Baby Girl on the Way for Vanessa Simmons and Mike Wayans

10/02/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Vanessa Simmons Pregnant Expecting Daughter
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Rev. Run‘s fans have come to rely on his inspiring words of wisdom — but his daughter Vanessa Simmons feared she wouldn’t be hearing her father’s famous phrases when she shared her exciting news.

Simmons, 30, and her boyfriend Mike Wayans were expecting their first child.

“There’s this whole idea of first comes the marriage then the baby carriage so I was so nervous,” the mom-to-be tells Essence.

But once she made the announcement, the Run’s House star’s reaction took Simmons by surprise.

“My dad was actually really excited because this is the first grandchild for my family. I think somewhere deep inside he was kinda like, ‘When am I going to experience that part of life?'” she says.

Simmons adds, “Of course he wants us to get married, but for now he was like, ‘We’re gonna figure this out. Just be happy and have a healthy pregnancy. I’m behind you a hundred percent.”

While Simmons and Wayans aren’t planning to tie the knot before the baby arrives, the couple are looking forward to making it official in the future. “Of course we talk about that and it’s looking good,” she shares.

“But I don’t want to be a pregnant bride. I wanna have a beautiful wedding, hopefully a destination wedding where I can show off my figure in a beautiful long flowing dress.”

For now, Wayans is kept busy running to the store to satisfy Simmons’ cravings.

“Every time my mom calls me, she asks, ‘Where’s Mike?’ and I’m like, ‘He’s at 7-Eleven,'” she jokes. “The cherry-flavored Slurpee is my weakness. So is the Jamba Juice Mango-a-go-go smoothie.”

While the parents-to-be had come up with a long list of baby boy names — they believed Simmons was pregnant with a son — it’s back to the drawing board because they are expecting a baby girl!

“Now I’m stumped thinking of little girl names,” Simmons says. “But I’m excited because little girl clothes are amazing and I’m the girliest girl ever!”

— Anya Leon

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yo on

Wow! Time has flown by. I can`t believe she`s pregnant!

Missy on

Preacher’s kid knocked up? What? Say it isn’t so! Those Wayans men are extremely fertile, you need to double up on those condoms!!!!

Niki on

there’s this “thing” marriage before baby??? Um, your father is a preacher!!! Come on now. I wouldn’t trust a preacher who can’t even raise his kids to do the right thing.

Marge on

I like how they make the article titles out as if we’re supposed to know she’s pregnant already. It’s a little weird. But anyway congrats to her!

Elizabeth on

Goodness gracious. She’s 30, THIRTY!!! Not a child. She’s a grown ass woman. Doesn’t mean because her daddy’s a preacher, he failed as one coz his THIRTY year old daughter is pregnant.

Pia Razon on

It’s a real shame when declarations of love and family are reduced to looking good in a dress and destinations. I would think having a man who legally affirms he wants to be by your side forever – with you and your baby is the most important thing to contemplate right now. But if her pastor father doesn’t care, why should she?

Del on

Oh, please… She is grown woman that is 30 years young! How can this topic be a whole article? A short baby announcement would have sufficed. There are so many unwed Hollywood stars that have had babies before marriage and will continue to. It is so common and seems to cross all barriers of race, religion and all socioeconomic levels. Congrats, Vanessa and family!

Next (article)!

Dave on

It’s not like he’s a real I went to theology college, got my degree in theology and became a priest. Crap, Rob Dyrdek is an ordained minister so he could marry his sister and her fiancĂ©. It’s not hard becoming an internet preacher. It would be nice though if people would wait for “that marriage thing” before they have kids.

Lou on

So much for that whole promise ring thing she promoted and holding on to that virginity…..Whoops!! Just another loser that doesn’t PLAN their children.

Anonymous on

OMG!! These comments. The WOMAN is 30 years old! Not 16. Not 18. Not 21 but 3-0! I wish these soon-to-be parents a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Just My Opinion on

She’s 30 years old. Her sins are her sins, not her father’s. Rev Run or not. Congratulations to them.

vallatt on

People act as though she is a 16 year old girl, we are talking about a 30 year old independent adult. Maybe the pregnancy wasn’t planned…at least she chose to have her child.

Her pregnancy has nothing to do with her up bringing or what her father is.

May they have a beautiful healthy baby!

labiz12 on

so she’s pregnant and not married…only GOD can judge us!

Jay on

Congrats to her..who cares if she’s a preacher’s daughter or not she’s 30 years old for crying out for her not wanting to get married pregnant..I sure didn’t want to little one was 5 months old when me and my hubby got married..I wanted to insure I had a healthy pregnancy instead of planning a wedding and I wanted to look good..and it was even more special having our son up there with us

Cindy on

Going to be a beautiful baby! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Well, whether they marry or not…they are tied to each other for life!

4tmama on

Healthy baby THE most important thing..We are going into 2014; God helps make these miracle blessings, he is THE only one to judge, good grief people & PEOPLE!!

Jess on

Congrats to them

Jaqui on

“and it was even more special having our son up there with us”……bwahahahaha. Thanks for the guffaw Jay!


A very good name for a girlie girl is Kierra Allise. Thats my granddaughters name and she is as girlie as they come. Congrats and have a blessed life with your new blessing in your life.

Crystal on

You people on here are bitter and cruel! The girl…. (ahem) WOMAN is 30 years old. She isn’t a child. She is an adult. Obviously able to make adult decisions. Congratulations Vanessa and Mike on your pregnancy and baby girl! I know she will be BEAUTIFUL!!!


Alexis on

She is a grown woman. Preachers kid? Come on now, she is financially stable, own house, business, car, etc.. She is 30!!!! Not sixteen. Give her a break.

Anonymous on

How is this comment allowed? Telling someone to “kill yourself.” Please, please, please People remove this comment and help stop people from acting like such bullies.

Marky on

Crystal, grow up, and get your head out of wherever it is! Who says something as absolutely stupid as “Go kill yourself”? Nothing clever, interesting, intelligent or funny about that at all. Go away and think about your pathetic attitude!!!

Tiffany on

Really Niki? It’s not like she is a child, she is 30. Her dad hasn’t had control over her since she turned 18.

Didi on

Rev. Run wasn’t married to Vanessa’s mom when they got pregnant with her, so why would he be judgmental? I am happy for them.

terri clark on

Can’t people just be happy an say nice things like . May God Bless her an the family. I am happy for you

Marie on

Congrats on your baby! Shame on all these judgemental folks because her Dad is a Pastor. Get real, she is a grown 30 year old woman! He does not have a heaven or hell to put her in!

Emma Elizabeth on

Oh wow a THIRTY year old woman must be a badly raised sinner because she wasn’t married before having a baby. Do these people commenting not realise how rediculous they are being? You guys are nuts.

Anonymous on

Why not be a bride and then get pregnant? Lol

gg on

Such a blessed young woman ..How is it she is put on hold to marry ? Its called cutting herself short and Mr. Wayans should b
Putting a ring on it I mean where has he been any way…