Meet Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb’s Son Rocco

09/26/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

What a cutie!

For this week’s throwback Thursday post, CaCee Cobb Tweeted an August photo of herself and newborn son Rocco with the caption, “#tbt The happiest day of my life.”

Cobb’s husband, actor Donald Faison, can be seen in the background looking exhausted in an outfit we’re accustomed to seeing him wear — green scrubs.

Jessica Simpson‘s best friend, 35, and Faison, 39, welcomed their first child together on Aug. 15.

Donald Faison CaCee Cobb Rocco First Photo Courtesy CaCee Cobb

The pair were married in December of last year in a Southern-themed Los Angeles wedding featured in the summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Faison, who currently stars on The Exesannounced Rocco’s birth on Twitter, saying “Yesterday @Caceecobb and I welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives! Oh Happy Day!!”

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Rhonda on

So adorable!!

Aneta on

Gorgeous picture, all the best to this new family!

Drew on

Cute baby! This pic shows how it really is. No make-up and parents looking tired! Congrats to them!

MKM on

I love that he’s chillin’… in his SCRUBS!

Meghan on

They look so exhausted. Understandable, of course.

Sunburn on

Adorable but HE’S exhausted??? She had the baby!!! LOL!!

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

He looks so thrilled.

lora on

This is a magnificent photo! The baby is mini him, so cute!

Valerie on

LOL at Donald in the background!

Becky on

That is one beautiful baby! Congrats!!!

James on


Jen on

He’s in scrubs because she probably had a C-Section. Isn’t that how all the stars and their friends have their babies nowadays. Can’t mess up the money maker down there right??

meghan on

The Turks!

Selena on


Get OUT of my head, now! How did you know I was thinking, how is it that such a concentrated amount of “famous” women all need c-sections?! The same way so many have been having a twins that are miraculously a boy and a girl.

It’s sad that the need for having what they want now with ease, even spreads over onto their becoming parents. The sheer laziness is tacky and appalling.

Don’t mention how you would see them just strolling down the street, nothing complicated, yet they still have a nanny pushing the stroller.

I usually don’t comment on this but I’m tired of these lazy, ditzy broads.

Kahuna on

What a silly, uninformed and vastly uneducated comment, Selena. C-sections are by no means easy or for the lazy; in fact, it’s major abdominal surgery and the recovery , quite honestly , sucks! You don’t know if it was a necessary c-section either! How rude and insensitive to make such a judgement call when there are many women who wish they could have had a delivery through their “money maker”‘. Classless.

Carrie M on

Absolutely precious!!! Awwww…..

Belle on

Congrats!! Beautiful picture. I remember when mine were born, truly a glorious day!

Laine on

So great to see Donald in scrubs again….!!

Sun on

This is the best “meet the baby” pic I’ve ever seen! So real and adorable — exhausted and happy parents — I love it!

Gigi on

Great photo. So glad it’s not the typical staged photo with the mother looking perfect just minutes after childbirth. This is reality.

Nichele on

To Jen and Selena:

What does it matter HOW she had her baby, whether it was via C-section or v@ginally? Besides the fact that it’s a personal choice (and/or a necessity for some women if there are complications), requesting to have a C-section—if she, in fact, did—doesn’t make a woman, celebrity or not, “lazy.”

Would you say that about a non-famous woman who requested to have a C-section? I know plenty women who chose a C-section (and plenty of others who gave birth the other way), and I can assure you that they were neither lazy nor doing it out of some “need for having what they want now with ease.”

Not to mention the fact that a C-section is anything but easy. It’s major surgery, and it carries plenty of risks (my mother almost died 21 years ago after the doctor botched her C-section when she gave birth to my brother. And I realize that medicine has come a long way in the last two decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still risky). It’s more recovery time as well—both in the hospital and for the mother at home.

And then there’s the incision scar. If vanity were an issue, don’t you think the scar would play a major factor? I mean, it’s not like it’s a small incision.

Amanda on

Where are the people saying this is a private moment not to be shared with the world?

Merlinman on

He has five kids now!

Anonymous on

Nichele- Actually, C-section scars aren’t that big and they’re rather easy to hide given where they are (unless, of course, they’re the old-fashioned vertical kind, but those are extremely rare these days. And even when they ARE done, it’s usually just for the cut into the uterus itself, not the the cut through the skin and muscles.).

Other than that, however, I agree with you completely! As someone who’s life (along with her mother’s life) was almost certainly saved by a C-section, I can’t stand it when people judge others for having C-sections when they don’t know all the facts (not to mention when, like in this case, they don’t even know whether the woman in question even had a C-section to begin with!)!

Celebrities aren’t exempt from the complications “regular” women experience during pregnancy and childbirth, and they’re just as likely as “real” women to need C-sections. And as far as the high incidence of boy/girl twins in Hollywood goes, boy/girl happens to be the most common combo for fraternal twins, and most Hollywood twins (as well as most twins in general) are fraternal. It’s as simple as that!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that I think sometimes it just SEEMS like celebs have more C-sections, twins, and whatnot because there’s such a small number of them compared with the number of “regular” people in the world.

I’ll bet if we were to really crunch the numbers, so to speak, we’d find that the rates of C-sections, twins, etc. aren’t really that much higher, if higher at all, than that of the general public.

At any rate, Rocco is adorable!

Anonymous on

Oh, and given how exhausted Donald and CaCee look in this picture, I’m guessing that if she DID indeed have a C-section, it wasn’t a planned one!

Anonymous on

Love how she’s practicing Kangaroo care! 🙂

Lulu on

Kangaroo care? What’s that

Marky on

Congratulations to the happy couple. Darling baby, and lovely picture!

Please tell me why some of you feel the burning need to hurl insults and snide comments at a couple who chose to share a special moment in their lives? They had a baby–not your problem “how” they had the baby, and what on earth would make you think you have the right to even make some nasty comment about it? Regarding the “money-maker”; when did Cacee become a profession whore? Never the last I heard, so your comment is totally off-base.

I have the money to hire someone to clean my house; does that mean I’m lazy? No, it does not, it simply means I am able to have time away from some tasks and have more time for others. Many people who have a nanny do so in order to be able to attend functions necessary to their work, and to do tasks such as laundry, etc, so the mom is able to spend more time with the baby. Your envy (and, frankly, you don’t even know whether they have a nanny or not) is obnoxious and hateful, not amusing or enlightening. Why not take the time to be nice and kind, instead of hateful and rude?

Anonymous on

Sunburn, the article says he is exhausted, not them. I don’t think he looks like it.

Anonymous, “actually csection scars aren’t that big.”
For starters, she didn’t say they were. She said its not like its a small incision and that is the truth. They are not small incisions. Small would be a laparoscopy scar, which is barely noticeable. These are very noticeable. Once you experience having one and having a scar on ou, then say, “they aren’t that big.”

Get out of my head now! 🙂

SKM on

Keyyyyyyyyute E. Pie 🙂

Mandy on

To Sunburn, she may have had the baby, but it is very nerve wracking for fathers too. I think my husband was as exhausted as I was because he had to see me in so much pain. Congrts to the happy family.

Hazel on

So, is that the only reason they got married, because she was pregnant…

Isabel on

Selena, you’re making an awful lot of assumptions for someone who has no idea about the circumstances surrounding this little one’s birth. Even if she had a c-section, why does it bother you? It’s not your body.

Jae on

Love that he is wearing scrubs 🙂 Miss that show 😦

Lullleepop on

A picture we can all relate to. Congrats to them.

MEG on

Never really understood this couple. Don’t even know who SHE is!

Rachel on

Congrats! Love that he’s in “scrubs.”

jay on

I love the pictures like this: the exhausted but happy shot 🙂 And Turkleton!! LOL Loved Scrubs.

Kristinka on

Nichele – Vaginally is not an obscene word.

Tina on

Very sweet. Congrats! They’ve been together for a long time.

Dawn on

Special Moment. Love the picture and of course Donald in his “Scrubs”

Tee Tee on

Lulu, kangaroo care is when someone holds the baby skin to skin while being covered up with something. In this case, she’s covered with a gown. Kangaroo care has been proven to help newborns regulate their breathing, heart rate and body temperature.

Ashlinn on

Was he the guy on Clueless? Am I clueless?!

shannon on

Beautiful family picture. Rocco is adorable.

Anonymous on

Hazel- It says that they got married in December and the baby was born in August, eight months later. So it’s entirely possible that they didn’t know she was pregnant when they got married, given how early on she was.

Sara on

What an absolutely beautiful picture. The tiredness and feeling of peace is just legitimately palpable. Every parent can remember this feeling, the newborn joy.

jay on

Ignorance is a scary disease.

I was in labor with my daughter and had just started pushing when all hell broke loose. I almost died but an emergency c-section saved my life. And guess what: my husband was in scrubs BEFORE the section. He was told to put them on when i was about to start pushing. As a matter of fact, i can only think of one or two of my friends whose husbands WERENT in scrubs during delivery. Every hospital is different in their protocol.

Sophia on

Such a pretty baby!

Anonymous on

They were married Dec 15th. On Jan 31st, she tweeted a picture of a blue shirt saying she was pregnant and you can find out at around fifteen weeks. So, if you back that up….it would very odd if she didn’t know that she was pregnant when she got married. She also wouldnt have announced her pregnancy until she was far enough along, as most people wait until they are past the 12 month mark. and again, she knew she was having a boy when she announced. I have been pregnant four times and every time, I knew. I don’t know many people who at six weeks don’t know….as um, things change.

The math on her dates are a bit off, so I will say I am a little confused. She must have been late? Has she said? Just based on my personal experience.