Seraphina Affleck Pays Homage to Dad Ben with Adorable Tee

09/25/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Seraphina Affleck Wearing Ben Affleck TeeAKM-GSI

We know what’s on Seraphina Affleck‘s mind — dad Ben!

While grabbing ice cream in Brentwood, Calif. with mom Jennifer Garner on Wednesday, the 4½-year-old stepped out in a long-sleeved top personalized with a photo of her smiling father.

Not sure where she got it, but we think it’s a sweet way to pay homage to a parent.

Seraphina’s fashionable display of paternal affection comes only a week after brother Samuel, 18 months, wore his Batman tee.

Ben sure is a lucky guy. His kids (and wife!) are definitely his biggest fans.

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Mary on

This is so cute, maybe they had shirts made for the kids when their dad is off working, either way, this is very sweet.

carol on

I’m sorry ,these children are the worst dressed kids in Hollywood . Everytime I see them thay just look like they just came from the Goodwill . This is my opionion . Jennifer needs a littke help also ,but she dresses better than her kids . A shame .

carol on

Worst dressed kids in Hollywood .IMO .

Eleonor on

They are not the worst dressed kids, they are kids just dressed NORMALLY, in confortable clothes and not like little adults and fashion victims wearing clothes they cannot play in and worth too much!

I love how normal these kids look, at scool every day I see kids dressed like that and nobody has anything to say because they are kids and not need to get all dressed up to the nines!

Love the tee shirt!

Sweet little girl, she is cute!

Heather on

They are the worst dressed kids in Hollywood, why? They dress like normal everyday children. Their parents remember where they came from and want their children to be grounded, and not to feel or act as though they are privileged. Many kids dress the exact same way, I’m proud of their parents for dressing them like normal children!

Anonymous on

I love that their kids wear regular clothes and look like regular kids! And they always look happy and normal. Some of these Hollywood kids always look miserable — JLo’s come to mind — Jen and Ben are doing something right. Good for them focusing on what’s on the inside. Love this family.

Nannyto1 on

Carol… not sure what you mean? These kids are dressed like any kids their age should be dressed. Kudos to Ben and Jen for keeping it real 🙂 And LOVE the t-shirt!

Kaley on

Okay, is there a MORE blatant way to use your kids for promotion? And Jen was crying crocodile tears about the paparazzi taking pics of her kids. What do they expect with stunts like this? Klassy Ben & Jen.

recreationistme on

Worst dressed, perhaps, but they are very down to earth, just like Ben and Jen are. They are not into Hollywood glamour or hypocrisy. These kids will grow up with good values. They look like everyday kids you see around on your block. Nothing wrong with that – they definitely don’t look like Goodwill kids. Their clothes are clean and new – that much is obvious. Ben and Jen want their kids to enjoy being children and not worry about what to wear. I admire that. They wear what they want and like, not what MOM want and like – like all other Hollywood moms. be getting into marrying her and snapped out of it. Ben and Jen dress very ordinarily when they are not working – unlike other Hollywood peeps who dress up just to go to Starbucks or grocery shopping – because they would be photographed. Ben and Jen do not care about being photographed in ratty t-shirts and sweatpants. I admire that. They want to show that they are being themselves.

Valarie on

Sorry Carol but you are WRONG. Just because these kids are dressed like NORMAL children does not mean they dress poorly. So Ben and Jennifer try and keep their kids grounded and normal? WOW maybe if more Hollywood parents did this there would not be as many issues. I think the kids are adorable and look great!!!

dancer92136 on

She looks adorable, and she is dressed like your average child…how refreshing.

CAROL it is not about the clothes. It is about the family. Priorities.

kim on

thats just a little weird and narccistic. i would never have my kids wear clothes w my face on it.

Beth on

The Affleck kids dress fine. Their clothes are always age appropriate and they never look dirty or unkempt.

Nothing wrong with the way they dress. They look like typical kids.

It’s just my opinion I think clothing items with family members faces on them are strange, and I wouldn’t do it for my kid. But that’s just my opinion and you know what they say about those.

Silvia Beltran on

And really, there is nothing wrong with Goodwill either.

Julie on

The Affleck kids are dressed to play. As they should be.

Beautiful-2sweet on

Thier kids are adorable I just can’t understand why Jennifer dresses them likr depressed, 30 yr-old women! They are always in drab, dull- looking outfits. There are countless cute ways to dress your little girls (and still have them looking like little girls) that are far more cute than this depression. She lools like a stay at home mom running erands while her kids are at school! Do better Jen, u can afford to!

4tmama on

Too cute..Sera & the tee!!

lester on

“worst dressed kids in Hollywood”? What is wrong with all of you. Holy crap.

Sandsman on

Not sure where she got it? Try your local Walgreens photo department…

As to those crying she is poorly dressed, I guess that is how you describe the other 99%, as she looks like a normally dressed kid to me.

LC on

This is so cute! By the sound of the headline, I thought it would be a Batman t-shirt or something but it is so adorable that its simply a picture of his face. He has a sweet family – how cute!

Kate on

I love that Ben and Jennifer give their kids a normal life rather and putting them on display as future Hollywood stars. Good job Ben and Jennifer, your kids are dressed like they should be…like kids…and they are beautiful.

Anonymous on

I think this is the cutest thing ever.

Thresa on

She’s probably missing her Daddy since he has been here in Missouri shooting a new film Gone Girl.

Liz on

I LOVE it!! I am SO going to order one of these, never really thought about having a picture of there dads on a tee. Super cute!

vada on

They might dress like “normal” kids but they are the cutest kids in hollywood. Hands down!

Jen on

Well, if you don’t want the paparazzi to take photos of your children, then don’t dress them in clothing begging for photos!! Didn’t their son wear a Batman t’shirt?

Again, don’t like the chasing children for photos, but this smacks of terrible hypocrisy on the parent’s part. OK for blatant promotion of the parent and their projects, but otherwise, leave us alone. Can’t have it both ways.

Shannon on

I agree- worst dressed kids in Hollywood! That’s not normal to look like you just stepped out of Goodwill. I have an almost 4 year old and she looks better than the Affleck kids- and I’m not a celeb. You can dress your kids in comfy clothes and have them look presentable. Have you seen J Crew and Gap clothes for kids- ADORABLE!! The Affleck kids need to take some pointers from Suri Cruise!

Shannon on

I’m not a celeb and my almost 4 year old daughter never looks like that- she’s always dressed in comfy, yet matching and put together outfits. The Affleck kids need to take some pointers from Suri Cruise!

ExperiencedMommy on

Stop taking and buying photos of little children who have absolutely nothing to do with their parents’ choice of vocation.

Lisa on

I can’t believe how cruel, judgmental and mean-spirited you people are. These are two people trying to rear good, decent, normal, well-rounded children living in a very “unnormal” world and all you can do is trash them. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the world is kinder to you.

annmarie on

Sorry, this is cheesy … I don’t care if you’re a celeb or not, your children should not be wearing you on their clothes.

Ginger on

Seriously who gives a flip what the kids are wearing?? Maybe they just came from gym, maybe Jennifer lets her kids pick their clothes, maybe Ben was away on a set somewhere and she wanted to think about her dad this day. Get a grip!

lsu on

Dear People: you are not sure where she got it? You mean the t-shirt with the Ben Affleck picture? What a lame question. I am sure they made it at home…you know, a DIY craft project that moms do with their children. You can find the insturctions on the internet. You guys are lame.

Marcia on

She is a doll.

jane on

Wake up honey!!! These kids are NORMAL. TOTALLY AGREE WITH ELEONOR and NANNYTO1.

Jess on

LOL at all the worst dressed kids comments. If I were Jen and Ben I would take that as a compliment. Their kids are not hollywood stars they are children who are being given a chance to simply be children. I love that they dress like the average kid it shows how hard Ben and Jen are trying to give their kids a normal childhood.

lnyk on

I thought Jennifer spoke out against,”THE PAPS” stalking her family.If Seraphina was with her little friends,and playing around,WOULD her parents still put the t-shirt on her?

Colleen on

Tacky. Who’s looking for attention? The Affleck family, especially mommy Jen.

Debra on

Woulda been better if he was dressed as Batman, lol.

Jenny on

Calm down people. These children are dressed like normal children. I wouldn’t get all crazy about the Ben shirt either. It could have been a craft project (maybe from Father’s Day?) Little girls love their daddy.

SoManyHaters on

Maybe they had the shirts made for Father’s Day or Ben’s birthday or something silly and Seraphina just wanted to wear it that day. She’s old enough to pick out her own clothes, my 4 year old niece puts outfits together all the time. And no they don’t always match, because she’s 4. But they match to her and really who else’s business is it to care? I feel sorry for the kids whose mothers posted on here trash talking a 4 year old’s outfit. Kids aren’t dress-up dolls and letting them pick out their own outfits teaches independence and decision-making. Lighten up, the sidewalk isn’t a fashion runway.

To Carol on

Shallow much?

Susan on

These are THE cutest kids in Hollywood. Absolutely the most adorable, normal-looking, happy, and assuming well-adjusted kids.

Milky on

So cute! I think a PP is probably right, this is probably something they did for fun when Ben was away filming. I love it, it’s the sort of thing we’d do in our family for a laugh. In fact, I think I may steal this idea for next father’s day!
I also love that the whole family dresses like normal people – honestly, the ridiculous things you see celebs wear on planes or the school run or grocery shopping. It’s so good to see kids in comfy leggings and t-shirts, and Jen in jeans and a shirt

adventuresofaglutenfreegirl on

Does it really matter how these kids dress. Why the f$&k are the papporazi taking photos of them anyway. They are just innocent kids who didn’t ask for fame. Also how would any of you like these mean comments being said about your kids.

lyoness on

I like that Jen & Ben dress their kids in age appropriate clothing. Kimora Lee Simmons dresses her daughters age appropriately too. These kids look like they’re going to the playground or just hang out. I used to work retail 10 years ago in college. I’m not a conservative or prude but I’ve noticed that the clothes for little girls especially are shorter and tighter or have snarky sayings. I just don’t think a 6/7 year old should be in crop top.

Brooke on

I was able to see both Violet and Sera in person for a while in Telluride. Sera is the sweetest natured little girl. She was all about mommy & her approval. I would bet she picked this out.

Violet…..was a spitfire. LOL

lo on

for the idiots who say they are the WORST dressed kids in hollywood… is it really important what a child wears? they are down to earth people, they have never been the type to dress up when they go out. Kids wear whatever! they dont care, and im sure Jennifer Gardner doesnt spend too much time picking out the kids clothes, its just a waste. Kids get dirty in a blink of an eye. They’re no Suri Cruise…and thats a good thing!

and what a cute shirt! they must be proud of their dad.

gracie on

Shannon…My best guess is that you care about how others view your 4 year old. By the age of 4, children should be choosing what they want to wear…within reason of course. It is an opportunity for the child to begin to develop their own sense of self and a level od independence. They should also be able to dress his/her self. The Affleck kids look quite normal. I taught 4-6 year olds for many years and most kids looked like they do…except for those whose mothers felt a need to have everything match and/or be from brand name stores.

jay on

“its not normal to dress like you stepped out of goodwill!”

Please tell that to the THOUSANDS of people out of work and cant afford anything else. I’m pretty positive they would do anything to give their kids better lives and better clothes. And i’m pretty positive they would be sad to see people like you slamming them.

lifeasahouse on

you guys complain when celebrity kids have expensive clothing and now you complain that the celeb child is not dressed up enough. Get over yourselves.

stacey on

While Ben and Jen do seem like awesome parents, I have to agree, these kids are always dressed extremely homely.

Sunny on

Dress them better because they can afford to? Really? Wow – what an idiotic statement. I love that Jen does not see the need to be dressed to the nines to get a coffee or take her kids to the park (which she is ALWAYS doing) and dresses them in clothes comfy for playing. Maybe they are doing better things with their money, like investing it in their children’s futures becasue no one is going to give a crap 20 years from now that they “looked drab” when they were 4. Sheesh.

sam on

these kids are always homeless chic. their mother grew up with barely any money. so now, they leave their 20 million dollar mansion, in rags. it is pathetic.

sam on

being well dresses doesn’t make you elitist. keeping children humble and hardworking is about teaching these things. if you don’t think looking decent is important –you’re wrong.

Suze on

The Affleck children are as adorable as their parents!!
And what makes them adorable (beside good genes!) is the fact that they look like normal people!! The children are dressed as children should be. They are neat and clean and dressed appropriately for their ages. I’m sure when the situation calls for it, they’ll turn it up a notch, but com’on…walking down the street? playing in the park?? sweat pants and a tee shirt works just fine. They are not dressed in clothes from the Goodwill, but by a mother who realizes they are CHILDREN!!! No high heels! No Versace!! No need!! Love the Afflecks!!!

recreationistme on

Those who say the Affleck children should dress similarily to Suri Cruise…a spoiled girl? High maintenance kid? The girl who has no friends? Spends all her time with her mom? A lonely girl? Nah. Those Affleck kids are normal and happy kids which is good. And I think The Pitt-Jolie kids are the worst dressed kids anyway. Only Zahara is nicely dressed out of the 6 kids and they allow Shiloh to dress like a boy with a boy haircut…possibly she is a transgender child or a tomboy to the core. We will see when she is older.

Anonymous on

The audacity of their son to wear a Batman shirt. Now that dad is in movie they are calling for the photos. They should only wear them in private….eye roll.

These kids dressed like kids. They can’t win.

Vanessa on

Most of my 2 year old’s clothing comes from the Goodwill. So what? Kids are kids. They run around, rip things, get stains, etc. My mom dressed me up all the time and got mad at me for ripping my tights. Kids don’t need $200 sweaters (*cough* Kardashian’s *cough*).

Vanessa on

Most of my 2 year old’s clothing comes from the Goodwill. So what? Kids are kids. They run around, rip things, get stains, etc. My mom dressed me up all the time and got mad at me for ripping my tights. Kids don’t need $200 sweaters (*cough* Kardashian’s *cough*).

Anonymous on

Has it ever occur to you people that the parents let their kids wear whatever they want isn’t that normal rather than dictate what you want your kids to wear?

Mariela on

So is sooooo cute!!! She is the spitting image of her father.. Super adorbs!!

MommytoanE on

Wow, if these kids are the worst dressed kids ever then every kid at my daughter’s schools is right up there with them. Children in poverty are not dressed nearly as nicely as these kids are dressed. There is nothing wrong with dressing kids in comfortable, cute clothing. At least they are down to earth and using comfy clothes than sticking their kids in $500 outfits. IMO they are a little more green for buying comfy, versatile clothing than someone who spends $500 on a dress to wear once.

Seraphina looks adorable.

tiredofkidsbeingphotohogged on

leave these kids ALONE….this picture shouldnt be here at ALL….take pics of the parents and leave the KIDS ALONE

Mary B on

She looks great!! Did anyone ever think that Seraphina wanted a shirt with her dads face on it??? Why is everyone so made at Ben & Jen? My daughter loves to pick out her own clothes and I dont mind at all. I love that they are keeping their children grounded and not putting them in expensive couture clothing. THEY ARE KIDS!!!!

justbecause on

I have 4 children, 3 of them girls. They dress in lots of different ways depending on their mood. None of them dress like Suri Cruise and my 5 year old would live in knit pants or capris and cowboy boots if I let her. Children express themselves through their clothing if they are allowed. I let my three year old wear dressy shorts and a cute top with boots because it didn’t hurt anyone. If you want to judge someone on the way they dress or criticize them, wait until they are an adult. Until then let them be kids. Not every child likes fancy dresses and high heels or matching outfits from GAP. Besides I can’t afford GAP. When they go to school they wear nice but inexpensive clothing because other children will paint or mark on them. They play hard at recess and get grass stains and sometimes food gets spilled at lunch. I love my kids but I am also realistic. Also a little bit of the problem with her looking unkempt is fixing her hair. A braid or ponytail or barrette would make her look better. Her mom wears her hair down a lot so she probably wants to also, but she could use a brushing.

Diana on

So they should be dressed in Gucci and ultra expensive clothes to be well dressed??

Give me a break, this family is one of the most gracious in this business, and I loved than Jennifer Gardner have their last name on a sheet of paper when pick their kids from school. It appears that they are rising their children with education, eco friendly and with discipline.

Marie on

These kids dress like REAL kids! It’s awesome! And, btw, there is nothing wrong with Goodwill. I buy a lot of my kids’ clothes (not all, but probably about 75%) second-hand, and not because I can’t afford other stores, but because I choose to.

Between consignment stores/sales and thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army, etc., I can get my kids extremely nice (often designer brand) clothing for pennies on the dollar. Why pay $40 when I can get it for $4 and it still looks new?

Also, can’t wait until it’s posted that Jen is pregnant with baby #4! I’ve seen the pictures; She is SO totally pregnant!

Marge on

And this is them trying to avoid the paparazzi??? Are you kidding me?

SAR on

Given the drubbing that Ben has taken online, I think it’s nice that his kids are wearing T-shirts in support of him. Samuel probably doesn’t realize it because he’s a (very cute) baby, but Seraphina is old enough to know she’s supporting her daddy.