Kimberly Williams-Paisley: My Son Uses His Dad’s Name to His Advantage

10/13/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Nashville Kimberly Williams-Paisley Kristina Bumphrey/Startraks

Being Kimberly Williams-Paisley doesn’t seem half bad these days. Working on a hit network show, mom to two adorable boys — and have you seen her husband?

The Nashville actress, 42 — and wife to country star Brad Paisley, 40 — is cherishing working in the same city as her family.

“It’s been fantastic. A lot of times I’ll take my kids to school and then go to work and that’s just ideal,” she told PEOPLE during a Hershey Moderation Nation event in New York City on Thursday. “It’s a great way to balance everything.”

But she’s not taking it all for granted. “Usually to work I’ll have to go get on a plane and go somewhere, so it’s great to not have to do that,” she explains.

And it doesn’t hurt that when she is working, it’s with talented pals. “This is one of the nicest casts I’ve ever worked with, just very open, welcoming, friendly, people,” she says.

Mixing work and family is also not out of the question. “Connie Britton has become a really good friend,” she shares. “Her little boy Yoby and my kids love to play together, so we get together a lot.”

It seems her two sons Jasper, 4½, and Huck, 6½, are wise beyond their years. “Huck just broke his arm!” the actress says. “He walked into the hospital, they asked him what his name was and he said ‘Brad Paisley.’ ”

She jokes, “He knew how he could maybe get their attention and get the best treatment possible.”

Though being Mom is her number one priority, Williams-Paisley is “having a ball” playing Nashville‘s Peggy Kenter. “She makes really bad choices, but she’s madly in love so she’s just got this desperation about her,” the actress says.

So what’s next for her character? “There’s lots of surprises coming up with her,” she reveals. “Everything changes so fast from show-to-show that you just have to watch, because I can’t give anything away.”

— Ana Calderone

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dee on

Love her, she is so funny!

Big Fan on

I love her on the Nashville show.

DaisyMoon on

She’s great on “Nashville” and I like where they’re going with the non-existent baby storyline, but at the end of it, she’ll probably be written out, which is too bad.

klutzy_girl on

I’ve loved her since The Father of the Bride and she’s awesome.

LOL at that story about Huck.

Guest on

I love this family! Huck’s comment was so cute!

Paxton on

So if you aren’t Brad Paisley you won’t get the best treatment possible?

connorsmom4 on

He’ll probably climb a tree too tall and ride his bike too fast
End up every summer wearin’ something in a cast

Brad Paisley


Ms. Parton on

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this family, so down to earth:)

amy on

I can’t believe this is the same woman who was in Father of the Bride. She looks anorexic.

Lisa on

I love her, she’s a great actress and her hubby is yum!!

SayWhat? on

Guess we should all change our names to Brad Paisley- it’s the answer to all our accessibility issues!!!

Just Me on

Hmmm, looks like 28 people got their Wheaties pizzed on. I don’t understand the anger issues over a very cute story about a down to earth family who happens to be very successful professionally. Lighten up sourpusses.

Katie on

I agree with you. Huck is 6 1/2, he was being exactly that. If I were his child I probably would have done the same thing. It is cute and funny that his son did that.

Jeanie on

Aww- Brad sang a song about his boy “having something in a cast every summer”

Noneya on

What a cute story! Love these guys!

bkable on

I love this family! I think the headline is a little misleading.. its not like he walked in and said “Hi my dad is Brad Paisley” I think it was cute!

Edie on

It sounds cute now, but I would suggest she put the kabbash on this now so he doesn’t feel entitled in the future. It could cause all kinds of problems…

Donna on

I love Kimberly too!! Loved her in Follow the Stars Home. Have watched that movie sooo many times!! Simply because she is so special in it. I probably began with Father of the Bride too, but the above first-mentioned movie is my favorite.

iantoad on

Those of you being negative must BE negative in life. It’s a cute story, and if all you can take out of it is the comment about health care, CHILLAX! It was a joke!!

marianne on

are the kids named “Williams-Paisley” too

I hate shows where all the characters lie to each other. On “Modern Family,” husbands lie to wives, wives lie to husband, kids lie to parents, father lie to kids. It’s awful. and now the character this woman plays is lying and no one is smart enough to figure it out, DUH!

Ruby O'Dent on

Her character on Nashville is deliciously conniving and manipulative.