Is Kourtney Kardashian’s Daughter Penelope Starting a New Toddler Trend?

09/27/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Forget fedoras! Penelope Disick is all about the head turban. And we know why: Mom Kourtney Kardashian is also a big fan of fabulous head accessories, so it only makes sense that her little girl would be rocking similarly styled headgear.

On Wednesday, the fashionable pair stepped out to visit the family’s Dash boutique in West Hollywood and the 14-month-old sported a fuchsia wrap (far right). But that wasn’t the first time we’ve spotted her wearing the elaborate style.

On May 1, the little cutie wore a pirate tied kerchief (far left) while vacationing with the whole Kardashian brood in Santorini, Greece. And last November, the toddler stayed close to her mom wearing a printed scarf (middle) during a trip to Miami Beach.

Penelope Disick Wearing a Turban Kourtney KardashianSplash News Online; X17online(2)

So is Kourtney passing on her sophisticated tastes or has she just come up with a chic way to keep her baby girl’s head protected from the sun while they’re out and about? Whatever the reason, we kind of love it. It’s sweet and adorable.

TELL US: What do you think of Penelope’s glamorous turban style?

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This is not a new trend. For those of us who live in the real world and aren’t just trapped inside Hollywood, we see this kind of thing all the time.. I guess it’s only trendy when a celeb does it, or does it to their kid. I know this sounds excessively snarky for something so petty, but seriously. Also, you can buy those head wraps for adults or babies for just a few bucks at Walmart or Target… You don’t HAVE to buy the $80 dollar ones like these. 🙂

AmandaC on

I’m sure a baby loves that crap on her head!

valerie on

No, Penelope isn’t starting a trend! That’s silly. Her mother dresses her. Kourtney is the one trying to start a trend and it’s a stupid one.

sky on

Looks silly, poor child will hate her mom for this look.

Barbara on

It’s a little over the top I think…

meghan on

looks ridiculous

Maria on

She is starting to look so much like her big brother Mason. Adorable baby! She could do without the head wraps, not such a cute look on her.

sky on

Perhaps she will be a pirate for Halloween. Yes, looks like a mirror image of her brother.

Lu on

She looks ridiculous, like a tiny pirate.

Martina on

It doesn’t look comfortable, yikes.

Anonymous on

it would be wonderful if this poor child could just be a child and not an icon for the Kardashian’s. I really feel sorry for her. She can never have a normal life.

5tolove on

So adorable! I love it! I got three girls and i dress them how ever i want. Good choice Kourtney!

MommytoanE on

3 scarves over a year is hardly a trend. I agree with other moms who say this isn’t so cute. Little girls in hair bows, or cute headbands…now that’s cute. Dressing a little girl like a pirate, not so cute. This little lady is a doll, but shouldn’t be dressed as a pirate doll.

Missy on

Loose clothing?

I see it as a potential choking hazard!

_Kristine on

If you want to protect your baby from the sun, choose a hat that shades the eyes. Little ones don’t usually like wearing sunglasses, and their small eyes need to be protected from UV rays just like their skin.

If you want them to look like a tiny pirate, use a headscarf. And maybe a parrot.

Anonymous on

Why do celebs feel the need to make their kids look trendy? Let them be kids! Those turbans look ridiculous and are probably super uncomfortable, too!

Ann on

She could be Mason’s twin sister……..if only she could talk about those scarfs!!!!!!

itznia on

She is totally adorable!!

Anonymous on

My daughter has been doing that forever with her daughter

Diana on

All babies are cute, regardless of who their parents are.

Frankie on

Well babies should wear hats when out in the sun so it’s a great alternative. I’m all for it.

Anonymous on

Ha ha! Cute, but kind of silly to me, because my kids would tear that thing off their head so fast! They didn’t really like to wear hats until 2 and a half or so. I bet the photo gets snapped, and the little girl cries and pulls it off. Babies don’t need to be trendy to be cute!

Anonymous on

It may be a bit more comfortable than a hat…I think it’s silly to look at it as a trend though.

Susan on

So stupid looking… just like the rest of the family…

Ginger on

The third one looks bulky and uncomfortable on her. If it catches somewhere she could choke. And honestly, the baby is adorable but the head scarves just look tacky.

tori on

Don’t like the look on either mother or daughter at all! Yuck!

sam on

yes this is news worthy NOT

Dawn on

I hope not! this is silly and to subject your child to this, it even more ridiculous! Not cute at all. The child is, the mess on her head, is not!

elle on

poor baby – a life time of dealing with a messed up family.

Tanya on

She looks so cute. One thing said Kourtney and Scott have really beautiful babies.

jan on

Cute scarves…looks like her fair head is being protected from the sun. Why does this have to be such a big deal?

Marcia on

That’s silly and unnecessary.

deb on

What kind of fashion statement is this for a baby?

guest on

Very cute…

just a gal on

it looks absolutely ADORABLE! I must agree however, this is not a trend or anything new. I used to do this all the time with my baby boys when we went to the beach and they are now teenagers.

bellesunny on


taylor on

Kardashian or not, that’s a cute baby!

Emry on

she looks just like mason! As long as she doesn’t follow in her trampy mothers footsteps..she will be fine, hope she gets a restraining order against her family and relatives as soon as she turns 18! It would be for the best.

Tlc on

So sick of seeing “Suri Cruise starts a trend” or “is a mini Fashionista” Penelope Disick is starting a trend” NO THEY ARE NOT. They are CHILDREN whose MOTHERS are trying to make them into fashionistas!

I roll my eyes into my head every time I see this phrase on this site. Come ON people. Enough is enough…

Lisa on

Sorry…it makes her daughter look like an old lady.

Charli on

I think that’s for the pic because most babies snatch that kinda thing off their head.

Tami on

I think it’s ridiculous just like her parents.

Mel on

Looks to me like Mom is too lazy to brush Penelope’s hair.

KT on

This look doesn’t do anything for her, anymore than it does anything for her mom. It’s a stupid look.

dee on

Why lie.. this baby is not cute or adorable just average looking like her brother.

Ashlinn on

Stupid, as most things with Kardashians are.

jen on

has nobody’s mom ever taught them that if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all? shame on you haters!! Be nice!

Haven Daze on

She’s not the cutest baby. I figure she might not have the nice hair that her mother would like her to have so she covers it up. I guess better that then baby hair extensions.

Julesy on

Those turbans look so stupid on that little baby. What is the point?

veronica on

Can Penelope open her Eyes? Poor Baby.

veronica on

Can Penelope open her eyes? Poor Baby