Jesse and Ann Csincsak Expecting Second Child

09/18/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Jesse Csincsak Ann Csincsak Pregnant Expecting Second Child
Courtesy Jesse Csincsak

Another Bachelor baby is on the way!

Jesse Csincsak and his wife Ann are expecting their second child in late March, the proud dad tells Fox411’s Pop Tarts.

The couple are already parents to son Noah Theodore, 2½.

“We are currently starting our second trimester so we don’t know the sex of the baby just yet,” Csincsak shares. “Number two will be a great addition to our family, completing us.”

Although Csincsak, 31, has his bets on a baby boy, he believes his wife is wishfully thinking pink.

“I am hoping for a boy, but I’m sure Ann is secretly hoping for a girl to one day take over the fashion business she is building,” he jokes.

Csincsak, the Bachelorette‘s season four winner, proposed to DeAnna Pappas, who is currently expecting a baby girl with her husband, while Ann appeared on Jason Mesnick‘s season. He and former contestant Molly welcomed a daughter in March.

The couple met during the show’s reunion and later tied the knot in Las Vegas in 2010.

— Anya Leon

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tzia on

It is kind of cool how even though the winners never usually make it, people still meet at those reunions and stuff and end up getting married and having families. So in actual fact, I guess the Bachelor/Bachelorette does work!

Cindy on

That just goes to show you that you don’t need fancy vacations and adventurous dates to fall in love. It kind of creates a fantasy that the guys can’t live up to after the show is over, and the girls can’t take it. The good old fashioned way of meeting someone and letting your true lifestyle be the starting point of your relationship, is the way to go!

jenn1114 on

I can understand secretly wanting one gender over another, but to say it out loud and be published is another thing. I do wish them a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Kristen on

Seriously People – isn’t this site supposed to be about celebrities? Not sub-F list also-rans from a third rate reality show. You might as well post that my partner at my firm is expecting. That’s about as newsworthy….

Kerri on

Jesse looks totally different than he did on the Bachelorette. Anyone else think so?

Dreamy63 on

Wonderful news! He looks very, very different from their wedding pic – see link for tied the knot. Wow he’s really…changed a lot!

Tammy on

Um, Jesse, you are not entering your second trimester. Your part is done. Carry on.

Anonymous on

Hardly recognized him!

Katie on

I don’t remember her from her season. I agree with you Cindy. I think it would be more successful if they didn’t do fancy rose ceremonies, but maybe a casual backyard BBQ. Dates are typical with some flair thrown in and you don’t travel out of the country or even state until only a few are left. That would likely be boring to watch, but it would likely lead to more real relationships.

Nikki on

I know, I clicked on the story, but only to see who these people are, and I still don’t know. Does anyone actually watch those shows anymore, or ever? Congrats to them as a happy couple on expanding their family, but seriously, how are they even remotely close to celebs, let alone breaking news worthy?

Carrie on

Why would he say he hopes it’s a boy. He already has a boy. Shouldn’t he just say he hopes to have a healthy baby? It seems kind of icky to say that out loud in an interview.

Anonymous on

Nikki- Obviously yes or they wouldn’t air them anymore. 😉 Anyway, congrats to them! Also, when did Deanna announce she’s having a girl? The linked article about her just said that she and her husband were going to find out the gender soon.

Anonymous on

Kristen, this site is for celebrities, which he is one. Just because you don’t think they rank high on the totem pole doesn’t make them a non celebrity.. Oh, Law firm….I gotcha.

Anonymous on

They are entering the second trimester. It’s his child as well. Yes, she will deliver the baby, but the duration is theirs. My husband would always say, we are three moths pregnant or we have two moths to go. Never she has two moths left bc it was something we were doing together!

Anonymous on

Nikki, yes, people watch it both the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Between 7-9 watch most weeks, with over 10 million watch the finale of the bachelor. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but its a very high rated show.

So, Kristen, he may not be a celebrity to you, but millions watched him and quite like him 🙂

4tmama on

Babies Galore, CONGRATS all of the way around!@

Anonymous on

Carrie- I thought the same thing. My opinion of him went down a lot when I read that. Jesse, what do you have against girls?!

tieraney on

Whatta douche.


Jesse looks like Zack Galifianakis! Hope he gets stuck with a girl 😉

4tmama on

A welcome blessing & addition indeed, congrats!! Amazing how things work out B-) ❤