Alyson Hannigan: Parenting One Child Is ‘Difficult’ – Until You Have a Second

09/30/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

How Alyson Hannigan finally met her match? By welcoming a second child!

The actress thought she had her hands full with Satyana, 4½ — until she and husband Alexis Denisof welcomed daughter Keeva Jane, now 16 months old.

“I thought one was really difficult and now I am like, ‘What? One was super easy!'” the How I Met Your Mother star, 39, tells PEOPLE. “You got breaks while they were napping — [Satyana] had just started school — but now they are tag teaming me … in the very best way of course.”

Fortunately, Hannigan has found the perfect parenting partner in Denisof. “Alexis is an amazing father, he really is, we’re a really good team,” she says. “I am definitely a better lunch maker. I am a better baker, but he is definitely better at dinners.”

Alyson Hannigan Smiling It Forward
Courtesy Alyson Hannigan

While Hannigan may be used to playing a part onscreen, it’s Denisof who excels at creating the storyline behind the scenes. “I am like, ‘What movie can I repeat and pretend it is a story?’ But he will just create an entire series and characters out of thin air,” the mom-of-two explains.

“‘This is Naughty Nora …’ and she is a whole character [and there’s] an adventure she has gone on.”

The busy mom has partnered with Tylenol for the Smiling It Forward campaign, which promises to donate $1 to Children’s Health Fund for every photo that is uploaded on

“I am obsessed with sharing photos of my daughters and will do almost anything to make them smile — silly faces, puppet shows, belly kisses,” Hannigan says. “I love to take pictures and love my kids and that is one of the reasons partnering with Tylenol for the Smiling It Forward campaign was such a no-brainer for me.”

Alyson Hannigan Smiling It Forward
Courtesy Alyson Hannigan

— Anya Leon

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Xan on

Doll babies!

klutzy_girl on

Both girls look so much like Aly!

Love everyone in this family.

Rachael on

Wow, Alyson is stunning and her daughters are equally beautiful. Love this family!

Jan Carrion on


Jen on

Her baby girls are just adorable, just like her!

Raini on

I agree, I thought parenting one was so hard…that was until I had my 2nd 17 mo later. : D

stacey on

Why would she cut her little girl’s hair like that!?!?!?!? Hideous.

Anonymous on

Stacey, not sure which child you are talking about. I don’t see it… But to say “hideous” about a child is pretty rude.

Diana on

Its so true, you can’t appreciate how easy it is to have 1 kid until you have two!

Jill on

For me it was the opposite. Having just one was a lot more work and seemed much more time consuming. Now that I have four I even have time to go to the bathroom by myself, which I could never do when I just had one! The kids love to play with each other and they don’t just have to have mommy all the time.

Jill on


guest on

Keeva is the happiest looking baby in Hollywood. She is sooo cute!

Katie on

I’m a teacher. I have had up to 36 fifth graders before in my class. It is tougher for sure being a parent to my two children, then teaching those 36. While I know I am responsible for teaching these precious students, they are only mine for a year. I hope I make an impact on their lives. My children however are mine forever and knowing that each thing I do can impact them is tough, but extremely rewarding.

Her children are lucky to have a loving mom who cherishes them with all her heart. They appear to be very loved and happy children. How adorable they are. Children, no matter, how many you have, cause tremendous joy and sometimes stress, but it is so worth it. Thank you to all of you who show a child love and support, whether they are yours or not.

Tiffany on

haha, she is right! When my oldest 2 go to school and it’s just me and my youngest, it’s def a break!

Rachel on

Hats off to all the moms who are mom enough to have more than two kids. Two kids really isn’t that hard.

Anonymous on

Rachel your comment sounds very rude. Who are you to say Mom enough to have more than 2 kids. Every family is different and for some people one or two is all they choose to have. Can we stop the Mom bashing and judgement for once.

sachanikoll on

Rachel, you’re a jerk. Please take your negativity elsewhere. Some of us are okay with having one child because that’s the way we want it.

Anonymous on

She’s still one of my favorite Actresses!! Beautiful Babies!!

Katie on

Rachel do you realize how many people have more kids than they can either afford or take care of? Whether a person has one child or ten or more, it doesn’t make them more of a parent. I respect parents who do all they can to raise and happy and successful child, regardless of the number in their family.

torgster on

Stacey what is wrong with you? Ever occur to you that Satyana wanted her hair cut so mom said sure? Duh.

Cynthia on

@Rachel… I guess everything in mommy land really is a competition.

Noneya on

Adorable kids! I was not fortunate enough to have more than one due to complications but my daughter has her 3rd on the way and I can see how it is more difficult because they each have their own personalities and what may have worked with the first – doesn’t always on the 2nd………

tina on

She has the cutest kids in Hollywood. They always seem so happy but then so does their mommy.

Melissa on

Try having a girl and a boy seven years apart, now that’s difficult lol.

paige on

Gorgeous family

Kica on

One of my fave celeb families. They are ALWAYS smiling for the camera. They look truly happy.

radio on

People who obsessively photograph their kids are not doing the kids any favors in my opinion. 30 years ago kids weren’t constantly instagrammed and tweeted and facebooked. Each child is special to his/her parents, but I say, put the phones and cameras away and just live life! And now here’s a “campaign” encouraging people to take even MORE photos of their genetic “forwards.” Good grief.

Babies have their own facebook pages. I find it distasteful. I look at all the photo albums of my son from when he was young and there’s not much point to them, really.

As for the difficulty of raising two kids, you can avoid it by having just one. It works for lots of “families.” I like it.

heather on

i guess i’m not mom enough since i only have one. thanks for the memo Rachel. get bent! i feel bad for any kid of yours. what a miserable c u next tuesday!

haven on

@Rachel- I agree your comment is very rude. Maybe you have 10 kids and is on welfare. It doesnt matter how many kids someone has it is still a lot of work now a day some people cant afford to have a lot of kids. I have 2 and my husband and i will try our best to give them the best life they can have. Stop being so judgemental we are all trying to do the best that we can.

sgtmian on

radio, what’s wrong with having a lot of pictures of yourself as a kid? i have a ton of albums from my childhood and i love going through them every once in a while to reminisce. they’re nowhere near pointless.

4tmama on

Such sweeties