I think she looks nice. At least we don’t have to look at her too small and too tight clothes and naked belly like so many other celebs. She looks like a lady.

Cristiana on

Some of you have lost your mind and compassion. No sense of humanity… She looks fine, she is pregnant! Maybe she is tired and doesn’t care to put a ton of make-up on her face. When Kim Kardashian was wearing heels and make-up people would slam her for not wearing comfortable clothes. I’m not a fan, but how mean can you be?

Seanmom on

Wow, these comments are harsh! Jeez people! Thank god my mother taught me manners!

Holiday on

I think its a boy. If it were a girl she would be announcing it to the world, but its probably a boy and she is disappointed and not ready to announce it

Meg on

WOW — a celeb who doesn’t know what she’s having, that’s pretty refreshing!

Donna on

Every pregnant women is beautiful and Jennifer is no exception. The color yellow looks good on very few people, but if she likes it…go for it. Wishing them all the best and much happiness.

Mandy on

Cute baby shower, but Jen looks awful. That is the most unflattering picture of her!

guest on

Who of us hasn’t taken a bad picture. This could have been a difficult pregnancy, for all we know. I wish her well.

marlene on

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting JLH she is totally awesome & down to earth classy lady congrats JLH you will be an amazing momma!

debbie on

Love Her I hope she has Joy and Happiness!!!

Anonymous on

Meg- She most certainly DOES know what she’s having- a baby! 😉 All joking aside, though, I agree with you completely!

barbra on

just coz people are saying shes having a girl i’ll go the other way and say she’s having a boy lol just for the heck of it! She looks beautiful and she always was though I couldnt stand her when she was little she’s definitely become one of my favorite tv actresses 🙂 Congrats to her and her hubby to be! Can’t wait to find out what she’s havin and what she’s naming her baby! Hope it’s nothing outrageous lol

DaisyMoon on

You B*tches are harsh…

Ease up Heifers.

Butt Lovin' Bear 401 on

She is a gorgeous woman…..From some of the negative comments it seems that most Everyone else who has ever been pregnant must’ve looked stunning 24/7. Then again the negative comments must be from people who absolutely adore hags like Cyrus or a Kardashian or a real housewife from wherever etc. etc. etc.

Yvonne on

I think she’s just getting a little older and she’s not wearing makeup to cover it like usual. Hey, time gets us all in the end. We can’t be stunning forever. Plus it’s not easy to sleep when you’re in the last months of pregnancy and no position is comfortable when the baby is bigger and your belly is huge.

jj on

Wow, so many haters!!!!! She is having a baby, be happy for hjer. Congrats Jennifer, you look beautiful! God Bless

Mommy on

I agree completely. I wouldn’t have picked that dress myself, but if she’s comfortable, who cares.:-) She looks different, yes, but I believe it’s because she always wears a lot of make up when she is on TV. Best of luck to her and her family.

PG on

Stop the negativity already…I think she looks great, she ALWAYS does…my feel is that she will be a great Mom, give the girl some credit.

Jack's Mum on

I love that she doesn’t have a face caked with make-up. Refreshing to see a celebrity look “normal” for once. The pregnancy “glow” is BS–she looks like I feel at 6 1/2 months pregnant–tired but insanely happy. Best wishes to her as she starts this new journey.

.b. on

$20 says that all those saying people shouldn’t talk smack have in fact talked smack about some celebrity in the past. It’s a message board, give it a rest. Who knew you could only comment so long as you say something positive.

I think she is looking a little rough because we’re not used to seeing her this way. Celebrities are so dressed up with tons of makeup that when we see them naturally, it can be quite a shock. Now add in a pregnancy. And for her, either this pregnancy is really hard on her or she isn’t sleeping or she just doesn’t care to wear makeup any more and seeing her like this is different.

Terri on

Doesn’t look like she’s wearing any make-up. I think everyone is used to seeing her made up. She looks fine, just tired.

ann on

Most of the comments on here are absolutely discusting. Why are you posting such cruel remarks and being so judgemental of others? These remarks are the same as bullying. I am hopeful that Jennifer or anyone else do not bother to read this garbage.

AD on

as soon as i saw this pic, im going w/ GIRL!

Dorie on

LOOK!! It’s the Crypt Keeper!!! Pregnancy does NOT suit her well!

KO33 on

Did anyone notice that they completely redid this article? The first time it posted it basically said that JLH threw herself a baby shower, and of course there were the usual comments about it being tacky to throw your own shower. Now the article is very specifically written to divert attention from that–it mentions a party planner (not in the first article) and skirts the issue of who actually threw the party.

Beth Jensen on

I think she looks lovely! Happy & glowingly natural. I have always enjoyed her in the movies & on TV. Thought she did a great job as Audrey Hepburn…

Anonymous on

“$20 says that all those saying people shouldn’t talk smack have in fact talked smack about some celebrity in the past. It’s a message board, give it a rest. Who knew you could only comment so long as you say something positive.”

There is a big difference in saying something to offline and saying something online, for starters. When you write something on the Internet, it can be seen by the person. Of course, not all celebs read things, but many do. JLH is one who does. She spoke about how hurtful the nasty and hateful comments were. Second, there is nothing wrong with with making negative comments on blogs, but there is tasteful and classy way to do so. Bashing someone’s looks, size or calling someone names is not the way to do so. Some people have said her dress is not flattering….that is a tasteful and negative comment.

It will never change on here. Facebook and here, people bash children and celebrities with no second thoughts. One of two things will happen someday….either their children will become bullies or will become the victim of bullies. I am glad I was brought up differently and teach differently.

TM on

I think she looks fresh and beautiful.

RDanielRauch on

WOW…I can’t believe how mean ppl are to a pregnant woman…do you run down homeless people too….Jennifer love Hewitt is a sweet kind likeable woman, she spends her Thanksgivings handing out dinners at the shelter in L.A..she is beyond be nice and stop hating