David Tutera and His Ex Will Raise Their Twins Separately

09/13/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Following a messy split from his ex-husband, event planner David Tutera — famous for producing Cinderella-worthy parties for celebrity clients like Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey — is raising his biological daughter Cielo.

Meanwhile, his ex, Ryan Jurica, will raise his own biological son and Cielo’s fraternal twin, Cedric.

Tutera, whose breakup occurred while a surrogate was carrying the twins, says the situation was far from ideal.

“It was a very confusing time,” Tutera, 47, tells PEOPLE exclusively, adding that he and Jurica never discussed keeping the twins together. “The divorce happened so quickly after the [embryo] transfer was successful that there wasn’t time to mourn the loss of raising a second child — I was mourning the loss of my relationship.”

David Tutera Ryan Jurica Twins Raised Separately
David and Cielo – Michael Lewis

Nonetheless, Tutera, who is based in Los Angeles, says his priority is for his daughter to have a relationship with her brother, who is currently living across the country with Jurica, 35, in Connecticut.

David Tutera Ryan Jurica Raise Twins Separately
Ryan and Cedric – Courtesy Ryan Jurica

“We can’t pretend like this doesn’t exist for them — that’s completely selfish. It is our responsibility to do the right thing for our children,” Tutera says.

“We’ve exchanged photos. The mudslinging has ended. And I hope that one day, Ryan and I will be friends.”

When it comes to Cielo, who was born June 19, Tutera is walking on air.

“I think we all envision ourselves married and in a relationship. But I’m an older dad and there is something very enlightening about being a single father,” he says.

“I’ll make mistakes, but my job for the rest of her life is to protect her and support her. We’re a team.”

For much more on Tutera and fatherhood, pick up the current issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

—Aili Nahas

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Nikita on


ME on

this has “bad idea” written all over it.

jeweleye on

How very selfish of the parents.

layal on

That is just so wrong. Shame on them.

Anonymous on

This sounds like the plot of The Parent Trap to me, but the twins are a different sex. Hopefully, they can find a peaceful resolution so the twins can have contact with each other.

bab on

awh! I kinda think that is messed up to separate them. no fair!

Jodie on

That is so messed up

Charli on

It’s like the movie the Parent Trap. It makes me sad for the kids but atleast the adults are being civil. Regardless of sexuality, it must be disappointing when you picture raising your family together and end up like this. Wishing them all the best!

Mo on

I’m sorry, but this is the most selfish thing. You are separating siblings!! When those kids grow up you will have to explain why your feelings came before theirs. Hope you enjoy the conversation. Wow!

klutzy_girl on

I was just watching Parent Trap the other day (still love it) and was thinking how the hell anyone thought that was a good custody agreement.

This is gross to separate the children like this. They should have a relationship with their sibling.

And both babies are his children, just as the ex is the father to the twins.

They should stop being selfish and think about what’s best for the kids, not them.

tennisfan on

So sad for the twins — I have boy/girl twins and the bond between them is so much greater than regular siblings… I hope they can find a way to be civil and allow these twins to know one another growing up.

Mary on

I wish them peace

Nikita on

They separated the kids? Not cool

Anonymous on

This is truly sickening. Those twins being separated like that. Extremely selfish on their parts.

Jen on

I understand the concept of both get a child, but this is going to be difficult for them. Hopefully, for the children, they can reconcile enough to share custody.

Cecily on

The world is overflowing with so many wonderful parents raising loving families in every shape and size (biological, adopted, step-parents, married, divorced, gay, straight, etc.)

These two are not part of that crowd.

jen on

Way to NOT put your children first . . . What a selfish and immature decision.

Liv on

that is the absolute worst thing I’ve ever heard. its too bad two grown men couldnt be adult enough to give these children the oppportunity to grow up with their own sibling. awful.

Nicole on

What?!? I’m sorry but that is the most selfish thing they could have done. They are treating those babies like nothing more than property … not children.

Dani on

I at least hope the twins will get to see each other from time to time.

May on

Very selfish!

WhyNot on

so it’s all about their egos not about the health and emotional well being of their children. Twins should never be separated. I am disappointed in the judge who made this decision.

campek on

I have never commented on a story but I have to with this one. I think this is awful. Those babies belong together! Twins have such a unique bond. How could you separate them voluntarily? That is so terrible. They deserve to grow up together. These parents need to grow up, act like adults and parents, and do what is right by these babies.

Mya on

That’s incredibly selfish to split those twins up and have them live so far across the country because these two cannot get along. It’s basically, “I’ll take this one, you take the other one”. Those twins will feel the absence of that sibling every day – they spent nine months in utero together. I hope they come to an agreement quick and put these children above their own cattiness.

Tiffany on


Charlie on

That’s crazy, I would never separate my biological children given a choice. The marriage is over, a surrogate was used. WTH. I really wish these two had put the babies first and not their own feelings and wants.

dancer92136 on


Anonymous on

one could joke and imagine a “parent trap” situation occurring in the future but it’s not really joke worthy. just sad that 2 adults couldn’t put aside their differences and discuss the situation rationally enough to raise siblings together as one would hope.

Proud Momma on

Umhhh…can you say…horrible idea? They would have been much better off putting them up for adoption to be raised together.

Amanda on

I find this so sad. Those twins should be able to be together and create a tight sibling bond. Move closer to each other fellas. Bring em’ up close!

guest on

I feel so sorry for those babies! Those babies should never have been separated! It should not have even been an option! I don’t know the legalities, but if I had been the surrogate, I would want those babies back. My heart breaks for them!

Oldie on

You have already proved that you are not good parents by splitting up the twins, how very selfish of you both.

Denise Simpson on

This is terrible..shame on both of them for doing this to a brother and sister. When these kids are old enough to understand I bet they will be outraged!


This is so sad that they won’t grow up together what about the twin bond! This is so very sad : (

GAZ on

What selfish trolls these guys are.

Snare on

That is disgusting. No respect whatsoever for them.

kaydee on

This is some Parent Trap nonsense.

bonnie on

It’s absolutely sickening that these two can’t get past their issues and sacrifice their selfish wants for the sake of these precious, innocent children. These kids will have to grow up thousands of miles apart because their dads are disgusting human beings who are more concerned with themselves than the well being of their children. It is absolutely appalling!!

Posie on

poor kids, what an F*cked up situation

Tracey on

It’s sad that they won’t have a daily-basis relationship, but what good would it do to be close if their parents were constantly fighting? At least they’ll be in each other’s lives, somewhat. I don’t know that I’d be able to give the other baby up.

K.W. on

They are both awful human beings to do this…how will they ever explain this to those children and how on earth do you decide on which baby you get to raise. Shame on both of them. They don’t deserve to be parents.

Kiki on

While I firmly believe it’s their decision, I think their twins will resent them later in life.

Renee on

Please don’t start gay bashing. Many divorced parents split up the kids, mine did, it’s not ‘a gay thing’ or ‘a gay issue’. In no way does this mean gay people should not be parents. I feel for the drama the surrogate must have endured during her pregnancy too. I really hope the men can become friends and let the twins have a relationship, if they choose, outside of their personal issues.

Lady on

This whole situation is sad & I think it’s kind of selfish to be honest….seperating twins….whatever, I just hope they allow the children to have a relationship with eachother despite what their feelings may be towards one another. It’s just sad that they wont be raised together….twins always have a special bond that now they wont get to experience.

Lisa on

So you just split them up? Good thing there were two and surgery wasn’t involved.

Anonymous on

YOU ARE BEING EXTREMELY SELFISH!!! How can you separate those siblings and choose to raise only one each??? A parent that is unselfish, will always put the needs of their children first. Your arrangement is completely ridiculous!

Denise Barry on

I’m trying to have compassionate thoughts here, but I can only think how selfish these parents are to separate these twins. It doesn’t matter that they’re not 100% full blooded siblings; they’ve grown together inside the womb! And the second they see light of day they’re separated? Selfish, selfish, selfish actions by both parents in this instance. And the judge who agreed to this IMO is a total idiot.

Leslie on

Wow what a terrible decision!! Those children will resent them when they are older. so sad

evans5 on

So sad that those poor babies are being split up. Twins have a special bond and need each other.

Cole on

How selfish… I could not imagine if my parents split me up from my sister when they divorced. They are adults who chose to be parents. They should be mature enough to at least co-parent. So so so selfish.

Lora on

How to sad separate the twins and not keep them together! I have twins and they are best friends!

lisa on

thats ridiculous! i have twins and i couldnt imagine them seperated. that is a bond that should not ever be broken!

Kim on

One day those twins will hate them for this.

Des on

Wow, for me this is soooooooo wrong. To keep twins apart, that should be the most important thing!

Karma on

Completely selfish to separate the twins. Grow up and really do what is best for those babies.

guest on

Shame on the two of you separating the two of those babies who spent 9 months together growing. I don’t care if one fathered one and the other the 2 nd baby. They are twins and should not be separated.Put on your big boy panties and be adults…suck it up and work things out and bring those babies together so they can grow up not missing like part of them is gone. I know they are fraternal boy/girl twins but twins no matter what genders, identical or fraternal share something unique. Come on David… Do the right thing.

Maria on

I’m sorry, thats just wrong. They should keep the kids together. And be adult enough to share the parenting. I feel sorry for those kids, I know twins and they have a special bond, and living separately is unfair to them.

askdaria on

Wow. Wrong on so many levels. Poor kids.

Jess79 on

I’m sorry but both parents in this situation are being completely selfish!!! They’re bother and sister and twins!! Why on earth would one think that it’s ok to split them up and keep them so far away from each other. Why would they not think of what’s best for the children. What a selfish decision on both parts!

Anonymous on

Those poor babies!

crosswind on

Get over YOURselves and bring these babies back together. Have custody visits. TWINS are much MORE SENSITIVE and FEEL each other, even when separated. Please, if you care about the babies, let them grow up together. So Wrong & selfish, otherwise.

guest on

this is just awful

Rebecca on

How horribly selfish. Doing that destroys the twin bond that they will miss all of their lives.

sillygoose17 on

This is so irresponsible. Be like other divorced parents who have multiple children and split custody of both! Those children are not going to grow up as siblings. They will grow up as acquaintances.

Chrisy on

How RIDICULOUSLY selfish of both of them.

karen on

Just when you think you have heard it all. This is so incredibly sad.

Jena on

Being a mother of twins, I could not imagine raising them seperately. Not just for me to not have both my babies, but for them to not have each other. This is extremely selfish. These 2 adults need to put their differences aside for their children. This breaks my heart.

Nic D on

This is a shame. Those poor kids will never know what it’s like to truly be brother and sister.

sillygoose17 on

How irresponsible. They should just be like every other divorced couple and split custody, not split the children up. Those kids won’t grow up feeling like siblings, just acquaintances. It’s ridiculous to think that this is a good idea.

krtmom on

Weird! Twins have a connection from when they are in the womb. Do they have the same donor for a mom? Poor kids!

Sianna on

How completely selfish.

Forever in their lives these kids are going to be missing their other half. What a terrible thing to do to them.

Sounds like the “parents” need to get over themselves and think of the children their ripping apart. Not like everyone under the sun hasn’t heard of twin bonds.

Ladyjane on

A**holes!! Shame on them for doing that to those children!!

Anonymous on

How completely selfish of these parents to keep their children apart, i am so disgusted by this. I really hope that they realize the right thing to do and soon for the sake of their children.


I think this is so selfish of both of them to separate those babies. Siblings should be raised together if at all possible. Extenuating circumstances considered for having to separate siblings. Kids already have a hard enough time in life with just one parent. Those babies are going to be so confused.

Anonymous on

Not at all okay to separate those two children. Wrong!

Kim on

What a mess and very upsetting for those babies. If David is the bio dad, and they split before the babies were born, Ryan should have done the right thing and back down. I don’t understand how he could have a legit claim on either child. It would be different if the children were older and they had all lived together as a family, but given this situation Ryan should have left them alone. If he wanted a child after, go find your own surrogate.

joei on

Kim, Ryan is the biological father of the boy and David is the biological father of their girl. That’s why Ryan has “claim” to her.

Lyreal on

These are not puppies. These kids should not be split.

Drea on

This is so unfair… not only are you separating sibiling, you are separating twins! There is such a special bond with twins! They were together in the womb for 7-9 months and then they just went and ripped them apart! This is so incredibly sad and selfish! There are definitely different and better ways to make this work!

Michelle on

This is such a sad and twisted situation, but they are both being extremely selfish when it comes to their twins. Under no circumstances should those babies ever have been separated. I truly hope that they don’t grow up to hate their fathers for doing that. It would be different somewhat if they lived near each other, but that isn’t the case.

Anonymous on

This is a horrible idea. Twins have a special relationship and this will surely damage them!

joei on

Totally selfish. Those babies were side by side for 9 months then just take apart because two grown men couldn’t be adult enough to handle their situation.

SMH on

Wow…these two are SELFISH!! So many people make shared custody work, I don’t understand why they feel the need to separate siblings, twins at that. I feel bad for these babies.

Anonymous on

This is completely selfish to have these two TWINS raised apart. They are twins, connected by God, and should be together. I was a fan of Tutera, but not now. This is an absolute disgrace. Shame on both of you. How you can sleep at night is beyond me. Praying for the babies and that these “parents” will come to their senses soon enough.

Anonymous on

I have twins. This, on so many levels, is wrong. Neither one of them should be parents if they can’t act like adults.

Sue Parks on

How stingy on the parents part. The twins will grow up knowing something is missing in their lives. Talk about messing up a set of innocents twin babies. Shame on both of you “adults?”. Grow up and get a gold fish if you want to control something.

Anonymous on

What did they do, flip a coin to see which parent got which child to raise?

Susan on

Do the best you can for the children and love them.

Fran on

WOW! That is so messed up! Child protective services should get involved! How do you separate siblings and twins no less!!!!! HORRIBLE PARENTS! Only looking out for themselves instead of trying to co-parents like everyone else in this crazy world!

teresa garcia on

wow! i can’t believ they split the babies as if they were puppies…so disappointed! they should put their differences aside and raise their babies together like millions of other divorced couples do. this is not a “one for you , one for me” kind of situation.

Donna on

Here is how parenthood is supposed to work…you, the parent, put your child’s needs first…separating twins is not good. What’s best for your children is what’s best for you. You are both knuckle heads and should have stayed together…you both really deserve each other.

Alicea on

I have a bit of perspective on both of these situations. When my parents divorced my father took my older sister and my twin and I stayed with our Mother. It wasn’t ideal, and I can tell you my bond with my older sister is nowhere near as close as to my twin because of the separation. I’m also a twin (noted above). My bond with my sister is unbreakable. I can’t fathom not having the chance to grow up with her/ and grow old with her.

I understand this must be super tough for the Parents, and I empathize, but tearing up the kids is a poor/selfish decision. Co-Parent both of those kids on a consistent basis. Move closer to one-another and suck up the hurt and be a united front for those babies. Your dream was to be a parent, prove it to both of those kids.

MiaSarah on

I was ready to hate on these two but then I stepped back and tried to put things in perspective. It’s impossible for those two parents to live together. To keep babies together one of the parents would have to give their parental rights away. Babies never bonded outside of the womb. These are the reasons as to why its ok to separate them for now. It also gives opportunity to both parents to be parents. Is is too selfish to want to be a dad even if it means children would be separated for the time being?

If those two can actually work together to live in the same area and have kids be really close, then I can say they are actually having their children’s beat interest in mind. Hoping for the best.

Tess on

Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this is a totally messed up decision. I feel badly for these babies who parents are beyond selfish in this matter.

MW on

Children are not accessories or toys that you swap. This is just cruel. Act your age, have joint custory of BOTH children and let them grow up together.

Sarah on

That is not good for the kids. They will be forever sad that they were separated from their sibling…

Me on

Selfish Parents – This is so wrong & the kids are being punished. Sick Sick Sick

Rena on

That’s so sad that they are being separated but I guess it’s no different then children who are adopted and separated from their other siblings and family in different situations. It’s good that they are going to let the siblings keep in touch and grow up knowing each other.

It’s so interesting that a set of babies could be born as twins yet only be half-siblings. How crazy is that??!

meta on

Mr tutera & Mr jurica. I wish you all the best, And I am sorry to hear that your relationship did not work out…but you might want to do some serious research before you raise twins separately.

Jen on

These children are not “twins”. They have different genetic material, so they are two children born from the same surrogate at the same time, but unless they used the same donor for the eggs, they are not even blood relatives. However, since they were intended to be raised together, I would say they are “brother and sister”. This situation is too weird and sad. but, they should not be called “twins”.

Anonymous on

separating them is beyond wrong. Shame on both you. You need to stop being selfish. If you were being goo parents you would know being in the same city close together would be best not in different states. How dare you decide to tear apart these twins. They will not have that close relationship they should have. You are already starting off with bad parenting. Why fight so hard to be able to get married and then get divorced. Why fight for a chile and then separate. Your relationships should have been more meaningful and not just thrown away. You are stealing a childhood away from these children. Now they will be only children instead of having the most beautiful twin brother and sister relationship.

Aud on

“Children” raising children.

Tamra on

This is the most selfish thing I have heard of. The parents could work it out to where the children could at least stay together. So their solution was one for you and one for me. Poor kids will miss that bonding. These two want to be equal and have rights to be parents but obviously have no clue. Idiots.

Shaw on

This is the cruelest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Put your big girl panties on and allow your children to grow up together as siblings should.

Concerned on

That’s even more disturbing than Miley’s performance at the VMA’s… Selfish. Time to be an adult and grow up, both of you.

Me on

So no one but me noticed that the girl is HIS biological child and the boy is the partners biological child. THAT is why they split them up. They are fraternal twins with two different fathers. It is possible that they are from two different eggs, meaning they only shared a womb and have no other DNA tying them together.

Vm on

How selfish!!! These are babies not freaking puppies.

JET on

As a mother of fraternal twins, I am appalled. These grown men need to act like it & do what is best for their children. Figure out how to divide custody if you can’t be together & allow those children to grow up together. These two are unbelievably selfish!

em on

wrong! wrong! wrong! those kids will always have a void in their life for the rest of their life. i know too many twins and they are each other’s best friend, this is so sad for the kids. no pictures, no skyping, nothing will replace the bond that twins have. bad idea!!

jennifer on

Shame! How dare they split them up like that!?! That’s just horrid that they could not work out some agreement so the twins could be together! I have always been an advocate for HRC, but this is tarnishing what people like me are fighting for. Shame on them!!!!

Alana on

Cielo is his biological daughter, which Cedric is his partner’s biological son – legally, since an adoption was not done because of their separation, they did was the best for the children at this time – because one of the parents would have had to sign away their legal rights to the other child – at least they know that the children need each other in their lives – it may not be the best situation but it is the best legal decision

tallullah on

Do the commenters not realize that these twins are only 1/2 brother and sister? They are only “twins” because they shared the same womb. If the same exact eggs, one fertilized with dad 1 sperm and the other fertilized with dad 2 sperm, were implanted into two different women they would still be 1/2 brother and sister. Yes they should have a relationship but these dad’s are being responsible and taking care of their OWN child.

GAmomOf4Boys on

Exactly HOW are they being selfish? Because they each took a kid and are raising them, sharing photos and making sure the kids grow up knowing each other? Do all of you haters say the same thing when someone gets a divorce and the Mom gets 1 kid and the Dad gets the other? I doubt it. Yeah, they’re twins, it would be ideal to keep them together, but if their living environment is less stressful and happier separated like this, then more power to the parents for figuring out how to make it work and everyone is happy and healthy. Crazy how people are so quick to judge and be so full of hate, without really looking at the whole situation.

Katie on

Not sure that’s the right thing to do. I can understand neither wanting to be totally without a child but I’m still not sure it’s right for the babes. It’s like dividing community property. Were either or both the sperm donors? Is that how they decided? Did they do DNA to determine whose kid was whose?

lv on

selfish much

mo on

This is the most selfish decision ever… This goes to show that both of these men are selfish, childish, and have bad character. Nothing like traumatizing your children right off the bat. Apparently they didn’t consult with any family law lawyers, psychologists, or professionals. Anyone with half a brain knows separating siblings is detrimental to their overall growth, well-being, and emotional health. what a bunch of jerks.

Maria E Parascan on

This is so wrong in so many ways!

amber on

DISGUSTED! What about shared custody? Truly one of the most selfish things i’ve ever heard parents doing. They should be ashamed!!!!!!

Manda on

How phucking selfish! Grow up you two…and fast!

Paulien on

Isn’t there some state institution that says that this is not okay and takes the babies to a loving home TOGETHER??? This is not ok! Disgusting selfish men!

Anonymous on

As the mother of twins this makes me very sad.

Michelle on

I try not to judge or air my opinion, however, that is VERY selfish & unfair 😦

itznia on

This is soo horrible – those poor babies – will always feel something is missing without their other half. SHAME on both of these men.

Mel on

As a mother of twins and having seen how close my girls have been since the day they were born and the emotional connection that they have had even where they are rarely apart- I think that is so selfish to separate the babies. I promise they will always feel that they are missing a part of themselves; because they are. That’s so wrong.

Jo on

What horrible people. It is unfortunate these little babies possess the DNA of either of these narcissistic douchebags.

Manda on

Wait…just reread they NEVER thought of raising them together? Yea, cause that’s RESPONSIBLE parents and partners do.

blackraven on

OMG, how horrible for those babies, those two are morons. They obviously have no idea what it means to be a parent.

Anonymous on

How is this supposed to be healthy for any child? Honestly, what is happening to common sense in this world?

paige on

How can they separate twins, like that

Guest on

Wow! Two extremely selfish people here!

Erin on

What a horrible and selfish thing to do to those sweet babies.

Dg0420 on

As a parent to 15 month old twins (boy & girl) I could never even consider the thought of raising them away from each other. They have a very different bond then a single child brought into a family with siblings. This story breaks my heart and makes me so sad for those babies. They don’t deserve to not grow up together regardless of what the parents think is best. How this is allowed and legal is beyond me.

Lilyflower on

That sounds like an awful idea.

brandy on

i love david but this hurts my heart… those children should be raised together as brother and sister. The GROWN UP thing to do is put your differences aside and raise these babies like you had planned when you decided to conceive them. I think this is selfish and these children will grow up missing a part of themselves and could possibly HATE their parents for this choice.

K on

Yes, this is SELFISH….with the fact that they were having problems to begin with, they went ahead with the planning of becoming parents to see if the children would help the relationship…Pathetic 2 men who put their own needs first and their CHILDREN second…I have twin nieces…to separate them would be just awful!!!

KG on

I have twin girls who are very close. They sometimes prefer one another to us, their parents. It’s a very special bond. Can’t imagine taking that away from them.

Anonymous on

I actually watched him on the View today, and the twins are NOT biologically brother and sister…the girl has Davids DNA and the other has his ex-partners. He also said he wants them to know each other…

Morning Coffee on

Real nische for the children, you selfish and immature guys. Your children are not dogs, but sounds like both of you are and this is disturbing.

Tamika on

I’m so sorry David felt he had to do this. This mad me incredible sad. I hope they can rethink this and find some why to keep the kids together

Dana on

Thisvis just wrong on so many levels. They are twins, they have a unique bond.

Jen on

People magazine is one of the causes of confusion. These are not “fraternal” twins. Fraternal twins share the same genetic material, but are two eggs and two sperm, but are from the same parents. (See Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, Jennifer Lopez etc.)These are NOT FRATERNAL. They have two different fathers. THEY ARE NOT TWINS!!! Sorry to shout, but each father took their biological child, not one of the “twins”. Creepy, yes, but not that illogical.

GC on

That is mess up and very concerning.

Rachel on

What an awfully selfish thing to do.

Logistics on

Why can’t anyone set aside their NEGATIVE opinions (that really DON’T matter) and see that these are two WANTED children that will most undoubtably be LOVED?

Negative energy is so infectious. Shame on all of you.

Barbara pinto on

On the view today he said they are not biologically related so I’m wondering if two serrogates were used

jenn on

i do not agree with separating the twins that is so cruel. seriously in any other marriage they would both stay with one of the parents not split them up. poor babies this is going to affect them some way some how maybe not right now but in the future. if they werent being so selfish they could have put their differences behind them and one of them should be the primary parent. its called co parenting the answer wasnt to separate the twins.

Ann on

Very sad for the babies to have two daddies and be raised apart from each other…..selfish!!!!

Anonymous on

Separating twins?! And “there wasn’t time to mourn the loss of raising a second child” because you were busy “mourning the loss of your relationship.”?! Its completely SICK that you would separate twins for your own selfish reasons! That’s the difference between a man and a woman! That would have been the first thing a woman as a mother would have been mourning over!

Jamie on

Not that it matters…because it’s still a sad situation but….each child was born of their respective father’s sperm….with an egg donor….fraternal twins only because the donor donated 2 eggs to be fertilized….each child is the biological child of the father they are living with……

sad situation on

it is so wrong to split up twins. think of the kids and not yourself for once

Katy on

Gay, straight, bi – whatever – this is just an awful idea.

margaret on

Perhaps if their relationship was on such shaky ground in the first place, they shouldn’t have been moving forward with the surrogate at all until they were ready. Sounds like it was crumbling already. A bad idea for any couple and any children, with unfortunate outcomes for all concerned.

Anonymous on

No no no no no no no no no

Anonymous on

It sounds like they don´t even care for these beautiful babies. Their actions speak louder than all these non sense interview, shame on them.

Dg0420 on

As a parent to 15 month old twins (boy & girl) I could never even consider the thought of raising them away from each other. They have a very different bond then a single child brought into a family with siblings. This story breaks my heart and makes me so sad for those babies. They don’t deserve to not grow up together regardless of what the parents think is best. How this is allowed and legal is beyond me. I don’t know how they think this is ok?

Vida on

Ego trumps children & its disgusting.
If I was the egg donor, I’d fight to get them back.

Tina on

I thought David Tutera was better than this. So now it’s my kid and his kid. Splitting up twins. Whatever happened to shared custody of both children at the same time/together. WTF! It’s not like you’re splitting up and you say “oh, I bought THAT tv so I’m taking it with me. you can have the bedroom set since YOU bought that.” Wrong on many levels.

Bettie on

Wow, twins have a extra special bond, bad call gentlemen! Come together for the sake of the twins.

Catherine on

Worst idea ever. And selfish. Keep those siblings together.

Real mama on

Because of these “parents” selfish decisions, I hope they are prepared for when the twins grow up to resent them.

Jean on

That’s terrible. Twins shouldn’t be separated!!!!!

Bettie on

WOW…………..bad call

Chase on

These Two Individuals Should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!! How do you Seperate Twins because of your Selfishness!!! You never should have had kids if you couldnt keep them together!!!

truth on

What is this? The beginning of The Parent Trap? Those babies were together in the womb, and now they will always be missing a part of themselves…what a selfish idea

Kevin on

Everyone calls it: the children are the big losers in this situation. These men are so selfish to have involved a surrogate and agreed to have children before really realizing who each is. Bad all around. Poor kids.

sara on

as the mother of twins this story just infuriates me!! how could you split them up!!! VERY VERY SELFISH….children come first not your petty fighting.

Ginny on

This is incredibly selfish, I really hope they realize that very soon and allow their children to grow up together. There is nothing like having a sibling who has been with you for your whole life and they are being deprived of that because their parents are treating them as some sort of property that gets equally split.

Me1 on

More screwed up kids from selfish parents.

Melissa on

Those poor children- how terribly selfish of them.

Gypsy on

Only in Hollywood

Maria on

How can they both be the biological father of these babies? They can’t divvy them up like lake houses. Whomever is the true biological father should have kept them both – TOGETHER! How sad of a story is that? Well, my two gay dads divorced before I was born and decided to each keep one of us and all my life I’ve felt something is missing….

reagan on

They’re kids, not candlesticks… WTH? Talk about immature.

Hateful People on

Unbelievably selfish.

Lynnlynn on

So selfish and disgusting. Neither one of them should be allowed to be a parent to ANY child.

Tab on

Being a parent means putting your child first. Doesn’t a bond with twins begin in utero? So terrible that these babies aren’t being raised together.

Sam on

That is so wrong, twins have a natural bond. They need each other. The parents need to consider what they are doing. I wish them all the best. You don’t have to be together to raise, wonderful children together.

rpar on

Fraternal twins are when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm and it sounds like each dad gave a sperm. To me, this makes it a little better than if they were identical twins or even fraternal twins with the same father, but it is still sad.

Brooklyn on

I don’t know about that…separating twins? Really?

aeryncrichton on

Did none of you people notice that each man is raising his own biological child? Their relationship was over before the babies were born, and they each have custody of their own biological child. Those of you freaking out because “twins” are being separated are advocating one of them give up his own biological child to keep the babies together. That’s an even worse option as far as I’m concerned.

Laura on

That is one thing I have noticed about the gay marriage debate. When things hit the fan, they want to walk away and deal with things as if its just a breakup. If you want to be legally bound, DO IT! But accept the consequence when things don’t work out. We will see this story over and over in the future….too many people who can now legally “wed”, are doing it but for all th wrong reasons!

Ejx on

I think the twins should be raised together!!

melissa on

As a twin, the idea of splitting them up to be raised apart is sad, ridiculous, mean, and borders on abuse.

Anonymous on

As a twin, I feel sad for the kids.

Guest on

I can’t blame the homosexual relationship on this stupid child raising scheme. The sexuality of the couple is not even in play.

I would, however, posit, that both men are idiots. Seriously? Separating the twins?

Give me a frickin’ break.

MrsTousy on

I am appaled by this. Seriously? Separating twins like this? I can’t even to begin to understand the logic behind this.

Anonymous on

I’m not usually one to comment on stories, but as a twin myself, this makes me very sad. These babies, bonded from the womb, need to stay together and their parents need to work their issues out like adults. I hope that Mr. Tutera will read the information about new born twins sleeping better and doing better in the NICU when placed together. The twin bond is real and should not be broken.

krissy on

I’m not sure if I could have made the same decision however, as long as those babies are loved, who am I to judge. 🙂

Victoria on

From what I understand these children share the same mother and have two different fathers. Granted, I am not a twin but I have half siblings that I did not grow up with and we lived in different parts of the country. My parents’ marriage was terrible and my older siblings remember the fighting and how much it affected them. This may seem terrible, but the parental rights belong to each father respectively. They are not keeping the children away from each other, rather choosing to raise their own biological child. I have a relationship with my half siblings and it sounds from this article that these children will too.

Missunderstood on

That is truly sad… I’m very curious though. How did they decide who would get which baby? Flipped a coin?

..... on


me on

Seriously. Do joint parenting. The both need to man up and grow up. Seperating twins because you want and I want one, the dumbest and most selfish idea.

Susan on

How unbelievably selfish of these grown men….

JRoo on

Someone asked how they could choose. Did they not READ the article? Each took their BIOLOGICAL child, which means they were tested to see who belonged to whom. Still not a good decision for the children, but at least each parent has their own child. If one parent had gotten both, would he have treated them equally? Let’s just hope that the kids will be allowed to see each other frequently, like more than once a year.

M on

Sad that the twins won’t be raised together because the parents can’t get along.

Anonymous on

Sick, twisted and SELFISH. Kids are not accessories. This is a great argument for not messing with mother nature. Petri dishes and testubes are for mixing chemicals not making babies. Maybe the old school way isn’t that bad after all…. Such a selfish, disgusting thing….really. Be real men and don’t separate the kids…I mean really. Uggggh.

sandanna on

that is the most selfish arrangement – those poor children are not “possessions” of the couple to be divided up as the parents see fit. not only as siblings but as twins, they have a bond that will be irreparably harmed if they are raised separately. plus the fact that they are across -country and not just across-town makes it that much worse. david and his ex should rethink this and put their children’s feelings and well being first, not their egos and convenience.

Just sayin' on

Typical selfishness on the parts of two “parents” who think the world revolves around them. What is best for those two babies is to be placed in a home with two dedicated and loving parents who put the babies’ interests and welfare before their own. Raising them apart literally across the country and then claiming they want them to have a relationship with each other-REALLY!!!???!!! How stupid can they be-what-are they supposed to use Facetime or Skype??? What idiots!

Anonymous on

There is nothing right about separating TWINS!!!! NOTHING! Obviously they are not putting the kids first!

Beth on

This is the most selfish thing I have ever heard of

Anonymous on


Mrs. P. on

Separating siblings is a horrible thing…and it seems to me to be even worse to separate TWINS. These men should be ashamed of themselves – putting their own selfish needs before the needs of these poor defenceless babies.

Kim on

And people wonder why there is a fight to legalize gay marriages. This is wrong on SO MANY levels.

Kailyn on

How selfish of the two of them! Unless something dramatic occurred, there were substantial problems prior to impregnating the surrogate. It was a selfish decision for which these children will pay.

Bri on

Wow. Never have I witnessed a more rabid judgemental group of people!

Families have to do what’s right for their scenario. I know of divorced couples where one parent took all kids, and others who just couldn’t make that work and they had to each take one (or some!)

Even if one parent took both, they’d still be apart from the other part of their family. It’s not like these siblings will never see each other. I grew up in a split family – yes, it was difficult, but your life is your normal. You deal.

krazy on

This is absolutely crazy. This is why there should be no such thing as same sec marriage. It’s bad enough when something like this happens between normal relations. Now these kids will have to deal with having same sex parents as well as being seperated from each other. What’s this world coming too? Too much focus is on gay this&that.

Julie on

I’ve never commented on anything before but as the mother of fraternal twins I feel the need. My twins emotionally need each other and have a bond that I sometimes envy it’s so strong! So sad these two are going to miss that special experience.

Kim on

The first thing you do as a parent is put your children first. Don’t want to be together don’t but, you are being selfish and not putting kids first. You say you are a parent you are using that term very loosely.

Anonymous on

Wow…completely do not agree with this. Poor kids have to be the brunt of their parents selfishness.

Missy on

Wow this has got to be the most selfish act from these two. How on earth did the judge ok this?!?!? What kind of world are we in that this was the best option??

flh76 on

This is beyond selfish and disgusting. How these two could even consider such a thing is appalling. Do they have no clue about the special bond that twins share? How they are so much closer than typical siblings? How in studies where twins were separated at birth, they still could sense when the other was sick, hurt, etc.? Or how even though they were raised separately, in completely different circumstances, they lead very similar lives? What the hell is wrong with them? You seriously can’t put your pettiness aside, and raise these two together like other separated parents by sharing custody? Such immaturity and selfishness. I’m absolutely disgusted! As a parent, my heart aches for these two babies because they are obviously being “raised” by two incredibly selfish, self-centered, immature idiots who do not have their children’s best interest in mind. Here’s a news flash guys, when you bring innocent children into this world, its no longer about YOU or YOUR wants, its about them and what’s best for them. The fact you are punishing them, by denying them the right to grow up together, because the two of you can’t act like mature, responsible adults – makes me physically ill.

W on

I was a fan of David Tutera – no longer

Brenda on

Sick, just sick… no matter HOW you look at this.

The poor kids. I feel so bad for them to be raised by these individuals.

Smithy on

Glad to see someone treating their children like puppies.

leni on

Ahhh..people…stop “The parent trap” references. Though I do love Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid, the PT was nothing more than a terrible movie adaption of one of the greatest German children’s books called ” Das doppelte Lottchen” by Erich Kästner.

Anyway, I think it’s a horrible and selfish idea to separate twins….

Michele on

WOW!! Really? How can they do that? thats not a good decision at all…

Anonymous on

can they both be biological parents that make no sense

weezer on

Those poor children! They should be raised together! This is morally and ethically wrong, how can a judge allow this!!?????

Leslie on

That’s incredibly selfish of them to raise the twins apart; it should be one father takes the twins together primarily and the other has visitation, OR they share joint-custody of BOTH. Don’t separate them!

Jen on

That is HORRIBLE. They’ve stolen those kids lives to make themselves feel better. How can they live with themselves????

Anonymous on

have you idiots not heard of joint custody! One should move closer to the other to make it easier.How do you think this will effect them when they are older,especially the boy twin as David is his natural father, right?,or I’m I missing something ,like both fathers gave sperm and both took.Still a bad bad bad idea as these two precious babies shared the womb.

Ally on

This is beyond awful. Those poor children. What would they have done if they had only one child instead of twins. One parent should sole custody, and the other visiting rights, or 50/50 custody. Terrible terrible decision, and sadly, it’s the children who will pay for it.

lily on

OH MY GOD! This is wrong in so many ways!

guest on

Perfect example of people who shouldn’t be parents…. If they cared about children they would keep them together

Anonymous on

Such a heartbreaking story for those little ones.

Beautifulblurr on

As a Mother of twins, this is so beyond ignorant. These children have a bond that nobody can understand and to separate them from one another for their own benefit is profoundly selfish of them. Why can’t they just alternate weeks or months? Separating these children is not the answer.

layal on

Shame on both of these two. They are splitting up brother and sister. Thats awful

hey on

The article indicates both men are the “biological father” of the twins. Um so who is the actual father of these kids? They cant both be!

LK on

Those babies DO NOT have a chance.

Hollie on

This is the story of my life. My identical twin sister and I were adopted apart at the age of 6. Yes we went to better families and I thank god for that, but I still to this day have the biggest hole in my heart. Lets just say my teenage years were very hard. We are very close now that we are adults. She is and will always be my soulmate. It makes me so mad to think of the damage these guys are doing to these children.

George on

You folks need to work on your reading comprehension. The break up is a very sad situation, but it clearly says each father will raise his own biological child. In other words: the twins have two different fathers. Would you want your ex to walk off with your baby? A very messy situation, but sounds like they are both loving parents and will foster a sibling relationship.

Kris on

I think this wrong on so many levels. These two idiots had no business having children-it is obvious the relationship was in distress when they were starting the IVF process with a surrogate since they broke up soon after. Why can’t these two live closer to each other so the siblings can be raised together?? However legal, this situation was handled incorrectly and they should have sought counsel from an expert in divorce and child custody.

May on

How selfish can they be twins first things first should never be separted. Two how long have they been a couple b4 deciding in having kids. Three bad idea having them raised cross country and i have nothing against gay marriages but these two are unbelivable in what they r doing to those babies i should know i lost my brother so i know the feeling

suzy on

Horrible idea and will bite them in the butt someday!! It is extremely SELFISH to keep these twins apart!!

Megan on


cella on

Those children should be raised together! What jackasses these two men are!

LC on

This is really sad.

katya on

thats messed up for real…as someone who is a twin this is probably the worst thing anyone could do .. just sad

AKM on

It’s sad they can not do what is best for the children.

DJ on

Someone needs to adopt both these children, keep them together and let the parents move on with their lives.

ME2 on

incredibly selfish for them to raise the twins separately. they are siblings and should be together.


That makes me mad ! they are not dogs or house you can share after separation, THEY ARE HUMAN, they are twins ! How can they do that ! SHAME ON THEM !!!

Anonymous on


Rosebolo on

This has “a therapist’s nightmare” written all over it. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous on

It’s all about the adults??? do they not care about the babies? selfish pigs


Speechless. Just sad.

Alissa on

I’m not sure this is best, but then again, I’m not sure being shuffled back and forth between feuding parents works either. I know the best thing for children is loving parents who parent together. Once that is off the table, it is difficult to say what works best. I wish them all the best and hope that one day in the future they can get along and let the kids grow up together in the same house.

Y.S. on

What a bunch of selfish d-bags. They will live to regret this decision.

Debs on

Very sad for these childlren.

megancunningham on

Oh, please, I have siblings I wasn’t raised with because they are so much younger than I am, and I have half-siblings that I’ve never been interested in meeting. Who cares if they raise them separately? It sounds like they both intend to be great fathers to these kids, and that is what’s important. Half of people can’t even stand their siblings, and people on here are acting like separating them is the worst thing in the universe.

CC on


Kate on

Wow, so few people seem to have actually read the article.

Missunderstood-they didn’t flip a coin, the article clearly states each took their biological child.

Would any of you allow your ex joint custody of your child that your ex had not fathered nor legally adopted, especially after a tough break up

? The “twins” are simply half siblings, many half siblings grow up without knowing each other. I can only hope that these two come to their senses and let the kids get together several times a year so that they at least know each other. However, since THESE MEN HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE OTHER’S CHILD this may have been the best solution (as long as they do in fact get the kids together).

JAK on

This is such an incredibly selfish decision! It doesn’t matter that each of them have a biological child, it matters that those two children are twins. You don’t split twins up! These men need to get over their issues and find a way to raise the twins together, as they should be!

kira on

OMG – these men are disgusting. i can’t believe they split these two children. the most incredibly selfish people on this planet. an open adoption would have been a far better idea.

Liz on

Clearly, babies should be treated like accessories…..

Stacey on

Are they really fraternal twins, they have two different fathers. Do they share the same egg/mother/donor? Wouldn’t they just be half siblings that shared a womb? Ugh I need to go see a Dr and ask some questions on this one. But I can see where they are coming from both wanting to raise their own child. And after how badly they handled their breakup it’s best they aren’t around each other for a while. It won’t hurt the babies any to not be around each other while they are this young. It’s when they will start to interact with each other is when they should be able to be together.

kira on

they can both be biological fathers – each fertilized an egg…i hope they got the right kids – can you imagine the ‘hate’ they will have if they find out they raised the other person’s kid….LMAO!

lester on

these kids are half siblings. their parents did what was best. It sounds bad but youre not them so maybe don’t judge so quickly.

Vanessa on

Those kids aren’t twins. They are half sister and brother, and that’s even “iffy.” If each man has fathered his own child with his own sperm and the donor eggs were from the same woman, even though they were carried at the same time by a surrogate, they are step-siblings. If the donor eggs were from different women, the children are not even related in any way, only carried during the same pregnancy.

Anonymous on

Tutera said that they never discussed keeping the twins together! I would have thought that that was AT LEAST worth a discussion! Incredibly selfish on both of their parts.

Donna on

That is pretty selfish, and as one person said, has bad idea written all over it. How so very sad.

Mel on

Dafuk. How are you going to split twins up like that? Two grown men acting like typical selfish prats. Should be ashamed of themselves.

Megan on

They should keep these children together. They made the decision to have twins together, they are both the childrens’ fathers. They should both actively raise both children. This is so selfish and disgusting to pick and choose your biological children and separate them.

Josie on

How incredibly selfish of them. So sad for the children.

guest on

How very selfish.. these people don’t deserve children.

A on

That’s not right, to separate the kids. It seems very selfish.

Pattimelt on

Move closer together for the childrens sake, you selfish idiots!

kittykatsam on

This makes me sick. This is beyond the pale of parenting. What are you going to do when they’re older and read this? Don’t you realize your sending the message that you only love the one that’s “yours”? And what kind of parent only speaks of their children like this? Were you ever going to love them both? Please stop watching his show and make him go away.

Kay on

This is very sad and selfish. As a sister of twins and twins everywhere in our family this is a very sad and short -sighted decision. The fact that they are not only separated but on different coasts is just sad. The surrogate mom should have been able to claim them based on her likely legal agreement to carry for “the couple.” Then she could keep them OR adopt them out to a family, gay or straight, that wants BOTH if them. This is just so wrong. I have friends that have done a better job sharing custody of their dogs.

TG on

Wait- I don’t understand….How are both David and Ryan biological fathers??? How they’d do that? Seriously, someone explain.

sharon on

This is so wrong on so many levels!!! Twins thrive on each other!! You both are very selfish!!! I feel so sorry for those babies!! 😦

Stephanie on

This is the most disgusting display of selfishness I’ve ever seen. When people start dividing up siblings like they would household furnishings, it’s time to start questioning whether surrogacy should be legal.

Sandy on

who does this??? is it even legal??? I have never heard of divorced couples splitting the kids. so very sad.

Anonymous on

No longer A fan of Tutera. Saw him on his show trashing another celebrity and he has this going on which is very sad for the twins.

fkirschenbaum on

As a mom of twins….this is HORRIBLE!! Selfish, learn to co- parent, they are not toys!

Colleen on

Did they learn nothing from The Parent Trap? This is selfish and counterproductive. Not only are the kids going to be missing out on having two parent, but they’re also missing out on having a sibling. I’m not usually one to judge people based on their family structure, but this is a bad idea through and through.

Karyn on

How selfish. Turning the kids into ‘yours’ and ‘mine’? What would they have done if it hadn’t been twins and they only got one? And living on opposite sides of the country is not fair to those kids. Oh well – equitable division of property, I guess. I hope if they had any pets, they had two of them. The surrogate mother should sue for custody – I’ll bet a judge would give them to her to keep them from being split up.

Kriston on

Those poor babies being separated!!! Selfish selfish. Yes shame on them!

Brandi on

Those children aren’t twins, they’re “litter mates”.

Anonymous on

Being the Mom of TWINS I CAN’T even imagine separating them like this, they will always feel like a part of them is missing. SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU…PUT THESE BABIES FIRST and have a shared custody agreement so that THE BABIES can be together. DON’T BE SELFISH. My family are BIG FANS OF DAVID!!!!!!

Anonymous on

If you really think about it, they are each their own biological children. The only thing the children shared was the womb.

Keri on

What I’m appalled at is the reading comprehensive level of people.com readers. These babies are NOT fraternal twins. Each of the men fathered a baby via an egg donor, and a surrogate carried the babies to term. With surrogacy situations, another woman (or women) may have been an egg donor (s). This means that these babies are half-siblings at best, they may not even be related if two different women provide the egg donations.

I find it disappointing that this couple called an end to their relationship after undergoing a very intense process in order to create their family. But don’t judge these men for each wanting to raise and love a child – they each deserve to be dads and they are each raising their genetic offspring.

missgal34 on

So Mo, How would you suggest they raise the twins together, when they are splitting up?? The twins will be better off than they would be living in the same household with 2 parents that are not getting along so well. At least these parents can afford to get the children together on a semi-regular basis.

Kim on

I’m so happy for both of them (David and Ryan) – babies are such blessings and they will find joy in all the love babies bring with them. I love David Tutera and think he’ll be a great dad. I hope that they can work out their differences so that their children (who are still brother and sister twins via the donor of the eggs) can grow up together and share their lives to some degree. I imagine that bond will be there and it’ll be sad if they don’t get to grow up together. I’m sure when they’re older it’ll be easier than it is right now. Congratulations on your new babies! 🙂 Sending lots of wishes for a lifetime filled with love, peace, health, joy, happiness and all good things!!

lg on

What? Why should the ex get his biological child? Twins should be kept together. I don’t understand….The ex has a biological child, this guy should be getting both his kids. I must have read this wrong. How is this even legal?

Victoria Ross on

This is absolutely wrong for those children. Men do not have a mother’s sense in their bodies. Don’t do it you two!! Those kids are going to meet up and resent them for the rest of their lives.

yvonne on

What idiot judge signed off on that? Makes me sick that they choose to separate the twins, who will never know the true feeling of having a twin. Shame on the both of them.

marti B on

omg!….doesn’t anyone know how to read any more?! these are not twins, they have different fathers, (and possibly different mothers) whick one of you would give up parental rights to your child so they could be raised with your exes child? I know I never would do that!

meghan on

If David Tutera were able to keep his dick in his pants none of this would be happening.

Anonymous on

Not the greatest idea, but you do have to remember that these kids are only hal brother and sister on their mother’s side. One father is the biological parent of the boy and one is the biological father of the girl. Yes, they should be able to get to know one another as they grow up, but they’ll survise. I doubt their “in utero” bond was/is that strong. Too bad the Mom can’t step in and get both kids back and raise them herself. It sounds like she got pregnant right about the time they divorced. That is if the surrogate is the the bio Mom. What a tangled web they have woven at the expense of the kids. 😦

meg on

This is terrible. The children should come first. Which did they pick, their favorite child? Awful.

Maria on

These two should have both children taken away from them. This is disgusting, selfish, self serving bitches. These two poor babies.

Rachel on

WTF?! Who separates kids!!!!! Beyond comprehension. Don’t sit there and say you’re thinking of the kids bc you are most certainly NOT!!! I dont think they want the responsibility of both. So very selfish!!!! Ughhhhh

VanessaFas on

Have they never seen The Parent Trap? I know it’s just a silly movie, but the idea of separating twins shows how it will affect the children. Why do people who split up almost never consider how this will affect the children?!?

Kim on

I’m not sure if this is mentioned anywhere but biologically, the little girl is David’s and the little boy is Ryan’s and that’s how the custody decision was made (and why they’ve been separated) but I agree that hopefully they will be able to put their differences and hurt feelings aside so that these two beautiful babies can grow up together and nurture that bond they have as twins. I love David Tutera (not as familiar with Ryan) and I’m so happy for him (them both really). Babies are such blessings and have a way of healing hearts and lighting the world with their laughter and smiles! I wish them both a lifetime filled with peace, love, happiness, joy and all good things.

HH on

I don’t care if I get “yelled” at by others….

Are you freakin kidding me?? They shouldn’t have had children to begin with because how they’ve chosen to raise these two innocent children (post divorce, and probably pre) is very selfish and parenting is the farthest thing from being selfish.

Grow up, attend some family counselling and co-parent your kids together so they have something to be proud of, and know that relationships may or may nor last, but you can still be civil!

Carrie on

Selfish, selfish and SELFISH. They should both be ashamed at themselves.

Alyssa on

These are children, they are not toys, they are not puppies. Splitting up twins is WRONG!!!

Kacptreibley on

I’m a twin and I couldn’t imagine not knowing my other half and growing up with her. They are being very selfish.

My 2 Boys on

Just so messed up in every way. Twins have a connection to each other most of us would never understand. To spend their 9 months together and then be pulled apart is just so wrong. No respect for either parent in this case.

Sherron Teal on

I have twins and this to me is disgusting! Twins are extremely close. Minevare identical and even used to predict what each other would say. When twins are separated at birth ( not knowing threir twins) they always say something seems to be missing. I hope they won’t do this to these babies.

Moonchild on

They are half siblings and it is probably going to be much nicer for then to not be shuffled back and forth across the country between two people that don’t want to be together. It would be aweful. They will each have a stable situation. They will know each other one day.

car on

I can’t even imagine. Disgraceful. The twins need new parents.

phyllis on

This situation is appalling to say the least. It is obvious neither of these parents is a twin. I have a twin sister and can not for a moment imagine not seeing her. We are 59 yrs old and we have 4 other siblings. While we are close to all of them, she and I share a much deeper bond. These children will grow up to despise their parents for separating them and I wouldn’t blame them at all. As one post read, they should be returned to their surogate.

elle on

God think the incubation resulted in two babies…otherwise they may have opted to cutthe one baby into two!…this is SICK in every way!!

traycee on

How very “Parent Trap” of them. Disgusting!! These twins deserve to be together. Separated/Divorced parents is one thing but living across the country from your other half is another.

Sad, this is why some people shouldn’t be having children.

Mickeymikado on

Sorta lends a whole new meaning to ‘Solomon’s Baby’! Like a litter of pups…you take one and I’ll take the other. How sad for the children. All of the twins I’ve ever known in my life share a special bond…so I guess these two will have to forego growing up together because these two people are too selfish to work it out for the children; not themselves. I’m disgusted by this article and wish I had never read it. It just makes me want to cry for these innocent babies.

Ticked off on

Talk about being selfish. What judge agreed to this “settlement”?

SusanK on

Wow…as a mother of four kids, I am sick to my stomach for those babies. Very wrong to separate them like that. Think of the children, please!!!!!!! This is not in their best interest at all, they NEED each other.

Tara Burns on

I think this is a terrible idea. I adopted a set of twins and I cannot imagine my selfishness separating them. When mine were infants they slept together in the same crib until they were about 12 months old. Even as young infants I would catch them holding hands or putting their head on the other one’s shoulder.

Anonymous on

That is such a loss for the siblings. I have twins myself and that connection is so important. That’s very selfish on their part.

Pink on

That’s horrible!!! Very selfish of them to separate those babies bc they can’t face each other! Disgusting!

angelica on

thats JUST WRONG. When the children grow up they WILL resent them how can you split them up like that they are children TWINS not a pet so disappointed in this

Ashln on

Sorry but that’s just wrong, like, really wrong.

Anonymous on

Hey: In answer to your question (if you read the article you’d know the answer), one is the bio father of the girl and one is the bio father of the boy. so the kids are really only half sibilings at best.

MomofTwins on

Geez.. this story makes me angry…. the twins don’t have the fault of their parents for splitting up. I am a mother of FRATERNAL twins and I will never ever separate them. They been together forever and they have such a special connection. It is not fair.. I am so angry…..

Poop on

The twins should be raised together, these men are being selfish

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

That’s a really weird/unconventional situation. I hope both father’s thought about this fully.

Iris on

What a shame they’re splitting their twins up. When the children are old enough to understand there will be problems.

Skiwoman61 on

How sad for everyone involved.David makes my Saturdays.I hope the twins remain in each other’s lives

Cea on

What jerks! You don’t split up children like you do sets of dishes!

ThinkPink on

A TRUE parent knows that their child’s needs come ahead of their wants each and every time! This is the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard of in my life! If the intent wasn’t for these babies to be raised together, why were they conceived and gestated TOGETHER?!? You divorce your spouse, NOT YOUR CHILD! Shame on you, David and Ryan. SHAME ON YOU!

elle on

Good thing the incubation resulted in two babies or else they might have opted in spliting the one baby into two….umm.

Justmeagain on

This is the most disgusting, selfish act. They have no business having this innocent TWIN siblings!!! Theyve lived have been together for 9 months as God intended and now these insensitive immature people do this to them. I used to like David, not so much anymore!

Dianne on

These two idiots don’t deserve those children. If you are in a relationship that is failing, you don’t bring children into it. Common sense says you dont have children in order to save a relationship. I think they should be taken away from both of them and given to a more deserving couple to rais.

guest on

I can’t believe what I am reading!!!! This is just insane. THE WORST DECISION EVER!!!!

Jen on

One last time. These children are NOT TWINS. They were embryos that were developed outside the womb with an egg from a donor woman and sperm from each of the men. Then each embryo was implanted into the surrogate. Whether they have the same donor mother, I don’t know, but these are not, let me repeat NOT TWINS. They just happened to be born from the same woman. These are two separate children.

Yes, be disturbed that these two have other serious issues, but breaking up non twins is not one of them. These children may not even be related, but are with the appropriate father.

Lekili on

How can they both be biological Daddy’s to the twins?

They are both selfish, the babies spent 9 months in the womb together and for them to be “broken apart” is just short of criminal. You two are giving gay a bad name.

susan on

This is so wrong on so many levels. I have several great nieces and nephews that are twins and just can’t imagine them being separated. To bad the adults could not put the kids 1st.

Anonymous on

I love David and watch his show every week. I was always wondering who you married. Didn’t know you were gay, but that is your choice. I don’t think separating twins is a good thing, they are known for closeness in many ways. But David will do a great job, and I am sure ou have a lot of people to help you both out.

Anne on

Wow. Acting like toddlers who each want one “toy” for himself. WHY raise these kids as “only child” and take away all the wonderful memories two siblings can make together?


Shame on you for putting yourselves first, this proves such low maturity from you both

Karen on

So are the kids related biologically? I don’t think so. I think there are two different donor eggs and the embryos implanted into the surrogate. Just because they were in the same uterus at the same time, that’s not fraternal twinning.

Shirley Turner on

I’m no expert but everything I’ve read about twins makes me think this is a really, really, bad idea for the children. It might appease the “grown-ups” but the kids should be the most important.

Bee on

Grown up! Hate your ex like everyone else but dont take it out on the kids. Keeping the two apart is the worst idea and someday it will backfire on you.

debra on

that’s not right to separate twins. they already have a bond and that’s going to mess them up!

Tara on

Time out. The article gives me the impression that both men are raising THEIR OWN biological child. They were twins because two embryos implanted, which is uncommon. Last time I checked, each child needed a biological father and mother, not two fathers. So these children are step-siblings at best. If they are raising them in a way that is most peaceful for them, who are you all to judge? And who says they won’t know each other? Kids get split up all the time it just seems different here because they’re infants.

Janice Pielert on

Cielo is a beautiful little girl. I hope both for her sake and David’s sake that someday he and his ex can be friends again so that their twins can be close siblings.

Becky on

I completely support same sex parenting. However, that being said, what these men are doing is completely selfish and irresponsible. I understand how deeply they already cared about their twins, but to separate them like this as though they were some kind of collateral is just cruel and it makes all same sex parents look bad. They should be setting a good example for advocating same sex rights, and instead they’re actively trying to set gays and lesbians back decades! Not cool!

mary on

I think this is awful. They should be raised together. Especially, in the early years to form a bond.


Kristin on

I feel sick inside. Those poor kids with such self centered fathers. Wow. Nobody should ever make the decision to separate siblings, twins or not. Dreadful.

georgia on

yeah, not the ideal launch. Dad is 47 and single; brother is a continent away. I like the name Cielo but people will always want to say Sierra, or even Ciela…or Cleo or Cloe. Hmm, come to think of it, I don’t like it after all.

As for people who think it’s wrong to “separate” the twins, no matter what they are growing up without their biological mother (not that it matters) and if one of these men took them, presumably they would be growing up without one of their dads (or something). They are fraternal (duh) and it’s like they are half-siblings (which presumably they are, or possibly they are)….and children DO grow up not knowing their half-siblngs. It will be up to the kids when they get older. They may have nothing in common with each other at all; their friends will be their support systems. Just look at studies,

D K on

This is one of the most selfish, pathetic, sad things I have ever heard. Grow up, both of you. Those children need each other. Twins share a special bond and it is your responsibility to see that that is nurtured, not torn apart because two supposedly adult men could not make things work out in their relationship. While I support gay marriage, it seems to me that many gay couples are finding out what many straight couples already knew. That being legally joined is not as easy as they thought it would be. Unfortunately, it seems to be their children who are paying the price.

Anonymous on

I am a twin and this is horrible! Those chidren will be screwed because of two very selfish people! Disgusting! Your twin is literally half your heart!

Jenn on

I am beyond disgusted by these two men and i can’t believe they are telling their story to People Magazine without any shame on their face. A sibling is the greatest gift a parent can give a child. What pathetic/selfish/terrible human beings there are out there. YOU ARE ALREADY TERRIBLE PARENTS AND HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT PARENTING MEANS. Disgusting.

katrina on

thats the most selfish thing I have ever heard. They both should be ashamed for not looking out for the best interest of their children SMH

LIsa Ann on

That is disgusting,selfish and not fair to the twins who will be separated from eachother. I pray these “fathers” will do the right thing for the chidren…who by the way did not ask to be born into this situation! Shame on you both !

Alice on

The absolute height of ‘SELFISHNESS’ !! I’m disgusted 😦

goober on

Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. And unbelievably. Selfish. Wicked selfish.

Hi! on

This is horrible!!! Shame on both of them! This is both selfish and insane!! Poor babies! Anyone with common sense would keep the twins together.

Linda on

Bad idea. They are going to grow up, saying, I have a twin,but she lives across the country. I have twin cousins, a boy and a girl. They were close,but the boy got sick when he was 20 and died. His sister misses him to this day,and he has been gone over 10 yrs.

Jackie on

I’m surprised they are owning up to this. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Dnote8 on

Not in the best interest of the kids. The babies spirits are linked!!! Ripping them apart??? Clearly both of them need to get over what is in their best interest and focus on the kids!

Jo on

What would they have done if both babies had the same father? I truly hope they always put the kids first.

Laine on

I am 100% in support of gay families and marriage, but I am NOT in support of ANY parents splitting up their children like that. It is absolutely unacceptable, no matter how young the children are. These are siblings, TWINS, and they deserve to be together. How selfish of the parents to put their differences ahead of the well-being of their children. These children were conceived at a time when the parents were together and planned to raise them all together–you can’t just grab one baby and run without any regard for your other child. And yes, they BOTH are your children, David and Ryan. PLEASE reconsider this decision and allow your children to grow up together.

linda on

i think it horrible that they are separating the twins its seems so selfish they should of stayed in the same state but I think its sad the twins wouldn’t be able to have quality time and bond like other twins its not the same spending a couple days out of the month

Pamela on

This seems to totally selfish to separate the twins. I guess they split up the kids when they were deciding who got the toaster and who took the silverware.

Vic on

I hate to sit here and judge people, but this story is just absurd. This goes to show, people with money just want the picturesque family for world to see, without even thinking it through. Now these guys are going to selfishly seperate twins. He says there wasnt enough time to mourn the loss of raising another child, but it seems they didnt give enough time to think about their future as parents. Dispicable

Jennifer on

I think that’s really a shame, they can’t possibly think the kids will thank them for it later. Losing a sibling is hard enough, but to know that they’re actually alive and living across the country but you can’t be together because your parents couldn’t be grownups? Wow.

Goddess on

Obviously neither one of these men have the children’s best interest at heart. They are both selfish and view their child as an object to possess. Neither one is a fit parent at stage in their life.

WTF on

Disgusting and sad that they would do that to those innocent children. Shouldn’t have bothered having them just to have separated them.


Did you not read the article…each kept their BIOLOGICAL baby. Meaning 2 eggs…2 sperm. They are half brother and sister. Not an ideal situation but both being raised by loving parents with the intent to have them know each other.

Jessika on

OMG!!!!! That’s HORRIBLE!!!!!! what selfish people… why would you separate TWINS?!?!?!?! seriously people, cmon.

ThefabulousMissV on

This is just awful. What about the children’s needs ? What a mess!

Lisa Battistella on

this has bad idea all over it! im a twin and i dont know how to feel if i found out i was separated because my parents marriage didnt work out, siblings should stay together not separated!!

Anne-Marie on

Selfish, and dysfunctional at the highest level, a court should step in.

Grandmaoftwins on

How SELFISH of these two. These twins have an unspeakable bond. I have 3 sets of twin grandchildren. Girls, 11, girl and boy 18 months, and 5 yearold by step-daughter. This just makes my blood boil towards these two very emotionally unintelligent men, and heartbreaking for kids. How dare you do this them!!!!!!!

me on


Mary on

Twins have a special bond. These to “parents”, and I use that term lightly and with sarcasm, are thinking only of themselves and showing the epitome of selfish and self-centered. If either of them truly cared about what is right for these kids, they would work together in the children’s best interest.

Julianna on

They’re definitely not thinking about the babies. I have twins with my husband and I can’t imagine doing this to them if we ever split up. It’s very selfish of Ryan and David to do that to little Cedric and Cielo.

What? on

How can they both be the “biological” father of both kids. The last time I read a science book, only 1 sperm can be used per person.

Monica on

So selfish to raise them apart. Twins share something that no one can understand but other twins.

Sun on

Wait a mintue here, his biologlical daugher? Doe he meant his biological twin daughter and son who are faterial twins? Confused. Also it’s bad idea for the twins to be raise seperate even on different coasts or next door to each other. Very sad situations.

Lee on

Explain to me how they are each raising their OWN biological child, yet the children are twins!!! Am I missing something?

Sandra on

I love David & his show. When it comes to 2 adults going threw a divorce it’s harder on the children. I just hope all irons out and they both are friends & get along for the children. The 2 children are the important people right now. God Bless.

Kelly on

I am an identical twin and I would have been devastated if I knew I was a twin and was not with my twin in the same house being raised. Let alone by two different people, even though they were once married.

Lenabenas21 on

This is so irresponsible. Siblings, especially twins, should not be raised apart simply because that’s what works best for the parents. They are doing a serious disservice to these children.

clmiller2 on

I really do not see the big issue, technically the children have different fathers and share a mother they will more than likely never meet. If you read the article they are being civil and staying in touch so that the children can see each other. There is nothing wrong with either of them wanting to raise their own child. I could see if they both had the same father then yes that would weird, or if the children were older and had a deep bond , then yest that would be cruel; but who are we to decide what is in the best interest of 2 children that have never been around each other to know that they have a sibling that lives in another state..

Chelsie on

As the mother to twins, this makes me SICK. What a SELFISH thing to do. What a TERRIBLE idea. I am furious reading this. THIS should be illegal. I’m sick.

blacklady86 on

This world gets crazier and crazier with each passing day. I feel sorry for the innocent children 😦

Anonymous on

Being a mother of twins. Poor decision. Extremely selfish. Not in the best interest of the kids AT ALL!!

Anonymous on

I can’t imagine splitting my children up. That just sounds very selfish and ……well selfish.

Noel on

These PARENTS need to grow up! Ths is SO selfish. What an awful idea. I hope they come to see it and SOON!

Kim on

They have to do what they have to do. We are not in their shoes. Maybe people should not judge them.

Teyha on

I am sorry their relationship/marriage didn’t work out. Regardless of their fertility issues (in that they can’t traditionally create children themselves without artificial assistance ). It’s not the children’s fault or problem & the twins shouldn’t have to pay for it by being raised apart just so David & Ryan can each have a child. It seems selfish to me. Siblings should be together. The parents need to work out visitation & decide who’ll be the primary parent. While it’s sad that one parent won’t get to have his children with him after all that work to have them, it’s about what is best for the children!!! I’m a lesbian so it’s not that I’m unsupportive of the relationship.

Kayte on

I actually think this may be best for the children from the sounds of it. They do not live near each other, so instead of 2 children being bounced all around, each will have a stable home with their biological father. You have to make the best out of situations and they plan on the children having a relationship, I wish them all the best and really hope the twins can spend their first birthday together!

yasemina on

This is absolutely sickening. I’m expecting mo-di identical twins and know the bond between them is incredible, I can feel it. How dare they! They should both lose custody so these twins aren’t parceled out!

whatthewhat on

Heartbreaking, terrible idea! How selfish can you get!

Nina on

Geez, they aren’t puppies!!

ajean on


4tmama on

They may be fraternal, w different fathers, BUT they are still twins..born on the SAME DAY. So selfish, cruel, these kids will hate them, no ifs, ands or buts..they are not toys, objects, playthings..omg this makes me beyond furious. What judge, social worker approved this?!

Heidi on

I think these two individuals should never have been allowed to become parents. What the hell are they thinking? One is mine and the other is yours?? Shame on those idiots. Siblings should never be separated. And parents should never have to pick and choose in a divorce (or in this case, WANT to)!! They already have HORRIBLE PARENT stamped all over them for doing this. What lawyer would agree to this? I am beyond speechless.

Natasha on

This is selfish, those twins deserved to be raised together. They came in this world together, they deserved to be raised together until they’re adults.

Jan on

his biological daughter Cielo.

his own biological son and Cielo’s fraternal twin, Cedric

Wait so they each have their own? Or do the twins have two dads? Huh? They must have used more than one egg if they’re fraternal, and swimmers from both guys, so that would mean both (assuming there were only two) took. If there weren’t twins, perhaps just one guy would be the father? In this case they each get one if this is really how it went down. That said, I feel terrible for the kids growing up as possible distant relatives.

wizard on

So pretty much what they did was create thr children at the same time, one for each. That doesnt sound well.

Bea Freemon on

The only thing the babies have in common is the mother. So she sold two eggs at the same time. If they had each used the same women to fertilize an egg at separate times, would they be called twins? Would anybody think that all the eggs this woman sells should grow up together just because they are related? These kids were just “womb mates”. They are half siblings only because of the mother, not the fathers. She just did a two for one. Of course, I am just assuming they used the same woman for the eggs. If not, the children aren’t related at all. We are missing some facts here. What a strange world we live in.

simple on

This is terrible that they cannot work out what’s best for the twins; rather, like the bibical story of the two women fighting over the baby and King Solomon was giving them the choice to split the baby in 1/2…grow up and put the twins’ best interests at heart…how are you going to explain it to them in a couple years down the road…honestly…

mary on

Why be selfish. the children need to be raised together. Shame on you

belle907 on

Too bad the writer didn’t give more details on the story. The babies are half siblings, they have the same mother and different fathers, and were born via surrogate that is not biologically related to the babies.

Anonymous on

selfish, egotistical men should not be “raising” children

Anonymous on

this is so wrong. they should be ashamed of themselves…so selfish.

phxmom on

Worst. Idea. Ever. Definitely a selfish decision on the parents’ part. You didn’t have time to mourn the loss of raising a second child because you were too heartbroken at the loss of your relationship??? Clearly neither of you are ready to be parents. Your children come first! Sheesh…

CL on

You effing idiots. As an older sister of fraternal twins, dear sirs, GROW UP this is not about you anymore, it IS about them!

Judy on

This is SO WRONG on so many levels..these babies need to be together to grow and bond…I am an only child and this just irritates the hell out of me.

Hopper on

So mean to have twins live separate lives . I have twins and could not imagine them apart . They might want to rethink this.

Notwearingrosecoloredglasses on

Did I miss something in biology class? It sounds like two eggs were each fertilized by each parent and then implanted in the surrogate. This is why they referred to each baby as the biological child of the parent. If that is the case, they are not twins there is not common DNA unless it was the same egg donor, which even in this case it makes it no different than a woman having two children from different fathers…again not twins. As sad as it is that they aren’t able to work out their marriage, as a kid of two people who should have never married in the first place, maybe this is the best for both babies because they aren’t around the fighting. Staying together for the sake of the kids NEVER works out for the kids.

Pam on

That is so selfish! Twins have a bond that shouldn’t be broken. Yuck!

Anonymous on

wow….don’t they understand the special bond twins have? Shame on them….another selfish couple

Dorie on

I’m confused!! How are they twins with both of them being a biological father to each? One sperm right? Not two!

LOL! on

An entirely selfish move on the part of both parents. HIs comment that he didn’t have time to mourn the loss of the second child shows exactly who he is. Very sad for the children.

Deborah Weaver on

This is such bullshit! That’s what happens when two people that aren’t suspose to be parents have children. I hope the children will forgive them when they are grown. But I doubt they will. I wonder how the woman who had them feels about this or did they find her at Baby’s r us,,,

Dana on

This is a sick, sick plan!!!!!! It doesn’t take a shrink to tell this is ALL about the relationship falling apart vs those precios babies. The men in this relationship are suppose to be adults. Obviously their not. This selfish, selfish plan will end up really hurting those babies as they grow up. It’s. really a shame!!!!

Nicki on

This is why it’s unethical and in other countries illegal, for a surrogate to carry embryos from two different genetic parents (eg two egg donors, two fathers) at the same time. The split embryo transfer should never have been allowed to happen, they should have used separate surrogates.

Kelly on

How ironic. A man who claims to enjoy the gift of uniting people in marriage is dividing his own twins. Instead of looking down your nose job at people whose idea of a fancy wedding is in a trailer park, perhaps you need to look in the mirror and judge the man in the reflection. He and his ex partner are being very very selfish.

Me on

I’m actually embarrassed at how sad this makes me. I hope this plan works out better than it sounds.

Ann on

This is beyond ridiculous.

Darth on

Wow, really thinking about the kids’ interests there aren’t you. Well, hopefully one or the other sues to be in same household as their sibling and for punitive damages, just sad it will be years before that happens.

What? on

That is just awful to separate those twins! How incredibly selfish. They aren’t fit to be parents.

Karma on

Tutera can plan elaborate expensive parties but couldn’t plan out his children’s life & future in a way that makes sense? Sigh.

Here’s to hoping this dysfunctional mess doesn’t completely mess up these children for life.

Lynn on

that is one of the most selfish and cruel things I have heard of in a long time. shame on them! how sad for the children.

Kuhio on

THE MOST SELFISH decision I’ve heard in a long time. Those poor children.

Christine on

I’m very sad these two men can’t raise twins together because they aren’t mature enough to put their differences aside for the sake of their children. I am a fraternal twin and the bond I have with my brother is very special. I can’t imagine being raised apart from my twin. Don’t they realize their twins may grow up with all kinds of emotional, psychological and attachment issues due to their decision?

Anonymous on

As a mom of twins, I can’t believe two “parents’ would agree to this decision. For any kids this is a mistake, but for twins it’s particularly devastating. Not cool.

fifi on

what a disgusting thing to do! i hope these kids grow up to hate them (and love each other)…

not that he’ll care, but i’m boycotting his show as of this second…. it’s been going down the tubes, anyway…

curlyk on

How absolutely sad and horrible. These poor babies. How many hours of therapy of those kids going to need??

Lilly's Mimi on

People who don’t care if their child doesn’t have a mommy, isn’t going to care if they have a brother.


This applies to ANY COUPLE… regardless of gender… but the fact that they can’t put THEIR differences aside to raise those babies TOGETHER (meaning the babies, not the couple) shows that they should have never had children… that sounds harsh, but you don’t just get divorced on a whim… they had to have been going through something BEFORE they brought those INNOCENT babies into the world. Now they have to grow up separate because of their selfish parents. THIS IS WRONG. Again, this has nothing to do with same sex couples. If this were a hetero couple, I would say the same damn thing!!!

Mom in CT on

No gay bashing here but if this was a heterosexual couple, I can not imagine ANY judge in the country approving this custody plan…..SO many studies have shown the physical, emotional, sensory, and psychological bonds of twins. If even idiots Kate and Jon from the family of 9 or 10 can learn to co-parent, so should these two!!! I fully support the legalization of same-sex unions so laws can be written to prevent idiots like these 2 from making up new rule for dividing siblings!!! I certainly hope this will have to go before a judge at some point so a judge can put the best interests of those twins first!!!! I hope this is just a case of lack of sleep new parent utter stupidity and they quickly realize how wrong this is!!!!

gail on

REALLY? separate twins..who are you people??? selfish selfish selfish! I have triplets,and couldn’t imagine them being split up? I can’t believe these “parents”!!

tanya on

I’m so glad I’m not the only one of thinks this is a bad idea. I always say “To each their own” but this seems crazy.

Anonymous on


MKM on

Those poor children.

cynsation on

This is WRONG on so many levels!

WTH? on

To bad you two didn’t think of the children first. Why would you separate children who’ve been together since utero?

IMO they both are selfish, and the children will suffer for it.

Kat on

This is awful. People have messy splits all the time without dividing up siblings like property. But I guess that’s the issue, isn’t it. These two can’t see past what easier, and which child is biologically “theirs”. They are a disgrace to gay families and adoptive families everywhere.

ElinaR on

Thats a good way for the siblings to have a healthy relationship.

Rhonda on

Even though I feel this would not be an option for me. I have a friend whom went through this exact thing. When her parents divorced, her and her sister were separated. My friend went with her dad and her sister went with her mom. As strange as that is, it worked out for them. Her parents set aside their feelings and moved on to keep them close and always as sisters. I think that for this to work, you have to move on and have communication open and always keep the kids relationship as first.

Amy on

Being a twin myself, this makes me very angry.

I could not live without my twin sister and knowing them are separating them because they can’t grow up is just ridiculous.

Those poor kids.

Lovemytwins on

Disgraceful. As a mother of twins I am sickened to hear such terrible news given in such a matter of fact way. Neither parent is thinking about the child’s best interest and it breaks my heart for the twins who will never bond with their sibling as it was meant to be. They should both be ashamed for also not stepping up and being a parent to the child they chose not to love or raise after deciding to do surrogacy. They should have made sure there relationship was strong enough before taking such a huge step. Exchanging pictures as though that will make all the difference. they should have given them up for adoption to a family who would love them and raise them together but that would have been the unselfish thing to do.

me2 on

As a mother of twins I find this decision UNACCEPTABLE. Twins have a special bond and they want to selfishly split them? THIS IS WHY SOME FOLKS SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS. Just because you can buy them with your mega-bucks doesnt mean you should! Horrible.

Lainie on

You men make me sick! Putting yourselves before the children is simply selfish. The children will know in the end that you loved yourselves more than them. May God forgive you!

Anonymous on

Absolutely awful. I bet we will see more of selfish “love” relationships and devastation on innocent children.

amy on

What part of this arrangement makes any sense? These beautiful babies deserve to be raised together. They are children not property.

joyce on

The twins’ relationship is closer to each other than it is to one parent, even the biological one. These babies have spent their entire lives in the womb together. These parents are selfish, especially the one who gets the girl. He wants a baby girl to call his own. Better he should get a puppy.

hailie on

Are these twins biological brother and sister? It doesn’t really say if the egg donor was the same woman for both babies (since the IVF surrogate may not have been the mother) They’ve said their intention is to work on building a healthy relationship since they do not feel it would be fair to keep them away from each other. So I hope they work something out so that the siblings will have a chance to know each other. It would probably be the same as any situation with half siblings in split relationships, which is very common these days.

If they are not from the same egg donor, then they aren’t any more brother and sister than 2 people on the street even though they shared a womb and separating them isn’t tragic.

Shawna Riley on

This is really sad. I’m a fraternal twin and I could never imagine growing up without my brother. It’s just not the healthiest idea for the children to be split up like that.

Kica on

ooooh I don’t like this. Why not co-parent BOTH?? This is really selfish to separate them.

Anonymous on

I love David, but its horrible, to separate the babies, someday these babies will NOT be happy and they will tell their parents!

joyce on

This is beyond selfish. The twins’ relationship is closer to each other than it is to a parent. Each has spent their entire life with a twin. The parent who wants to keep the baby girl–he should instead get a puppy to shower his love upon. He can “dress her and rock her” as the song about the dear little dollie goes. I can’t believe the father with a son and the baby boy twin will allow this to happen. Idiots, both of them. I wonder who and how many professionals they consulted before coming to this decision. None, I think.

Kairy on

How selfish can two people be. He said he couldn’t mourn his child becuase he was too busy mourning the loss of his relashionship! Seriously?!?! You have to have a licence to own a dog but any two idiots can have (and then separate) kids . . .

Lady_M on

The children are not twins. They are half siblings who shared a womb and have spent no time together outside of it. As a mother whose husband has a child from a previous relationship (kids have not been raised together at all) I can tell you that split families are not easy and it’s painful for my husband to be away from his son and our daughter shares a bond with her brother but she also understands that he lives with his mommy who loves him and wouldn’t want to be apart from him. It’s not ideal, but he would never ask his ex to let us have both kids because they should be together.

Loves2Laugh on

One word: Selfish

Wanda on

Sick, sick sick!

Dreamy63 on

Wow…everybody has an opinion! I may not believe in same couple relationships however, we have not walked in their shoes, lived their lives, been privy to their private conversations and had to make the hard decisions they have made. We are nobody to judge them for their choices. Who is to say that the courts did not recommend each parent retain custody of their biological child? Wise up and stfu people. You haven’t lived their lives so don’t go making unasked for Monday morning comments. Peace & blessings to both parents and raise your children to the best of your ability and love them. Best wishes to both men and their children.

Sentoria on

That is WRONG

maryhelenc on

This is horribly selfish of these two parents. I couldn’t STAND my ex husband when we first got a divorce (not much has changed), but we still manage to go to the kids events and coparent. These two wanted these kids, they need to parent them TOGETHER.

Anonymous on

I hope this isn’t true! terrible!

Anonymous on

As a mother of twins, this article disturbs me to my core. These parents are the lowest of the low…no respect for their twins as human beings at all. Selfish beyond words. How about sharing custody of both so they can stay together. They will DEFINITELY resent their parents for stealing this most special of relationships, being a twin, away from them.

Elena Perez on

This is what happens when two egos are placed ahead of these two innocent children. This should never be allowed to happen. Someone please step in and do something.

shelly on

Those two so selfish !!!! They dont deserve to be parents… separate twins???? really cruel!!!

Guest on

This is absolutely awful and a perfect example of how selfish people can be. Children are NOT PROPERTY!

Anonymous on

i’ve always liked david on his TV show, but this article makes me very sad. he says he didn’t have time to mourn the second child, only time to mourn the relationship? how sad and selfish. i pray they have a change of heart and see how this is not beneficial to anyone but perhaps themselves. such a shame.

Renee on

This is just so messed up. Those poor kids. Why so far away from each other?

Theresa on

This is exactly what my biggest nightmare was when I divorced my husband. I was pregnant for twins & I was afraid that he would get one. Thank God, the courts saw that he was unfit & I raised my twins by myself. My ex never called or visited (unless his new wife told him to) & now, the twins are 19 & do not even claim him.

Tonia on

Hopefully Jennifer Lopez who has TWINS and other celebrities find a new event planner. Maybe this loser needs his world shaken up a bit. I wouldn’t give this selfish POS a dime of my money.

margaret on

I am a twin. This is an awful idea to separate twins . God, mint twins to be together forever. I know for my twin sister were together in heart and soul and lived down the street from each other until the day she died in 2013.

Renee on

I’m gonna take the Limoge, you want the Stark sofa? Oh and I’ll take the girl, you want the boy?

Lindsay on

I’m joining in the majority here – what a terrible thing to do to those babies! I hope this tanks David’s career as a “celeb” with a tv show. I didn’t watch to begin with but there’s no way I possibly would now. Maybe if his ratings went down he’d have no show n no excuse to have them living so far apart.

Callie on

This is WRONG on so many levels. Thank God they didn’t have triplets!!!

Seriously on

Had this been a mother there is NO WAY she would have separated these two!!

sacbombero on

It shouldn’t matter, straight or gay marriage, divorce and child custody rulings; I can’t see how the Court can say that separating twins is in “the best interest of the children”.

Beth on

Having twins myself I am so disturbed by this! It’s not like those two babies had a choice in their parent’s divorce. Instinct with twins is very evident. My girls were 8 weeks early and one could not get off of oxygen so we put them together for a few hours in the same hospital crib and she has never needed O2 since! Twins have unique bond and separating these sweet children is beyond selfish and I hope they think like parents. Grow up you two!!!!!

Green Girl on

that is AWFUL. These kids have no say, no choice, and they are TWINS none the less. They should NEVER be kept apart because their parents decided to break up. At least ONE parent should have been the bigger person…I’m sick just thinking of it.

Anonymous on

Stupid couple, you split and now you also want to split your twins? grow up already!

Chi on

Infuriating to me. They are selfish and shameful. They are putting their own needs before those precious babies. They could have both babies together even if they went from house to house they would still be together. I know of a set of boys with 3 moms because of a split. They are loved, happy and spend time in both households together.

Julie on

I don’t have a problem with them being gay or married (and divorced) I do have a problem with these children being split up like that. If you are grown up enough to marry and divorce then be grown up enough to co-parent. This situation is deplorable. They are being treated like a property settlement.

Anonymous on

Tacky parents!

mizt2you on

I think it is a shame to raise the twins apart from one another. I have twin brothers and the bond between them is incredible. It is as though they one at times.

Chandra on

This is horrible twins have a special bond and should be together. How selfish of the parents, not matter what their relationship the kids should come first and be kept together

B on

FFS people… this is not the end of the world, for you or these children. Every single comment I read was inane and just ridiculous.

Each father took his biological child to raise. They are under no legal obligation to “co-parents” (a phrase used in a previous comment – spelling is theirs). Is it an ideal setup? No, of course not, and from the sounds of it the fathers would agree.

But you know what’s worse? Giving up your child altogether to be raised by your ex. Or to stick it out for the “sake of the children” which is often a dumb idea. Do you really think it is so much better to be raised in a home with two people who cannot stand or respect each other? To be raised in a home filled with raised voices and insults?

Or maybe y’all can shut up, let these two figure it out between them, and deal with your own lives? These two have the means and possibly the inclination to give these two children a life with each other (although not necessarily in the same house). It won’t be that difficult to give them a sibling relationship, later on explaining what happened between the fathers.

Seriously, grow up and get over this.

jenniffer on

This isn’t selfish; there is no mother in the picture, so there is no need for “joint custody.” This is the same as if a woman had children with two different men and then the woman died, leaving two infants with two different fathers. Each infant would go to his/her biological dad, because the parent of record (the one on the birth certificate) gets custody. It would never be mandated that they be raised in the same household. It would be different, of course, if they had grown up together and were, say, 10 years old now (and if NPH broke up with David, his kids would miss each other if separated, I think). Lots of half-siblings grow up in separate households; these will be the same. These children are not identical twins; they are not even twins! Two different eggs, and two different sperm! They are twins only because they gestated together; although I guess they do have the same “mother.”

Lynn on

I am absolutely disgusted. These “men” keep saying they are looking out for their children. Nope. I am appalled the two of you couldn’t come to terms before separating these beautiful babies! It’s hard enough being separated, but, they’re twins!! They’re not property…i.e. here you can have this one, I’ll take that one. This is a disgusting portrayal of adults taking advantage of the innocent. Both of you should be ashamed, and those babies should be taken away from you and given to adults, yes, ADULTS, that realize children are not property!

don on

I agree with all the comments. Selfish parents… which is expected since most gay men are selfish by nature.

Ward on

What a rotten idea to split those kids up, What the hell are those selfish people thinking?

Jane on

If one of them physically bore the child there is no way they would raise them separately. This is such a shame and I don’t think it is right. They are siblings that came as a result of their relationship. I would feel abandoned by the other parent if I were one of the twins.

Amanda Johnson on

These men have no clue as to being a parent! This is such a sad story for those children. The needs of your children come first, and if they can’t figure out that these babies need to grow up together, then this is just the first of I’m sure many bad choices. Bless these kids…they’ll need it!

Anonymous on

bad move

Dee on

How incredibly selfish. How are they going to explain this decision to those children, “We hate each other more than we love you”? These kids will spend years in therapy. Twins or not, what kind of “parent” separate their children?

Cheye on

Wow… Haters galore out there… legally, these guys did the only thing they really COULD do, without one or the other signing over their rights to the other, which is to raise their respective biological child… The other thing I see here, is that they are each being responsible, reasonable and are trying to build a life where these 1/2 siblings will know each other and hopefully they can be closer in the days and years to come…

What strikes me as so very odd is the amount of hatred people are spitting at this former couple… Parents get divorced ALL THE TIME… kids get split up every day. This is HARDLY new in the world of child rearing… and in fact, both of these fathers are likely very well able to provide a stable, loving home for their child…This is sooo not the “most selfish, horrific thing” to witness. Have you guys ever seen babies raised in unloving homes? Have you ever seen a baby in the NICU going through withdrawal because their mom wasn’t able to stop using drugs??

Wanna talk about selfish–take a look at situations where the kids are being abused/neglected/molested and then, take a walk in these guys’ shoes for a bit and see how you’d do it all so differently if you were faced with their exact same situation (which you don’t actually know about at this point in time unless you are their personal friend)… by all means, if you STILL feel that these parents are horrible and selfish, judge away…

Beth on

If you’re going to raise them in separate homes at least have them live close to each other.

Jen on

So they each used their own sperm to fertilize one donor egg each and then put those into a surrogate?

Anonymous on

What is wrong with people. I have twins and could never imagine separating them!!

Alexis on

Who in the world determined that this arrangement was “in the best interest” of the children??? That’s generally the standard. Whoever approved this needs to be fired or at least disciplined and this arrangement needs to be undone, for the sake of the kids. And jeweleye is right–the parents are being incredibly selfish.

Dawn on

This just seems sad to me. I cannot imagine not growing up with my sister and my brother and I just find this incredibly selfish of the parents. You mean you once loved each other enough to have children but now you can’t care about each other and these children enough to co-parent them? Wow! That’s harsh.

Kimberly Durham on

So they separate them as twins? What judge allowed this? I can’t believe the child advocate would say this is in the best interest of those children! How selfish and self centered can you get? Prima Donna is all I can think, and they both need to lose custody! They are children, not dogs

Christina on

They obviously didn’t seek the guidance of therapists, social workers, specialists, or anyone else for that matter. This has got to be the dumbest, most selfish solution, if you can call it that…you can’t tell me either one of them couldn’t afford to move closer to the other. I cannot believe a judge would allow this, although this is America.

Me on

How are they twins? They have the same mother, NOT the same father. The surrogate happened to carry them at the same time but they are NOT biologically twins-they are HALF siblings. And the fact that this is an issue is a disgrace.

Me on

That is the dumbest and most selfish thing Ive ever heard. It’s disgusting that they would do something like that. These two vain idiots do not need children

Shannon on

Really? I used to love watching David on TV…never again. I have never heard of anything so selfish in my life. Whose best interest is this in…not those kids!

Anonymous on

They should never have been able have children in the first place. They are disgusting. Shame on them.

woodchuck on

Why would he go public with such a heartbreaking story? I’d be hiding in a cave somewhere and brushing up on my homeschooling skills……

Lala on

Wow. This breaks my heart. Those babies look so much alike, and have the same little noses – and they won’t even have a chance to be raised together. Very selfish decision. Isn’t their surrogate a friend of theirs? If the eggs were hers, I wonder if she has any say, in regards to splitting them.

Lydia Stanfield on

They decided to have a child(children) and split up before the end of the pregnancy.Can you say Commitment? I think the surrogate should have found a family who would keep these children together.One hot mess. The trendy names they gave these children makes me feel like they think of them as puppies !

Why in the World Would You Let These Kids Suffer? on

As a twin myself, I could not imagine being separated involuntarily from my twin sister. While we were educated in separate classes [I was a year behind her due to extreme medical problems], at least we had each other [and a younger sister] to commiserate about our medical crises & home life. Sadly, Tutera’s daughter Cielo & son Cedric will not have that bond–they are more likely to end up on “Maury” or “Ricki Lake” in 18-21 yrs, justifiably crying over the fact that their fathers chose to separate them simply because each child had a different biological father after playing “musical chairs” with embryos. To think of this is so frustrating & truly sad for all involved–particularly the children, who will suffer the most.

Meg on

OMG….that is just WRONG!!

Anonymous on

shame on the both of you separating these babies. david, if the girl is yours so is the boy. you just gave him away. so sad and ashamed of you.

Charlie on

Their selfishness is extraordinary

Pia Razon on

The Gay Parent Trap

Anonymous on

Oh me!! Twins have a special bond and they are doing them an injustice not raising them where they can be together. I am afraid the babies will feel a loss

Amanda on

I have to wonder if all the negative comments are posted by people who would say the same things about parents who split up and have other children, half-siblings that are not raised together. What about families that give up a full sibling for adoption? Is that awful? I am sure they did it this way to avoid an ugly custody battle, each man gets the child that is biologically his, end of story. Sometimes I think that would be better than what so many couples do playing tug of war with their children.

Shannon on

No where in this article did it say they were not going to reunite the twins- seems to me that this is a situation ( not the best one I do agree on that) that works for right now. They got divorced while their surrogate was pregnant- I can see how they are not to the point where they can coparent effectively. Hopefully they can get past the bad feelings and move forward for the benefit of their kids.

Tammy on

I’m torn. I can understand why separating the twins would make people mad. But then again, one is biologically his and the other is biologically his ex-husband’s. And if they were raised together, their dads would be on separate coasts and how fair is that to the kids to have to go back and forth?

Sandra on

I am not one to normally comment on these but I am a twin and I think it is wrong and completely selfish of them to split up the twins like this. As a twin, I do have a unique bond with my twin and that is something these two children will never completely experience being raised in seperate housholds.

Julz on

They have no clue what they are doing to these children. I have 12 year old B/G twins and they have always amazed me with their bond. They are selfish idiots if you ask me!

JJ on

Just because two people can’t have a relationship with each other doesn’t mean their children can’t. Separating siblings is a terrible thing to do and judging by these two guys, it doesn’t sound like they are going to be doing playdates in the future. Grow the hell up and raise your kids like other separated/divorced couples! Siblings deserve to be with each other and being a twin myself, I can’t imagine losing that connection to my other half!! Just selfish!

Jodi on

What the hell? How did they decide which father got which baby, flip a coin? “Um, heads, I get the girl baby”? Those twins need to grow up together. If they grow up apart, neither of them will ever feel whole. The fathers need to suck it up, put on their big boy pants and raise these babies together. This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of. Nothing but selfish-ness on both of their parts.

Sara on

I hope that someone close to them can convince them to seek counseling in this matter (if they have not yet done so). These children deserve more than this. Utterly heartbreaking. These two men may be so caught up in their own feelings & drama that they need an outside perspective to shed some light onto things…

doris Langevin on

That is not right the baby should be together, that not right, when there baby, there twin brother and sister, and I just hope they can try and work out somethere for the babys, and they should talk about mybe they can try mybe have the them be around each other when they get older how are they going to tell them about this

VanWh2 on

These men are not parents and have no right to call themselves so. A parent does not separate his children this way. They don’t deserve these babies. As a mother, this just makes me sick. The damage they are creating is unimaginable!

Elanor Brodie on

These precious children did not ask to be born to parents in the middle of a break up. They are each other’s common bond. To break them up is so wrong. Their dads need to mend their fences and live in the same city and they each need to raise both children. You cannot create two children and raise only one.

Cassie on

I hate the comment he makes that there wasn’t time to mourn the loss of a second child, I was mourning the end of my relationship. How selfish!!! At one point both these babies were going to be his, now all of a sudden since it’s not his biological child he doesn’t care.

elaine on

im sorry, but when they conceived when they were still married, what gives them the right to separate the siblings, it doesn’t matter if each of men were the biological parent of each child. You don’t have to be a biological parent to be a parent. I think that this couple needs some growing up to do. How are these children going to cope with this when they are older?

Sims on

This is an outrageous custody agreement! Which judge allowed this? Absolutely wrong. You can’t split up siblings, least of all twins. They will forever feel disconnected.

lisa on

have you read the studies that have been done in the past, in which twins and triplets were separated and raised in different homes???????? i bet NOT ; because, if you both did refer to these sources, you would have NOT have separated them!!! how awful and so very selfish of you both . i can only hope that social service intervenes and removes the children from BOTH OF YOUR HOMES. you do not deserve these children. they deserve to be together!!!!

msliftbig on

That’s CRAZY!!! And sad.

Colleen on

I used to be a fan of David Tutera. I can’t really appreciate him anymore knowing this information. What a selfish person. Being a parent is a selfless job. These two fools aren’t up for it.

daraeasterling on

One option would be to split visitation/custody for a 6 month span each so that the twins grow up together. Six months with one parent and the other six months with the other. The splitting up of twins, who I am sure have a bond since in-utero, does not seem right or fair at all.

Gina on

Being a mother of twins I have to say this is some of the most self-centered, idiotic, damaging crap I have heard come out of Hollywood in a long time. Who comes up with ideas like this? Really?

Guest on

Could someone please explain how David is the biological father of daughter Cielo, and Ryan is the biological father of Cedric, yet the siblings are fraternal twins?

ari on

I have a fraternal twin and even though we fought sometimes I could never imagine having grown up without him. This is so wrong.

Martina on

This is so wrong. These poor babies, not only are they destined to grow up with a mother – they are also each torn away from their twin. How horrible.

otdina on

Well, their first STUPID decision was to try and have a baby to “fix” a broken relationship. I mean that is always a bad idea. Babies are HUGE challenges to relationships, not something to fix them.

In this situation there is no good solution. I don’t know why all of a sudden they need to live on opposite sides of the country. But I hope and pray for the sake of these two SIBLINGS that they are able to work out some sort of amicable conclusion to help these two grow up as siblings.

I think that they also need to consider that they were both conceived with the idea that the couple would be having two children, and I assume, that each father would love each child like his own. If they are not careful, then these kids will grow up feeling like they were each disposable by the other parent. And that is an awful way to start life.

heather on

did anyone actually read the article? It says each person is taking THEIR biological child. So there must have been 2 different eggs fertilized by each guy that took. In reality they are not actually twins they did share the same home for 40 weeks though

Chele on

They talk about them as if they are puppies they picked from a litter.

Kathie Frey on

Parent Trap anyone?

K on

This is so very wrong and I can not believe DCFS or someone hasnt stepped in. Those twins share a bond that should not by any means be broken like that. Twins should just never be seperated regardless of fraternal or identical. We belong to a mothers of twins club and the fraternals can be just as close as my identicals. It is child abuse to knowingly seperate siblings especially twins. Unbelievable and selfish.

me on

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Melissa on

I know one child is from one egg and Tutera’s sperm, and the other baby is from another egg and Jurica’s sperm, however they are twins, same mother’s egg I’m assuming. They will have a connection no one can explain. Tearing them apart is selfish. Be adults, and try to get along while the kids are involved. You don’t have to like each, just tolerate each other for short periods of time so the kids can stay together. They will grow up and most likely hate you, for separating them.

Elyse on

He admits in the article that the situation is not ideal and that the two are trying to come to a resolution.. He is mourning the loss of a relationship. I think that although its not an ideal situation having the twins separated that both David and his ex are not going to keep the children apart.. At least thats what I got from the situation. If this was a heterosexual couple this wouldnt be an issue!!!


So very sad that the twins have to be raised in separate households.

Nancy on

I usually like DT, but this is unimaginable! Do you understand what you are doing when you are separating twins? Grow up, get over yourself and think of the kids. Keep the kids together- full time and the two of you rotate in and out of the house. Horrible.

christina on

These children are not twins.. they are siblings that shared a womb. How does this make them twins. To be twins they need the same the same mother and father and they clearly do not. They only have the same mother..

Susan on

These two had no right to have children. Not because of their sexual orientation but because of their irresponsibility. If these two couldn’t make it through the embryo transfer, they won’t be able to handle the stress of parenthood.

Daria on

This is the most selfish a-hole thing I have ever read. The children didn’t ask to be born but developed in utero TOGETHER and are siblings…that should be together. It is astonishing that a judge hasn’t stepped in and either taken the children away from them both to be adopted out together, or forced them to live in close proximity and have the children raised if not in the same home, then switching back and forth TOGETHER between the two homes. Astonishing.

Amanda on

So we’re they ever actually bonded to both children, or “embryos”? Or did they always only consider the biological child theirs?

kate on

so very sad, altering the lives of siblings irrevocably. trying so hard not to judge

taradawes on

Those children have a right to stay together even if their parents can’t – they really should have figured out some other custody arrangement that wouldn’t separate the siblings for the majority of the time. He states in the article that they “can’t be completely selfish” – seriously, that’s exactly what it sounds like they are doing though.

Barb on

Very sad to separate siblings. Hope they don’t grow up to hate these idiots.

myopinionismine-not yours on

This is really sad. It’s been proven that twins need each other, very selfish of these parents.

Rena on

The most ridiculous selfish thing ever.

woodchuck on

If they had one baby would they cut it in half?

Lynn on

Being a twin and having twin sons, you have no idea the effects of this separation. Grow up and realize it is not about you two.
Why did you even bother to have off spring? I will never watch your show again!

Sam on

This disgusts me to no end!!! These innocent babies have been separated by selfish NON biological parents.. Their lives will NEVER be normal.

kj on

I understand severing a relationship is hard but what about severing relationships between twins. This is selfish. These babies will grow up resenting their fathers and will long to be with each other. Sad.

Jane on

How can both kids be biological to each man as the article states, yet the kids are twins??

Chris on

You would almost think they were picking the best of the litter. Disgusting selfish men. These twins should NOT be separated and if these guys are so caught up in their own issues to not see that and do what’s best for these babies then maybe they should not have custody at all

Anonymous on

I have twins and the thought of separating them is horrible.My girls are also fraternal but have had
a close bond since coming into this world, I feel sorry for there loss of one another.there parents should man up and do whats best for them and not themselfs

Lolo on

What a dispicable thing to do…separating the twins! Simply tragic! Two selfish idiots ruining the lives of two beautiful children. They want to live separately? Fine! But their kids should be together! They are not keeping their own furniture, for God sake. These are their children! Their selfishness and lack of empathy is off the charts! Just horrible!!!

carla on

How sad those babies need to grow up together they are brother sister.

Des on

In my opinion, doing a fertilization in 1 surrogate with 2 different embryos with different sperms should be ILLEGAL, to prevent exactly this!!!. Imagine this would have happened in 5 years instead of now, what would they say to the kids.

vickie on

separating twins is a terrible injustice! they’ll feel like a part of themselves is missing!

carol anderson on

So sorry about david tuturas breakup but i wish he and his ex wwpuld think twice about splitting up twins

Anonymous on

You know what, this really is an outrage. Selfishness & lack of integrity has now been taken to a whole new level. These guys r blessed with 2 of the most precious gifts, healthy twin babies, and they SEPARATE them!?! That they thought about separating them is bad enough, but they actually did it. While thousands of selfless, responsible parents would give anything to be able to have a child [let alone 2], it really is sickening to watch. Already, these babies are not coming first in their parents lives. That position is reserved for own their self-centered, undeserving selves. What egomaniac f-ups.

Anonymous on

Wow. How disgusting that these “fathers” would treat their children as property that they can just divide up a split because its more convenient to them. I feel truly sorry that those children have those selfish, self centered men as their fathers. Being a parent is to set aside your needs, step outside yourself and care more about someone else other then yourself, clearly these “fathers” still need to learn that.

Mel on

Honestly surprised any judge on the planet allowed this. It spells disaster.

MissTerry on

This is child abuse, I swear what idiots. Keep those babies together.

Erica on

As a parent of twins, I cannot believe that these two selfish people are putting their demands ahead of the needs of their children. Twins should not be raised separately! We are so disgusted!

NotAFan on

How incredibly selfish of these 2 men to separate these twins becsuse they couldn’t get along. It may be hard for them to do, but it’s tome for David and Ryan to man-up for the sake of their babies!

Crystal on

So…they each provided sperm and fertilized two separate eggs in one woman,making twins…I can’t believe how disconnected they seem from the other child….this is a bit crazy!

Guest on

So basically, they are not fraternal twins, since they have different fathers, but are actually fraternal HALF TWINS.

AN on

If each dad is raising his own biological child, are these children actually twins? I agree that this is a crazy situation, and had a gut reaction that this was a cruddy thing to do to the children. Is the twin bond genetic or environmental — having the same parents and gestating in the womb together or is it growing up together with the other always there? A sad situation.

Zoe on

wow… if you’re so selfish you shouldn’t have kids.. now you go “ok, i’ll raise MY OWN kid”?! poor children…

Guest on

From Wikipedia: “Half-identical or semi-identical twins (also referred to as “half twins”) are the result of a very rare form of twinning in which the twins inherit exactly the same genes from their mother but different genes from their father.” Therefore, they’re half twins. This sort of thing (fraternal half twins) will probably become a lot more common now that gay marriage legalization is growing state by state.

Angie on

How can they be twins if David is biologically the father of one and the other man is biologically the father of the other?

Runon on

Please do not do that to your children. I have twins, a boy and a girl and I cannot imagine having them living separate lives. Grow up, stop being selfish and think about your children.

Anonymous on

This is truly a “Solomon” decision……and apparently there was no “real” parent that stepped up to make the right decision for the CHILDREN.

I understand the biological bond, but if mediation didn’t work out, I would be the REAL parent, and let my bio child go to live with my ex so that she could be raised with her brother and I would simply move to Connecticut or commute every week until I was able to move or we work something out.

gyl on

My God, I am speechless. This seems like a bad idea, though I am not sure how they could have worked it out any other way.

Tamara on

So very very very selfish. So selfish. Disgraceful. Don’t punish the children for a failed marriage.

jennrae on

I’m more interested to learn why they chose to implant two embryos in their surrogate. I mean, did they implant several, but these two were the ones that just happened to “stick,” so to speak, and they both just happened to end up with one of their own? Or was it intentional? Because it seems so strange to me, like they were trying to get more bang for their buck from their surrogate. And to go through such an involved process only to split up during the pregnancy…I know things happen, but for such an undertaking you would hope the relationship was on solid footing from the start, no? These are little lives we’re talking about, not dolls you get just to fulfill the ego-stroke that comes with people hell-bent on procreating. I mean, the fact that they each wanted one tells me that they were never a family and were never suitable to raise children together because they were too concerned with “yours” and “mine.” Gross, gross, gross.

And it’s such a shame because a lot of people are going to use these guys as an example of why same-sex couples are unsuitable to raise children when this is really about at least one vile human being (Turera) who’s only thinking of himself. What was the surrogate thinking to agree to this?

Sarah on

They are NOT twins! Seriously… Get your facts straight! They have different biological fathers, and even possibly different egg donors for moms. Each partner took HIS OWN biological child. It is not the ideal situation, but what do you expect someone to do? Give up his biological child? I don’t.

Shannon on

As a twin myself, I can’t imagine being raised without my sister with me. I have to agree that this is one of the most selfish ideas I’ve heard. As a parent, you have to do what’s right for your children, even if it is hard for you. “Parent Trap” may have made a good story for a movie, but it doesn’t bode well in reality.

Isabel on

Angie, they’re called bi-paternal twins. Two eggs by the same mother get fertilized by two different fathers within the same ovulation period. In this case, it was a planned procedure but can naturally occur, as well. Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David did the same when they conceived their twins so one child is biologically Neil’s and the other is biologically David’s.

Eve on

David Tutera, I love you, but this is not right.

Karie on

WTF? you would stay together if you were trying to do the right thing!! How selfish that you put children into the world and now they will grow up without two parents and apart from each other. WOW JUST WOW!

rottweilers on

I’ll give a simplified explanation here, since obviously a lot of people do not understand the basics of reproduction.

Two batches of eggs were kept separate in different petri dishes. David provided sperm that fertilized one set of eggs. Ryan’s sperm went to fertilize the other batch. One fertilized egg from each petri dish was implanted in the surrogate. If the eggs in both batches came from the same mother, the kids are half siblings, each having a different father. If the ova came from different donors, the babies are not genetically related in any way. They shared the womb and a birthdate, but they are not twins in the true sense of the word.

Many half siblings (and even full-blooded brothers and sisters) are raised apart due to divorce, adoption, death of a caregiver, issues related to poverty, and many other reasons. It’s not the ideal way to grow up, but living in a home where respect and commitment are gone, where the children feel as burden, or where the environment is unsafe in any way, is much, much worse. My hope is that, once the adults’ resentments subside, the children get a chance to share time with each other and know they are both wanted and loved.

amy on

Equal rights..including acrimonious splits and child custody issues.

julieplifestyle on

Are you kidding me? What ever happened to putting the children first. My heart breaks for these babies on so many levels. As a parent myself, I would never consider separating twins as they have a bond from the time they are in the womb. Parenting is about selflessness first. Do the right thing and raise them together.

Karen on

This is so wrong!

MFB on

Way to give these babies a chance from the start! If they don’t fix this raising them separately thing sooner than later. They are going to have a couple of angry kids/teens/adults to answer to! And rightfully so! Shame on these so called “parents’!

Cate on

Awful. Selfish. Disgusting.

Anonymous on

These are children, not property. This is such an incredibly selfish mistake. These children will be the ones that lose, and they will not thank them later when they are grown. They also will not be able to regain that special bond that exists between twins. how could they possibly want to deprive them of that! I can’t believe adults would really choose to do something like this..

debbie on

The Babies need to be together! Get over that fact they you are no longer together and share custody!!! Wow

Grecia McNamara on

Really sad that the parents couldnt come to an agreement…what a loss for the twins.

Mareena on

T H E B A B I E S A R E N O T T W I N S!!!!

T H E Y A R E O N L Y H A L F S I B L I N G S!!!

Why is that so hard to understand? How about reading the story again!?

People, please change your article, cause your stupid readers don’t get it!!!

Astrogirl on

My parents did exactly this to my brother and I….It was very very confusing for us as children knowing that each other existed and living so far away from each other I only saw my brother once every other year if we were lucky….As adults my brother and I have grown very close but feel we cannot forgive them for allowing us to grow up essentially as an only child.. We do not talk to our selfish parents anymore…Their loss.. These idiots will eventually learn the hard way and damage their children in the meantime. Very Sad 😦

BJS on

This is so selfish of the parents. You can not split up siblings like furniture after a break up. Especially not TWINS. Who is letting them do that????? I’m really disturbed by this!!!

1hppymama on

This is wrong on so many levels, those poor children should be raised together. What a horrible decision…….

Ariel Mendoza on

Sounds like “Parent Trap” to me

amy on

Completely selfish on both their parts ripping twins away from each other!

Always A. Guest on

I am sorry but I think this whole situation is sick and just plain messed up. People in this world just come up with the most sorriest and pathetic excuses to justify their situations. I also think that it is soooo ironic that when people were yelling for equal “gay” rights they were talking about the “corrupt status” of straight marriage…NOW, that it has legalized in some places the truth is coming out in homosexual relationships and it seems like they have some of the exact same problems if not more…”mmmm” ironic. There have been a lot of “divorces” and/or “seperations” and “cheating” and “addicted to sex/prostitutes” situations coming out…

Mildred on

So wrong. Twins need to be together. Heart breaking. They will be scared. Trust me. No bueno guys. Share custody, but keep them together.

Shar on

They are technically half siblings. Each have a different father. In the end, it’s their decision. I’m sure both kids will be well taken care of.

Peggy on

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. I have twins. In no way, shape, or form would they have become the people they are today had their twin not been there. You two need to grow the heck up. Think of your kids instead of your own extra special feelings. Have a relationship with her brother? How is she going to do that when he lives on the opposite coast? I am dumbfounded by the selfishness of this situation.

Melissa on

As a twin… it is NOT FAIR to raise them separately… they will hate you for it!

LadyJane on

What do they think these babies are, dogs?

Anonymous on


Salty on

These are human beings, not puppies. get your shit together and act like adults.

Jasmine on

That’s messed up! Disgustingly and sickeningly selfish behavior on the parents part. Those poor kids.

ch on

What about the rights of those twins to grow together as nature intended? This is extreme selfishness and it should not be allowed.
It begs the question as to what would have happened if this was a heterosexual couple. We all know that the mother would retain custody of both children unless she was proven unfit.
So you cannot escape the discussion of what “family” is intended to be.

Renee on

I must say when I first read this story I said WTF then I seen David on the View and he explained why they came to the decision of you take your kid and I will take mine. As a parent your thoughts are let me protect my child which i can understand I can see where he was coming from but as twins they should have worked out a better plan. then i read his ex bashing him saying he made the twins split up. Now please correct me if im wrong but couldnt the other father say no here you take both the twins until we can come to a agreement, no he didnt do that so he is just as bad as David if his claims are correct. why not stay in the area so they can help each other and let the babies grow up together. It sounds like these two just want to get away from each other and the kids are paying the price im sure the children will be fine but it sure is one hell of a way to start out in life with a stacked deck…GENTLEMAN YA’LL HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER PLEASE BRING THE CHILDREN BACK TOGETHER AND GO HALF ON THE BABIES 🙂

Lisa on

I hope they don’t live to regret that decision. These two children are still very young and it may not be as detrimental to them as to other older children. Yet, they were in the womb together and twins usually have a very close bond.

I just know from personal experience, since my siblings and I were separated as part of our parents divorce when I was 2 1/2 that sometimes this can create a rift that can never be healed.

Alex on

So very selfish. Those children need to be raised together.

chris on

They are selfish people who dont deserve these lovely children. Shame on them.

Melanie M on

Sick stuff. I can’t believe America has descended to this.

Jess on

How sad and disappointing. When any couple gets divorced, it is important to still give them the felling of family. To separate the siblings is going to have a horrible impact on them. Why did he want her and not me? Vs versa. Sick, sad and selfish.

mimi on

Separating twins at birth? How self centered could you be? It so upsets me when people who are privileged financially are allowed to do bad things with their fortunes. Why make the kids suffer? Grow up and put your issues to the side, learn to co parent and share equal custody. Its not about you anymore. So sorry.

Dee on

As a mother of twins I could, and would, never separate my children. Twin-ship is such a unique bond, and these folks have not only robbed their children of that, but of having a healthy sibling relationship in general. Shame on them, so utterly selfish. Don’t make your children suffer for your mistakes,

Debbe on

My son does not get to see his sister because his father and stepmom will not let them meet, they are both only children in their households without each other, it is sad for my son and anyone who has a sibling but won’t be raised together with them.

Anonymous on

Being a twin myself, separating the two is very selfish!! They are taking away a special bond that God has given them, their very first best friend!! I talk to my twin sister everyday, and not being able to grow up with her….and I think my life would have been a lot different for sure!! Yes I am my own person, but I also love being a TWIN!!!!

JTisME on

Wow. These twins will have a hard life and be addicts whether to drugs or food. I feel for them having gay men raise you and being separated. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

cydnee on

Option one, twins live together go back and forth between parents. Second option, parents live right next to each other twins have the run of both houses daily.

Deb Redden on

How very sad for all involved. Hopefully they will realize this is not a good idea separating the twins and come to another solution before it is to late.

Cindy Sidell on

I don’t understand how each of them can be the father of one of the twins. If that’s the case, they kids are not really “twins”, right? They don;t have the same genes.

JN on

How selfish of these parents! Each will grow up wondering why their other parent didnt want them and twins raised apart is a horrible idea!!

Vanessa on

The twins belong together. Having twins is a double blessing.
Those babies deserve to be treated as such. This is heartbreaking!

Obviously the “parents” haven’t considered the emotional side to this.

blessyoutwo on

I wish them the best I do not agree with gay marriage but I respect him with the decision to raise his biological child. My God watch over the babies and the fathers; I pray it all works out for the babies and David too

Marie on

Re: Guest: Without researching it myself, I’d have to say what you got from Wiki is wrong. From what I remember about twins from biology class, identical twins are when one fertilized egg splits (there are no boy-girl identical twins, only same-sex twins because they are genetically identical) and fraternal twins are when there are two eggs, each fertilized independently. Therefore, you can’t have identical twins from two dads (they wouldn’t be “identical”). But as your Wiki quote says, in rare cases (and, you are right, likely much more common in the future due increased IVF for both straight and gay couples), twins can result from one mom and two different dads.

BDB on

How do you spell IDIOTS … they both are to not know that children always should come first!!

Joy on

I think that story is creepy. If I was the surrogate, I would fight not handing over babies.,

Carrie M on

No really – who’s raising these kids?!

Anonymous on


Christina on

This is just shameful! This would be wrong for regular siblings but Twins are so much closer than regular siblings! I have known people who’ve had a twin die and they say it feels like part of themselves is missing. Not to mention that in an interview he said that the relationship has been going south for 6 YEARS so you know definitely a good time to have babies SMH!

stacy on

Broke my heart when I read this. As the parent of 10 month fraternal twin girls, I see daily the bond that they share, these twins have been robbed of this,

Shannon on

I’m glad just about everyone commenting feels the same way I do. How totally selfish & immature of these two! for splitting up these twins so they cane each have one. I’m sorry, but these 2 bozos are a bad refelction on gay parents.

tanya on

Wow that seems crazy to me….

Patrice on

I would save the judgments. Whose to say they did not try to figure out something else beforehand? Better to have the babies separated with their biological fathers (so technically not twins) then to grow up in a potentially toxic environment, one father pitted against another. It’s sad when any couple breaks up, when there are kids involved. Luckily these kids are young enough not to remember the hate.

Anonymous on

Shame on People Magazine for glorifying this poor decision with a photo spread and a story on its website. These are children, not furniture. You get divorced, you split possessions, money, property- not children.

penny on

what a horrible thing not to mention selfish. being a twin, I wouldn’t want to be separated from my sibling at all.

Anna on

It is very sad that these parents couldn’t put their children’s needs before their own. These babies should be together every day, they are twins and being apart will mean they miss out on the bonding that most twins get. This isn’t the Parent Trap, twins need to be raised together.

Paula on

How selfish of the parents, how can you seperate twins, they were in the womb together they should be growing up together thats horrible. When they are older and they see what their parents did they will be so upset. Think of the twins not each other, they twins belong together you should do one week with one parent one week with another parent but both be with that parent.

Christine on

This is so sad. The father’s have put themselves before the babies, so selfish. Those babies belong together. I don’t know a happy solution if the fathers are on bad terms, but separating them is not it! They are babies!!!

qt8625 on

I feel so sorry for the twins. How selfish of them.

Judy Casey on

How selfish.

Agape on

Sweet little baby girl – the way the blanket is laying under her looks like she has angel wings!

Lisa on

Sad, just so sad.

skreezy on

This is so wrong. They are robbing these poor children of the chance of having a great relationship with their twin sibling. I have a twin sister and I couldn’t imagine being separated from her at all, let alone being separated by an entire country. This is just plain selfish on the part of these fathers. If you want to raise them separately, at least live in the same city so they can have a better relationship together!

Cynthia Cannon on

I have always loved David Tutera. After reading this article I am truely digusted. Grow up guys and finish what you started. You chose together to have these children. Become adults and raise them together.

Anne Cook on

WOW!!! Extremely disturbing … I have 11 year old boy/girl twins. I can’t imagine doing such a thing to them. They’re so close. I see therapy in their future.

Becky on

These are children, not kittens! How arrogant and selfish can people be? I don’t care if you are gay/straight, this situation is wrong headed. Poor babies, they shared a womb and now they are separated by ignorance and selfishness.

Justine on

Don’t do it!! I have twins theyre thick as thieves and always have been. Your not familiar with this type of bond. Its so amazing and they need each other. Again, don’t do it!

nikkitrueblue on

I have loved watching David Tutera’s show but I will not watch anymore. I am all for equality for everyone but this whole business of fostering the creation of two babies as if they were breeding puppies and then when their relationship fails they decide to split up those two children who shared a womb for 9 months-it just makes me so very sad. Those babies were a gift; a blessing and this is wrong. IT was wrong of them to have wanted children like this. Why not have paid 2 surrogates and had 2 separate children to treat like His and His towel sets? I don’t doubt that those babies are loved but they’re coming in second to the grown folks’ feelings instead of what is in their best interest. How much of a team player is Cielo going to be when she’s at an age where she’s going to resent her dad for stunting a relationship; a bond with her brother and vice versa when it comes to Cedric.

Anonymous on

How awful of David and Ryan!!! Evidentally they have never studied the bond twins share, separating them is pure torture. I’m a mother of twins and putting them with separate teachers this year was almost too traumatic for them.

Mandy on

Not only are the kids going to be messed up, growing up without their twin, but imagine in like 10 years or so when they realize that one of their dads basically picked one over the other. Like, “well I was raised by a single dad, and my other father decided to raise my twin instead of me.”

Confused on

It says that each dad is raising his biological child. How is that possible? Did they use sperm from both and Tutera fertilized one egg while Jurica fertilized another? Do the twins just have the mother in common? Or maybe I’m having a slow day and am reading something incorrectly!

Anonymous on

How awful! Siblings shouldn’t be separated but especially twins! These men need to get their priorities in order and put those babies first, not their own ugly break-up.

patsy on

How shallow and self centered, the kids pay the ultimate price.
Who let the two have children?

MadMom on

It’s interesting he says he never mourned the loss of raising a second child…ever think those babies WILL mourn the loss of each other?!?! According to this statement , what’s best for “I” (David) or “We”(David & Ryan) seem to be the primary motivators behind the actions/decisions of the parents…what about doing what’s best for YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!! Extremely selfish…

S calimer on

This is extremely selfish, they aren’t thinking about the children, only themselves!

Anonymous on

How disgusting and irresponsible, those poor babies.

Confused on

OK, so they were each a sperm donor and each is raising his biological child. The kids only share genetic material from the mom (and that’s assuming they used the same egg donor for both kids).

Sandra on

There are not enough words to describe who utterly stupid this is, so I will leave it at that.

Lori on

I can’t imagine deciding to not raise one of my children, regardless of how bitter my feelings toward an ex. I know these men are probably in the minority, but it doesn’t bode well for gay rights if they come out looking like they don’t care as long as they get at least one kid.

Amy on

Disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves.

June on

As a psychologist, I can tell you this that this is a terrible idea. These children are twins in the fullest sense and they will spend their lives missing their other half. traumatic situation.

Elise on

I cannot believe your laws do permit to separate twins ! I’m from Switzerland, surrogates are not allowed and adoption is extremely strict and forbidden to gay couples… Some days like today I think it’s a good thing !

RR on

Kids as accessories, tres party planner.


Isn’t this child abuse. This is horrible.

LL on

How incredibly selfish of these two. When you bring a child/children into this world what comes along with that is doing what is best for THEM. Splitting them up, is not what is best for them on any level. I hope these two are so publicly shamed for this that they put aside their own wants for the betterment of their children. I d I o t s.

Adrianna on

When I heard David talk about the babies on the View you could already tell he has little interest in the little boy. Kept talking about “MY daughter” and showing pictures of his daughter. He basically considers the other child The other man’s son and not part of HIS family. Very self-centered. It’s about him and HIS daughter. Very sad for the siblings.

Heather on

I have boy, girl twins and couldn’t even imagine this as an option if my husband and I would have divorced before they were born. This seems like such an unfair situation for these twins. Although my now 5 year old twins can fight like crazy with eachother, they always want to be around eachother. Seems like these two adults could have come up with a better situation for these innocent babies, instead they just tear them apart from eachother. I don’t care if they are keeping in touch and sending pictures, it is not the same thing as siblings( especially twins) being together, this is just wrong.

Sandie Studd on

My first reaction was the same as most comments. I have twins, as does my sister and niece. None had twin speak which may be b/c they were all fraternal. If these were identical babies, it might be a different story. It occurs to me that no one seems to have a problem with their surrogate being out of the picture. This was the heart beat they listened to, the voice they heard, the body that fed them, etc. but we accept that. It probably won’t affect them anymore than being separated from their “mother”. While my twins are close, they are no more attached to each other than they are to their other siblings. These babies are new to this world and will adapt but are not likely to bond living on opposite coasts or sporadic visitation. That visits probably won’t happen anyway. I doubt either man will care about the biological child of the other anymore than they care about each other. Maybe we attach too much to the mysticism about twins that doesn’t apply to fraternals.

amber on

this is so incredibly selfish. twins have a bond unlike any other blood bond…separating siblings wouldn’t be right to begin with, but this is an entirely different level of wrong.

Fsul on

These men should be ashamed of themselves. This decision is BEYOND selfish and is bad parenting at its worst. They are using these children to fill a void left from a bad break up. As a mother of boy/girl twins I could never or would never dream of seperateing them. No siblings should ever be seperated, twins or not. It deprives the child of having an unconditional best friend for life. Disgusting.

Nicole on

So these twins will be held responsible for their parents breaking up before they were born? Once you have children, what’s best for you is put on the back burner. What is the decision that’s going to be in these childrens’ best interest? Certainly not to keep them separated from each other. I have never heard of anything so preposterous as to raise twins on separate coasts – you are parents now; it’s time to step up and do what’s best for your children.

Kelli on

I’m so confused…how are they twins but both dad has a biological child. Someone help me understand..lol.

mom of 4 on

One of the problems with allowing gay men to have children. Those children will forever feel the pain of not having their other half around. Very selfish.

suzy diamond on

WHAT a TERRIBLE idea!!! They will regret this decision and the twins will end up hating them! Can’t believe the stupidity!

lillith on

Just so ignorant. They think they can divide this up like a double pack from Costco? Think it through guys.

Terri on

I can’t believe that this couple is not putting there children first before there selfish needs. Very dissapointed!

Jill on

Pathetic,. Those kids will hate them one day.

Anonymous on

As a mother of twins boy/girl, this brings me to tears. Twins share such bond, are so close and protective of each other, to separate them is selfish and distructive.

guest on

Shame on them. That is just SHELFISH!

Marty Thimpson on

I don’t suppose either one of these self-centered egotists has researched the emotional toll of separating twins?

ewwwe on

This is a mistake! As a mother of a set of boy girl twins I can tell you, those kids need ti be together and Certainly not raised as only children. Those boys need to suck it up and do what’s best for the children they worked so hard to bring into this world.

stew on

Ok, so each one fathered a child. Does anyone know if the children have the same mother? If not, the kids are not even biologically linked. At best, they’re half siblings who were incubated together. Still, it’s a strange situation. Hopefully, they really will put the kids first and do what’s right by them.

Mary on

Very selfish of them to rip those babies apart. I am a twin and I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been like if I was ripped away from her. This is disgusting and they will regret this decision.

Meg on

As the mother of twins this DISGUSTS me. Do not have have children if you are not willing to make sacrifices. The bond between twins is unbelievable to see, as they will themselves see as these children grow. So extremely selfish!

kpmonkeymommy on

How in holy hell could any judge actually sign off on this? How could not one but two lawyers actually live with themselves taking part in a ruling like this?

The worst part is not the way many anti-equality groups will use this to support their bigotry and predjudice against equal marriage rights, but what this will do these twins. Joint custody would have been much better for them and for the adults who should be viewing these children as THEIRS not like his/hers towels.

Even if they also had two separate egg donors, these children were siblings from the moment they started growing in the same womb. These children deserve to be with each other every day. I’m not trying to negate the rights of either of their fathers, but that is what they are trying to avoid admitting, that despite a divorce (which any straight couple can have happen during a pregnancy as we know), they are still both these kids parents.

Toria on

The babies ARE NOT TWINS. Everyone is using the wrong word. David fertilized an egg and his partner fertilized an egg. The egg did not split in two and make twins. The mother received 2 eggs. A DNA test has been done to prove Cielo is David’s and Cedric is the Ryan’s. They are not twins. I personally would want my biological child with me. They are working amicably so the two children will get to know each other. Bi-coastal will be difficult to be close, but it’ll be like having a cousin who doesn’t live in the same house. If you read the articles and/or saw David’s interview on the View you would know this!! THEY ARE NOT TWINS. GET OVER IT.

Anonymous on

How incredibly selfish!!

Lizzy on

As a fraternal twin I am absolutely horrified and appalled by this and, quite frankly, the “situations far from ideal” is just not a good enough excuse. Obviously parents don’t plan for breakups, but they do plan for having children and making the decision to bring life into the world is an eternal commitment to do everything and anything that is the most healthy for the children, breakup or not. The bond I have with my twin is so unique and special, I am just so saddened that these poor babies are going to be deprived of each other… it’s heartbreaking and unforgivable.

Ann on

How utterly selfish of the both of you! Choosing to parent means that you set aside your own wants and needs for your CHILDREN!!! Not split the difference! This will cause you further pain…….much deserved as far as i can see. Shame on you both!!!

MyAkita on

These babies are not ‘twins’. They are, at the most, half siblings who shared the same womb.

RyanStar on

Those kids need to raise together. They are so selfish. What would had happen if there was only one baby.

Anonymous on

I LOVE David Tutera but I think he has made an awfully selfish choice here. I only hope it all turns out well for everyone’s sake, especially those precious babies!

Angee on

Disgusting. They deserve to know one another. How very selfish of these 2 “men”. UGH!

Vicki on

Shame on you both. This is selfishness at the highest level.

TheOriginalMimi on


Seriously? on

I have read many comments on many stories on this site, but have never commented myself. However I find this story infuriating. Situations like this demonstrate that some people should never be blessed with the privilege of being a parent.

laurie carasso on

Selfish and wrong. Those children shared a womb and they belong together. This will not be good at all in the long run. Parents need to think beyond the scope of their own pain and concerns and think of the kids. Please. shame on both of you!

Mia on

So sad, the whole mess but I guess its the best they could do in the situation they were in!

Crystal on

This is completely weird and imo WRONG!!!! You both decided to have these babies. Just because you split up does not give you the right to split up your children. It’s totally selfish. Then to each take their own biological child? I prefer what NPH and his partner did: NOT FIND OUT!!!! That way each child is treated the same. It’s disheartening. There have been so many strides for gay rights. It’s stuff like this that make people disagree with the laws. Before anyone says it, yes, the same thing can be done in a heterosexual couple. However, marriage has never been illegal between a man and a woman. For homosexual couples it is. A lot of states are changing their laws to allow for all couples to marry. There are a lot of states that will probably never recognize same sex couples (my state Texas included). Stuff like this makes our lawmakers feel they are making the smart decision to continue outlawing marriage for gay couples. This story makes me very sad. I hope they change their minds for the sake of those precious children. If they don’t, they will regret this decision. When the children get older and resent them both for keeping their sibling away from them. It reminds me of the “Parent Trap.” You take one. I’ll take the other. That is fiction and a movie. Sadly, it’s a nightmare in real life. Smh. UNBELIEVABLE.

beingjesica on

and just when you think that families can’t be torn apart or manipulated in more disgusting selfish ways… my heart breaks for these children. that their stupid “fathers” cant get over their fuc*ing relationship drama and bring these siblings up together is beyond selfish.

Michelle Jackson on

What the crap! Dude this is not parent trap! Why can’t they just do a joint custody like normal human beings? My goodness!

DeeDee on

How unfair to both children, not allowing them to be raised as twins, together. That is a special bond, that should never be broken.

How selfish of both men! One day the twins will hate them both.

SL on

These two need their asses kicked! Grow up boys…what a cruel thing to do to these babies! Being a twin myself I know the bond and have heard stories of twins who have lost their twin even as early as pregnancy and still feel a loss for most of their life.

Angela on

I hope for their twins sake that David & Ryan can put their problems behind them and allow Cedric & Cielo to have a close relationship. It’s sad to separate any siblings, but especially twins. I’ve heard they have a really unique bond from before they’re even born.

Mims on

Selfish choices that will affect the kids. So sad. Buck up and get over yourself.

Angie on

I am surprised this article was written as if what they are doing is no big deal. Those babies deserve to grow up with each other. Shame on them! This is not like they went and bought a Ken and Barbie doll and then split up and each one kept a doll. These are children. So sad.

This is a tough one on

As a step & a bio parent I kind of get it. I watch “my” boys go to their moms (when they don’t want to) while their bro & sis stay here. Not dealing with 2 houses IMO can be a little easier to deal with. I also think that if these little babies were put up for adoption, they might not have been together anyway.

Tania Palmer on

I have boy/girl twins that are 15 years old now, and this story grieves my heart. My twins held each other’s hand to sleep, talked their own language, made each other laugh, grew up as best friends and always was a comfort to the other. The ideal of separating any twins is cruel. You made the call to be parents then act like it. They don’t know their DNA, but just understand their bond.

MomOfTwo on

Disgusting an VERY selfish behaviour!

Mother of Twins on

As the Mother of Twins. How selfish can you get. The bond between those two is so different, than between their other siblings.

Sue on

Selfish twits.

Kate on

I assume they have the same mother and different fathers. Under normal circumstances they would be raised by the mother together and visit their respective fathers often. This situation is exactly the kind of thing that you will be seeing pop up all over the place with the combination of surrogates, gays, etc coming into play. These two children should be raised together and that is the tragedy here.

BamaSoftball14 on

As a surrogate for a gay male couple, I gave birth to their twins. Each father has 1 biological child, and each of them has adopted their non-biological child. I got to write a clause into my contract that should the dads ever split up, the dads would have joint custody of the twins. MY dads were WAY more mature on this point. Twins should NEVER be separated. It is emotionally and psychologically damaging, and should be considered as a form of abuse.

Ing, on

“YOU SELFISH HEARTLESS; INCONSIDERATE; HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PARENTING IS ALL ABOUT-SHAME ON YOU!” You 2 parents have made this all about you first, kids second. If your SELFISHNESS continues; eventually this arrangement you two have settled on will come back to bite you! They would be better off with the 6 month West /East living arrangements; at least Cielo and Cedric would be growing up together!

between you two “BRIGHT” parents

Jennifer on

But it says that they are both the biological father and they babies are fraternal twins, so we should all look at this logically and say maybe one is the father of the boy so he got his biological child and the other got the girl because biologically she is his. Regardless of if they are twins. I don’t really see this as bad.

Guest on

Stupid men. You don’t do that to babies.

This is one reason why many people have issues with this type of parenting. Very selfish indeed!

LP on

These babies are not a litter of puppies to be divided up once they are weaned. Nor are they personal property. They are human beings who shared time together as they formed through a nine month gestation period. They have the right to know one another and to grow up together not only because they are siblings but more importantly because they are twins and as such have a special bond. These selfish boys need to grow up and resolve their differences and become men capable of being selfless parents instead of choosing to be selfish pricks.

ok on

Wow! This is the most selfish story I have ever heard… no wonder their relationship didn’t work out! These kids need to grow up together. Grow up parents!

Jenn on

So because your marriage failed, your child wont get to know its sibling,, hmm is that neglect or not! Think of the kids not yourself thats what a real parent does

Jojo on

She will have a wonderful life. God bless them.

Anonymous on

This is real life no the movie Parent Trap, how selfish of these two grown men. And also how unethical that a judge would allow children to be separated in this fashion. Unless these fathers look at the big picture of their children’s lives and not their petty egos, these children will forever have questions and bewilderment. These babies need to be together. So sorry they have such small minded stupid fathers.

Anna on

Idiot parents for separating them! Such shame! Tutera travels so much, he should not have custody!

Lisa on


Carrie on

Jeeez, you people are really insane. This isn’t as HORRIFIC as some of you are making it out to be. These babies may have shared time in the womb together but they are only half-siblings. They aren’t twins in the sense that people are thinking. They may share a mother but it makes no difference than the thousands and thousands of women out there who already have children that happen to give up a new baby for adoption. My neighbor’s daughter has two kids ages 13 and 6 and she was pregnant with twins and she gave them up for adoption. Her young children were upset but they understood that their parents couldn’t afford to care for additional children in the household and they didn’t believe in abortion. I think it was commendable for them to make a decision like that instead of terminating a pregnancy.

You people are missing the point that David and Ryan have said that they will let the kids grow up together and visit as they ARE half siblings. He didn’t say they aren’t going to know each other. Think about the situation itself. These kids are MUCH healthier apart in HAPPY house holds other than being in a house with two fighting, miserable parents.

Get over yourselves for being so judgmental over this. The kids will be totally fine and will know about one another and always be half siblings. It’s not the end of the world.

gerrp on

I’m not a parent, but when I read this, I thought how terrible to split up these children like property in their divorce. ..parents live far from each other, never to be able to see each other often as they grow….how could judge agree to this….the kids will resent the parents when old enough to understand…ridiculous!a real shame♥

Rhonda on

His id legal. I thought courts look in to the best interest of children. Clearly its not true!

Dawn on

Not a good idea to raise the children apart. As others have stated, very selfish

Renee on

I hate that the only reason People have posted this story is because of the controversy they knew it would attract.

Meg on

Huge mistake … Put aside money for therapy ..

E Netzley on

That is completely messed up! They are twins and spent 9 months together and you separate them because you failed at a relationship?? That is so wrong and very disturbing!! SELFISH! They are twins and need each other. Being a single dad..ok good, but being ok with not having your twins together is wrong. So how do you just pick? They aren’t shoes..hmm let me see oh I decide to wear you today and oh you other pair I’ll just push you aside…just wrong! !!

Concerned mom on

Just plain selfish!! Stop and think about the kids not your selfs. They are not property to be ” split equility” twins especially need each other!!! Wake up before its too late!

Joanne on

I am in shock! I am a mother of fraternal twins! I could never imagine splitting them up! Twins have such a special bond! How SELFISH!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

You will go to hell in a hand basket. That should be illegal. How dare you… that is abuse.

Melisa on

Selfish little pigs.

Sophia on

They’re setting up their kids for a such sadness and confusion. I get that it’s the easiest thing to do in terms of minimal contact with each other if they’re not on good terms, but these kids are siblings and deserve to be in each other’s lives!

Anonymous on

Shame on these selfish men! This will cause years and years of problems in those children’s lives. They were already poor parents so quickly after the embryo transfer. What a sad situation for the children who didn’t ask for this.

lisa on

This is selfish and wrong.

Anonymous on

Everyone should read this again, David states that his priority is for his daughter to have a relationship with her brother. I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the twins to separate them, but they are to see each other.

ecl on

But twins have a “special bond” because they grow up together, not because they shared a uterus…. So separating them this early on doesn’t create some hole in their lives where their other half is missing. I’m not saying it’s not a loss, but it’s a social loss, not some sort of biological need to be with your twin.

Alpha on

as a member of a LGBT community, I am disgusted here. We work so hard, to just be treated remotely equal, and then this asshole comes in here in the public eye doing nothing for us. My twin brother died when we were 16 and there is more of a “wow I miss him” here. You take away a piece of your soul when you become a twinless twin. those poor kids will grow up and feel incomplete. You are doing NOTHING for gay rights. So whats the message Mr. Tutera? Biology? are you serious? So I gave birth to my daughter, if I left my partner of 7 years, I should rip her away because shes “mine”? Didn’t you make these babies as “Yours”? They are a pair, they aren’t yours, and his, they are twins. No matter what you do, on their birth certificates they will always say A and B. You cannot change that. They will always be able to know that their entire lives. They will ALWAYS know you both split them up. How you can sit there and just not only be okay with it, but announce to the public that this is your choice, is CRIMINAL. I will pray for those kids, they deserve SO much better than the two of you. If I was your surrogate, I would sue your ass of.
sincerely disgusted,

Anonymous on

1. They decided to have the kids to try to salvage their already shaky relationship: selfish, clueless, irresponsible idiots.
2. Then they split anyway and separate the kids: selfish, clueless, irresponsible idiots.
3. Conclusion: selfish, clueless, irresponsible idiots.

jwinks on

My opinion is that the parents have no idea how close twins are from birth on. I have twin boys that are extremely close and have been since they were born. I feel like if they had been separated it would have changed who and how they are. Selfish parents is what we have here. Grow up for your children’s sake.

Marie on

Such selfish parents. Why can’t they just co-parent and keep the kids together. They may grow up and be agry at both of the dads for doing this. They are denying these twins the opportunity to grow together and bond because of their self centered ways.

Sylvia on

Its a shame that they are being raised apart and will miss out on having that brother-sister bond. Of growing up together in the same home.

I hope everything works out in the end and they are able to be civil with each other for the sake of their twins.

Blessings all around

bmaw on

this is just wrong. there is nothing right about it, those babies need this time to bond. ask any twin.

amanda B. on

This story truly made me sad. As a twin myself it’s heartbreaking to know these two will not grow up together. I pray these men can set aside their differences and allow this brother and sister to be together as much as possible. The bond between twins is unlike anything else. These dads are fooling themselves if they think these kids don’t realize the others gone. They do. There connection goes beyond physical presence. These twins should have stayed together. This is selfish.

PJB on

So, let me see if I got this right? Since the children were not born yet, you think it is okay to separate TWINS to be raised on opposite coasts and not as a unit. That is terrible and incredibly selfish of BOTH parents. There is a natural bond with twins and not allowing that to happen is/will be detrimental to both children. Shame on you both for not putting the interest of the children first.

Guest on

This is beyond selfish!! I would imagine the surrogate is upset by this too! How would these two have settled this if they didn’t have twins??!! Scumbags!

NinaBean on

So because two people can’t overcome their differences for the sake of their children, the children suffer? Sounds childish and selfish to me. You and your (ex)spouse promised to love and take care of those two. Splitting up twins is just a dumb idea. You are just giving more reasons for people to hate on gay marriage and parenting.

Anonymous on


kathy on

ugh. its all about tutera. selfish and self centered. the root of our problems.

Clara on

The children will hate them for it. I would. Actually I do. How selfish! They are people, not end tables… You can’t just take one each.

Anonymous on

As a mom of twins, I find this horrifying. Split freaking custody, tons and tons of people do it. Splitting up twins makes me incredibly sad.

Takya Simmons on

I think they were just making a mistake but they might be friends again and let the twins see each other

jaci on

thats so sad for those twins…… :*(

Anonymous on

I’m a twin and I think this is ridiculous. That’s not fair to the babies.

April on

How can both dads be the biological father of each baby when they are twins. Im really confused!

ashley on

The twins have 2 different biological fathers. Scientifically, they are “half siblings”.

Michele on

For all of you out there, are you even aware that the JUDGE did this, NOT David or Ryan. They are BOTH the biological fathers of their child. There was 1 egg and 2 sperm. While I agree this is not a good idea by any stretch, it was taken out of their hands… so before you blame them, look into the facts please

Anonymous on

I would love to know the judge that allowed this disgusting decision.

Lexy on

Wow. Way to make your kids suffer for your break up. I’m not saying that they won’t be wonderful fathers, but separating kids like that is just ridiculous.

Jenny B on

I can’t believe that a judge would ok this how selfish can you two be!!! The surrogate should step in and take those children from you for breach of contract!!! What kind of so called parents separate twins… Speechless!!!

Guest on

This is the sickest thing I have ever heard of. Being a twin is such a special experience, and to deny their children the opportunity to grow up with a sibling with whom they would have a playmate, a confidant, and a best friend is truly te most selfish thing a patent could do. Anyone who would agree to this type of arrangement is twisted and unfit to be a patent.

Azuree on

I think it’s a bad idea separating these children. They’re twins, for crying out loud; they need each other!

Susan on

This is messed up!

GeordieKin on

This is very selfish of both parents, they are going be causing irreparable damage to those lovely little ones before they know it. I truly hope someone with a brain comes into this situation fast quick and in a hurry!

Mistygirl78 on

Those babies shouldn’t be separated like that so early. That is so very selfish of the parents.

Karmen on

How very selfish of both of them. Shame on them. I think the children will have to have lots of counseling to understand why they did what they did.

Karen on

Wow – I don’t know how I feel about that. I am a fraternal twin myself, and the thought that I would be raised separately from my sister is pretty upsetting. Of course, they never lived together and never bonded as twins so it’s not as painful. But I am saddened to think they WON’T live together and bond as twins. Sad. But I’m not sure there is a happy way to end this story. I can’t help but wonder why they went ahead with the embryo transfer if they were clearly having such problems.

Melissa on

What a couple of selfish bastards. That is cruel to break up twins!

Koree on

Did anyone read the article it states verbatium ” Nonetheless, Tutera, who is based in Los Angeles, says his priority is for his daughter to have a relationship with her brother” Try reading the whole article and not casting stones no one knows what happened in their relationship and why this decision was made. It is very easy to say what you would do or should do from the outside.

Lyoness on

As a twin, I find this decision to split the children like salt and pepper shakers extremely selfish, cruel, and disgusting. It doesn’t matter that one is biologically his and his. Obviously these men are more concerned about themselves and their feelings than the feelings of the children. Hope they’ve saved up for therapy. They should have taken a page out of NPH’s book and just not found out.

Guest on

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. For two people to be so selfish that they would deny their twins the unique opportunity to grow up with the person who will be their best friend, confidant, and playmate truly shows these two are unfit to be parents. Any judge who would sign off on this is seriously twisted as well. The whole thing is sickening.

Sarah on

Wow, this is seriously one of the most selfish things I’ve ever heard. I’m glad that one day you want to be “friends” with your ex, but how about committing to what you already are– co parents to twins. And “the divorce happened so soon after the transplant was successful”?? It is probably a good time to reevaluate having children with someone when you’re headed to divorce! I try not to judge people that are trying to do the best for their family, but this sounds like two totally selfish people.

Anonymous on

I think the term “twin” is incorrect- they both fathered a child who happened to use the same “oven” at the same time. But regardless, It’s a strange concept. I almost feel like they treated tem like puppies and were like oh well- you take one and I’ll take the other.

SpiderLashes68 on

This is disturbing to say the least…So let me get this straight…Each of these guys fertilized an egg & then both were implanted into the surrogate…These children are biological twins on the egg donors part & it’s obvious these two morons had paternity test done to see which baby “BELONGED” to them…this is just another sad sad story about Hollywood IDIOTS!!!

SpiderLashes68 on

Someone below wrote this…and I agree!!!

Those kids aren’t twins. They are half sister and brother, and that’s even “iffy.” If each man has fathered his own child with his own sperm and the donor eggs were from the same woman, even though they were carried at the same time by a surrogate, they are 1/2 siblings. If the donor eggs were from different women, the children are not even related in any way, only carried during the same pregnancy.

Jill on

Really? This is just wrong. How are parents so self-fish they would separate siblings.. Grow up!

Debbie K on

I wish both of you the best of luck. These babies are going to be fine they have two parents who love them dearly. That in itself is an amazing start in life.

Elise on

I sincerely hope they reconsider. IMO, biology should be irrelevant. They intended to have, raise, love 2 kids – so what’s changed? You divorce spouses, not children. Shared custody, this arrangement is just wrong.

Angela Kabam on

Seriously? This is the most selfish thing that I’ve ever heard. Separating the twins just because you guys call it quits. I guess the next step is when people get divorced, the dad keeps the boys and the mom keeps the girls. So disappointing.

Terri on

This is so sad, twins beings raised apart. Maybe when things are more cordial they’ll share custody of both.

Terri on

Michele, there was not one egg & two sperm. There was two eggs and two sperm.

Kerri on

Very sad for those twins.

Carrie on

Even if they are not completely genetically related, they were conceived together and grown together. They are brother and sister and should be raised as Twins. I would think they are from the same donor eggs. This is part of what’s wrong with genetically engineering children. I haves watched his show a few times. You can see how selfish he is even when doing good. I am so sad for these babies. I hope somewhere they come to their senses and get some type of parental agreement going.

Giselle on

How incredibly immature and selfish. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have just shared custody and allowed those boys to be brothers. Put on your big girl panties and grow up.

Colleen on

The self satisfied smile on his face is so gross. You just ripped her brother from her for the rest of her life. So you could selfishly live out your dream of being a dad 20 years too late. Poor babies. All the arguments FOR this situation are so clearly worker bees for Tutera. Sad. sad. sad.

wpsegura on

These children are not technically twins, they may not even be related if 2 donor ages were used. If not the they are half sybilings. This is how both fathers are the biological father of each child. The children are just womb mates that the surrogate carried. Just to break it down, so they are NOT twins. Just like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s twins are technically not really twins since they are both biological fathers of each twin, 1 of the girl, and 1of the boy. Yes, if they are related they should still work out something so the children know each other, but we should STOP calling them twins.

Melissa on

They are really really bad people, for doing this to twins.

michelle on

I am a twin and I would never had forgiven my mom or dad if they had did this to my twin brother and I.

Lindsey on

They are half-siblings. He used his sperm for his daughter and the othery guy used his sperm for his son. They are babies and don’t know what is going on… People go through worse. Chill out.

Angela on

This is wrong and selfish. Maybe there should be better rules on surragacy. If was the surragate I would file for custody

Valerie on

How sad and selfish.

wpsegura on

I wanted to correct something I wrote earlier. These children ARE twins, with different fathers. The are what is called heteropaternal superfecundatio twins. This can happen to a woman that has twins with two different fathers. So, although they are being raised by the perceptive fathers, they are technically twins, and should bot have been separated. Even if they are half brother and sister.

Gina on

This is so wrong in so many levels 😦 I understand the girl is his child and the boy is the ex’s child but these babies are brother and sister and they need to grow up together. If you don’t want to see your ex, that’s cool but these babies did not chose to be born in this situation and they should not grow up apart because the daddies can’t handle being near each other.

Very very wrong Mr. Tutera. I was a fan of yours and was rooting for you when I heard about your impending fatherhood but this is really, really wrong.

Anonymous on

I don’t agree with their choice, however after rereading it, these children are not technically twins but half siblings. He fathered one and the other man fathered the other. I hope they do continue to pursue a relationship with the children but I understand why each man took the children in that way….just sad though

Treva on

David. . . .I love you and your shows! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 73 years young and think that separating those precious twins is a REAl mistake! There is a bond between twins that is not explainable! My sister was a twin as was my Mother! They both suffered “traumatic” lives without their twin sibling! My sister is 81 and to this day, still mentions that her life has NOT been compete without her sister at her side! My Mother was the same way! And she talked about it until she passed!

PLEASE, PLEASE think about it! Please don’t let “selfishness” interfere with two precious lives!!!!!

Girlabroad on

How pathetic to see “parents” put their egos first in this kind of matter….

How in the first place could they decide to have children when they were so close to a split… That is not a responsible way to act when you’re a parent loving your children

These guys don’t deserve their babies… Shame on them…

ShesaidWhat?! on

Don’t they know that twins have a psychological bond? separating them is not a good idea at all. that IS selfish to the googol degree. I’m not even sad they broke up, I’m SAD for the kids. the parents will move on but the kids are the ones who suffer. UGHH i hate living in this “me me me” society.

Tanya on

So It’s not about the children. It’s all about the adults. How sad. Something really bad must of happened.

Phoebe on

Put aside all the bad blood between the two of you and raise the children together. Perhaps not under the same roof, but in the same state or city. You don’t have to live together but it’s important that both children have a stable relationship with each other and their fathers. You were a family unit once; at least, attempt to give your children that. Don’t be selfish.

sparklydiva on

unless any of us are in the *exact* same situation as David and Ryan NO ONE has the right to judge. You have no idea the ins and outs of their relationship. How do all you “perfect” people even exist in this world? Explain it to me because I am truly fascinated about your insights.

GiGi on

Im sorry im trying not to judge. but you are 2 adult males. who should have come up with a better way to raise your twins. I am a twin and couldnt imagine not being raised with him. you may think they are two young. but they were together for nine months. they should be sharing the same crib if not the same room..please do a better job..one in CT and one in CA is tough. good luck…

joanne gustafson on

WTF is right ! My grandsons are 6 yo twins and I am continually amazed at their magical relationship. They interact on a plane I cannot fathom. To take that away from them is wrong and oh so selfish not to mention what it can do to their psyche: ” he’s loved more…he got this.. why can’t I do that? his Dad treats him better ( more time, more money, more privileges) !” Those are the rifts separated twins will feel and use against the parents to get their way . If together they get a sense of fairness by being there and together.

Foot on

How awful. Neither should be allowed to parent. They may be tiny, but those babies are acutely aware of each other in the womb. They know each other and miss each other. Each one of these “dads” needs a swift kick in the head.

sylvia hess on

Bad idea all around – starting with the Judge. I have been a fan of Mr. Tutera for a long time – but in this new season I see something I don’t like – very egotistical – a sense of entitlement – and feeling that money solves everything – it doesn’t. These children need each other – always will. It doesn’t matter if they are “really” twins or not – they were born to a surrogate at the same time and should not be separated. Saw a photo recently of twins just born – facing each other – holding hands! That says it all!

Gimme a break! on

Maybe this is why Elton John and his husband and I think Neil Patrick Harris choose not to know which of them is the bio father to their kids. It’s important for medical history/reasons in my opinion but this goes to show how that info can be used to split up children and in this case, twins! So sad!!

Gimme a break! on

It seems to be a lot easier for the petri-dish commenters (trying to explain these are not “twins”–no kidding!) to accept this arrangement. Some people on here feel that 2 babies growing in one woman from conception to birth shouldn’t be separated (i.e. “twins”) either and are entitled to their opinion.

Hremmom on

Talk about parents being selfish and self centered!! This is the complete opposite of good parenting. Good parents remember that they loved each other enough to bring these children into the world and they work to co-parent the children together even if they can no longer be a couple. Shame on both of them!!

Sharon on

This is a real tragedy and something that I think should NOT be allowed. How awful to split brothers and sisters. Don’t they know that this will MESS up their children’s minds and they both will be damaged by their “parent’s” selfishness? Just awful that they could do such a thing to innocent children.

Carrie on

Well, this may become more successful than if the kids had grown to be 10 or 12 years old. I grew up with 2 sisters being torn apart due to divorce & 1 was sent to Calif. & the other to Ga. Never 2 people ever so screwed up–as were their parents. Then, in the 1980’s I met 2 brothers who had been split up. I stayed in NE and the other in the south. They were 9 & 12 when divorce tore them apart. There again, 2 screwed up people who are now in their 40’s– very sad. So maybe they won’t go through the angst of being torn apart–just some resentment maybe later on.

Kristy on

This is so very sad. I hate to hear that the twins are separated 😦

anonymous on

Last i knew “TWINS” had the same mother and father but the only part of their children that makes then”twins” is they were born same day right after each other! they have different fathers! They are technically half siblings and well look at the facts.. there are a lot of half siblings living in separate places!

LC on

This should f’ing be illegal. Period! Shame on those parents.

Kim on

Way to reinforce the stereotypes about same sex couples and make it even more difficult for those who actually have want to be parents. Disgusting.

Stace on

How horrible for those poor children… Rich people living their selfish, self-entitled lives, while not thinking of anyone but themselves… Just so sad…

Andrea on

I cannot believe you two made such a thoughtless and selfish decision. I have twin boys, and their bond goes deeper than anything either one of you will feel. To separate these two special lives because the two of you could not stay together is just heartbreaking. How dare you!!!!

Nancy on

I couldn’t think of anything more selfish than this. Wow. Twins should be raised TOGETHER. WTF? I hope they grow up to resent both of you. Shame on both of you.

Michi on

I never comment, but this is WRONG!!! Those babies were in the womb together for 9 months and now you separate them?! How SELFISH, clearly these two should NOT be parents no way!!!

Deb on

I get the comments, but half siblings from broken families are raised separately every day. I don’t agree with being clear across the country, but we don’t know all the facts, either.

Dara on

Our country is in the toilet. (and this coming from a liberal democrat.)

Cindy Bozenski on

I have an entirely different take on this situation. David is on the west coast and Jurica is on the east coast. The only thing these two children have in common is the surrogate’s eggs. When a man donates sperm the children born as a result are not identified as siblings or raised together. Multiple women may choose same sperm based on the doner’s profile. Give these children a chance to grow up being loved & cherished by their respective Fathers without shuttling them back and forth from coast to coast.

jeph on

Any celebrity who makes children to use as props is revolting, straight or gay.

diane on

never separated the twins ever.. never, never… twins stay together.. that’s very wrong to separate them..you will regret when twins grow up n find out abt separated them, they won’t be happy.. i can’t judge you but honestly its not right..

Christine on

Seriously you’re going to divide your twins like they’re a set of dishes? Shame on both of you for being so selfish.

Nik on

Absolutely disgusting how selfish of a move that was. They’d have been better off staying together and spending half the year with Dad 1 and the other half with Dad 2. At least they’d be together. And how do you explain how you chose which twin you’d take? I feel so sad for those kids who dont have each other to lean on.

Phoebe on

Start acting like adults and realise that the children need both of their fathers and more importantly, each other. Raising each twin separately is not “acting in the best interests of the children”. You’re severing a bond that was made before they were even born. They need each other. Grow up and move closer to your former partner for the sake of your daughter and son.

Betty on

This is the most selfish act a parent could possibly do. The children need to be together! Shame on both of you!

Anonymous on

They couldve at least lived in the same state!!! Shame

brian chaput on

What an incredibly selfish act. Make it all about what they will loose – who gives a shit about what kids will lose. He may be a wedding planner, but obviously has no life planning skills.

Ellarae on

This is such a mistake, and very, very sad… As a fraternal twin myself, I cannot imagine growing up apart from my sister. I clearly remember to this day (and I’m in my 40’s!), our first day of kindergarten, when we were separated into different classes. I cried for my sister! We had the same dreams, at that age. These two little tots will definitely feel the separation and feel a loss. Such a wrong thing to do…

drformosa143 on

I agree with what everyone else is saying, but also, how do you decide which twin to keep? I understand they both kept their “biological” ones, but when they were conceived, they were both wanted. When they were in utero, they were both loved. I dont see how you can just choose which to keep and not give a second though about the other one, biological or not. The expectation of a baby (or babies) whether it is you that is pregnant, or someone is acting as a surrogate for you, there is ultimate excitement and joy. This had to be in their minds for a while to allow for each of their mental detachment from the twin they will not raise. I cant even imagine giving away my dog and never having a connection with him, but a baby? A baby that was wanted and loved before your relationship crumbled? It just seems very cruel to me. How sad.

norosecoloredglspls on

my first thought was this is the grossest error in judgement in history….then after I thought about it for a while, I recall that I have a half sister raised by my father and his wife. the thing is, while we love each other and will do anything for each other, we really don’t know each other very well and we were raised in the same state and same city. this may end well for the dads, not so much for the sibs……

loveface on

As fraternal twin myself, I cannot imagine a world where my brother and I were seperated. That being said since they are young enough to not know that they have been seperated maybe it wont be as hard as it might seem but somehting tells me that this is going to end up pretty ugly in the long run. Unfortunately we cant always see in the future and know if a relationship is going to end but surely keeping them together has to be the better option with regular visitation rights etc.

Melissa on

Seriously!!!! WTF, it’s not the babies fault you two didn’t work. Why should they pay for the consequence.

Nancy on

How outrageously selfish of these so-called fathers.

Diana on

So selfish! Who does that??? Put your huge ego aside and do what’s best for the kids idiots!

Anonymous on

The babies are half siblings, they share the same mother (the surrogate that carried them), BUT the girl is biologically David’s and the boy is biologically Ryan’s. That is why this custody arrangement was made.

Lisa on

Not the smartest move to not raise them together. They better hope those kids don’t grow up wonder what they did wrong that they were split apart.

Kathy on

I love you dearly David,followed you for years ,however…..your children will grow up and blame both! Of you for separating them.You Both need to pull your big boy pants up and do theRight thing for these babies,even if that is living in same town a few miles apart.Call Garth Brooks,he can explain how that works,maybe try a driveway to separate you.You should go talk to twin adults,they can explain the “twin thing”.Good luck.

Anonymous on

Only in America

Nellya Canfield on

the most selfish parents I’ve heard of in a while. I hope surrogates think twice about giving a precious child to such negligent, selfish people.

Tobe on

I cannot believe how incredibly selfish these two people are!!!! Its unfortunate they are unable to see past their problems and do whats in the best interest of the children. Twins need to grow up together. Why can’t they work out a proper custody arrangement of sharing in the children. So pathetic!!!

Jessie on

This is a tough situation for everyone involved. it’s understandable they want to each raise their own child, but since the kids are twins, assuming they have the same egg donor, it is weird to raise them separately, but i doubt either will give his child to the other, so hopefully the kids get to see each other often

Rachael on

I’m a mother to 3 year old b/g twins and this just makes me sick! How DARE they separate those babies! They obviously have no clue how strong a bond is between twins and what they are doing will do to them. The judge that ruled in this case needs to rethink his decision. Even if this were a heterosexual couple, separating twins just so both parents can “have one” is wrong! I hope they both soon realize that just because they are the sperm donor that created the life they are now responsible for, they come to terms and realize just how harmful this is.

Glamslinky on

I can understand them each wanting to raise the twins on their own. What I don’t understand is the fact with ALL of that money, why can’t they be a part of their up bringing together? This is not going to end well. This hardly happens with any situation, where a couple breaks up, and newborn twins are split between the mother and father (or in this case two father’s wanting to be mother’s). Ridiculous.

What if one of them were breast feeding? I don’t separating the babies would even come into question. Oh, wait….

Lori on

Wow I am horrified! I am a twin and if my brother and I ever separated I think we would feel like we half of our souls were gone. Very bad idea.

Anonymous on

This is such an insane situation. What? Did they decide to adopt twins so they could each have their own baby to play with? Gay has nothing to do with it. From a woman’s perspective; this is one of the most selfish decisions a parent could make. I’m sure they are telling themselves that each parent with be able to provide a quality, enriched life for each child. In truth, twins seem to have a special bond that most siblings don’t. There will probably always be an emptiness of some sort for them. I’m sorry, but a court should get involved on this one since the adults seem to have their own agendas…not in the best interest of the children!!!

Randi on

I dont see why everyone is making a big deal, theyre not fraternal twins, there are two different fathers. People do this all the time, parents get divorced and split custody of the kids. Sometimes one goes with the mom and the other with the dad and they even move states away.

They said their priority was for the kids to have a relationship with each other and the mudslinging has stopped. That is mature, loving parenting. You cant tell me that two people who dont love each other and that fight should stay together for children, thats never healthy. You should never stay in a toxic relationship for the sake of the kids because in the end you do more damage than good.

Anonymous on

I respect the choice that David and Ryan made in raising Ceilo and Jurica. The babies deserve to be with their biological fathers and not away from them. It shows true class that David and Ryan are willing to be civilized to each other for the sake of the children so that they can grow up getting to know one another and spend as much time with each other as they possibly can.

Lynn on

This is why children need to be conceived naturally. In a natural conception the mother or father gets custody of the children! One parent doesn’t get one child and the other takes another child. This is shameful. Children are not separated. This is not a division of assets! These are human beings. Men if you want to have a baby naturally impregnate a woman.

Kim on

This is a perfect example of why certain individuals should never procreate. I mean never. How in the world can this man use the word “heaven” in the naming of his daughter as if he knows the meaning of the word? How can he use the word “parent” as if he should be compared to one in this lifetime. Parents don’t put their own needs before those of their children. How in God’s name could you and your “husband” (oh please) have thought your relationship was sound one moment, sound enough to bring children into it, and suddenly so terrible it had to end regardless of the lives you too opted to bring into it right after you learned of their existance??!!!! Way to be committed. Way to put the children first. Forget the special and unique bonds that twins have, go ahead and move them thousands of miles away from each other as long as you and your ex gay lover dude has his half of the set!

trina on

Though seperating the twins may seem wrong, atleast they weren’t left to the foster system or home less because of the feud. Slot of kids get very lost and forgotten because of spousal seperations.

JakPen on

I would have never left a comment about this, but reading all the people leaving comments about how selfish the parents are, I had to give my 2 cents….

First of all, I know people seem to have this romantic notion that twins are somehow soul-mates that will suffer without each other;


Let’s be logical and serious here and add a little reality to our fairy-tale fantasies….

As La-La land as it might be to think of twins as unable to cope without the other, realize first of all, in this case, they are each the biological child of the father they are going with, so they are not even really twins in the traditional sense;

Apparently, separate surrogate eggs, one fertilized by David, one by Jurica, were transferred back to the surrogate where they grew in separate amniotic sacs and separate placentas.

This is the 2013 people!!

Get with the times and open your minds to the logic of science and beyond the judgmental paper tower of ignorance!

Anonymous on

Damn, you’re stupid!

Anonymous on

First off I have to say hearing that the two have to grow up apart is sad though they are not fully blood related because one is biologically David’s and the other is his ex’s. Even with regular couples though that divorce they could split children and yes even twins up. Would you rather see a nasty custody battle that went on for years that could damage the kids or f9ighting parents? At least they want to raise the children instead of being dead beats thinking they are someone else’s problem. It is part of life because though we don’t know what happened legally (or why the two divorced though sounds like it was not pleasant when there where plans and a wrench was thrown in) and it may not have been these two’s decision but the judges because by DNA one belongs to each. Who knows so this shit world really needs to stop judging with half the story. One mentioned adoption which would not at all mean the twins would stay together and if anyone would have played half the attention when reading instead of judging as soon as they saw the title would have read David says he wants her to have a relationship with her brother some how and maybe after things have settled down because the last months of who knows how long must have been long with divorce and children on the way. The guy owns his own jet it seems so could easily fly off and have a third party involved for the two to bond though they live so far apart until the two can get back onto terms of freindship.

Anonymous on

Divorce is horrible either way but my sister-in-law got a divorce she has the daughter and he has the son living in two different states. People shouldn’t criticize until you are in their shoes. what would be the difference if they were adopted to two different parents??? Stop judging just because he is a celebrity!

Tracie Webber on

David I just saw your beautiful daughter on tonight’s show. Nov.2, 2013. I think she is so cute. Your so lucky to have a daughter, have fun getting to know and raise your daughter. She is gorgeous. She is so lucky to have a daddy like you.

Bobbi on

That is absolutely selfish and heart breaking that they would do this! I have a set of fraternal twins and couldn’t imagine doing this! WHY the heck would they think this would even be alright to do?! So sad for those poor babies 😦

maryann on

I want David to know that we all make mistakes raising our children, and that no one is perfect. I believe he will do fine. I do hope that the twins will have contact

joan on

as a mom of twin sons myself I can not imagine raising my sons apart,they turn 30 tomorrow and are the best of buddies,I hope they plan to let the twins see one another a lot for their sakes put your differences aside and talk about the children logically.

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Giuliana on

Separating these siblings is wrong and selfish. One day they will be old enough to tell these idiots off themselves !

Thia on

Bravo to them for doing what’s best for their Babies, each have the baby that is genetically related to them and the “twins” were made in a Petri dish so there’s no “magical bond” between them. They are not a matched set or even full siblings so mind your business I’m sure they will meet in the future

RGA on

I am going through a similar situation. My wife and I are taking steps to become foster parents and just over the holidays we were approached by a family member and asked if we would consider becoming parents to a 3-month old identical twin. We mulled over the situation and kept coming back to “all or nothing.” We were ready to deliver our ultimatum, when we learned that one twin was going to be given up regardless of our decision. I immediately thought “I have a chance to make a big difference in a life otherwise headed for the foster system and possibly a horrible family.” We are willing to take that chance and have agreed to raise one twin, because the alternative is unimaginable.