Great Ideas! Hilaria Baldwin Shares 5 Pregnancy Yoga Moves You Have to Try

10/03/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Hilaria Baldwin Pregnancy Yoga DVD Alec BaldwinAcacia/Arthur Cohen

Before welcoming daughter Carmen last August, Hilaria Baldwin decided to put her fitness expertise to good use.

The longtime yoga instructor and cofounder of Yoga Vida created her first ever pregnancy exercising DVD titled Fit Mommy-to-Be: Prenatal Yoga ($17) — and used herself as the model.

The glowing mom-to-be (she was 7 months pregnant at the time!) filmed three simple and effective workouts for each trimester to help expectant women gain more flexibility and more strength before giving birth.

“[The program] I’ve designed helped keep me fit and feeling great throughout my pregnancy,” says the EXTRA special correspondent.

Added bonus: Husband Alec Baldwin makes a cute cameo during the stretching session.

To give us a little taste of what we’ll find on the video, the new mom shares five of her favorite pregnancy yoga moves that you can try by yourself or with your partner below. Check them out:

Seated Side Stretch Begin sitting cross-legged. Take your left hand down to the floor, and reach the right arm up and over, stretching to the left. Think about plugging more weight into the right sit bone, and point the right pinky finger in toward the face as you extend through the side. Take three deep breaths in the stretch and then switch sides.

Seated Open Twist Begin sitting with both legs outstretched on the floor in front of you. Bend the left knee, placing the left foot on the floor. Take the right hand behind you next to the spine. Inhale, reaching the left arm up, placing it on the inside of the left knee, and exhale, twisting over to the right. Ground through both sit bones as you take three deep breaths in the twist.

Squat Begin standing with legs parallel, spread hips-width apart. Bend the legs, coming into a deep squat with the tailbone hovering above the floor. Take three breaths in and out in this position. If this position is too intense, you can come sitting onto a block. This helps to prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth. To release, place hands on the floor, and slowly extend the legs, coming up.

Hilaria Baldwin Pregnancy Yoga DVD Alec BaldwinCourtesy Acacia

Ankle to Knee Pose Sitting on the ground, bring legs parallel on top of each other — right knee over left ankle and right ankle overtop the left knee. Take three long and deep breaths in this position. Think about bringing the belly button toward the spine to support the lower back.

Puppy Pose Begin by coming into a downward facing dog. Lower the knees to the ground and sit back, tail bone facing the ceiling with arms extended on the ground in front of you. Feel the stretch through your shoulders as you take three long and deep breaths. You can choose to put your forehand on a block to create more room for your belly. Push into your arms to come up and out of the pose.

Partner Butterfly Come into a butterfly position, with the soles of the feet pressed together. Use your fingers to press into the arches of the feet, opening the feet like a book, to further open the hips. Roll your shoulders up and down the back. Your partner will place his or her hands in the folds of the hips, fingers facing toward him or her. As he/she presses into the hips from behind you, stretch your chest forward. Take three long, deep breaths in this position before releasing.

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