Michael Bublé’s Baby Must-have? Peepee Teepees!

09/13/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Michael Buble Steve Harvey Tim Hiatt/NBC

When it comes to daddy duty, Michael Bublé is just getting his feet (and face!) wet.

But, according to the first-time father, so far, he’s being showered with plenty of love courtesy his 2-week-old son Noah.

“The best [baby gift] I got was a little baby circus tent and you just take it and you put it on his little wiener when you change him,” Bublé, 38, says during a Sept. 18 appearance on Steve Harvey.

“The dude peed on me like 40 times!” he explains.

Fortunately, fellow father Steve Harvey isn’t about to let baby Noah rain on anyone’s parade. The host gifted Bublé with a box full of blue branded pee-pee teepees along with a trendy take on the traditional pacifier.

“They made these pacifiers for your baby, but they got mustaches on them,” Harvey explains, prompting the two men to try them out.

— Anya Leon

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Jen DC on

You don’t need a ridiculous “pee pee teepee” to stop the baby from peeing on you. You open the diaper… then close the diaper. The baby pees in the ALREADY USED DIAPER, then you change him.

I cannot believe it has taken you (at least) 40 attempts and to reclose the diaper has never occurred to you.

Handsome… Maybe not so smart.

Ala on

Jen DC – although I agree the teepee thing is ridiculous, boys DO have a tendency to also pee once you open the diaper

Pixy14 on

Peepee teepees are a cute idea, but worthless. And yes, boys do pee without warning. But you learn and figure it out.

Lorelei on

We had two boys and agree with Jen. We had the already used diaper ready and never had an issue. Now for being pooped on…

Anonymous on

Jen, he didn’t say you need one! All he said was it was the best baby gift he got!. It’s a good thing you are a mom who knows all the tricks and trades. First time parents, don’t know everything….especially dad’s. doesn’t make him not smart, he just has to learn, as all parents do. You knew everything before you had kids?

SS on

I guess he hasn’t seen the pee pee tee pee go flying off, when they pee!

Amanda on

I have a boy and I was peed on once, and my husband three times. That’s it. If you leave them with their natural “teepees,” they don’t pee on you nearly as much. Just a tip. No pun intended.

Kresta on

I’ve got 2 sons and remember changing my brother’s diapers as well and I think all up they must have peed on me about 6 times. He is exaggerating.

justbecause on

Everyone warned me after my son was born to be ready to get a shot in the face. Well he wet on my shirt one time and that was it. I think the difference is not being circumcised. He is almost two and our 10 year old changes him all the time with no problems. I pull his diaper off and leave him uncovered while I get a diaper and wipes and he never wets. In fact 2 of my 3 girls have wet on me more than he has!

sue’s on

The baby pee pee’d on him? that’s because he loves his daddy….lol

Anonymous on

I sell the peepee teepees in my store…they are a novelty gift folks…sounds to me like he was just being cute and probably exaggerating the “40” times…they are a silly fun gift to give and get! Lighten up folks!! And dixie, some of us think its a cute article… No need to be debbie downer….

elaine on

yes, we bought that item 2 years ago, what a waste, you wash them once and they shrink so they don’t hold their shape anymore! stupid trendy buy that was a total waste of money. just learn to be quicker

mindy on

I’m with Justbecause and Amanda, but even so, you start to figure it out before 40 times. I remember an article when JLo and Marc Anthony had the twins, and him saying that he taught her to see it coming before it happened. I don’t remember my son (intact) getting me in the face but he peed in my MIL’s mouth once and I laughed so hard.

Lola on

If you are all such better parents then how is it, i wonder, that you have time to snark at other parents on the web?

Guest on

LOL. Brilliant!

norosecoloredglspls on

what a ridiculous waste of time, energy, money and think of the carbon footprint…..insane.

Mel on

I can’t believe the holier than thou comments coming from some of you. I have 4 kids yet I’d never look down on someone for their inexperience. Instead I just chuckle and remember our early days as new parents.

Julie on

Give him a break, its a first time excited Dad who loves to talk about his new Son. He isn’t telling everyone to run out and buy this product. In those first few weeks we all excited when there is something that may make it a little easier while still thinking we need to follow all those “rules” sterilizing everything in site, no this no that….babies we learn are tough little creatures. Hey for such little things they rule the nest from the get go. Enjoy the little one time flies.

TEXAS13 on

And this is news worthy why?

Sandra on

Oh please, if the tee pee thing works for him why are y’all so up in arms.

Carolina on

Long before PeePee TeePees, I would put the clean diaper under the dirty diaper so I could pull it up really fast. It seems like as soon as the air hits that little thing, they let it fly. I bet the mom (or dad) who came up with that idea is rolling in the dough.

Jess on

LOL!!! pee pee teepee. Baby wipe serves the same purpose.

Kat on

One time, my son peed before I could “protect” myself and the stream went from him RIGHT into the box of baby wipes. Son – 1, Baby Wipes – 0.

Anonymous on

Buble is so obnoxious. He has this inflated opinion of himself…always going for the cheap shot. After he was caught cheating on then girlfriend Emily Blunt with pictures to prove it, I couldn’t stand hearing his voice.

Snare on

Lighten up, some of you. He was kidding. Jen, maybe you’re the one who is not so smart.

kim on

The best thing to do; which I have learned, having two boys, is to hold their little weiners down with one thumb and slide the diaper under. That way, if they do pee, it will be on the changing mat.