Stephen Moyer: It Was ‘Touch and Go’ Following Twins’ Birth

09/21/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

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Stephen Moyer‘s wife and True Blood costar Anna Paquin may be eager to see their babies reach new milestones faster and faster, but he’s more than willing to take it slow.

The fraternal twins, son Charlie and daughter Poppy, just celebrated their first birthday last month and, following some struggles after being born prematurely, Moyer’s savoring every moment.

“I think Anna’s very excited about them walking and I’m like, ‘Just wait — our lives are over once that happens!'” Moyer, 43, tells PEOPLE at Friday’s Emmy Performers Nominee Reception.

However, the father-of-four is quick to say he’s seriously thrilled to see them thrive after a difficult arrival.

“It’s just all so amazing — they had a tough start,” he says. “They were early and it was touch and go there for a while and so anything is amazing,” he shares. “Spitting up the first solid food is just fantastic!”

Moyer says he was relieved when the twins turned the corner and the couple could stop worrying about them.

“It does consume your every thought, and sometimes you cope with it really well and sometimes you don’t,” he reveals. “Sometimes you’re desperately terrified and other [times] you’re so tired you can’t think of anything, so you just get through it like everybody does.”

Meanwhile, after six seasons of cliffhangers, the star couple are readying for closure on the upcoming final season of True Blood.

“[It’s] given the writers and the show runners an opportunity to finish, and we’ve never done that before: we’ve never finished and then started again,” he admits. “I don’t know what the plans are, but I know that by having that end in sight they can work towards something.”

Moyer says he and Paquin plan to produce projects together, and hopes they’ll share scenes together as actors again as well.

“We’ve been offered a few things that would’ve been fun, but we decided not to do anything like that until True Blood was over. We didn’t want to bombard the audience with us, you know, naked or otherwise.”

— Scott Huver

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Noneya on

Glad to know those babies are doing well. May this family continue to have much health & happiness in their future!

Guest -AB on

Love this couple! So glad to hear their babies are healthy and doing well.

tori on

Love Stephen,his sexy laidback style is every woman’s dream. His love for his wife and children is always evident whenever you see them together and I for one will never get tired of seeing him on my screen!

Pamela on

I don’t think you have to state the obvious: that they are fraternal twins. In the case of a boy and girl, they are always going to be fraternal twins!

JillyBeanGood on


Some people think their title of aunt or uncle is based on the sex of the child. So I wouldn’t assume people would know twins of different sexes means fraternal twins.

Junie on

Love Anna and Stephen. Sad to see True Blood end, but I am looking forward to whatever other projects they do – together or separately~

Chaya on

May G-d bless the Moyers family and give them health and strength. I have two children with developmental problems and waiting for each milestone was torturous. I hope the twins continue to develop welll and I hope the parents are considering early interventional help to move things along. it really doea meake a difference.

Kerri on

Love them!

Amy on

Yeah it’s six seasons not seven. Going into the seventh!

Anonymous on

Pamela- Actually, that’s not always true. Although extremely rare, there have been a few cases of boy/girl identicals. From what I understand, it happens when an XY (i.e., boy) zygote splits and one of the resulting identical twins somehow loses the Y chromosome in the process, thus becoming a girl. Google for more info if you’re interested.

Donna on

Who doesn’t get chills when he says “Sookie”!!!

Anonymous on

It is widely debated if they are called boy/girl twins identical. They start out identical, but when they removal happens many feel they are no longer identical. What you are referring to has happened under 10 times and is actually a genetic mutation in monozygotic male twins. Yes, the female is a girl, but sadly all things that make her a female are taken from her. The female twin ends up with Turner Syndrome and has lack of ovary production, lack of puberty, and will need doctors assistance for everything female related for puberty and to have children if possible.

Regardless, I don’t think it is bad to mention it. Does no harm.