Johnny Messner and Kathryn Morris Welcome Twins Jameson and Rocco

09/17/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kathryn Morris Welcomes Twin Sons Jameson and Rocco
Morris-Messner Family – Brian A. Miller

Kathryn Morris is a mom — times two!

The former Cold Case star and actor Johnny Messner welcomed twin sons on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, Calif., her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Jameson West Messner and Rocco McQueen Messner are now cozy at home loving family life,” the new parents tell PEOPLE exclusively. “We’ve been blessed with 14 lbs. of love from above with these angels. Healthy sweet boys!”

Both baby boys were born at 8:12 a.m., and weighed in at 6 lbs., 14 oz. and 6 lbs., 10 oz.

Although the initial discovery that Morris, 44, and Messner, 43, were welcoming twins took them by surprise, the new mom is thrilled her baby boys share a special bond.

Kathryn Morris Welcomes Twin Sons Jameson and Rocco
Jameson and Rocco – Kathryn Morris

“When the doctor sensed twins from some specific HCG levels in my blood work, he brought us in for the ultrasound and said, ‘Let me just check on something I already know … Okay, there’s one for you and one for you!’ We were shocked and ecstatic,” she recalls. “Now these brothers have a built-in best friend for life! Who doesn’t want that?”

Now almost four weeks old, the 2Bdr/1Bath actress shares that Jameson West — whose name is “a combination of several family names” on Morris’ side — and Rocco McQueen — whose name “represents everything Johnny’s about” — are starting to let their polar-opposite personalities shine through.

“Jameson has a sweet and fiery Irish swagger and Rocco has a laid back Italian cool to him,” Morris says. “We had some names in our pocket, but once they arrived we instantly knew who was who.”

Kathryn Morris Welcomes Twin Sons Jameson and Rocco
Rocco and Jameson – Kathryn Morris

As for the cheek-chomping photo at left, “Jameson was learning to breastfeed in the hospital but got a little confused where to latch on,” Morris jokes. “Rocco has some payback in order.”

The proud parents lovingly refer to Jameson as The Boss and Rocco as Mellow Yellow — together they’re called The Dirty Messners.

“The love we feel is overwhelming … a love we never knew existed. We are truly blessed,” Morris and Messner tell PEOPLE.

In April, three years into their relationship, the actress and Messner announced they were expecting twin boys. “She and Johnny couldn’t be happier,” her rep told PEOPLE at the time.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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candykane on

Congrats. They are adorable. But Dad need to practice that football hold a little more

Lady on

So tiny & cuuuute, love their names!!!

Robin on

The last picture is priceless! Sooo cute! Love it.

blessedwithboys on

Love the last pic!

Jayda on

Precious! Love their names!

Katie on

Don’t know who they are but boy are they a cute couple with darling twin boys!! So happy to see good news here!!! Wishing them the best!

lyoness on

So cute. Good solid names.

Brooklyn on

They are both very cute. Love that last picture.

Debbie on

The boys are adorable. That last picture is so funny. All the best to Kathryn, Johnny, Jameson & Rocco.

Katie – did you ever watch the TV series “Cold Case”? Kathryn was the lead as Lily Rush. Johnny has been a guest star in numerous programs.

Janie on

best friend for life, and already one is biting the other. If they’re identical, yeah; if they’re fraternal they might be like any brothers, friends or foes.

not blessed from above; it’s sperm and egg and fertilization and gestation. all science, no magic, other than the “magic” of reproduction, which is about the most ordinary thing on the planet…as ordinary as death. When they’re your kids, though, they seem unprecedented in their attributes.

so that actress can actually smile! She never does on her show, such a strange mouth and strange hair!

Jameson Messner….try saying that a few times…Muhsnuherson…what?

Rocco McQueen? Wasn’t he a detective in a black and white film?

Julianna on

I have twin boys too. It’s amazing to see them grow and learn everything together.

Jameson and Rocco are adorable, and in the first photo we can see how thrilled Kathryn and Johnny are to have their babies. The second photo is just precious and the third is hilariously funny. Congrats to the family!

guest on

What adorable babies they have been blessed with. Congrats to the obviously proud new parents 🙂

Miche on

Wow Janie. I bet you’re a blast to hang out with…What a Debbie Downer.

Cute boys! I remember my son latching on to anything near his mouth, an arm, shoulder or his own hand 🙂

Brianne on

Congrats, Johnny and Kathryn, on your precious, sweet baby boys! As the child of a twin, I can honestly say that it’s 100% true that twins do indeed run in families—my mother is an identical twin herself, and my 26-year old cousin and her husband welcomed identical twin boys back on April 11. Once again, congrats!!!

Emry on

i cant imagine having twins! Have one is hard enough for me.

J on


You must be a miserable human being. Need some hormone therapy, perhaps?

Roxy on

Janie, just because you are an atheist doesn’t mean everyone else is. God is the author of science, so we don’t need a lecture from you. Some people actually know how to count their blessings, and where they come from.

Jamie on

Janie- what a miserable human being you are!!! Children are a gift from God. The twins are beautiful.



those boys are so cute!!

always wanted a sibling, growing up an only child can be lonely, but you are definately spoiled being the only. lol

EMZ on

Twins are awesome! Such cuties, and loved dearly I’m sure.

Shelby on

Love the name Jameson it’s our daughters name 🙂 they are soo cute

Nancy on

Great names!!! My maiden name is Jameson. I wanted my son, Sean, to have his first name be Jameson but his dad didn’t agree so it’s his middle name. Love it!! Rocco too. Congrats to the happy family!!

HiCuties on

Wow Janie. Could you be a more negative, critical person? You must be a real joy to be around with all of your complaining and whining.

T on

Congrats to them! Beautiful babies and the last pic is just precious. I still miss Cold Case, it was an amazing show.

Helen on

Brianne, fraternal twins run in families because of the tendency of the mother to release more eggs at one time. Identical twins are a pure fluke. While there may be more than one set in a family, it is pure coincidence.

Vic on

Congrats to them. I dont know who she is, but I love Johnny Messner. He’s gorgeous !! And his deep voice makes your knees buckle, lololol.

Carrow on

Aw. What a lovely surprise as I didn’t know she was expecting! So happy for the new expanded family! Beautiful and healthy baby boys.

I always thought Johnny was so handsome 🙂

Bambi on

I love the pic where the brother looks like he is eating his face.. Congrats to all

Marky on

Congratulations to the very happy couple! I was wondering if she had delivered yet; loved her in Cold Case, and watch the reruns even. The boys are so cute, and love the pictures!

Every time there is a comment that someone “thanks God”, or “feels blessed” on this site, someone has to make their statement that there’s no God, or blessing has nothing to do with it. Why on Earth can you not just let someone state their feelings about their new baby(ies) without slapping them upside their head and telling them their feelings or beliefs are not valid and you know better? Sheesh, I’ll bet you want tolerance for your views; why not show some, please?

Sam on

I agree. Why can’t you let ‘Janie’ haver her opinion? You are doing to her, exactly what you are complaining she did about the article.

vjones on


Lolo on

How wonderful! The babies are adorable and the parents look ecctatic! Love all the pics! As for Jamie’s comment, it is truly a shame when someone has the need to be such a buzzkill! I think someone needs a laxative, because she sounds awfully constipated!! What is wrong with simply saying, “congrats“ and leaving it at that? Nasty and disrespectful! Ugh!!

canadasue on

I LOVE the last photo! As any mom who has ever breastfed can see, that’s a great latch! 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats to them. I wonder why they waited almost a month before announcing? I hope the babies didn’t have troubles at the beginning!

Blessings on

So happy for this beautifl couple and their little GIFTS FROM GOD. They are truly BLESSED. I absolutely love the last pic…makes me smile!!!

Janie… must hurt being that miserable of a person. Really….if this weren’t such a happy stroy, I’d say you could just bring everyone down. Obviously the people, who including myself, who believe in blessing and gifts from God, beleive that these two beautiful babies ARE gifts from God….Blessings. For you to try to argue that here is truly classless. GOD BLESS. You may not beleive, but I do, and you need that!

Anonymous on

Congrats! Cute babies and names!

Candykane, the “football” hold you refer to is his way of putting the babies close to one another. I don’t think he’s in a need to practice.

Sylvia on

They are beautiful. congrats

Pippi777 on

I saw the post where she had them and was wondering what they were named. Congrats to the families! I LOVE how happy they are in the first photo. The last photo is awesome, too!!

Amy on

Wow, Janie aka Debbie Downer, you seem like a real pleasure to be around.

Children are a blessing & gifts from God!

Tanya on

That last picture is too cute. Best wishes.

jessica thorton on

Dad needs to work on holding his baby…clearly, he has no experience in that department!

Catherine on

does that idiot not know you’re supposed to support their necks?

Lyanna on

Twins rule! It is known. Blessings and health to the family.

Eve Spencer on

What an awesome story…44 and 43 becoming parents of twins. Luv the shot of Jameson eating his brother’s face! LOL

Guest on

Janie, stop being so judgemental. I’m sure you are perfect looking and have wonderful fertility, but no one wants to hear your depressing opinions.


Children are absolutely a blessing from God above,he’s the creator of all things and for those who choose not to believe I feel sorry for you!

Crystlbutterfly on

Janie go away

Anonymous on

Catherine, what is the purpose in calling one of them an idiot? Regardless, both of their necks are supported.

gigimama on

Janie, you are just a peach of a princess. I bet people flock to you because of your warmth and humanity.

MollyF on

Jamie, I’m not a big fan of religion, but what I saw from your statement was very offensive to the people who are. Take your athesest views and keep them to yourself. Be respectful for those on the board who are religious.

I used to love Cold Case and Lily Rush was one of my favorite characters. Congrats to them both. The babies are so adorable. 🙂

SpiderLashes68 on

They so adorable…CONGRATS!!!

Torgster on

Seriously Roxy? God is tbe “author of science?” Janie isn’t expressing her “opinion” you religious fools. It’s factual.

marina on

Why Janie should keep her atheist view to herself while everyone can make religious comment? I found those comment offensive most of the time but I don’t expect anyone to shut up for me, nor I will shut up for them. That is her view of life.

That being said, Janie could have express her self a little better.

Brianne on

Helen, my mom is an identical twin, and my cousin who had identical twin boys is my cousin in my dad’s family. That’s why there are 2 sets of identical twins!!!

PS– Fraternal twins are 2 separately fertilized eggs; identical twins are the result of a single fertilized egg splitting in half, thus forming 2 embryos! Fact of reproductive medicine!!!

Kestrel on

Does he not know how to hold an infant?

They’re far too scrawny for him to be flopping that boy around like that.

I’ve always found twins to be a little bizarre. They don’t mention if they’re identical but I hope not. A perfect clone walking around acting on your behalf unintentionally everywhere you go? *creepy*. My friends with twins almost always go everywhere with them together. One even admitted she likes the attention they get and just one isn’t “very special”. Of course, if I had her kids I’d feel the same way. They aren’t special at all.

Jameson is nice. Semi-classic and easy for others to spell and say. Rocco? Sounds like a blue collar plumber from West Orange. Not the vibe I’d want.

Melissa on

Omg i would sooo frame the one where her son is trying to suck on his brother’s face! Soo cute and a priceless photo lol 🙂

Oli mommy on

Janie, you are miserable. I hope you don’t have any kids yourself. Those poor children will probably never feel good enough for you.

Way to put a damper on a lovely article. Shame on you, and your hatefulness. Go somewhere else to hate life.

Jae on

I love how half the comments aren’t even about the article; just people wanting to bash “Janie” 🙂

Seriously, though, didn’t the doctor tell dad that he should support baby’s head and neck?

Jessica on

Congratulations! Love the pics! You can see the pure joy of being new parents in both your faces.

Brianne- that’s great that you have so many identical twins in your family:) However, identical twins do not run in families. It is completely random that splitting occurs. Fraternal twins can run in families because more than one egg is released during ovulation.

Yikes on

Why is he holding the baby like that?

Penny on

So stinkin cute! Love love love the last picture! Congratulations:)

Chris on

Why does everyone have to start controversy over every story in this site, can’t people just say “that’s nice” or ” that isn’t nice” without the name calling and negativity, so depressing! SHUT UP IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE. YOU make this world SO much uglier than I thought it already was. Cute babies, good looking couple, I am happy for them. END OF STORY. I do believe in God, not the bible God but God does exist in my mind. It is a true blessing, science cannot make such a profound beautiful creature as humans, it is far beyond that. So Janie, don’t make atheists look so bad.

LL on

That top pic makes my neck hurt…for the baby. The bottom pic…AHHHHHHH SO ADORABLE.

FC on

I didn’t even know Johnny and Kathryn were a couple, let alone expecting twins. Congrats to them.Those boys are so sweet, and that last one of Jameson chomping on his brother Rocco’s cheek? Too funny and cute at the same time. Rocco’s expression just screams, “How dare you!” in that photo. 😉

Allison on

That last picture is priceless! Congrats to them.

Lotte on

Janie, I don’t even care whether you consider babies a result of science or a miracle from God, that’s totally up to you. You get it wrong with your “reproduction is the most ordinary thing on the planet” remark though. REALLY??? Try telling that to couples having to fight for years to conceive, go through endless medical procedures and unfortunately often still end up with empty arms at the end of it. To finally DO have a positive test in your hands, to witness the first ultrasound, to cradle your baby for the first time…Everyone will tell you it feels like a miracle. Regardless of your beliefs. No need to slam the joy of that.

LW on

I had boy/girl twins and boy o boy I hope you have help!!!

carol on

To Janie 9/7/13….Seriously. Where do you think all this “Science” of Sperm, Egg, Gestation etc comes from…yes ABOVE which is a Blessing for sure. Science did NOT CREATE the Reproduction System, it did not just pop out of nowhere for Creation of each and every human body or animals either…plants, planets, stars etc.. Also you need a Happy Pill..your going to point out Kathryn not smiling on Cold Case & now she can. Obviously you did not watch it much. She did smile on several shows. Stop nit picking on such a beautiful sweet occasion, the MIRACLE of Life(s)..

kathy on

Kathryn Morris is so beautiful. I still watch reruns of Cold Case. The babes are beautiful too. Her and Johnny make a darling couple.

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