Jenna Bush Hager: How My Dad Won over Mila

10/03/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jenna Bush Hager: How My Dad Won Over Mila Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Jenna Bush Hager‘s little girl Mila is a happy baby and some credit for that is due to her grandfather, Former President George W. Bush‘s, head of hair. Yes, his hair.

“It’s kind of appealing for a baby to see this white mound of hair,” Hager, 31, told PEOPLE at the Calvin Klein Save the Children Benefit Gala in N.Y.C. on Tuesday. “It’s not something she’s used to seeing.”

On her first day back from maternity leave — Hager and her husband Henry Hager welcomed Mila in April — the Today correspondent shared an adorable video of her father making the 5-month-old giggle for the first time.

“He just did what all of us do,” shares the new mom. But that special moment was key in the pair’s relationship. “She was brilliant because once she laughed at him, there was this instant connection,” Hager adds.

As for what the first grandbaby will call her grandparents, “I think it’s kind of going to be organic, whatever she ends up calling him.”

The front-runner for the former President is “Jefe! Which means boss in Spanish,” says Hager. And for the former First Lady? “She’s not a ‘Grandma,’ but she’s also not like a ‘Mimi’ or a ‘Nini.’ We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

— Ana Calderone

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Guest on

*confession* I like George Bush! He seems hilarious and fun. Crappy president but a good guy.

Ammy on

The first grandchild seems to have the pleasure of picking the grandparents names. We were going to have the first one call me grammy, it came out Ammy and stuck. I love it and I always know in a crowd, when they are calling me, never have run into another Ammy!

Patti on

I dont understand why women dont like being called grandma nowadays….is it because they had a kid when they were a kid, then their kid had a kid when they were a kid and she realized she is 40 and a grandma and it doesn’t sound appealing to men?? GIVE ME A BREAK….I never ran into an older woman who didn’t want to be called grandma….they werwe so proud of their grandbabies….

judy on

I think today these babies have so many “grandma’s” we need several distinguishing names. We have both sides of families plus great grandma’s. My granddaughter calls her mom’s mom grandma and I’m Grammy…No confusion there.

Shirley Simon on

Nine years ago by granddaughter Delaney started calling me GaGa, she was about 8 months old. So i’m still GaGa. I love it.
Before Lady GaGa.

Guest on

Who can’t laugh when you see Dubya?

CanadaGurl on

My parents are called Ranny and Bompy 🙂

mamoolinda on

my first grandchild called me “Mamoo” Now eleven more and 3 grandsons all call me that!

Ashley on

Love George W and family!!! He is sorely missed as President. BIG TIME. Mila is a cute baby as well 🙂

Kat on

Ain’t no way I’d ask my kids to call my dad boss, that’s ridiculous!

Katie on

My grandparents were called Bammy and PopPop. 🙂

Sally on

Your grandkids will call you want they want my first called me nana, the youngest put a “Y” on everyone’s name when he was little so it was Nonny, so now they all call me Nonny. I live GW Bush and Laura. Wonderful people who will make wonderful grandparents.

Marcia on

I absolutely despise George W. Bush but this daughter seems very sweet and this is a nice story.

Lilli on

Love this family !!!!!!

Dara on

I agree…I’m sure he’s a fine guy…terribly president.

guest on

Good genuine people

mg on

Can’t stand these people. Worst President.

Sharon Dunfee on

Love, Love, Love this family! They are REAL people who truly care about family values.

Sue on

This is so cute! I love this family. The former President & First Lady will make wonderful Grandparents, no matter what the Littles call them. If only everyone could have Grandparents like the Bushes, this country would be a MUCH better place! 🙂

Sherry on

i babysit 2 children that calls their grandma and grandpa…Favorite and Grandad, my mom was Mema

Carrie on

My siblings and I called our grandfather, GaGa. We couldn’t say grandpa when we were really little so my brother called him GaGa and it stuck. I thought it was weird as I got older, but when Lady GaGa came on the scene, we thought it was funny we called ours GaGa. I hope to be a Grandma some day. My parents are called Memaw and Pepaw. They live on a farm and it just suits them perfectly.

Mandy on

I like Gigi.

Charli on

Jefe is hilarious!!! They all seem to be enjoying the first grandchild. Good for them!

Tiffany on

My oldest called my dad papa all on her own. I think it’s great because that was what I called my grandfather when I was very small. And my second daughter started calling my mom mimi. So it’s mimi and papa. My mother in law, on the other hand, never wanted to be called grandma. She hated it. She wanted to be called GG so we had all the kids call her grandma! ;p

Tami on

Love George W. and Laura!! I’m do happy for them to finally be grandparents. I miss them in the White House.