Samuel Affleck Proves He’s Dad Ben’s Biggest Fan

09/18/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Samuel Affleck Batman T-Shirt Ben Affleck

Well, what do you know!

When critics protested Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman, it wasn’t just good pal Matt Damon who came to the rescue.

On Sunday, son Samuel stepped out at an L.A. farmer’s market with mom Jennifer Garner wearing an adorable Batman tee. Coincidence? We think not. It makes sense that the 18-month-old believes his dad is the right guy for the job.

All we know is Ben definitely has a dedicated sidekick on his hands. Just a few weeks before, the too-cute tyke paid homage to his father’s hometown by sporting a Boston Red Sox hat while out and about with his family on Aug. 11.

We just love how Samuel stands by his dad. We also can’t wait for the duo to share more sweet daddy-and-me moments.

Ben Affleck Son Samuel Boston Red Sox Hat
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Paula on

What a cutie pie!!!

Jen on

I think his kid is the only one who approves of Ben being cast as Batman. :/

AmandaC on

All his kids have beautiful puffy full lips!

MommytoanE on

The older this lil guy gets, the more he looks like his daddy. But he sure has his mom’s eyes.

Lynn on

Actually I know a lot of folks who are fine with Ben’s casting as Batman. Given the direction the director seems to be taken with an older, wiser, and bit weary Batman, it may be a good choice.

Anonymous on

Lynn- Agreed. Also, I’m sure Jennifer is supportive of her man, too. 🙂 Anyway, I’m surprised to see Samuel walking. I don’t remember either of his sisters walking at this age.

Anonymous on

I also know people looking forward to seeing him as Batman. And let’s not forget Matt Damon!

His sisters were certainly walking at this age. He is 18 months old. Most, if not all children are walking before this age. Many kids walk before a year old. Maybe you didn’t realize his age. Do you not have kids? It’s just you said you are “surprised” to see him walking.

Hea on

I’m more surprised that people remember when celebrity kids started walking. I mean, who really cares? I’m also surprised Ben is the new Batman. Surprised and horrified.

blessedwithboys on

Dang, the Garner-Affleck kids sure are gorgeous! All three of them, so beautiful. I think Ben is a good-looking guy and Jennifer is absolutely beautiful in a pretty, wholesome sort of way (well, except for when she was Sydney Bristow and kicking someone’s ass…then not so much with the wholesome! LOL). I love how they all have their mother’s eyes. Really gorgeous kids! 🙂

Eleonor on

He is just too cute!

And I am looking forward watching Batman with Ben!

Tanja on

He is the cutest of all Garner/Affleck kids by far.So beatiful.:)

AmandaC on

Prob don’t see them walking much as there parents need to carry them so they can run away from the paps!

stacey on

Anonymous is being sarcastic about him walking because Ben and Jennifer carried their little girls around for years and years. it looks like he walks on his tip-toes like Violet.

Amelia on

She’s not being sarcastic. That Anonymous is CelebBabyLover, if anyone else remembers her from back in the day. She’s overly effusive, faux concerned and kind of a know-it-all.

Mira on

Their three kids have such a distinctive look. And the most interesting part is, I think, that they don’t look like either parent, just a distinctive combination of both. Very cute kids!

Anonymous on

Amelia, oh!! I know who you are talking about! And right on, she is not being sarcastic at all and from what I recall has no children, but does “know everything.”

Anonymous on

Hea, forgot to add, exactly! Who would remember and who would care as to when someone started walking! Since Violet is 7, this would be over 5 years ago for her and for Sera 2 1/2 years. Weird!

Anonymous on

@Amelia – great memory. I guess she copped on to the fact that she got on everyone’s nerves and decided to change her handle. Like you, I figured it out pretty quickly as I’m sure did many others.

IRM on

If their parent have a habit of carry their kids, I think it’s because the paparazzi have a tendency of getting to close to take picture and I’m sure they scare the kids. I don’t blame Ben and Jen for being protective. Little Samuel is adorable, he is looking more and more like his dad, nice!

Anonymous on

stacey- Thank you! You are correct. I was referring to him walking in public. Obviously I’m sure Violet and Sera walked at home at that age, but we didn’t see them doing it in public.

Hence I was surprised to see him walking in public. To be perfectly honest, it saddened me a bit, too, simply because it seemed to me that Ben and Jen are forcing him to grow up faster than his sisters. Hopefully I’m wrong, though, and he just wants to walk more than his sisters did at that age. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that I think Samuel looks just like his big sis Violet (at least when she was his age), and therefore just like his mommy (Violet is the spit of Jennifer)!

Anonymous on

Anonymous, while I don’t believe you can remember the ages of Violet and Sera walking, it would be odd if you did! It’s ok to make a mistake and get confused when kids walk, since you don’t have them yet.

You don’t need to be “saddened” anymore! If you look around there are plenty of pictures of Sera walking at the same age. There are just a few of Violet. But, no worries, they aren’t rushing him. Kids just want to walk….especially at 18 months!!

Anonymous on

Really!!!! Forcing him to grow up to fast just because he is walking at 18 months. Yeah, you obviously have no children and have never been around any. Ridiculous!!!

Roxy on

Jennifer Garner sure has some strong genes! Her children look so much like her, including those beautiful lips, and little Samuel is no exception. Cute, cute, cute!

Pnut on

They sure do make cute kids.