Kim Kardashian Debuts ‘Nori’ Necklace While in Paris

09/30/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Nori Necklace ParisINF; Inset: Splash News Online

Personalized necklaces are clearly a ‘thing’ for Kim Kardashian. But this time she’s paying homage to her 3-month-old little girl, North West.

While in town for Paris Fashion Week, the new mom showed where her heart truly is with a pretty gold chain with a ‘Nori’ nameplate charm.

Her sweet jewelry was the perfect complement to the chic all-camel outfit she wore during an outing Monday — a day after attending the Givenchy show with boyfriend Kanye West.

We have no doubt Kim will be displaying love for her daughter in many other fashionable ways. We also can’t wait to see North’s mini wardrobe when she starts stepping out with Mom.

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Martina on

I am trying not to judge… but I can’t help myself. Unless you really have to, what could be the reason to leave your tiny 3 months old baby and go to Paris? To go out to dinner, to go to the gym, to take some time for yourself – I get it. To go overseas for no reason other then indulge yourself – I don’t get. The baby is sooooo tiny and needs mommy every day.

Alicia on

Martina you said it perfectly. I agree fully.

Sara on

Her hair is looking fried and sad. 😦 She was so pretty brunette! Why this?

Cris on

Why oh why do beautiful women mess with their faces!!

Anna on

She looks like nadia suleman. Stop with the nose jobs and lip injects kim. Used to be so pretty. It’s a true shock to watch her from her early seasons of KUWTK to the most recent.

Anna on

Has anyone noticed that since she lightened her hair she has been dressing lighter too, and by that i mean lighter colors? She used to be all about black and dark sexy colors. Now she dresses in the lightest shades, and i really dont know why as it looks horrible on her! Its like she is trying to be super feminine with this light look, but it isnt working for her at ALL

AmandaC on

Why didn’t they just name her Nori, it’s cute & unique, North just sucks!

Jean on

Oh, wow! She’s such a great mom! She wears a necklace with her baby’s name on it when she travels to another continent and leaves her with the nanny!

sally on

Do you know how many real parents have their kids name on a necklace? This isn’t a new thing…but you can bet she would love to take credit for it

myla cree on

Martina, if she was there for fashion week, it most likely was a work trip. As they have several clothing lines and stores and she models. Also, how do you know the baby wasn’t with her?

poor sweet baby on

that poor baby. has a tramp for a mother and a thug for a father. shes so gonna b bullied in school

momof4 on

Why name her North if you’re not even going to call her that? You should have just named her Nori in the first place.

Leeanna Rodinez on

Why go and name your kid NORTH and then nickname her NORI? I don’t think Nori sounds like a derivative of North. I’m gonna name my kid PLUM so I can nick name her Pammy. Blah, Kim & Kanye. Poor Baby!

abby on

The necklace looks cheap, almost like the 3 month old did it herself.

LeAnn on

Gee, how touching. A necklace with the name of the three month old she left at home so that she could go shopping in Paris. Nice to see that becoming a parent hasn’t changed her vapid, selfish ways.

lucasmom on

I agree with you, Martina. If she wants to “display her love for her daughter”, why doesn’t she stay at home with her? She’s an infant, for heaven’s sake! Fashion Week….really!?!?!

Rachel on

who is Nori?

Carrie M on

It truly has been wonderful these past few months not having to see or hear about this brainless broad. Truly wonderful indeed. I guess it’s over, huh?

Deb on

cheap looking….I have seen beautiful nexklaces with childrens names -this is not one of those…..

Deb on


sam on

dear kim, if you though you looked good as a blond…you would have kept it for years. changing every part of your being for one man is ridiculous. but, i think this getaway, is very sweet and necessary. this is the time reality sets in…the reality that most people have no help and they’re dying inside.

Cris on

Have you ever seen a woman morph into a female version of each of her boyfriends like this piece of work? She turns herself into what she thinks her man wants. How about being yourself? There’s a novel idea.

Gina on

It may be a good thing that the baby is being cared for by nannies. KK doesn’t have a clue..

Gina on

Since she hooked up with Kanye, her style has suffered greatly. The blonde hair has got to go..

mg on

Umm, yeah, cuz nothing says ‘Great Mom” like leaving your infant to jet to Paris. Losers.

lips look natural on

It looks like she has lightened up on the lip injections. Good call, she actually is looking a lot better. Finally, she is listening to someone besides her dysfunctional family!

Charlie on

I think Kanye is styling Kim to look like Beyonce. The hair especially looks a lot like B, and Kanye is close to Jay Z, just saying.

Brandi on

People complained when she stayed out of the spotlight and tabloids saying it was because she was vain and didn’t want to show her post baby body. After three months of being home she had to take a business trip that will likely only last a week or so. I took business trips when mine were smaller and they turned out just fine. You catty women will complain about anything. I find it hilarious that the ones that say how nice it was to not see her in the tabloids were some of the first to comment on a story about her. You’re obsessed with hating her and that is just pathetic.

PoorNorie on

Norie lasted 92 days before Kim got bored with her and abandoned her. That’s a new record for Kim.

fern on

she needs to stay home with her young baby instead of wearing a necklace with her name on it. shame on her.

karen lozano on

How could someone leave their infant baby & travel overseas?!!!!!!

Bad on

Her hair looks dirty in this picture

Guest on

Kim used to be so pretty. Since Kayne entered her life, she has gone downhill. Her clothes are awful. Her face looks very different. And the hair. . . yuck.

guest on

Go home and take care of your baby. She needs you every day and not just when it is convenient for you. Grammy and nannies are not a substitute for a mother or a father.



Shelley on

Looks like Kanye is trying to have his own cheap version of Beyonce. Kim looked better brunette. She is still self-centered and selfish, only her hair color has changed. Who leaves their baby to go walk around Paris with their boyfriend?

guest on

She destroyed her nose with this last nose job! Can’t go back from that one…. Also, dark hair suits her. It’s so sad I used to look to her for makeup, hair and clothes tips but no more. Sorry to carry on but man she aged herself and I can’t over how fast she did it. Google her and Kanye sitting court side at a basketball game and you will see what I mean.

mamafishy on

HA! And here I was thinking I would see a necklace made of SEAWEED! Context is everything….

JJ on

Those of you saying trip was work related….seriously? It was fashion week, not a reality tv convention. She didn’t really need to be there. As far as the necklace, cheap looking just like the person wearing it.

Anon on

I think Kanye wants Kim and him to be clones of Jay and Beyoncé…just a thought

RltyCk on

She has the means to bring her baby with her, bring her mom to watch the baby as Kim “works”…who in the hell leaves a 3 month old baby at home if they don’t have to??? Especially, since they flew into Paris on a private plane so no need to worry about a crying baby disturbing the other customers. It’s not like she’s going to get fired for not returning to work after maternity leave. Seems as though she not going to be a very hands-on mom or Kanye a hands-on dad. If they didn’t want the responsibilities of of being parents, then they should have used protection. In this day and age, no woman needs to get pregnant if she doesn’t want to. In watching her show, it seems she was never really happy to be pregnant, didn’t want a baby shower, just overall didn’t seem too happy with the whole process of being pregnant and now leaving her 3-month old daughter at home…shame on both Kim and Kanye for their self-centered ways…Family should always come first, no matter the age is of the child.

Jujubes on

Nori is also Japanese for roasted seaweed. Just saying.

Anonymous on

Nori means seaweed in Japanese.

dawn norris on

I don’t agree with leaving a baby at home while i have a romantic getaway. but the Nameplate is cute. My son’s both have names we shorten since birth to nicknames I see nothing wrong with her calling the baby nori.

Megan on

I really do not see the point in her and Kanye leaving the baby at home to go to Paris. Every parent needs a break. I think the bigger problem is that the child is probably being cared for by nannies…and not the family members she was left with.

PJB on

Kind of figured it would only be a short time before Kim left the baby with a nanny and took off to play. She should have never been a Mom to begin with. Her priority like her Mom is to get her picture taken and party around the world.

only tues. on

cute pendant, not so cute mom. she looks awful, as if she hasn’t washed her hair in days, what’s up with that?! guess she’s trying to keep up w/her nasty bf.

Brooklyn on

Why not just name her Nori then!!

courtni on

She looks terrible. Almost like she was ridden hard and then put up wet. Hopefully baby “Nori” will have more common sense than her trashy crap parents.

DaGuest on

Wow! What a judgemental, cruel and ugly-spirited group of people commenting here.

jenelle on

Ugh. Greasy hair and cheap looking necklace. She is so gross.

seycas on

So, this child’s name is “North West” … so what’s her surname? So her full name is “North West West”?
or is her name “North” and “West” is her last name? Then why does the article say “3-month-old little girl, North West.”?
What a disaster this couple is … That poor child; already at three months being left alone (even if it is with Nannies), while her parents are off galavanting … Shame of these people and people like them.

Surf City on

How about you bring your kid and the million nannies you can afford instead of wearing a necklace to remember you have a 3 month old. Selfish.

lillith on

Anon And Shelley – Yes!! I completely thought of Beyonce when I saw this picture. For whatever reason she is doing it, she looks like Beyonce.

josy0710 on

Hate to beat a dead horse here but WHO leaves a 3 month old baby to go overseas?!? all those people that say “its a work trip” REALLY? I have a feeling she can take extensive time off to be with her child and not starve…I understand that some women have no choice but to leave their kids to go on work trips, she is not one of those people. I agree 100% that if you want to show affection to your child, the best way to do that is to put her before anything including your self absorbed boyfriend and his “fashion” trips.

That necklace is also the worst one I’ve seen. Seriously, this reminds me of the ones I used to buy with the backstreet boys names on them at Claire’s back in the 90s.

Nancy on

Big Deal, she has a necklace with the daughters name on it, wheres the daughter?? Oh thats right, she left her 3 month old baby overseas…..

Jis on

what did she do to her face? she is starting to look like a witch!

Mrs on

Nori? Oh, trying to deflect from the stupidity in the child’s poor real name, “North”, … giggle.

Anonymous on

Proof that her poor baby is really just an accessory.

klutzy_girl on

Will show off a necklace but not her actual child. Oh right, because she doesn’t exist…….

Mel on

Ok, wtf happened to her face? She looks deformed anymore.

Becky on

Don’t care for her or Kayne, but where in this article did it say that she didn’t bring the baby with her to Paris?

krah on

Nori is seaweed in Japanese.

Patti on

No reason they couldn’t have taken Nori with them along with the nannies to care for her during (work time), ya right. She was afraid to let Kanye go by himself because he was going to see his Italian BF at fashion show. Sorry but nannies will be raising this little girl.

Lady on

She really had to leave her baby just to go look at some ugly ass clothes…..some things never change!

Carrow on

Did I miss something? Where does it say she left her at home?

Ivy on

I could never leave my sweet baby of 3 months, and she is not showing love by wearing a necklace, you show love to a child by being there to hold and hug and kiss.

Martina on

Work trip? My goodness. Kardashians do not show in Paris! Saint Laurent, Chanel and Givenchy show in Paris. Kardashian Kollection sells at Sears. This was a vanity trip. And if the baby were with them, they’d use her as an accessory. If she weren’t photographed at all, it means she weren’t there.

anon on

She looks like Beyonce

gringainparadise on

Kim: Your child is not an accessory to exploit for your own narcissistic needs. Growing up with your own mother, I know that lesson may have passed you by. Break the cycle, and be a caring mother first and foremost. That boyfriend of yours won’t be around for long, but your daughter is forever. Make the most of your relationship with her!

Anonymous on

Still curious where it says that the baby was left at home….. Not seeing it anywhere. I will start out with, I don’t like Kanye, at all and I am not a fan of Kim’s either. With that said, she always attends fashion week. Many people in her industry attend.even if you don’t like her, that is the way it goes.

Anonymous on

Maybe she brought her baby to Paris? You all have no clue if she did

star on

People don’t realize that for the last few months ppl haven’t even seen Kim so has it crossed anyones mind that maybe she has been a good mom. She also doesn’t have a 9-5 job. It’s fashion week and both Kanye and her are very much involved in fashion. Sometimes peoples jobs do entitle them to leave even if they don’t want to.

tari on

she is SO not classy at all as a mother and role model, not to mention showing her weight she has yet to shed, by flaunting her ‘curves’ in inappropriate clothing! I CAN believe that she would leave her daughter behind to attend Paris FW. So not mother material.

Helen on

Who leaves a 3 month old baby and fly half around the world for a freaking Fashion show???? ?? ????

Asia on

ok alot to say here. first of all how can you call her a bad mother you don’t know where that baby is. im pretty sure kim has enough since to bring the baby with her.second of all she’s copying off of beyonce. with the blonde hair and the light color and the baby name necklace.