Eric Decker and Jessie James Expecting First Child

09/21/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Jessie James Eric Decker Expecting First Child
Courtesy Jessie James

Jessie James has something new to sing about: she’s pregnant!

The country crooner and her husband, Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker, are expecting their first child in March, James announced on Twitter Saturday.

“Excited to share some news with y’all. We are having a baby,” she Tweeted, along with a picture of the future parents posing at a recent event.

In the photo, James, 25, is showing off her new shape — and her budding belly! — in a fitted orange and black printed mini dress.

Despite a shaky start with morning sickness — things have “been very rough” — the “Wanted” singer admits any tummy troubles pale in comparison to pending parenthood.

“I’m just so happy to be pregnant and to become a new mommy, that’s taking over the feeling of being sick,” the mom-to-be tells E! News.

Although the couple — who will soon appear in their own reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On — are ecstatic there’s a baby on the way, James admit they were initially shocked by the news.

“[It] was a surprise at first, it wasn’t planned. But when we did find out, we both started crying and hugging each other,” she shares, adding the have yet to find out the sex of the baby.

Explains James, “There’s no preference. It’s cliché, but we’d be so happy with either one.”

— Anya Leon

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lillj75 on

gawd he is hot

MKM on

Wait… they got married and THEN got pregnant? Interesting.


He is fiiiiine!!


Eric is gorgeous!

Anonymous on

Wait — so you’re telling me they got married and THEN got pregnant …. what a concept!!!

Tara on

Hopefully this will help him on the field, he’s been struggling.

Anonymous on

Love her and her music….so excited for them!!! Congratulations, to the mommy and daddy to be! 🙂

guest on

WOW!! that baby is going to be beautiful. her voice is amazing and he is an awesome football player

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Aubrey on

You old bags need to calm down about getting married and then getting pregnant. Move on. It’s 2013.

Anonymous on

I read all the time that people are married first, but if they aren’t…big deal. Being married first doesn’t make you a better person, better parent or love your child more.

Anonymous on

On the first page, all the moms but one were married first…Jordana, Fergie, Gail, Morena, Pink, and Jessie. Plenty are married first.

Brianne on

Congrats, Eric and Jessie! I’ve been a Broncos fan all my life, so to hear that one of them is gonna be a daddy is great news! I wish you nothing but the best!!!

Crystal on

@Aubrey- I don’t care if it’s 2056 it is always nice to see a couple marry FIRST and then have a baby. It’s the way God intended us to do things. Yes, sh*t happens but in a perfect world, marriage comes first and THEN the baby. It gives a nice, committed, LEGAL foundation for when you start a family. It is NOT old fashioned. God wanted it this way and this is the way we need to do things.

Isabel on

Another one who doesn’t understand the obsession with pointing out whether or not a couple is married prior to welcoming a child. Why do you care?

Anonymous on

Crystal- No, people need to do things the way that’s right for THEM. Just because marriage before children (or at all, for that marriage does not automatically equal more commitment or stability (other than in the legal sense in the case of the latter, that is).

And before you jump on me, I actually share your views on marriage and children. I just think that we need to be a bit more open-minded and realize that what’s right for us isn’t neccesarily right for others.

Anonymous on

Planned children aren’t “s*** happens.” God intends for all children to be loved and cared for and to raised in a home that they are well provided for during their lives.

Crystal on

Anonymous- I agree with you. I feel everyone should do what’s right for themselves and their family. That being said, I just hate when people say people who think marriage before a baby is a good thing are “old fashioned.” That isn’t the case at all. Everyone has an opinion and that’s okay. It’s when people start to pick on or pick apart that opinion that I have a problem with.

Rachaelmall on


Did it ever occur to you not all people believe in your God?

Rachaelmall on


It’s just another way for women to attack each other and pretend they are better than someone else.

Crystal on

Rachelmall- Of course. It isn’t “my God.” He’s there for anyone who believes in him.

Say WHAT? on

Crystal, if that is the way God “intended” for us to procreate, then Adam and Eve were sinning fornicators. Don’t remember reading anything about a preacher in the Garden of Eden.

Patti on

I agree Crystal. So many kids are caught in the cross-fire as a result of parents not having a strong foundation, i.e. marriage, commitment, faith.

Kate on

Y’all crack me up…. She got knocked up before the wedding and it doesn’t matter! Congrats to the both of them!

Me on

they have a reality show and yet who are they? never even heard her music before

Anonymous on

marriage is not a firm foundation at all..having a loving committed relationship should be what its about, why do u need a piece of paper to prove to your children that you love each other?? I was 8.5 months pregnant when my husband and I got married and the only reason we got married is because hes getting deployed, either way his son knows how much we love each other and our daughter would have known too..congrats to them!!

Aimee on

Kudos to them!! She is adorable!! I had horrible hyperemesis while pregnant and it was a healthy baby boy! Congrats to them!!!

Fan of the Show on

I do not understand the comments by people about this couple being married BEFORE they had a baby (as if that makes them better than others who prcreate beorehand). Apparently, you do not watch their reality TV show. Otherwise you would know that they lived together BEFORE MARRIAGE and were trying to get pregnant BEFORE MARRIAGE. Whether or not it happened before they said their I Do’s is only their business. Geesh!

Fan of Eric Decker on

To the idiot concerned with Eric and Jessie’s habit of procreation and marriage: they lived together and were trying to get pregnant before they got hitched. Mind your own business and stop judging people who are not like you. And Jessie has a filthy mouth too. lol Watch the show and get off of your high horse.