Pink: How Can Moms Not Enjoy Motherhood?

09/21/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Pink Women's Health Cover
Courtesy Women’s Health

To say that Pink is madly in love with her daughter, Willow Sage, is putting it mildly.

“I have the most beautiful baby that was ever born. Ever. So I’m sorry about all the rest of you,” she jokes in a video promoting her cover story in the October issue of Women’s Health.

The singer, who’s in the middle of her Truth About Love tour, soaks up every minute she can with her 2-year-old, who’s accompanying her mom on her travels around the world.

“My favorite thing to do when I have downtime is sleep and play with my baby. And sleep alongside my baby,” she admits.

But there’s one thing that worries Pink, 33, about her daughter — her taste in music.

“Willow wants to hear ‘Gangnam Style’ — maybe that’s why I’ve shut down [listening to a lot of music],” she says with a laugh.

While being married to motocross champ Carey Hart has given the singer her share of anxious moments as he risks his life in his everyday job, she tells the magazine that she wasn’t prepared for the worries that come along with motherhood.

A mom fear is a different kind of fear,” she says. “It’s all encompassing. You just want to make sure no matter what happens in the world, everything is taken care of.”

But it sounds like she has it all under control.

Pink Women's Health Cover
Courtesy Women’s Health

“What surprises me the most about being a mom is that there were ever moms that didn’t enjoy it,” she admits. “I know it’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting and it’s a lot of pressure but what a blessing and a gift.”

Becoming a mom meant toning down her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle but Pink, who gave up smoking when she became pregnant with Willow, still has a few vices left.

“I drink really good wine and high-caliber whiskey. I probably laugh too loud in restaurants,” she says.

And while she works out five times a week to stay in shape for her physically demanding stage shows, Pink refuses to give up cheesecake, bread and pasta.

“I would like to be more disciplined but I just really enjoy food,” she says. “I’d love to be 10 pounds thinner, but it’s not in the cards for me. And I’m totally okay with that.”

— K.C. Blumm

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Amit on

Love love love her. She’s always so REAL.

stacey on

So refreshing to read about someone who truly LOVES being a mom!! Awesome!!

Lola on

Man, just when you thought you couldn’t possibly love this girl more. Pink, you’re the coolest!

Brittany on

I’m glad that she’s enjoying being a mom but there was no need for her comment on how she doesn’t understand how some women can’t love it. Sometimes our bodies react in ways we don’t expect – such as resenting our babies and suffering from PND. A little more empathy from Pink would go a long way, I think.

Mary on

Her daughter is such a doll.

Harmony on

Stop posting articles like this. Many women suffer from post-partum depression, and have difficulty with mothering and new parenthood. As for Stacey’s comment, it’s not refreshing at all. We’re deluged with comments like this all day every day by famous people.

Brittany on

Also, she said a lot of great things in this article. Leave it to to make the only negative comment to be the headline. Ridiculous.

Consuela on

Being a Mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job in the world…..Wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world. Nothing makes you smile more than a hug or an I love you from one of your kids. From a Mom of 4 ages 25, 23, 21 & 10.

Deb Sav on


shaneeza on

easy to say that when you are financially secure.

truth on


Lauren on

I don’t find this refreshing at all, actually. I think she comes off as really cocky. I agree with Brittany-a little empathy would do her good. There are many moms in this world who struggle. Pink should maybe take a cue from Angelina Jolie and go meet some women who don’t have her money and fame so she can gain some perspective.

Amy on

Wow, Susan. Sounds like someone needs a hug.

Noneya on

“What SURPRISES me the most…………” She didn’t say on un-empathetic/sympathetic friggin’ word! She said she’s surprised! Which – if you want to go reading things into it – COULD mean that she had no idea HOW MANY people suffered from PPD. She does not – so she is entitled to say how much she loves it, etc. It is an article about HER – NOT you!! And certainly NOT about Angelina JoLips and her globe-trotting brood!! Rock on mama Pink!!

MrsB on

I like her but really? I have PND, and I love being a mom but this is tough- I imagine its a lot easier when you have help, no money worries and get to travel the world. I’d like 5 mins off to work out some days!!!

Beth on

Many Mom’s don’t have the resource she does. When you don’t have resources it can be hard to be a parent. And just wait until she’s a teenager pink ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sandra on

Lauren – I don’t see that Brittany said what you are trying to say at all. And I don’t read anything cocky. She loves being a mom. She IS a working mom. Yes, her choice of profession affords her more money than most, but she seems hands-on with her daughter and acknowledges that it’s hard and exhausting. And that DESPITE that, she loves it. Don’t take it personally, Love.

Cristina on

Koodos to her for being so maternal, considering how hard-core and edgy she was a few years ago. But she has to realize that she is part of the 1% that is able to pay to get things done for her, allowing her the chance to savor her baby as much as she does, along with good wine / whiskey and working out 5 days a week. The 99% of the rest of us are not envious of this life, just insulted by her ignorance. Although we love our kids to pieces, we put in Herculean efforts to make the everyday logistics happen, which at times do not allow us the chance to enjoy motherhood. But we take it in stride as best as possible โ€“ until someone (especially another woman) calls it bad mothering โ€ฆ

Mandy on

I don’t think she was talking about PPD at all. I think she was talking about the women who complain about how they have no life because they are a mom or the ones who hurt their kids. Stop judging every little thing she says. Also while she probably has a nanny, how is that any different than other working moms who use a daycare or babysitter?

Laura on

People that take entertainment blogs seriously as attacks on their character need to rethink the word “entertainment”. Last time I checked just because a celebrity said something doesn’t make it true. This was a short interview, not a thesis on all of Pink’s thoughts on motherhood so judging her for what they chose to include in this blog is pretty stupid.

huh? on

I like Pink too…but Wow?! How can some people not enjoy motherhood? That is really easy to say when you can afford housekeepers, nanny’s, personal assistants etc…If I could have my time to only focus on my kids or myself, that would be wonderful and I am sure I would enjoy these aspects much more. Sometimes you have to walk a mile in order to really understand.

evarector on

She loves her child, she loves spending time with her, she doesn’t understand how anybody could NOT love being a mom. How is that being insensitive to women who’ve suffered from PPD? As for it being easier for her to love her child because she’s “financially secure”-I’m a single parent, and far from financially secure, but I love my kids more than anything in the world. Feeding them and cleaning up after them and getting them to school and being solely responsible for them isn’t always fun, but I wouldn’t give it up for any amount of money. They’re my happiness, just like Willow seems to be Pink’s, and I’m glad that she’s so jazzed about being a mommy.

Jana on

She’s so great & I love that she loves being a mom but, mothers burn out on it when you add siblings and when your baby becomes a toddler. For years on end. That will send Pink running like a crazy woman to get as much time away as possible! lol …. just the nature of life and love and family ๐Ÿ™‚

Nannyto1 on

Love Pink!

nicholek on

Most of the stress of being a mom comes from being pulled in a thousand different directions. There are so many demands. Most moms aren’t wealthy. I would say that with enough money (like Pink and her husband have), most of the difficulties of being a parent can be addressed. Need some you time? The part time nanny can watch your baby while you work out five times a week. Worried that your house isn’t clean enough and that you’ll miss out on family time by keeping a tidy house? Your housekeeper will keep everything in order. Tired? Feeling too lazy to cook tonight? No biggie. When you have all that money, you can afford for someone else to cook for you, or at the very least you can always order takeout or go to a restaurant. I mean, I don’t begrudge her her money, and I’m happy that she’s happy and loves her baby, and I like her in general, but I think her comment about moms not “enjoying it” comes from a very entitled, out-of-touch place.

boohoobytch on

Pink needs to speak to K-trash, she hates motherhood…I already know I wouldn’t “enjoy” it past the first year, I just don’t have the patience or the desire to drop everything b/c my kid just puked or deal with chicken pox and all night diarrhea (that’s not my own lol) friend’s and In-Laws all love their kids (and I do too) but some of them went grey prematurely and most practically throw their kids at me when I offer to babysit…it’s simply not for everyone but I’m sure (if you don’t give birth to a couch potato, criminal or serial killer) it’s rewarding when they’re adults (and hopefully move out of your house)

Nannyto1 on

I can’t believe the negative comments that she wouldn’t enjoy being a Mom if she didn’t have money. What a load of crap!! We were pretty poor when our daughter was born but it didn’t stop me from loving motherhood and everything about it. And I NEVER had a babysitter look after her, not ever other than daycare so we could both go to work.

Tangerine on

WTH does having money have ANYTHING to do with being a MOM?

Having money makes it easier but we could have $0 and I would STILL love my children and love being a mom.

Having $$ DOES NOT equal the amount of love you have for your child. Morons.

Love Pink and I love that she find being a Mom so rewarding.

Gues on

Clearly she’s ignorant about postpartum depression.

Tylerโ€™s Mom on

I love Pink and I really love how much she loves her little girl. My son is about the same age and I marvel at how much I love him everyday and thank God for giving him to me. How anyone can take her words and turn them into something negative I do not know. I met someone at a mommy group that said they didn’t enjoy being a parent and it had nothing to do with PPD, she just felt like she jumped into motherhood without thinking about how much it would change her life. I really didn’t understand this woman or how she could feel that way, although I appreciated her honesty,so now is it my turn to get ripped apart?

Great job Pink, your daughter is absolutely adorable.

Leigh on

Wow, susan – your poor kids.

Jennifer on

Sure I enjoy being a mom but I would enjoy it a lot more if I was lucky enough to have a natural talent that made me millions of dollars so that I could have the time and financial security she does – because she didn’t work to get that voice, it just came out that way.

jimjanejam on

Well, it is pretty damn easy when you make millions of dollars and you can outsource 90% of the responsibilities to other people and you get the fun and loving 10% percent that is left! What a stupid flake of a woman! Why don’t you shut it, and try raising a kid(s) like everyone else does…you know…the people that buy your crappy music and pay your bills so you don’t have to deal with the full responsibility of raising the rug rat(s)!

Anonymous on

When she refers to mothers who don’t love it, I don’t think she’s referring to PPD mothers. Se is not an insensitive person. There are moms who really don’t love being moms and don’t work but would rather be off shopping or hanging with friends than with their kids. I have seen those moms. That’s who I think she is referring to!

Susan, you are full of so much hate and anger. I hope you can work on those issues.

Shaneeza, so, motherhood is only easy with money? Huh? Motherhood is a gift and a joy and full of so much love. You don’t need money to do any of those things. Could you imagine telling your child, sorry I don’t enjoy being a mom to you bc I am not financially stable? I would be crushed if I was your kid!

Michelle on

Love P!nk…but reading some of your hateful, resentful, jealous comments just reinforce my belief that we women are probably the vile, evil, most back stabbing gender…instead of being happy for someone who looks at one of natures greatest gifts as a joy, you’re just so wrapped up in your own unfortunate events you begrudge anyone who doesn’t have YOUR issues. Selfish, self centered, and hateful. And people wonder why there are “Mommy Wars”. SMDH

Amy on

Lots of unhappy moms writing, huh?!

I am the mom of 3, I stay at home and also go to graduate school and I wake up happy and make them breakfast and get them ready for school. Then fix lunch, dinner, pick them up from school, again…happy.

My kids were wanted. I am not rich, not even close, I don’t have a nanny and I don’t go on tours, but my babies were WANTED, therefore they are LOVED.

Feel sorry for a lot of kids that are too much work for their moms.