Baby on the Way for Ravens’ Torrey Smith

10/01/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

A picture is worth a thousand words — or in Torrey Smith‘s case, just two!

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver posted a photo to his Instagram account on Monday of he and his wife Chanel showing off their spaghetti dinner — and a special announcement.

Wedged in between the dining duo is a bottle of sauce that — with the help of an added sign — reveals, “We’re Prego.”

“Can’t believe she got me to take this pic … but it’s a blessing so I’m with it,” Smith, 24, writes.

Smith and his wife, a schoolteacher, were married in July.

Torrey Smith Expecting First Child
Courtesy of Torrey Smith

— Anya Leon

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Razmataz2 on

OMG…brilliant. And so sweet!

colleen on

yup they’re prego and they’re having a little meatball!! lol. good luck! have a happy healthy baby!!

Lisa on

That is so cute! I love it!

Michele Kay on

Love it!


Laurie Duplantis on

He looks terrified! lol! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby!

rubblebubblecake on

Cute way to make such an announcement. But, Prego sauce sucks!!!

Catherine on

That is so cute!

klutzy_girl on

LOL. I hate the words “preggo” and “preggers” but this is hilarious and creative! I love this announcement.

Congratulations to them!

erica2 on

Super cute and creative congrats chantal & torrey I love their expressions torrey’s what did I get myself into look is priceless. Baby Smith will be lucky to have parents with such a great sense of humor

Martina on

Awwww, so cute! They are adorable.

Srl on

I went to college with Torrey and am a huge fan. He is a wonderful example of a man, husband and nfl player. You will never see Torrey in those embarrassing situations we are so accustomed to seeing from sports stars.

Congrats to Torrey and Chanel. I have no doubt they will be wonderful parents.

Pat on

They are the cutest! Love that she is a school teacher and not some model/actress wannabe.

Anonymous on

Super cute!

Anonymous on

So cute!

Boiler Henry on

Now that’s funny…No wonder his plate is full…Congrats…

Sun on

What an adorable announcement — love it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Schae on

Love it! congrats to Torrey and his wife!

Anonymous on

Love how they announced this. A friend and his wife (who have a little boy) had a unique way of announcing they were expecting another. He held their son on his shoulders and in between him and his wife held a sign with the + symbol. She then held a sign on the other side that said =4. Cute way of announcing

Me on

FAR from original – check Pinterest

Kelly on

Torrey-oh s3!= !

Chanel-I wonder if he’s gonna eat the bread on his plate…

Tammy on

this is hilarious and cute….congrats to the couple

Barbara on

Congrats to a great couple and great animal rights activists.

Lori on

Their faces are cute, but “prego” refers to pregnancy p-o-r-n. I really wish people would stop using it in reference to being pregnant.

Crystal on

I now have an INTENSE craving for spaghetti!!! Lol! Congratulations to the parents-to-be! Praying for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby!!! 🙂

dirtbikemommie on

that is so cute! and i also think it’s neat that she is a school teacher. lots of those professional athlete wives are nothing but hot messes, lol these two are adorable.

Ravensfan on

Love these two! Did a great video last year for her school for the standardized tests. Best wishes!

Guest on

The bigger announcement would be that he actually married someone Black.

Sharon on

Love love love this announcement!!! So creative! Congratulations and best wishes!

Jennifer on

One of the cutest, funniest pics I’ve seen. Congrats!!

Michele on

so adorable! God Bless these two 🙂

Melanie on

Love this picture! So fun! And the look on his face is absolutely hilarious! =D

no name on

Creative and adorable! I think their expressions are the best part.

Vic on

Very cute. I cant understand why some folks selected the “angry” icon. Lighten up people! Lolol

Marky on

Guest, why do you care what color his wife is? What an odd comment… Congratulations to the happy couple; what a cute announcement!

Lori, who’s even heard of “pregnancy porn”? I’ve heard the term “prego” over and over, but never heard anyone refer to “pregnancy porn”….bizarre.

Anonymous on

The prego jar is so over done! I have seen several people on fb do the same jar thing.

Anonymous on

Too funny!!! Congratulations from this Bengals fan!! How soon will he be going on a little paternity leave? *wink wink* LOL!!!

as on

Very cute

Guest on

This is so cute! I love it.

Congratulations to you both. You will have a very beautiful baby.

mandt711 on

That’s adorable!

Aud on

Haha, that is cute.

MommytoanE on

I love unique ways of announcing a pregnancy. This one is cute.

Donna on

Congratulations and every happiness to you all !!

kbear9945 on

Congrats to the couple on their little meatball!

Anonymous on

I did this 3 years ago. This is classic.

angela on

wow…they are so creative…they can search pinterest like everyone else! It’s cute, but it’s not like they came up with it on their own.

Jennifer on

It’s not that original.. Our niece and her husband announced their latest pregnancy the same way 3 months ago. But congrats to them just the same.

Denise on

What a great idea!!! Best wishes.

zab on

Awwww! Too cute! Congrats!!!!!

Anonymous on

you two are adorable or should I say you three god bless

Jenn on

Oh my gosh- this is so cute!!! I love it!

deb on

Brillant! Wishing you a happy, healthy baby and many years together as a happy family!

Debs on

Congrats to Torrey and Chanel!

that’s my team!!

nas on

Guest- Go somewhere please. Let the people celebrate the news. Rather its been done a million times, each one is unique.

Laurie on

Clever idea – love it!

hessin on

funny, but he looks scared!!

Jess on

what a cute and fun way to annouce it. This baby is sure to have a lot of laughs growing up with these two silly people for parents. Congrats.!

lee on

Why can’t people say what it really is (pregnant)? I hate the words prego and preggers) their not even words

Lyanna on


TM on

I guess this is how advertising works. Now I’m seriously craving spaghetti!

Sharon on

Guest…i believe she is black, just a lighter skin tone…what does it matter anyway?

Amy on

Torrey and his wife seem like a very sweet, level-headed couple. Congratulations on the upcoming new addition! Love the announcement – most creative ways to tell people are fun.

Pamela on

That is so cute! May God bless the happy family!

Anonymous on

haha adorable!

Gal Capone on

Who cares if it’s not original or not?? Do people feel superior saying “I’ve seen this before.”? So what.

wow…they are so creative…they can search pinterest like everyone else! It’s cute, but it’s not like they came up with it on their own.—–Wow….you are so original….it’s not like you came up with THIS on your own. It’s been said before.

It’s not that original.. Our niece and her husband announced their latest pregnancy the same way 3 months ago. —So….it was hardly original when your niece did it then, either.

Anyway, rant over. I think it’s a cute announcement & I’ve never seen it before.

Gal Capone on

Disregard the first “not”. They don’t have an edit function on this thing?? Lol.

Melanne on

I’ve seen at least 4-5 other people do this on Facebook over the past year.

Lyla on

thats so freaking adorable! congrats and best wishes to them!

kargar on

That is Super cute, except you beat my team in the Super Bowl! 😉

Best wishes to the happy couple.

LuvBigCity on


Maryanne on

I think the look in his eyes make this pic. Best wishes to them.

Anonymous on

Aww, this is so cute! congrats to them!!

I too want spaghetti now! haha

Lady on

Sooo cute & creative!! Congrats to them!!

Anonymous on

LOL.. what a funny picture.. Congratulations!

Terri on

Cute picture!

Charli on

THAT’S SO CUTE!!! Congrats to them!

Dee on

LOL, that’s cute…Congrats to them both 🙂

Meghan on

Cute picture. I have seen this on pinterest so its not really an original idea, but still is very cute! Cute couple!

FC on

They are adorable, that picture is adorable, and I think the baby will be, too. 🙂 Best of luck to them!

Vanessa on

Very cute–and the ONLY reason to buy their crappy sauce. LOL

Leeann on