Camila McConaughey Embraces Her Curves After Three Kids

09/13/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

At 30, Camila Alves McConaughey is not in denial about her changing body.

“I am definitely way curvier,” the model turned handbag designer tells PEOPLE. “My waist used to be tiny. I just saw a picture of Miley Cyrus with a little crop top and low pants and I’m like that was me growing up in Brazil!”

But now as the mom to Levi, 5, Vida, 3½, and Livingston, 8 months, McConaughey shares how her body has changed — and what her husband Matthew McConaughey thinks of her figure! — in PEOPLE’s new special issue, Gorgeous At Any Age.

When she first started dating the Dallas Buyers Club star, “I had the typical model body,” she says. “But after babies it changed. I look more like a woman. Even Matthew has seen that change in me and he’s completely okay with it. It’s evolution.”

Camila McConaughey Curves Gorgeous At Any Age
Andrew Macpherson

And she doesn’t plan on fighting the aging process any time soon. “The mistake that women make these days is trying to chase their youth,” says McConaughey. “In my 20s I wanted to be hot, now I want to be healthy.”

Besides, the busy mom — who appears on QVC Friday to launch the latest collection for her line Muxo — has plenty of other things to worry about. “I’m dedicated to my family, my husband, my kids. I have a business and I want to help others when I can. So that’s where I’m standing right now.”

For more on how she and other Hollywood stars really feel about aging (plus all their beauty tips and tricks!) pick up PEOPLE‘s Gorgeous at Any Age special on stands now.

— Raha Lewis

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SSI on

Well, I am glad to hear that Matthew is okay with her changing shape…it’s not like many of us like our new bodies after childbearing! She still looks fantastic, and it’s unrealistic that the media expects us to have the bodies we did when we were 15. Miley Cyrus has the figure of a young girl. Unless she eats almost nothing (or is incredibly blessed), in the future, her shape will change too.

Martina on

That’s curvy? It’s easy to say she’s embracing her curves when she is perfectly toned and perfectly groomed. A regular mother may feel a bit differently.

Anonymous on


Dawn on

Seriously, she has no curves. She still looks like a model and should hope that her husband loves her for who she is, not the way she looks. Normal woman don’t look like that.

justlise on

What curves…brother.

foreverhauntingme on

People are delusional. That’s not curvy.

Alabama on

I do agree with you Martina, after three kids, she still looks like a “model”, not too much changes as far as I’m concerned… The standards are still achieved…

Dee on

Apparently, Mrs. McConaughey doesn’t know what curvy is!

LMD on

I don’t think she’s that curvy either but she’s very pretty and thin. She probably means she doesn’t have this super flat stomach and maybe her bra size is a little bit larger and she can no longer wear the clothes she did prior to kids. It’s normal and expected. At 30 she doesn’t even know what’s coming yet. At 40 and 50 her shape will change even more.

cole marie on

So your saying that hot woman aren’t healthy?? I beg to differ. You also said that you look more like a woman now inferring that thin small breasted woman aren’t real woman. I hate it when someone finds themselves out of shape or overweight and then justify it by saying they look more like a “real woman” or that they are healthier. I was a healthy 5’6″ size 0 before I got pregnant and a healthy size 0, six weeks after my 8lb babies were born. And I was hot at a size zero. Congrats Camilla on trying to destroy the self esteem of thin woman who return to there original shape after kids, just so you can feel good about yourself.

Sophia Lee on

I missed the part where she tried to “destroy the self esteem of thin women who return to their original size after having babies”..LOOK AT HER! She is very thin! She never said being hot isn’t healthy, but her main focus is being healthy now, which is great considering she’s got 3 children. Some people get offended much too easily!

AGN on

Ummmmm…if anybody ever wonders why women have a hard time with self image issues, it’s because of articles like this. She’s embracing her “curves” in her size 0 cutoffs. GTFO.

Bunnie on

Thirty is a bit young to start hassling someone about aging.

Rachel on

This article just made her sound stupid. She’s not even curvy and has no idea what she’s talking about.

Anonymous on

what curves?

Eydie on

Curvy???? Guess I missed the memo on what the new meaning of curvy is! Seriously, she looks great but come on..curvy give me a break. It’s patronizing to act like she’s curvy.

WS on

Curvy? Really? This article is so ridiculous; I don’t even know what to say. I like Camilla, and I have nothing negative to say about her. People is crazy to use her as a poster girl for aging and curvy. Get real!!

Anonymous on

She looks fab…babies or not.

Marge on

What curves?! She’s skinny as heck.

lh on

Bahahahahaha! What curves?! She looks great but curvy, not so much.

Nita Curtin on

I wish I was this ”curvy”!

Lena on

So, she went from a size 0 to a size 2 and now she’s curvy? Right…..

keith on

Hey all you idiot haters. I’m sure she means curvy RELATIVE to what she looked like before. She doesn’t have to look like all those fat, obese women who say they have ‘curves’!!!

Molly on

Let’s not forget that this is a magazine, and retouching comes with the territory. Most people would look more like models if they had someone to perfect them with Photoshop.

Vicki on

It’s funny people are saying Normal Women do not look like her, last time I checked She’s normal and human just like the rest of us.

Carto on

I guess this is curvy in Hollywood….?

guest on

Just because she’s in shape and not 15 or more pounds over weight(like most Americans), doesn’t mean she’s not “curvy”. Her clothing is also not super fitted. You can be a size 2 and have hips and boobs!

Angela King on

She is absolutely gorgeous, before and after babies. She harldy has any curves. Her and Matthew both are gorgeous people with a beautiful family!

mrs123 on

I understand what she is saying but the implication of curves from the title and then you see this image of her and it just doesn’t fit. I know you mean you are no longer a stickly teenage body but this woman doesn’t have a curve on her, just bones.
I have curves, there is shape and roundness and I embrace it….they need a picture of me 😉

dadomon on

i had to double take, i thought that was christina hendricks up there for a moment.

Hastobesaid on

This lady is clearly a moron.

julieg261 on

Camilla, you now look normal! A models body is not normal it’s anorexic no one should be that thin. Your body is suppose to be rounder than a mans and if anyone tells you otherwise there idiots… Keep fit by chasing your children around and you’ll both be healthy!

guest on

flat chest, narrow hips and skinny legs is NOT curvy…the brown haired girl from 2 broke girls is curvy…the lady on Modern family is curvy…Joan from Mad Men is full figured even though she doesn’t like that…she is a big girl. lets get our descriptors right.

bee on

She’s beautiful.

mrsrobinson on

*eye roll*

Eva on

This makes me very sad….and we wonder why women, teens and little girls have self-esteem issues and bad body images. There’s nothing wrong with looking great but saying this is curvy or making it sound like her body is totally different after giving birth is wrong! What about women who don’t look like this or really do gain a lot of weight and have trouble losing it…I don’t just makes me sad.

Angie on

Is this a pic of her before kids? Where are her curves? Society paints this picture that women should look like this after babies. I want my daughter to feel good in her skin and know she’s beautiful no matter how big she is..

Ouiser on

She has curves? Where are they? Wow…I wish I looked that good after one child, let alone three!

LJC on

She’s curvy? I thought she has a athletic body type.

judibat1 on

Right. What a fat-ass.

ge on

Seriously, Matthew does not have a problem with her new curves? Sorry, but that is wrong. It is not like one day he is not going to go bald or something. If she would have said that Matthew loves her body it would have sounded better than he is okay with it.

Ariel on

Camila, if you don’t have anything normal to say, just don’t say anything at all. Ok so you’re not a size 2 but a size 4. Seriously? you call those curves. Now come on, that’s offensive to anyone that’s not a size 4. to all the working mom’s out there, these people have nothing to do but to look good and pay big bucks to do it. I am not jealous at all, actually after 2 kids I am a size 6, but I still don’t consider myself curvy. So Camilla and all of you celebrities out there trying to fit with the “normal population” cut the crap. I think it would be better to just talk about the weather, or stay out of the headlines and stop making stupid headlines out of nothing. People magazine, shame on you for even wasting your resources on Camila’s stupid comments.

MEB on

“Doesn’t plan on fighting the aging process any time soon…” I hope not. She’s only 30. And, curves? Um…ok.

guest on

she looks fabulous, especially after 3 kids. I like her attitude that seems to be not taking herself too seriously and that she wants be healthy; which is HOT! wtg Camilla 🙂

Ericka on

Her body has changed, I’m sure. I am sick to death of hearing overweight woman calling themselves ‘curvy’ or ‘regular’ women. I have had five kids, I’m 42 and I work hard to keep myself looking fit and healthy. I absolutely consider myself to be a ‘regular’ woman. Just because there are overweight women that can’t put down the fork or get off of their butts, it doesn’t mean they’re any more of a regular woman than those of us that do.

Guest on

Although your comment is a little more harsh than I would have wrote, I completely agree. I have three children ages 4, 2 & 6 months. I worked hard to lose my pregnancy weight & have lost it. I don’t spend hours away from my children either. I eat healthy and although I dint have a ton of time to exercise right now, I fit it in where I can (even if it means dancing like a maniac with my kids for a half hour). I’m tired of hearing the excuses. It is possible to lose weight, but you do have to make an effort (well some people don’t, but the majority do). And I’m sorry people, but you don’t have to be overweight to be curvy. At a size four, I have hips, a butt, & smaller waist. they are curves. I think Camilla looks fantastic, and I bet her body has changed after kids but she’s clearly still working on her body, trying to stay healthy, and that is the right thing to be doing

Alissa on

Positive message. Glad to hear it. Love this couple!

Ludacris on

How ridiculous. This woman is so out of touch with reality that she has to spin an article in a magazine about how she is “curvy”. Vanity knows no bounds.


Camila is so beautiful and so is Matthew!

Laine on

What curves? She looks fantastic and I’m happy she is so comfortable with herself, but I don’t see a curve on that body! This article makes me (a woman who is not overweight but DEFINITELY has some very womanly curves) feel self-conscious.

"Curves" on

Yeahhh curves on a stick! Give me a break. That’s not what a curvy woman looks like. We are way more real than that.

PJS on

I don’t understand what she means by “curves.” She’s a skinny woman. Maybe she gained 5 lbs, but that’s not really a big deal. What a strange article.

Molly1958 on

errr, gag.
When in her 20’s – so from 25 to 30 – whoa, slow down – in 5 years, she embraces her curves and so does Matt.
Big deal…

Gi on

J LO has curves, Beyoncé has curves. This one, please, what curves is she talking about? What? She gained 5 pounds and now she has curves?

Vida on

This is curves, People???
Salma Hayek is curvy, this is not.

Jill on

She is a beautiful women and I am sure her body has changed since having three babies. She may not be “curvy” to what you think is “curvy” but give her a break the article is talking about her wanting to be healthy. Why do women have to bash each other all the time????

LuvLeeRita on

This story is laughable, NO SERIOUSLY, laughable. Curves?… LOL. I’ll show you curves.

Anonymous on

Those are curves???? She’s tiny!!! Celebrities have NO idea what curves are!!

Lala on

So many people, reacting like she made these comments specifically towards you. First of all, it’s just her opinion and thoughts. Big whoop.
In regards to her curves, she’s probably curvier now, than she used to be. She doesn’t have to be 20lbs heavier, to notice a change in her body, or for her body to look different than it used to.

Carden on

Where are these curves? I had more curves in 8th grade. She does have the right theory of being more concerned about being healthy, which is good to hear.

Sand on

Ms. Alves is doing other things in her personal life that don’t involve her body. But as usual likes to focus on women’s bodies, faces and what they are wearing. Boring. Women are so much more than their bodies and faces and clothes. Sexist article.

Katie on

I wouldn’t say she is curvy in the way that people usually define curvy, but she may be hiding her curves. I’ve had two C-sections and I’m 15 pounds over my ideal weight. She may be like me and have legs that are fine, but a belly that shows curves that were never there before. She is wearing a baggy shirt, so who knows. People always say I’m super skinny, but if they saw me in a bikini (ha never) they would be shocked by my body now. I hide my curves very well.

Guest on

Oh god if she’s curvy….I’m a winding road going up a mountain. There is NOTHING curvy about her. She’s as skinny as a stick. I don’t understand

Sand on

Camilla should not have been subject to such an interview. That means she had to be asked questions about her body and how she feels. Those are personal and rude questions. I, as a woman, am more interested in what she is doing for society and her children and not her body. I think this is a degrading article.

taccat on

wow…she still looks thin thin thin to me…

Carolyn on

Ericka, I really take offense to your comment about “overrweight women that can’t put down the fork or get off of their butts”. Thin, fit people are no more “normal” than I, an “overweight woman”, am. I am not abnormal. Nor am I lazy. You want to be self righteous? Try living with a food addiction, or a physical condition that makes is difficult to exercise. Your comment is offensive, aggressive, and childish. Am I jealous of thin, fit women. Yes. Do I call them women who “count every calorie and exercise to extremes” ? No.

karmagirl on

Let me guess, curvy to her is being 2 pounds heavier than when she was 15. WOW

darcy on

EW, EW, EW!!!! Another poor pretentious model who had a baby and oh my gosh, is still the same size!!! What curves?! You mean the pregnancy weight? Its great that you are blessed with great genes, but don’t play us the readers for a fool to think that you are now curvy and like “normal” moms!

Rhonda on

Curvy must mean something different in Brazil because I had THAT body when I was 20 and I didn’t have a baby until the age of 37. All she is doing is adding to the illusion of what we should look like and for that, I no longer respect her.

Anonymous on

So, Camila is embracing her “curves”?? What curves?? She looks every bit the model she did before she had her kids. Really, who is she kidding?? This article makes me sick!! I am pretty sure that every NORMAL mom would love to have her “curves”…unfortunately, the reality is that alot of woman can’t afford all the perks that she can, including diet dinners delivered to your door, nannies and personal trainers. If I had someone to watch my kids, and I could hire a personal trainer, and I could have my meals delivered to my door, perhaps I would embrace my “curves” as well!! GET REAL CAMILA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat on

I think both “sides” of this argument are wrong. She says she is embracing her curves. If she’s always been a size 0, then a 2 or a 4 might be curvy. Or if she used to wear junior sizes, she’s a misses (odd sizes versus even). She’s saying that in her 20s, as a model, she wanted to look hot. She still looks hot, but wants to be perceived, and is, healthy. After having children, her breasts have changed, probably. It doesn’t mean that thin, small-breasted women aren’t hot. She didn’t say that. Everyone calm down!

Anonymous on

Camila, get a life, and stop wasting our time with your stupid comments !!!!

Anonymous on

sure, what a cow!

susan on

Dear Camila,
You and I had babies on December 28th last year. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and watch what I eat like crazy. I still have way more curves than I care for, While it may be true that your body has changed since you had your beautiful kids with your GORGEOUS husband, I think I speak for alot of women when I say….you are not curvy! just sayin’

canadasue on

Curves? Where?

Bethanie F on

Curvy lol what a joke.

Lisa on

Curves???? She’s a tall, skinny model. You have to stop saying these skinny chicks are curvy when it’s not the case.

Anonymous on

The reason everyone is all bent out of shape is because Americans have totally warped the term “curvy” to be applied to women that are fat and overweight, not women who the term should actually apply to.

PeopleMag on

So glad Mathew is okay that her body has changed and what curves????? She doesn’t know what curves are.

Rita on

Seriously? Let her try a size 14….

vadahoppus on

i think she has curves and looks very toned and great. Kudos to Camilla!! She’s beautiful

Brandi on

I honestly think that some people are reading way too much into this. While she is still small, her body did change after having kids and she’s not trying to set the standard for what curvy should look like at all, just saying that she is now curvy in comparison to what she was before having children. We all know that curves are usually associated with having more of a womanly body, but she’s not saying that those without curves aren’t still attractive or “hot” or less of a woman than a woman with curves. I understand exactly what she’s saying as I am still a size 2 after kids, but my body has definitely changed after kids – my hips are different and my chest is bigger. Don’t pick her apart just because what she is saying doesn’t apply to you specifically. There are a variety of real, everyday moms out there and whether you are a size 22 or a size 6 after childbirth, it doesn’t make you any more or less of a mom. It just means that we all have different looks as moms as we have different genes, lifestyles, and circumstances…there is no set “mold” that you have to fit in order to “look the part” of being a mother. Try to relate to one another instead of tearing each other apart for once.

Lola on

Umm, I don’t see curves. I’d be delighted to have her body. No wonder women have body image issues if this is someone with curves.

guest on

seriously? curves? good lord.

Ippersiel on

Beyoncé has curves. She has a line. You can’t be serious?

Kell on

She’s saying she’s curvier than she was. It’s unbelievable how many women get angry at that statement. She is a healthy curvy. Quit with the ‘real women’ and ‘stick’ comments, and admit to yourselves there’s a difference between healthy and overweight. It’s just as nasty to say someone’s unattractively thin as it is to say someone’s unattractively fat. If you don’t like what she says about her own body, that’s your problem… not hers.

Niki on

Cole Maria, congrats for missing the point entirely and then going on to sound incredibly condescending. Nowhere does she “bash” women for returning to their exact pre-baby shape, she was talking about HER body changing and how she feels about it. Get over yourself and your obvious issues.

J on

Actually no, Anonymous, some of us Americans do understand the difference between curvy and overweight. Camila isn’t overweight and she isn’t too curvy.

mumwards31 on

Seriously?! And we wonder why young girls have self esteem issues. Very disappointed People! I’d hardly say she has a ‘curves issue’

mumwards31 on

Disgusting People! So disappointed in you posting this article and it sounds like Camilla needs to get over herself. And we wonder why young girls have self esteem issues these days.

Charli on

She should hush. She is going to give some poor woman an eating disorder.

maxiesmom on

Oh for heavens sake – too bad that she thinks she has curves after having 3 kids – I guess we should all applaud that her husband is willing to accept her as she now is. Sigh – wish we were alot farther along with body acceptance than this.

BeNice on

Skinny woman who talk about loving their curves are just obnoxious.

Guest on

The article sort of implies that its shocking that she’s embracing her curves. Is that even a question? Of course every woman should, especially Camila who lets face it, still looks amazing despite her “curves”

Yvonne on

I’m sure she means curvy for herself compared to what she looked like before pregnancy. Calm down people, no need to get all up in arms over her view of herself and take it as a personal insult. Women come in all shapes and sizes. She’s just stating that she’s changed. And most women notice the body changes after a few kids and call them the badge of a real woman. It’s not easy bearing and raising babies.

Anonymous on

Ha, good joke, People Mag!

MKM on

Isla Fisher recently made the same remarks. Love the two of them for helping keep realistic expectations for healthy post-baby bodies!

Anonymous on

LMAO! Curves? What curves?

Sophia on

“Curves”. Lol.

bebe on

I see a curve in this picture! It’s the arch of her foot!

kjrsten on

curves….. pls. time to get a grip on reality. Those aren’t curves.

TiredMommy on

Ummm…that’s not curvy in the LEAST bit. Come on. She’s just showing off if she is saying she is curvy. Just drawing attention to the fact that she is NOT curvy. Wish I had those “curves”!

suzy diamond on

We should ALL look this bad! She’s GORGEOUS!!

Max on

Why does these women try to pretend theyre like real folk

Diedra on

That is a joke

Braveheart on

Oh Plleeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………..
Spare us!!!

Anonymous on

way to go “people magazine”….. great photo shop !!!!!

CLF on

Curves?!?!?! Where?! While it is a great lesson to tell women to accept their bodies, it is not good to have women think that that body is curvy.

cristina on

I’m not seeing a ton of “curves” on Camilla, but at least she’s admitting that her body has changed since having kids.

FelicityJune on

The girl is thirty for heaven’s sake. She looks great and if Matthew would not be ok with her curves, she should shoot him to the moon. If you think this is curvy and your body changed, wait till you hit menopause Camilla!!!

Chelle on

Umm, does anyone see curves cause I certainly don’t. I was a size 5 and after having my daughter I am a size 10 with actual visible curves. Alicia Keys and Beyonce are curvy and although Camilla is gorgeous, I see not 1 solitary curve.

Linda on

She makes it sound like her body went to hell in a handbag….pleaseeee, she’s “drop dead” gorgeous!

Alexa Lee on

What curves??? Bullocks!!!

Cloon on

OMG this is the funniest thing I have read in a long time hahaha….

Marky on

Apparently, a lot of posters on here equate overweight with “curvy”! Camilla looks great, and so do many women, if they make exercise several times a week, and healthy eating, a part of their day.

Jazz on

Camilla should have kept it real and said that she’s happy that she remained a size 0 after 3 kids, that would have been a more honest answer.

Luz on

Camila seems to be very happy and this is what keeps her in shape. We should all strive to take care of ourselves no matter our age. The problem starts when we try to look like someone else.

M on

That’s curvy?

eshafer1 on

People, the Title does not say, “Camila McConaughey Embraces Being Fat After Three Kids”! I think some of the readership is confusing curves with being overweight. She is simply making the statement that she no longer has the body that she had prior to being a mother. Don’t hate on her (and other women who make the conscious choice to take care of their bodies and/or those that are genetically blessed). Perhaps your anger and frustrations could better be utilized by redirecting at the reflection in the mirror. If you don’t like it, only you have the power to change what you see. And before you pull that BS about real women not having the time, that’s a load of crap. There are plenty of us that make that decision every day to get up and do something about it. Stop whining and ACT!

Melanie on

Camila certainly hit some nerves while describing the changes to HER body. She’s a model, so it’s alright to belittle her and insult her shape, right? Yeah, body shaming is only a problem when it’s done to the overweight, I always forget that. Some of these same hypocrites would be screaming in outrage in response to similar comments toward larger women.

C on

i just love when a thin/normal woman saying that she embraces her curves loool… like she didn’t get a trainer in the same week that she had each one?! lolz..

loveface on

wow – sure sounds like a lot of bitter scorned people out there. You all are attacking her based on your perception of how things are and from how your body has always been. She is doing the exact same thing yet you bash her. Hey get over it- she had a very thin model’s figure. To her mind, she no longer does and thinks she is curvier. That is HER perception and perhaps in her mind because that is all she knows- gaining 10 pounds is figure altering. Correct- most women would not even notice a 10 pound difference but she is not most women- as evidenced by the fact that she was a high fashion model. How bout giving her some slack and allowing her to express herself in her own way without running after her like villagers with torches. You are so literal- when she mentioned her husband “being ok with it” she was in my opinion merely stating that he loves her figure no matter what size she is but just used a bit more simplistic approach to say it- geez talk about knocking down women- how bout we just give someone a break instead of looking for the first opportunity to knock them down. She seems like a very responsible person towards her loved ones and people in general.

Inessa on

I don’t seem to see any particular curves here…

Santacruz on

Excuse me, this is not curvy. This is still slim. What are theses people trying to tell us? Rubbish!

JC on

She looks the same size as before she had her children.

Karen L Platt on

She’s so beautiful!!

Jennifer on

What curves?

boo on

Well you know Matthew is all about his women being skinny otherwise he doesn’t give them the time of day. That coming from his mouth on a interview he did. He is very arrogant. I am sure he reminds her on a daily basis he didn’t marry a average build woman and wouldn’t stay with one. I use to love him but after that article and seeing him exercising at the beach with her family there trying to spend time together I realized he is a jerk and not a good looking one on top of that. He looked OLD in Magic Mike!


CURVY??? WHERE???? is she really that dumb??? SMH…….

itznia on

She is gorgeous – obviously inside and out.

Agape on

Okay – she says she is curvier than she was pre-babies. I get it. But you have to remember that she has access to the same people/teams that helped her husband go from normal size to deathly stick thin for a movie. Hollywood has and uses every expensive surgery, fitness expert, and trick in the book to recreate their bodies after pregnancy. I am not too impressed, but am happy for her and her good attitude!

Lou on

What curves??? She’s totally slim!

Kat1129 on

So glad Matthew is OK with it!

donnatex on

what? That is not curvy.

Kathy on

Oh pleaseeee, curves?? Really? what from a size 00 to a 0!!

nat on

Do remember how much photos are photoshopped before print – maybe that’s where her ‘mythical’ curves have gone?

deb on

It’s good to read these kinds of articles because the reality of it is, what can you can do but embrace your curves after giving birth to 3 children? Like it or not, child bearing changes the body. There’s a difference in curves and blubber.

oldfashioned on

Curvy to her must mean she has a 26″ waist instead of a 24″ waist. Kind of crazy. Beautiful woman though. But definitely not CURVY.

Aneta on

If that’s curvy she must have been a popsicle stick to begin with…

Reesca on

This article is a slap in the face to those of us who have real bodies that changed after having a child. Thanks PEOPLE for making me feel inadequate.

Allison on

Curves? this is rediculous! I wont even read the article. Just by looking at her picture and People saying she has curves is a complete oxymoron, This is why women and girls have such poor distorted self images. She looks all of a size 0 what kind of curve could they possibly be referring to?

Anonymous on

So what is she now, a “curvy” size 4? Of course, in Hollywood, a size 4 is “fat”.

MEG on

I hate to break it to her but she has never been HOT!!

Kim on

“Even Matthew has seen that change in me and he’s completely okay with it”

Are you kidding me? Didn’t know a womans body changing after childbirth needed a husbands approval.

lester on

It’s not evolution, but that’s okay.


Emily on

She IS curvy compared to what she looked like prior to having 3 kids. I am a naturally thin woman, 29 years old and mother of 3. Am I still thin after having 3 children? Yes, I am. But my shaped HAS changed. I have more hips and my chest is somewhat bigger. The problem with so many of the comments is that women seem to be upset that this woman says she curvier after having children just because she isn’t fat. Curves don’t equal fat, and motherhood doesn’t have to equal letting oneself go. Not for everyone. Yes, Camila Alves McConaughey has a lot money and when pictures of her are shown in magazines, she is well-groomed (she is a MODEL!), but that doesn’t make her less of a woman, or less of a mother. Every one of us is different. We should all be embracing one another as women, not attacking each other for the way we’re different! For those who are saying that Camila is a size 0, think again. She may have been that before having kids, but I would bet she is about a size 5 now. I used to be a zero, and after my first child, I was a size 3, then after my second, I was a size 5…my youngest is almost a year old and my hips have widened to a size 7. You would be surprised how many of us who are naturally thin are NOT in a size 0, especially having had kids!

khi on

Thank you, Emily, Kell, and Loveface. You are the only people making any sense. She may be curvy relative to what she was before she had kids. I am sure she’s not comparing herself to the readers of People. And you can be slim and curvy, I am slim with a “boyish” figure. I don’t have a lot of hips. But I am still a “real woman”. She probably got curvier….ie hips spread, more butt, fuller chest. I find it really annoying to read these article where women are complaining about “real women” and celebrities giving women eating disorder, then these women have to put down others who to make themselves feel better. Like there aren’t a million different body shapes in the world….it’s not all fat & skinny. And not one is more valid than the other. Ok, off my soapbox now 🙂

melissa on

Man, I’m freaking huge if that’s curvy. I mean I get what she’s saying. She doesn’t have that model stick figure anymore and likes it but come on. No wonder women hate their bodies nowadays. Our society is so sick, we’re told that if we have babies that we shouldn’t change at all when years past it was sexy to have a WOMAN’S body when you were a WOMAN. It’s like everyone is a pedophile and they just don’t realize it. Women who are considered sexy now have the body of a preteen, small breasts and no hips. While woman who are truly curvy are given they impression that they should fit into this perverted ideal.

Nannyto1 on

For those saying that she’s not curvy… it’s all relative to what you were beforehand. And if she’s curvier than before, than she’s curvy. End of story. And she looks fabulous!!!

Jen on

So what? Now she’s a size 2 instead of a 0? Blah

Seriously on

Yeah, she’s a real fatty. *yawn*

J on

Curvy…pffft. I would say a size 12 or above is curvy, depending on height. She’s maybe a 2 or a 4.

CamdenAgain on

Curves? You must be trippin’.

Laurie on

That MUST be a before shot, right?

AbbyDogg on

Oh please! I should be so “curvy!”

Celine on

I’m sorry, what “curves” is she referring to???

Anon on

there’s a difference between having curves and being overweight in my opinion. being overweight isn’t the same as having curves…it’s extra weight not different body types

Diva on

She is beautiful!

Diva on

Kate Upton is curvy!

kitty62862 on

She looks totally lovely…

What curves?

LSM on

Seriously??? What curves?!

weezer on

What curves?? Sounds like body dismorphia to me!!

guest on

It is really irritating when people act as if you can’t complain about your body changing if you aren’t overweight. I have also had three kids and am a size 0. I watch my caloric intake to keep my weight in check. But I am far from in shape. I have love handles and muffin top and cellulite on my legs. I need to tone up badly. These were not problems I had before becoming a mom. However, other ladies can talk about how damaged their bodies are after having a baby and how they need to get in to shape, but when I say the same I get eyerolls. Just because I am not obese does not mean that my body hasn’t changed like everyone else’s. I get what she’s saying.

visitor on

She’s gorgeous and she has more curves than many models I’ve seen described as curvy. But she’s not THAT curvy. haha

cat on

Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes…..okay….where are the curves?

cat on

Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes……I’ve blinked….Where are the curves?

Lynn on

The most galling thing about this article is that People would publish it in the first place as if its some triumph of mind over media. She looks fantastic and we’d all probably do a jig to look that good, before or after kids. I’m not trying to diminish whatever self esteem issues she may or may not have (we all do) but People magazine, maybe you should think about your audience a little before you share a story of a size 4 model (if that) loving her “curvier'” self now that she’s not a size 0. You are perpetuating the very thing you claim to be against. Ugh!

Martina on

People that say that ‘you are just jealous because you are fat’ – please! I am also 42, and had my last kid at 40, and a yoga instructor / personal trainer. That doesn’t preclude me from believing that Camila calling herself curvy is ridiculous and self-absorbed. It’s not good for women’s body image to see a picture of a teeny tiny model and read how this is ‘curvy.”

This article is not positive for women. Who have kids, jobs, often no help, and responsibilities like endless laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. They don’t have time for themselves, because their entire days are spent taking care of their families and responsibilities. This is reality. Not going to be toned and gorgeous without spending hours in the gym. Sorry.

TM on

Why are people so shocked that Camilla thinks of herself as curvy? Maybe she is curvy according to her own standards and compared to what her body was like before she had her babies. Maybe she has more flesh on her body now and feels more womanly. Curvy does not have to be excessive, one can be curvy without having huge boobs and hips.

Anonymous on

I wish I had those so-called curves!! Oh brother!!

Tlc on

THe only curves I see are in her hair!!! Sheesh…this woman needs a reality check!

stacy on

Are you kidding me? No wonder so many girls have image issues…that is NOT curvy and having a magazine promote this story is disturbing.

J on

O-M-G, wow, I’m like, soooo happy that she’s embracing all of those curves! She is soooo curvy…like a…ruler. *sorostitute hair toss*

In all seriousness, she comes across as incredibly condescending considering that she isn’t curvy at ALL and has NO clue what a normal-looking mother goes through.

Lehua on

Don’t get me wrong she is sooooo beautiful , and doesn’t look at all like she had 3 kids. Which is great!!! That means she worked her butt off to be where she was . But the title to this is absurd. I see no curves. Curves is a woman who is a size 14 and up depending on your height. Please think about an article, really think about it, before you post it next time.

ShoeQueen on

What curves??? If that’s curvy then pigs fly….

Sarah on

Man, people are mean on here. Has anyone ever thought that she may now feel as though her body is ‘curvy’ or ‘has curves’ compared to how it was BEFORE kids? Maybe that’s what’s she referring to. Curves for someone who was extremely thin to begin with are probably subtle and aren’t necessarily the same for someone who was heavier to begin with and/or have more distinctive curves. Give the woman a break and stop picking her apart. I think she looks beautiful, little curves and all.

Anonymous on

she needs to look up the definition of curvy or ask the general public what curvy is!!

theyknow on

so where are they??? You need to see me honey…lol!!. She really needs to think about what she said or maybe they posted the wrong pic. She looks the size of MIley.

Michelle on

She has no clue what curves are. Only curves I see are in her hair. Give me a break.

Gigi on

Is this a joke? Curves? Where? It’s seriously depressing when posts these types of articles.

Beth on

I’m not seeing way curvier here!

Alayna on

She looks damn good for having 3 kids.

Marky on

Cole Marie, may I ask what is NOT HOT about Camilla?? She is slim, as usual, and looks great! Like you, I wore my skinny, pre-pregnancy clothes home from the hospital after all my deliveries. I was 104 and a size 4 at 45, but Camilla wasn’t putting anyone down at all, or saying there’s anything wrong with any size. She said she had more “curves”, and a picture clearly shows her looking fabulous. Sounds to me like the touchy one is you, and maybe, after you have a cup of tea and think about it, you will realize it was others claiming she had no curves and was rail-thin, not her.

me on

Yes, my God she is so curvy now. :S
Seriously, if anything she looks like a healthy and toned skinny. She is not curvy. I am so sick of these super skinny celebs who have kids and then all they can talk about is embracing there curves. You have no curves, you just have what is now considered a healthier figure. You are also not 16 anymore. She is a beautiful woman and has a beautiful figure, but please stop saying you are curvy.

Sandy on

What curves???

Wendy on

Oh my goodness!! I would love to be that “curvy”!!! The only curves I see on her are the waves in her hair!

Tali on

I don’t even understand why she is a news story? She is a celebrity’s wife, not a celebrity. And, I hate that this is what is defined as curvy. Once again a People magazine article is a shallow article on the over-indulged.

Sara on

She is SO beautiful. Quintessential woman!

Samantha on

I think its amazing that people dont know what the real definition of CURVY. Really your 5″9 or taller, you weight 110lbs and say OMG I just love my curves! What curves, Camilla you have no curves, Kirstin Dunst-no curves. Sofia Vergara has curves, Khloe Kardashian is a curvey women! If your thin your thin own it! Dont take a word and ruin what truly promotes confidence for a woman that weighs more than 100lbs and is not 5’10.

Lisa on

This is the most ridiculous story ever! I have to laugh when “embracing your curves” is talking about a model who maybe, just maybe… is a size 2 after having 3 children. Lol, was she a 12 year old boy before?? Here I was expecting her to be shaped like Sofia Vergara or something. Silly, just silly.

Eve Spencer on

CURVES?!! WHAT THE F?!. I don’t think so. New headline People Mag.

jessica thorton on

funny how it’s always the stick thin women who say they “embrace their Curves”..first of all, WHAT curves??? i find this comment and others like it, disturbing.

Maria on

This is exactly the kind of media-material that triggers eating and self esteem disorders on young ladies. If that’s your sick definition of curvy, I can sadly picture how unhealthy your definition of slim/skinny is. This is bullshit!!!

PS on

Take a moment and do an image search for Camilla. You’ll see in *real life* her skin’s considerably darker and her face shape is not the same as it is in this photo. Photoshop, anyone? That’s probably why you don’t see as many curves either – someone shaved ’em right off at the comfort of their desk. In the fashion mag world, body fat is simply not allowed.

Anonymous on

Who cares! She has matthew!!!!!

sgtmian on

damn, there must be a lot of fat moms on here, everyone is so sensitive. curvy has nothing to do with your weight. her hips got wider, and her boobs grew, okay? no one is saying that she’s fat, because curvy does not mean fat. it’s still a body change, and takes getting used to.

also, i’d like to point out that you don’t need to hire expensive personal trainers or have good genes to keep a healthy weight. eat things that are good for you, stop eating before you’re full, and move your body. that’s IT. that’s the secret.

AR on

What curves sister? Are you making fun of us ordinary women?

June on

these types of articles are hilarious. But the best one was about how Camila’s “husband’s humor keeps her young. actually HER AGE ( 30 ) keeps her young. Listen , I bumped into camila 8 weeks ago in NYC. She actually was curvy ( unlike this photo) it’s possible she lost 20 pounds since then. But I credit photoshop. Either way she looks great. How about putting a picture of someone full sized for this type of article next time…? That way the article can have substance and not be designed to simple promote thinness.

Glamslinky on

That’s CURVY?

How nice.

Naomi on

what curves? Really.