Ivanka Trump: Arabella Is ‘Impatient’ with Pregnancy

09/19/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Ivanka Trump Pregnant Arabella Impatient
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She’s used to taking control alongside her dad Donald — and Ivanka Trump has adopted a similar no-nonsense policy in preparing for her baby on the way.

She has managed to turn the overwhelming task into a short list of essentials.

“I know the stuff I need for the nursery,” Trump, 31, told PEOPLE at an event celebrating Fit Pregnancy’s October/November issue in New York on Tuesday.

“The last time I would look at these lists that my friends sent me and they’d be 10 pages long, of things you needed to have that are totally irrelevant. Nobody actually needs baby wipe warmers.”

With one baby already under her belt, Trump — mom to daughter Arabella Rose, 2 is sailing right through her second pregnancy.

“I’m so much less anxious because I have a sense of what’s to come. I think the uncertainty last time is what made me nervous,” the mom-to-be says. “I know that it’s going to be chaos and I’ve accepted that.”

Trump has skipped morning sickness and admits to the first five months being “super easy,” but is beginning to finally feel a pregnancy side effect she wasn’t expecting. “I think I’m carrying a little athlete because the kicks are sharp,” she shares. “It’s either muscle memory or the baby’s going to be very strong.”

But not everyone is celebrating the uneventful experience. After learning she would be a big sister in her mom’s second trimester, Arabella has been busy counting down the days until the little one’s debut.

“She’s really excited and borderline impatient at this point because I started talking about it around six to seven months and she hasn’t waited that long for anything in her life,” Trump says. “So she asks me now, every morning, [if the baby’s coming]. I think she’s starting to mistrust me in the sense that her sibling is actually going to be arriving.”

Adds the expectant mama, “She asks me when it’s going to come play with her. It’s very cute. Actually, when she has large dinners she starts rubbing her own tummy and asking if she’s having a baby. It’s very sweet.”

Fortunately, until the family adds its fourth member, Trump has kept her little girl busy with “all sorts of fun things,” including planting a summer garden in Bedminster.

“It’s not more than five vegetables, fruit and some herbs in it. We go out there together. She’s got her basket. She takes the cherry tomatoes and brings them to the sink. She washes everything,” she shares.

When Arabella isn’t gardening, she’s a helping hand in the kitchen.

“It’s very funny. I have to fight the perfectionist in me. I’m like, ‘Grr, you’re not braiding the bread right.’ It’s great, though,” Trump adds.

While some toddlers tend to be picky eaters, Trump says Arabella’s developing quite the palate.

“Any time she thinks something I make is delicious, she says, ‘It’s delicious — just like chicken!’ It’s very cute,” says Trump with a laugh. “A lot of times we actually cook the produce from the garden. We’ll bring it back over the weekend and put it into our meal. Salads are a weird thing to give a 2-year-old, but she loves it.”

Trump is well aware of the lavish lifestyle surrounding her children and plans on making it her priority to keep them grounded.

“Growing up in the city, growing up being exposed to the privilege that will surround the baby makes me have to be much stricter as a parent and really make an effort to expose both of my children to the realities of the world around them,” she explains. “It’s very easy to grow up in Trump Tower in New York City and be very much in a bubble, so I feel like it’s my obligation as a parent to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

She continues, “That they don’t take the circumstances with which they grow up in for granted and also that they have a broader context for how other people live because otherwise, how do you learn empathy?”

— Anya Leon and Andrea Billups with reporting by Lorina Lana and Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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Hea on

She seems so down to earth. I like her.

lennie on

Love her!! Hope it’s another girl 🙂 (I have two that’s why). Would be cool if she chose a Czech name as she is half Czech!

Aud on

I really like her.

Me on

I really like her, always have liked her. *She didn’t just inherit her daddy’s money, she seems to have worked hard for it! Well educated, (seems) grounded!!! *Good Luck with Baby #2!!! 🙂

Sandy on

I don’t wish to knock her, but I have to say that taking baby No. 2 in stride is something most mothers manage to do, and of course it is significantly freer of stress when money, help etc are there without question to make things easier. I would be shocked if she said anything other than that it was more relaxed this time around. Why is this news?.

Pam on

She’s my favorite Trump. I really like her, she’s smart and grounded. Her daughter sounds like a cutie.

ann on

A wipe warmer isn’t for everyone, but my baby didn’t like the cold wipes. Every baby is different.

jsp81355 on

Ivanka sounds like a fantastic mother. I wish her the best with her upcoming birth.

JenC on

i need baby wipe warmers, lol!!!

RR on

Yep, she turned out very well.

Mary Ann on

Is she really jackass Trump’s daughter?

Carrie M on

She seems like such a lovely lady. Pretty on the outside and inside. Best wishes to her and her family…

Carolina on

I hope that when Arabella gets old enough, Ivanka will continue this teaching by having her volunteer. Even now she could do things like have her pass out socks at a nursing home or put together blessing bags for the homeless. It would be an excellent teaching tool. She could learn from the beginning how blessed she is and how many people aren’t as fortunate as her. Ivanka sure doesn’t seem to take after her dad. And as Martha would say, that’s a good thing!

Sherron Teal on

Smart woman. I read recently an article by her mother. Ivana said the child were brought up with discipline, and a strong work ethic. If they wanted something such as a bike they had to work for it. Very smart.

KellyGreen on

So so agree with planning being so much easier after the first baby!! And I definitely agree with the comment about the wipes warmer. I had my first’s room all ready at 6 months pregnant; with the second, I knew she would be in the bassinet next to my bed for a couple of months, so I didn’t even get the room ready right away.

Meena on

Arabella is cracking me up with eating a large meal and pretending she has a baby in her stomach. It makes me think of when I was pretending to be a baby and my 2 year old niece pulled up her shirt and said, “Eat, eat.”

Michele on

shes the complete package…Beauty, brains, sophistication and class… She’s a remarkable woman…

Anonymous on

Loved everything she said… but that last sentence nailed it. What completely well rounded individual.

GSL on

Wow! The Donald did good with this one! Seems like all of the money hasn’t warped her! She seems like she has a good head on her shoulders! Lovely inside and out.

Anonymous on

She definitely sounds like the trump that got the humanity. Good luck with everythong

Kathy Ann Holbrook on

Ivanka reminds me of Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana in that she wants to make sure her children understand that it is a privilege to be earned, and not entitlement, to have what they have.

hotchoc on

I love Ivanka! I think she’s one of the very very few celebrities thats real and down to earth.

kira on

this is a great article – i have always liked her – i hope she’s successful in keeping her children grounded. love that they garden and cook together – my favorite moments with my [less privileged] kids!

Kerri on

I really like Ivanka!!!

Anonymous on

Anyone else like her — and they don’t really know why? lol

Gigi on

Not the biggest fan of Donald Trump, but he and Ivana sure raised some good kids.

Ela on

Love her….and agree with her parenting style. Her last line was the best.

Ela on

Love her. Last line was the best!

Anonymous on

Seriously such a classy lady.

Anonymous on

Very good and responsible parenting!

michelle on

I can guarantee you will get more use out of a baby wipe warmer than you will a sterling silver pacifier…and that baby will appreciate that warmer way more than a designer outfit.

We used the heck out of our wiper warmer. (SMDH)

Anonymous on

Donald could learn a thing or two from his daughter….

claireadele on

very cute.

Carrie on

“That they don’t take the circumstances with which they grow up in for granted and also that they have a broader context for how other people live because otherwise, how do you learn empathy?”

I like her, everything that Donald doesn’t seem to have, she does.

jackie on

She is so great. I know she has been trained on media relations but she could have chosen to be a rich jerk. The fact that she has chosen to be portrayed (who knows, it could be real) as down to earth speaks volumes. I genuinely think she is a decent person.

klutzy_girl on

Love, love, love her! She has such a head on her shoulders and is raising her family so beautifully and realistically.

Congrats on baby #2 and thank you for being such a normal human being 🙂