Inside Snooki’s Son Lorenzo’s First Birthday Bash

09/17/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: welcome to Lorenzo Dominic‘s birthday bash!

On Saturday, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her fiancé Jionni LaValle invited close family and friends — including a few familiar faces from Jersey Shore — to join them under the big top to celebrate their son’s first birthday in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Centered around a circus theme, the fun fête offered up an assortment of traditional carnival treats including hot dogs and hamburgers, which guests noshed on in between palling around with furry friends from the Farm To You Revue petting zoo.

“I chose the circus theme because I feel it fits best for throwing a huge first birthday bash — you can have animals, games and prizes!” Polizzi, 25, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Snooki Lorenzo Birthday Party
Jamie McCarthy/NEP/Wireimage

Safe in Mom’s arms, little Lorenzo spent time eying a white pony named Cupcake before moving on to an assortment of llamas, bunnies, turtles, goats and chickens.

The birthday boy blew out his candle on a colorful two-tiered butter cream and fudge cake from Sorrento’s Bakery, featuring a circus tent and other edible animals.

“I cry at every milestone he does and I’m definitely going to cry when we all sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him,” the Dancing With the Stars contestant shares. “He’s my baby, my pride and joy, and I’m so proud of him turning one.”

Snooki Lorenzo Birthday Party
Jamie McCarthy/NEP/Wireimage

And while he may have enjoyed his sweet treat, Polizzi admits Lorenzo — who took his first steps just shy of his Aug. 26 birthday — is used to taste testing a variety of foods. “Lorenzo loves everything!” she says. “He eats meat, cake, fruit, ice cream — he loves it all.”

Among his pile of presents were a few gifts from Mom and Dad, including “a ball pit, learning games and clothes.” Polizzi adds, “I love educational toys for him to play with.”

But her baby boy isn’t the only one who has grown up over the past year. “My whole perception of life has changed ever since I had my son,” Polizzi explains. “I finally grew up into the woman my parents always knew I would be and I love it.”

Snooki Lorenzo Birthday Party
Jamie McCarthy/NEP/Wireimage

— Anya Leon with reporting by Aaron Parsley

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AG on

He’s a cutie-pie! Happy birthday, Lorenzo! 🙂

jenelle on

Please stay in NY. Keep away from the East Hanover area. People have spotted you in that town and surrounding towns and our towns are quiet. We don’t need your circus parading through them.

Rebecca on

You are way too big to be sitting on that poor pony for a photo-op. Look at his hind legs, he can’t even balance himself without sprawling.

UnKnown on

Big Deal Lmao, she needs to GO AWAY LoL

Lady on

Can’t you miserable people just wish him a Happy Birthday instead of ALWAYS having something to say?

She’s about 4’10 110lbs maybe….the pony is just fine otherwise she wouldn’t be sitting on it.

I’m not sure what’s sooo funny UnKnown but you obviously thought it was something for you to click and take the time to comment LOL

Mr Hankey on

Did they get him his own tanning bed yet?

me on

You negative Nancies are snoots! Glad she’s not the crazy girl she was. And although she may not have fully changed, you can definitely tell a difference. Good for her!

Anonymous on

when is she getting married?!?!? and her tattoo looks trashy. some people look good with tattoos, she doesnt.

Kelli on

I love Snooki! Her little boy is darling. I wish she would try a different hair color because that redish-pink color looks a mess!

Kim on

Her kid is cute…..but she’s still a bimbo.

JW on

Never been a fan of the show, but I am happy that she has gotten healthy and her life has turned around. Happy Birthday to the little one.

Anonymous on

Awesome. You just spent a fortune on something the kid won’t even remember. In fact, he looks completely disinterested in both photos.

bkable on

Happy Birthday Little Lorenzo!! Snooki has really grown up in the last year and her little boy definitely has a great set of parents!

NickyAngel on

Little Lorenzo is gorgeous

boohoobytch on

he’s adorable

irishgal719 on

This article is about her little boys birthday party and instead of wishing him a Happy Birthday and commenting on how cute he is the haters have lowered themselves again to leave negative comments. Never could figure out the pleasure these people get from being nasty.

Tina on

@Rebecca, LOL! True. Even though she’s the size of a large child, she’s still to heavy for the pony.

ILoveCali on

What a cute family. For the haters, why bother clicking on the article if you’re going to make stupid comments. She’s obviously done some growing up and seems way more grounded. Congratulations to her and her fiance on a healthy baby.

deecee on

They are going to blow the money they are going to need for the kids therapy

Anonymous on

the hind legs are spread because the horse is peeing! you can see the stream was blurred out!

Karen on

I think there son is beautiful.

Stephanie on

Im so happy for Snooki, like my heart just pours of happiness for her change, she was wild but i always knew she had such an amazing heart! Im glad she is who she is today, a great fun mom ! its nice to see this heartwarming story ❤ luv you Litto Lorenzo and Fam

donnatex on

Um..I thought he turned 1 a few weeks ago with a pirate themed party. I’m confused.

b on

poor pony. get off the pony woman.

anon on

People are so hateful nowadays. Ponies are just as durable as any work horse, but they are smaller. Snooki isn’t “big” anymore & she’s been working out & lost a lot of weight. She’s not partying or drinking nor is involved with Jersey Shore anymore. Unlike you guys, she’s actually improved her life for the better, instead of taking time out of her day to bash on people who are irrelevant to her life. Insulting someone doesn’t say much about them, but says a lot about you. Happy birthday to Lorenzo!

stacey on

What a beautiful story, and her little boy is an absolute cutie!!!!

Anonymous on

Happy 1st Birthday Lorenzo! Proud of you Nicole!

Amelia on

Uh Anonymous … that’s the animal’s tail.

Lorenzo is adorable.

annonymous on

I think her son is adorable…BUT…seems like this huge party was more for HER than it was for him. SHE’s the one who’s posing on everything and taking pictures….its like more publicity for HER…..totally annoying.

lexi on

super cute 🙂 beautiful family 🙂

junebug on

I think it is wonderful how much this girl has grown up in the past few years. You can dislike her all you want but you can’t deny that she has grown up. Lorenzo is adorable!

Areina Harris on

first of all Happy 1st Birthday to little Lorenzo. and 2nd to all you negative people shut up no one cares for your arrogant thoughts. big deal she acted what everyone calleds a fool on jersey shore like really she was young and having fun im from jersey born and rised right here in atlantic county and i can say she not as bad as everyone thinks i have seen people act 100 times worse than she was when apart of jersey shore and i know alot of people who have kids and are great parents depsite their hardcore partying years and i know alot of people who just shouldnt have their kids. before judging her look at yourself cause i promise you your not perfect. Snookie dont pay no mind to anyone continue growing and being the best mom you can be cause at the of the day our kids are who matter no one else. I have 2 sons 6 and 3 and they have made my life better and i love them dearly. and instead of ranting and badmouthing cause someone is giving her child everything she could ever want for him and being a good mother to the best of her ablities go bitch at the people who beat abuse and neglect their kids and grow up cause there are 10000 more important things to talk bad about than snookie throwing her son a memoriable moment for the family birthday party besides the 1st 5 birthdays are for the parents and family anyways cause after that its all about what friends they want and where they want it at.enjoy your child/children while they are still young cause they grow up fast.

OldFan on

So. This young woman stops her crazy ways, gets her life together, grows up, and becomes a good mom. But the haters gotta hate. They will hate no matter who you are, what you are, what you have done, what you will do. She is four feet nine, 100 something pounds, she isn’t hurting the pony; every parent loves to give a huge birthday party for a first birthday if they can afford it, and she loves her child, who looks happy and healthy. So let’s tear her down and call her trash–because it’s so upscale, you know, to hate on a website.

Me on

@Lady – ponies are AT MOST able to hold 80 lbs. She alone weighs more than that…plus you have to add her child’s weight. She’s sitting on it cause the people let her cause she’s a “celebrity” but she needs to get her big butt off that poor pony!!! For you to whine that people are griping about the welfare of a poor animals makes you a horrible person. Maybe snookie should be an attraction at petting zoos…she should be giving rides instead of this poor sweet animal and let her feel how it is to carry someone too heavy.

Stacee on

Didn’t they write back in August that they threw him a pirate party for his bday????? Are they throwing him yet another one just for publicity??? Not getting enough lately?

mindy on

Never a fan of hers, but what a cute little boy, and it sounds like she’s grown up, is living life as a real adult and enjoying being a mom. Good for her.

One Two on

First time I ever saw a Mom on the picture pony.

Bernadette on

Not a fan of hers, but I understand America is a free country so she can go where she pleases So suck it up buttercup (this is for you Jenelle ignorant bitch that you are) All the other haters this is about a child’s birthday crawl back into your holes and make the world a better place…

WooHoo on

Has there ever been a person less deserving of the money this girl has?

Mari on

Kid does not care. Give him a couple of empty boxes to play with, he’ll be happy. Party was created for the parents to impress others. And how about getting married to show that you are truly committed to raising your son in a good atmosphere instead of using him as a cash cow? Oh, wait, I’m dealing with people named Jhonni and Snooki, my bad.

zzzzzzzzz on

Nicole or Snooki, next time don’t post or advertise your son’s milestones. You don’t have alot of fans…..

Keep him away from the limelight.

Janice Pielert on

Little Lorenzo is an absolutely gorgeous little boy. And Snooki seems to be a wonderful mother. God bless their beautiful family and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORENZO XO

Angela on

It’s the big #1, looks like a great start with the birthday parties. You all look like an extra special family. Hope to see wedding pictures in the near future. Good Luck, and he needs a brother or sister.

Anonymous on

wow nice happy birthday

Lindsey on

why is everyone so negative about her posting these pictures and having her son a big party, she has made some mistakes in the past but it looks like she is growing up, how many of you posting these bad comments are perfect and don’t have mistakes that you regret, just leave her alone. now i don’t follow her and i am not watching her on dancing with the stars but i see no reason to be hateful

SAM on

The hair color stinks! I still wish them all happiness.

Vic on

Such a cute kid! Happy bday to Lorenzo

Ava Hill on

It is so irritating when people act like their lives were so put together before they had kids. I’m sure Snooki wasnt the only drunk girl at the club before. She just got paid to show it on t.v. You can still become great parents, regardless of past mistakes.

violet on

Go away please…I’m sick of seeing u.

Haters suck on

Jenelle shut up lol she can go wherever she pleases…sure your crappy little town isn’t good enough for them anyway…sounds like ur jealous. Cute kid nice family..

guest on

looks like there are a lot of jealous people commenting on here.

Anonymous on

Me…aka expert of ponies,
You are very wrong. A pony who is in mounted games, involving with a rider can carry someone weighing more than her and her son combine.

Sophie on

She looks great and Lorenzo is a cutie. Obviously she’s looking after herself and absolutely adores her son…what’s wrong with that! Keep up the good work, Nicole!

Ann on

Happy Birthday little fellow……Snooki needs to tone down that fugly hair….makes her look old!!!!

Lynda on

Say what you will about her but………Snooki ROCKED IT on Dancing With The Stars on Monday! She was great!

J10 on

@Jenelle she lives in East Hanover so no need for her to get away from where she is living with her family.

To everyone else that is hating on Snooki, please just GET A LIFE! This girl got paid to have fun and be stupid, like I’m sure most of us did without the publicity regardless. She has grown up and is a great mother to her adorable son, Lorenzo. Doing the work that I do, I see a lot of negative things and bad parents. Snooki you keep doing what you are doing because haters are always going to hate!!!

Colette on

Really! Could she please get off that poor pony!

Wieda on

I’m so over her…well, people like her has baby, just saying…

sandy on

Awwww, her little meatball is growing up! Now mama needs to get her Tata’s fixed!

Kate on

I wish they’d stop saying “fiance” and “engaged” when they don’t seem to have any plans to actually get married. They haven’t even set a date yet. Engagement should be a serious thing, not just an excuse to wear a ring.

Kate on

Also, her little boy is adorable! Happy first birthday Lorenzo!