Josh and Fergie Duhamel Introduce Son Axl Jack

09/17/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

We’ve waited almost three weeks to get a single glimpse of Josh Duhamel and Fergie‘s newborn baby boy Axl Jack — and now we get two at once!

The actor, 40, and the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman, 38, each posted separate photos of their son to Facebook on Tuesday. And an adorable little bundle of joy he is.

“Axl Jack Duhamel Day 1 #paparazziyoucanleaveourhousenow,” Duhamel captioned the sweet snapshot of his son swaddled in his hospital blanket.

“Not only is he a gorgeous baby, I also love the hashtag!” a fan named Shelly wrote, to which Duhamel replied, “Thanks!”

Proud mama Fergie posted her own picture of her sleeping sweetie — who seems to have passed his first test with flying colors! “Axl Jack Duhamel. Day 2 of life. Hearing test complete. All systems go,” she writes.

Baby boy was born on Aug. 29 and weighed in at 7 lbs., 10 oz.

As recently as Monday, the proud parents were still happily guarding their infant’s privacy. Asked on Twitter when they might release a photo, Duhamel replied: “Right now we just want him all to ourselves.”

— Tim Nudd

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Awww a mini-Fergie

MC on

Look at those lips 🙂 He is very handsome! Congrats!

lee on

Oh my gosh, how cute is he?

Denise on

So precious!!!! Best Wishes to Fergie and Josh. Just beautiful!!!!

Brooklyn on

Aww. Look at those cute little lips! He’s adorable.

Eleonor on

Axl? You should have spell it right, Axel, it would have been better, way better. Cute baby!

Tracey on

Love his little lips.

boohoobytch on

cute newborn – not a phrase I use very often

Mary on

He’s adorable! God bless!

kaitlinnmarie on

Awh, what a precious baby boy. He looks just like his daddy. Congratulations to Josh and Fergie!! 🙂

Anonymous on

What a cutie !!

kitty62862 on


Lena on

He really is a mini-me of his Dad!!

Marcia on

What a face! Adorable.

Sherae on

His little pie face is so cute. All round and sweet! 🙂

Anonymous on

He is so precious what a face

Kimmie on

He is a cutie! Congrats

su on

precious 🙂

Laine on

Okay, that is an UNBELIEVABLY cute baby.

Anonymous on

What a gorgeous baby!!

Daisy Jo on

HE is to CUTE!!!!! Congrats to one of my Favorite actors Josh Duhamel and his wife Fergie!!!!

florida on


Football Girl on

That baby is so cute…Luv the pictures!!!

Mo;;y on

He looks like his daddy 🙂

Toni on

Oh – he is so cute!!!!!!!

Ana on

He’s cute as a button!

Donna on

Beautiful !!! Much happiness…

Terry on

He’s pretty.

A on

What a honey, I see both Mom and Dad in Axl! Too Cute!

sachanikoll on

So precious.

kazumi on

so precious

Nikita on

Omg he is beautiful 🙂

Diva on

Beautiful baby! Congrats Fergie and Josh!!!

Lolita on

He is a cute little baby. His name is kind of ugly, but it is not as bad as some of the names I have seen. I kno

colleen on

awww….totally adorable!!

Lila on

GORG!!! So cute

Lyanna on

Oh for the love of Pete, he is just gorgeous :kissthosecheeks:

Crystal on

What a cutie!!!! He is alll daddy!!!! Axl is adorable! Congrats again Fergie and Josh! Baby Boy is BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂

Lady on

Seriously, he’s perfect!!!

Mary on

Cute, first pic looks like he is ready for a kiss.

Abbie Parker on

He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary on

Oh my goodness, how beautiful he is. Best wishes to your little family.

Julianna on

Look at that tiny pout. He’s gorgeous!

shannon on

He is absolutely gorgeous!

courtney on

The first pic he looks just like fergie and the second pic just like josh he is so cute!!

stacey on

Adorable. Nothing more precious than a sweet smelling newborn.

Lyla on

OMG he is the cutest little peanut ever! Congrats to them!!!!

sammy on

Shocking! Fergie is using the hospital blankets!!! Most celebrities use their own stuff. The baby is cute 🙂

Lynne on

Adorable baby, but I can hear his classmates now, they’re going to be calling him “Applejacks” after the cereal. parents may want to stick to calling him Axl and not Axl Jack.

T. on

13 ppl who hit the angry face button are probably the paparazzi who didn’t get a shot of the baby & have nothing to take back to their bosses. =P

Chantal on

I can’t think of a more lovely and deserving family!!! Could we have a peak through the People site? Thanks!!!

gaby on

damn that baby is cute!

Gia on

OMG. So cute. Most newborns look like old people to me but Axl a cutie. I love Josh & Fergie together! Best wishes to the new family!

Jesse on

Cute as a button

Brand on

Cute baby. Let’s PRAY he looks like his father.

Windy on

He’s so adorable!

Anonymous on

What a cutie!

Mel J on

Re the spelling of Axl…They named him after Axl Rose, so that is the correct spelling.

Anonymous on

Perfect baby! I’m sure his parents will be great role models!

Carrie M on

What a handsome little boy!

Debs on

Adorable baby..horrible name!

searcher4ever on

Awwww. what a cutie! He’s got that hollywood pout down pat!

Rachel on

He is so presh.

Anonymous on

Mel J- Did they ever actually confirm that? Or is that just a rumor? I’m honestly not trying to nitpick, just curious.

taradawes on

What an adorable little baby. I am curious (as I have no children of my own- yet) is a hearing test usually done that early on?

Anonymous on

They have not said he is named after him, but it is assumed based on all of her comments about Guns ‘N Roses and Axl Rose. When you combine the spelling and her love for him and the band….it’s hard to deny that is who he is named after 🙂 Even Slash thinks, “it’s really cool.”

Anonymous on

Taradawes, yes. They do it in the hospital before you leave.

micky on

Too cute God Bless him…Congrats