North West Gifted Lanvin, Givenchy and More During Paris Fashion Week

10/01/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

North West Designer Clothes Photos: Lanvin, Celine, Alexander WangCourtesy Kim Kardashian

Well, that was fast! Kim Kardashian didn’t waste any time giving us a sneak peek of daughter North West‘s new designer duds.

A day after wearing her ‘Nori’ necklace, the new mom shared photos of several outfits she received for her little girl during Paris Fashion Week.

Along with cute fashions from Lanvin (left), the 3-month-old’s chic booty included a leather dress from Alexander Wang, a mini white lab coat from Maison Martin Margiela, a custom Bambi tee from Givenchy and cozy menswear-style sweaters and snakeskin slip-ons from Céline. The designers even added sweet handwritten welcome notes.

It looks like North will be giving fellow celeb tots Blue Ivy Carter and Harper Beckham a run for their money.

Our only wish: to see Kim and Kanye‘s baby rocking her luxe new gear soon.

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Cruz on

My life is now complete. Where is the apathy button?

jenelle on

Lord forgive me, that child is not cute.

Anonymous on

You realize by saying that you are making fun of God’s creation? Something to think about next time you make fun of the way a person looks.

Sara on

Beautiful clothes for a beautiful baby ❤

Hockeymama on

Glad to see Nori will have Trendy baby clothes and look hip!

Too bad the three month old preemie won’t have her parents there to care for her. I’m sure she will be dressed nice for the nanny that carries the preemie to and from her doctors visits.

Good to see Kim has her priorities straight, I was worried the child would be dressed in Oshkosh!

Abbie Parker on

Are you kidding!!!!

Kim on

Just what every baby needs, designer clothing to puke and poop on. What a stupid waste.

ExperiencedMommy on

Spit up is going to look awesome on these beautiful clothes! 🙂

Anonymous on

WHO CARES?!?!?!?

Cathy on

Not too sure about this baby – you really never see them out and about with her and she looks older than a month – I believe that she was suppose to be a month old when this was taken.

Kathie on

that’s completely ridiculous

heather on

Leather dresses are so practical for babies!

Guest on

Answer to Jenelle – I totally agree with you, but we have to remember who her parents are.

Mary on

he said that the baby would travel with them, what happened Kim? Is she too much trouble?

Edie on

Beautiful baby, but is this necessary? For me, not so much but they can do whatever they want with THEIR money!

melissa on

I’m saying as a now reformed “stupid first-time mom”. You really shouldn’t spend more than $10.00 on outfit until a kid is at least 5 years old, excluding picture, birthday, easter and christmas outfits. All kids do is poop, pee, spill drinks and food and throw-up, then that super pretty, super expensive outfit is ruined and you’re upset. My kids get target, walmart, carter’s, and consignment shop clothes until they’re five after that they are capable of wearing and not ruining an outfit. Before that you’re just wasting your money.

ME on

If their friends are designers….then of course they are going to give them clothes as a gift! And why shouldn’t they accept?! Baby Nori is a BEAUTIFUL baby and now has some beautiful outfits.

Anonymous on

Well at least the babies clothing will be a bit more tasteful than the parents.

Fan on

Marie, how do you know they left the baby behind? Where has it said that in any article? In all likelyhood, she is with a loving caregiver, in the same city as where her parents are staying – just like most other children of parents who attend the fashion shows. Negative people need to get a life and face the fact that we all lead different lives, and just because the Kardashian’s are different than yours doesn’t make them bad people.

kim on

disgusting. she’s a baby for christs sake!! whatever happened to gerber baby gap and osh kosh and granimals???

Brandi on

These are not clothes that they bought…these were gifts from the designers themselves for Nori. I agree that a leather dress is a bit much for a baby but should they have been rude and returned the clothing? People can’t wait to criticize Kim and Kanye (which I can understand sometimes because they are overexposed and get on my nerves as well) but in this circumstance, I think the comments like yours are being ridiculous. The baby outfits were a gift. Be mad at the designers that gave the items as gifts and not Kim and Kanye for accepting them. I’m sure we’ve all received a gift or two that wasn’t practical, over-the-top or something that we would never buy ourselves. Lighten up.

Kathy on

Don’t these idiots know babies need color around to stimulate them? Where’s the color???

gaa on

These were GIFTS Kathy. When is the last time someone gave you or your child a gift and you told them to exchange it for a different color?? Seriously. Think before you comment.

Carol Gutierrez on

Lucky baby! I would love all the clothes in a big size. Kim, except any thing you want for your baby. Have fun!!!

Lani on

so sad. some just will never get it. designer duds over being home with an infant. instead, she flies halfway around the world and leaves her baby in someone else’s care. sure, it’s okay if they can afford anything but to leave a baby that small and have someone else care for her is beyond ridiculous. that says a lot about her and kanye’s parenting ways. oh right, they are strange enough!

Tara on

The most impractical clothes ever for a baby.

whatever on

I hope she poops and throws up on everything. Poor kid needs to get used to her parents being absent all the time. Nanny = new mommy

Shay on

Really people should just cut them a break. This is the life they lead. She is all about fashion, that is her job. If any of you had the same chance, you would take it. For those who say they wouldn’t, I have a hard time believing it.

Lexie on

I’m sorry… am I the only one trippin on the fact that someone is making leather dresses for babies…smh

Comquat on

(In my best Rachel Green voice) “Babies don’t care about fashion!” But seriously, here come the bodily fluids!

Brandi on

The hand written note is a pretty obvious sign that they were gifts. Common sense is so rare on these boards full of pissed off women looking to insult someone else to release some anger.

Anon on

When did the kid’s name become Nori. I thought it was North. Even writers aren’t bothering to give her the correct name.

Melissa on

Nori is her nickname.

BrooklynBound on

I seriously think she needs to book a stint on Maury….and find out who the baby daddy is…doesn’t look like like Kanye!

selenaismyqueen on

that baby is so cute! 😀

Guest on

Why on earth does a baby need a leather dress?

Trisha on

She’s going to be so comfy in that leather dress! Good Lord.

Breanna on

Am I the only person ill by the thought of this born-rich multimillionaire baby, receiving designer swag that most adults could never afford?

I’m so sick of the media’s fawning over this no-talent nobody.

Trisha on

@ jenelle~ her father is Kayne West. Of course she’s not going to be cute!

mihunny on

This woman is revolting.

AmandaC on

I hope as soon as they put that ugly dress on she has a thunder crap!

Lauren on

I can’t stand itchy, silly, over the top things for babies. They are beautiful on their own and only need a simple cotton onesie. This type of senseless consumerism is what is wrong in this world. Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you should buy your baby a $500 dress.

just my opinion on

To Jenelle: Its OK cause neither was Halle Berry’s Kid. At least I didn’t think so when she was a baby. But I truly believe this child will be pretty. Her parents aren’t the most prepared parents. It seems even though they are giving her extravagant gifts at present they seem to want the best and that is more than I can say for some parents in Hollywood and in reality. I do like the little clothes as they are so feminine.

TheTruth on

Who’s Nori??? The babies name is North West or better known as NW on a compass. Just saying, and why does a baby need designer clothes again??? I feel bad for her, thank god her parents are rich because parenting department is seriously lacking already, it was lacking when they named her to say the least. I’m curious to see what a thug and a porn star create when she’s a teen.

Brandi on

Lmao @ Kanye West being a THUG…wow!!! Kanye grew up in a upper middle-class home and dropped out of college to pursue a music career. I don’t know too many “thugs” that grew up in the suburbs and attended college. I think the guy is an outspoken ass with a chip on his shoulder, but a thug? Lol not even on his worst day. Try again.

kim on

@ anon..nori is the nickname her parents gave to her. just like my full name is kimberly but my parents called me kimmie. its NOTan error on the writers behalf.

Sara on

Would have much more respect for these two if their three-month-old was with them. Kim, the first year is a blur. Enjoy every second you have with her.

Anonymous on

ppl saying that this baby is not cute you need your eyes checked out or you need to grow up! honestly just because you’re not fans of her parents don’t take out on an innocent little baby!

Ritz on

Where do I begin, to Say child is not cute shame on anyone! EVERY child is beautiful … Last time I checked as a parent myself there is no shame in getting away with out your child as long as he or she is being well taken care of , which I’m sure North is !! As for how a child to dress it’s up to the parent ..

Somerita on

@Fan …. in a previous article, it mentions that Kim and Kanye were is Paris and that Nori was back home in LA. What kind of parents go halfway across the world and leave their 3 month daughter back home? Oh yeah … I almost forgot who I was talking about … the self-centered fame whores. I guess we all know now that Kim isn’t breastfeeding!

Bonkers on

Why do the people with all the money in the world, the few that could afford this ridiculous expense – GIFTED these things? Why don’t these designers make them BUY them. Most regular, good people cannot. Donate the money for them instead. This new pop-culture world is inane and disgusting.

Cooper on

I didn’t have a leather dress when I was 3 months old and I never got over it. Thank goodness she won’t suffer the same pain I did being raised with no leather dress.

JM on

Oh Jenelle, I was feeling really bad…because I completely agree with you.

Shelley on

#1 – The clothes aren’t great, in fact for a kid that will only throw up on them, they are kinda stupid. I guess it is all about the “show”.

#2 – I guess Kim isn’t breastfeeding…or taking care of her baby. You couldn’t have pulled me away from my baby the first year. This is a true indication of what parenthood is going to be for Kim …. childless! Hope the kid loves her Nanny.

SA on

Funny, Why do we need to know this we’ll never see the kid wearing any of it so…….big whoopdeedoooo

ceci on

Cute clothes, but she’ll outgrow them in less than a month. Babies should not be wearing such expensive clothing.

Lauren on

@Brandi – Couldn’t have said it better myself. They’re all a bunch of angry, barren spinsters who can’t process the fact that the only thing that will ever go in and out of their nether regions is a tampon.

luc on

it would be great if designers donated their clothes to the needy kids who need it.

Surf City on

Ridiculous that she snaps pics of the clothes for a baby that she couldn’t even be bothered to bring with her! She can afford nannies and bring her whole family but still went trotting away from a 3 month old nursing baby. Selfish twit.

Meaghan on

I wish people would not reward Kim and Kanye with cute gifts for the baby. Kim and kanye act like two of the most self absorbed, unappreciative, embarassment for mankind and people give their child more designer brands to make their materialistic egos even bigger. They are two of the most selfish people. I am sad this is what people think is so great, I just hope they love their daughter as much A’s they love themselves. The things kanye said to Jimmy kimmel were so mean hearted and disrespectful. I wish they both would go away, people should treat them the way they treat others and see how terrible they truly are. Kanye has brainwashed Kim so much that she can’t think for herself so I wish that he would run far far away from the paparazzi so far that they could be on their own island and away from people thinking there behavior is ok( I don’t know why Kim runs from the paps after all that is the only thing she is known for her face on the camera, or her naked ass on her sex tape she really should thank them for her “career”). I don’t like these two, they are a sorry excuse for humans, and I hope there attitudes and materialistic ways don’t rub off on their daughter, which I think is going to be hard. Two evils don’t usually produce good, but hopefully this would be an exception, hopefully Aunt Khloe will have a positive influence on Nori, because good morals definitely won’t come from the mother or the father. Good luck in life North West.

Angela on

Marie, ALL parents deserve to have some time for themselves! Kim and Kanye are NO different.

Tara on

Give Kim a break…is it really so terrible to leave a 3 month old baby in the care of someone you trust so you can get away for a few days with your significant other? You people make it sound like she just abandoned her baby in the streets forever or something.

Anonymous on

lol that sure didn’t take long…

Melissa on

Gifts people! These are gifts from the designers. Get over yourselves already.

MJ on

She is obsessed with bs, just like her bs life

Rose on

creepy materialsim however baby North is sweet xoxo

Kember on

So how is the way she dresses Nori any differently than any other Celebrity? Obviously there is a market for designer baby clothes or these wouldnt have even been made and I am certain Kim and Kanye arent the only ones interested in these clothes. OshKosh might be your CHOICE but it doesn’t have to be everyone elses! Get of your high horse you all are no better… seem to me most of you are envious that she can and you can’t! If I had the money my kids would have the best too! We all only live once and you cant take it with you when you go so live it up while you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kember on

So everyone is so judgemental….how do any of you know that she bought these? Could they have possibly been a gift??? Sindy do you send your extra money to a village in Africa or any other location? What about Kim and Kanye’s donations to charities? Must they send all extra money to poor countries? WOW!!!! Let them put their kid in whatever they want!

kim on

Cute clothes for a not so cute baby. The clothes are a bit much but it seems they were a gift so whatever. I still can’t believe they went to Paris and left their 3 month old baby with the grandmother.

Mira on

Whf, how can you leave a preemie to go to Paris fashion shows? Can Kim be any more stereotypically superficial? Unbelievable…

Dawn on

Seriously?! she is going to outgrown the clothes quicker then Kim can get them on her. Leather for a baby? Kim needs to realize that Nori is a baby, not a doll, this is not dress up!

Heather on

those are gorgeous outfits. You can get similar outfits for reasonable prices in the normal world. Those expensive clothes are not going to look cute with spit up or food all over them. What does this teach their daughter that material things are necessary in life? I understand who the parents are high maintenance, but I hope some down to earth realism will be taught as well. Cute clothes, but not necessary.

barbarabarham on

I hope when Kim buys all these clothes for North, she will think about all the starving children in the world that could benefit from some of the money she just throws away on possessions.

Guest on

I don’t care for either of them, but you people do realize that the clothes were a gift don’t you? They didn’t pay anything for them.

mamba on

The kid is ugly and comes from an ugly couple WHO ARE NOT MARRIED. What that kid needs is to be adopted by a wholesome family and taken away from this circus

south East on


jay on

Ugly clothing and sorry to say baby not cute either. Doesn’t look like the k klan more like fugly father.

Marie on

If someone gave your baby designer clothes for free you would rock them on your child too and post IG and FB pictures of your baby!!! get real. Think before you write

south East on

Sick of all these nasty, nauseating people..all of them, especially granny and mama!!

Vanessa on

Hope the first thing Nori does is puke on those designer duds…then we’ll see how much they’re really worth.

Ala on

1) a baby doesn’t need such fancy clothes, especially considering she’ll wear them once at best

2) I find it very tacky of Kim to show off that stuff – free publicity for brands, I get that, but please be considerate for the rest of the world: those who can’t afford such clothes and those who can’t afford clothes at all

T. on

I like the name Nori. I hope the poor kid turns 18 & changes her name to that as soon as she can. And leaving a 3 month old baby? Doesn’t she need to breastfeed at that age? Totally not judging. Just a big confused… =\

Outraged! on

so sad kids are starving (to death) as we speak, and we have to read this…this is digusting!

Chicy on

You must care. If your taking time out of your day to comment on North clothes.

OpionatedAustinite on

That is the ugliest celebrity kid ever. Fancy clothes won’t make a difference.

Callie on

Do they lock this child up in a basement or something that she has yet to be seen outside? I mean, besides the blanket incident.

Sherron Teal on

Children don’t need designer clothing! What they need are parents with a brain in their head, parents that eventually marry, parents that don’t run off to Paris and leave a 3 month old baby behind. No descent pictures of the baby, but right away they can post this nonsense. Their idiots!!

PacificGirl on

Anyone can be considered a fashionista these days. Kim and Kanye look a hot mess most of the time, designer duds and all. SMH.

Mari on

So sad to see this tagged “Most Read” … was hoping these idiots would get no “clicks” and People would let them fade into nonexistence.

Michele W on

The Federal Government is shut down and I really give a damn about what North West is wearing today?????!!! RIDICULOUS!!

Sandy Gutierrez on

I really don’t think North really cares at this point what Momma dresses her in. It’s really none of our business what Kim dresses her daughter in or what designer she choose. This little girl wants for nothing . My girls got what I could afford ..Thank goodness for Goodwill 🙂 Now both in there 30s work for what they have and appreicate me more for the value of a dollar…

Janet on

Well isn’t that something that Nori can grow up learning, “look this is how we make the world look at us and envy us. Those who are grateful for the hand-me-downs and live day to day and whose mommies and daddies both have to work hard, well, you aren’t allowed to play with or know about. We’re just saying….”

Susan on

Lord forgive me too..but the baby REALLY isn’t cute. Sorry.

Anonymous on

These were gifts —– calm down.

KJ on

Babies need soft cotton cozy clothes. Not leather! Try getting diarrhea off of that!! Lets not forget how painful it will be when they are trying to get leather off a sweaty baby!! Stupid parents!!

E on

You people are ridiculous. So they went to Paris without the kid ONCE. Parents do that shit all the time. Plus it was clear that part of their Paris trip was business and they’re also trying to keep Nori out of the spotlight, so why would they want to parade her past paparazzi covered up in a baby carrier every damn time they leave the house. You people are pathetic. You take time out of your day’s to criticize people who don’t know or care about you. If you stopped caring about these two, they’d go away.

E on

Anyone who comes here to add comments about how the baby isn’t cute, adding “lord forgive me” doesn’t mean you’re not a horrible person. And no the lord doesn’t forgive you, you’re hating on a baby for crying out loud. Who cares who her parents are, she’s still a baby and still doesn’t deserve to be called ugly. Seriously if you take time out of your day to comment about how ugly someone’s baby is, you’re just terrible.

Anonymous on

uuuugh….relief please……who really cares

E on

How about you people stop bashing them for leaving their kid for a few days. The woman didn’t leave the house for the kids first like 3 months of life. The baby is with her mom and her sisters. She’s spending time with her family. Why would they want to take their kid on what is clearly a business trip, when they know they’re going to be walking past paparazzi every day. They’re clearly trying to keep her out of the public eye, and keeping her in a covered carrier would be uncomfortable for the baby.

minn1003 on

I like how reporters write these articles just so that the readers can bash them and hate them even more. All I’ve got to say is that it’s working.

Wanda on

Yawn!! Can’t stand to hear anymore about kim k and her spawn!

Lori on

Aww, look at those cute dresses that are going to suffer the wrath of a full-blown poop explosion! So cute!

Guest on


Kica on

Sooooo apparently people don’t understand the concept of actually reading. It clearly says these were GIFTS from the designers themselves. K/K didn’t BUY them…..that’s why they’re called GIFTS….ya know when someone gives you something..a GIFT!

susan on

A leather dress? What baby needs a leather dress? These people are just over the top.

Anonymous on


Jan on

Even if I spent a huge amount of money on baby clothes, I would not be dim witted enough to post pics on the day the Government shut down. Clueless much?

Kiwii on

So the poor kid had to look like this and now they are going to dress her like her tacky parents? #freenori

Sharon on


Akita on


Sharon on

Big butt and totally ugly could never produce a child that was cute. The kid has a huge flat nose and probably going to have a huge butt. The poor child had no chance of being close to cute.

Kaylie on

All this made me think of is all the babies and children out there who have families that are struggling to get clothes on their backs… And here we have 2 people who can absolutely afford what they’ve been given but are getting stuff for free regardless. Why doesn’t Lanvin send a struggling family clothes instead ?! SMH celebrities have it so damn easy it makes me sick. I don’t dislike the Kardashians but this made me feel really uneasy..

Nunyaz on

That baby really is unfortunate looking. And yes, I am well aware that I am badmouthing a baby. They all can’t be cute.

Guest on

Must be nice to able to afford these baby designer clothes.

julie on

why arent people sending clothes to the needy? This child will never be without

Anonymous on


Georgia on

Beautiful baby…with so many haters. How sad… Get a life, people.

SickofThesePeopleAlready on

Don’t you find that Kim contradicts herself? Kanye is sick of the press and Kim just looooves to fuel them. I don’t see this relationship lasting long at all. She’s so superficial and if she’s not exploiting herself every opportunity she gets then she’s doing it to her own daughter! Like who really gives a sh*t!!

Ashley on

Those designer duds are cute, but completely impractical for an infant! As a first-time mom, I went through a (BRIEF) phase where I bought a few pricey organic cotton outfits for my baby girl. Needless to say, that phase didn’t last long, since all those expensive clothes were soon covered in spit-up and diaper blow-out stains. Now, as a rule, I don’t spend more than $5 or so on any item of clothing for my now 2 year-old toddler. Plus, for a baby or toddler, comfort is key. Fancy synthetic fabrics like lace, polyester, satin, etc., are itchy and don’t “breathe” well, which make them really uncomfortable for little-ones. Kim and Kanye and their wealthy friends certainly have the $$ to waste on a designer wardrobe for Nori, but they should at least pick clothes that are comfy for their baby girl!

L. on

I think most of this is Kanye. Clearly he is insane, unstable, and potentially emotionally abusive. I get the feeling that Kim might be in danger at the hands of his ways… I sense the family in great conflict. I sense disaster.

moi on

I love how these people are part of a reality show, when they are the furthest thing from reality.



Anonymous on

I am so disgusted by these comments. The comments towards a child and towards another mother. Many of you should be ashamed. I only hope you don’t teach your children to speak to others this way.

smailepsu on

I love how some people think they actually paid for these clothes. Designers are probably lined up to give Kimye clothes for their baby.

Rachael on

Fellow posters, pray this child is adopted into a home where she belongs. Her parents are circus acts who will never provide her with a life she deserves. No money in the world can rear a child in the right direction. It takes dedication. Call CPS on Kim and Kanye.

Tammy on

I think it is disgusting – people that work harder in one week than she has her whole life can’t even afford to pay their bills and she wants to flaunt a $3000 baby outfit – She is the most narcissistic human ever – Makes me sick!!

Shannon on

Doesn’t she have enough money for now??? How about taking the time to chill with your beautiful new baby? Why the need to jet set around.

Marky on

I am not a fan of the Kardashians, and darn sure not a fan of Kanye West…BUT, what sort of people make rude comments about the appearance of ANYONE’S child?? What colossal hatefulness and pure envy must have overwhelmed you to result in making such terrible comments. These designers are trying to encourage celebs of any type to wear their clothes, so they give them to some people so they will be seen by an audience, and result in higher sales. All it is is a type of advertising, and none of it is meant to replace the donations anyone makes to the poor. I donate frequently to several charities, but have reached a time in my life when I can do that and still do some fun things for myself and my spouse. I am appalled to think that just because I do something for fun, or buy myself something, that means people like you think I am being selfish! Why don’t you think about what YOU can do for others, and quit complaining about others??? And lay off the insults about a baby, for pity’s sake!! I don’t even know whether that is Nori, or not, but I would never call her ugly; that’s ridiculous!

guest on

well that didn’t take long!

edierose on

really…feathers and leather for a 3 month old…oh well that is normal for those two people. I was a lot cuter than that when I was her age.

mb on

There are people starving and homeless in this world and celebrities post pics of designer baby clothes??!! So sad…

Anonymous on

there must not be any baby gaps or any stores like that in paris. It’s all “high end.” Really Ridiculous, it’s a BABY!

Boo Beh on

This comment box is different.

Ann on

Those are some tacky baby clothes so hope Nori never has to wear them……..

Amber on

And we are in a recession…..?? This makes me sick.

abena on

if you have, flaunt it. Jealous?

confused on

I do not understand why People claims their readers “heart” this article. Every time they do that, when I look at the votes the “anger” icon is always way higher. They only do this with Kardashian articles esp about Kim K. Why?? Personally I would have been more impressed with KK if she had sent a twitter out showing all the baby clothes she was donating to Moms in need to celebratye the safe arrival of her baby girl and what the are able to do for her.

Talia on

Too bad North will only wear these outfits once. Babies outgrow their clothes very fast!

confused on

I would have been more impressed with KK if she had sent out a twitter with a pic of all the baby clothes she was donating to help Moms in need. This would be the way to celebrate your baby’s arrival and how blessed you are to be able to provide for her in abundance. Share the wealth a bit. Right now what we see is that fashion is more important than your baby. By the way, more people are angry about this article than “heart” ing it.

Disgusted on

Seriously people, get a life! If someone gifted these things to you, would you say, “I am so offended you would gift me something so nice and exspensive for my baby.” NO! You will take it and instagram, facebook, tweet or whatever it is you have to brag about it. Get some love in your life and stop spreading your venom.

Anna M on

I feel so sorry for that little baby…..

shamus on

Why so much hate? Everyone wants to dress their baby cute. It’s natural. They are cute clothes for a precious baby. Period. Those designers dress all the stars, only natural they would give Kim something for her baby when she wears their clothes. Why not trash all the other stars whose babies wear the same stuff? C’mon people.

sally on

None of my grandbabies will be wearing these not so cute things. They are actually u g l y!

haven on

That is such adorable baby outfits for girls.

ShoeDiva on

Ooooooh weeeee! There are some HATING ASS, MEAN ASS bitches on this earth. None of you have a clue about Kim or Kanye’s parenting. Rich people get gifted items all the time. This is no different. And how are they “neglecting” the child? Then the ones on here calling the baby ugly….SMH. I would LOVE to see what your lives are like behind that keyboard.

Bitter and judgmental much? I just can’t…..

Anna on

Highly doubt that baby is theirs as it looks about 3 months old considering it was a preemie.

Terry on

Really, give some of that money to a food bank to feed a hungrey child

Anonymous on

Not a pretty baby….

Lynn on

I hope this poor little one is not always dressed in black or drab like her parents. I do think the clothes are cute. Kourtney always dresses her kids so well. They are cute and normal.

Anonymous on

What a stuck up brat. People are starving and worrying about the economy..and she is bragging about her designer baby clothes. GROW UP.

ceecee on

I cannot believe some of you people when tom cruise daughter is dressing in $400 dollar dresses and $800 dollars for a copy of her mothers handbag not too many of you were saying anything about that or any of the other stars that go overboard dressing their child. Could this be a little racism going on here. Also you can look at this baby and see it is Kanye’s baby and she is a cute child why would you call a baby names, I would love to see your children. When I was a child my mom always told me IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING.

mihunny on

I love that she’s got all the labels out so we can be sure to know her baby is wearing couture. This woman is a self-involved pig.

pat Wood on

A leather dress?? omgosh… I think that is way off base.

MommyDearest on

Why not take the baby with them? Or not go at all?

NaNaSue on

Since Nori’s birth I have had a feeling something may not be right with her. They say she was a preemie 5 # is not quite a preemie unless other physical symptoms are not right. Kim has had her sequestered away. Magazines say she “has taken to motherhood and breastfeeding” “she’s a natural ” well if she is a natural the bond would be very strong and she would not leave her child with anyone while she was that far away. Babies NEED their mothers all the time ,not even a loving Grandma (if you can consider Kris a “Grandma”) can not take the place of a mother.

If she is breast feeding how did she wear all those reveling dresses without nursing pads ,I did not see any wet spots on her clothes. I hope she is nursing ,That way Nori is getting SOME bonding time with her mom.

As for her Dad he seems like he is just a sperm donor. I see no love or affection in his mannerisms. The last thing I am sorry to say ,she is NOT a cute baby !!

Anonymous on

Does anyone know where celebrities put their vhildren outgrown clothes? Do they keep it, auction or donate?

roz on

I’am glad that kim is dressing her baby girl like a little girl unlike beyonce and jay-z dressing there pretty little girl like a little boy shameful.

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