Mario Lopez’s Mad Dash to His Son’s Delivery

09/11/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Mario Lopez Son Dominic Delivery Michael Buckner/Getty

Mario Lopez is back to being saved by the bell.

The second he finished his hosting duties on The X Factor on Monday, the new dad — who also helped launch Extra‘s 20th season at Universal Studios Hollywood and did his radio show, On with Mario, earlier in the day — was ushered out the door to head to the hospital.

Lopez, 39, had received the call: although wife Courtney‘s c-section was scheduled for next week, she had gone into labor and was ready to deliver the couple’s second child.

Twenty minutes after he arrived, Lopez — who greeted the mom-to-be with a kiss before posing for one last quick picture — suited up and was in the operating room anticipating the big announcement.

“I don’t know [what it’s going to be]. I don’t want to guess!” Lopez, who documented the experience, says when asked his thoughts on whether it would be a boy or girl.

“I think it’s going to be a baby! A beautiful, healthy one that hopefully looks just like Mom.”

Shortly after, the video shows doctors cleaning off the couple’s new son, Dominic, who was born with black curly hair — and a dimple like Dad! “I did it! It’s a boy! I did it! It’s a boy!” Lopez cheers. “You did it, honey! Way to do it!”

Later, Lopez — who shares his son was named after Courtney’s grandfather and will go by Nico — emerges from the hospital’s double doors to announce, “It’s a boy!” to the waiting room. The new father’s fist-pumping was met with cheers and applause from family and friends.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

I think they already knew it was a boy. He says “He’s coming” in the video.

Missy on

That video was just adorable. What a happy man and beautiful family. Congrats to them

rose chapa on

congrets to you both

Sarah S. on

Congrats to Mario, Courtney and big sis Gia!!

felix on

that might be the most disgusting thing I have seen in weeks. what the hell is wrong with people? How do they get to this revolting “My whole life is public, and aren’t I just so important?” place???? YUCK!!!

PoorKid on

During both pregnancies, he made it crystal clear that he wanted a boy. I hope that he was this excited when his daughter was born even though she wasn’t the son he desperately wanted.

Maricopa on

what an arrogant piece of dirt. I did it. I did it. grrh. more like your WIFE did it. ty

audra on

Awesome name! Dominic is so sharp! Congrats!!!

Melissa on

While it’s awesome that he had a healty baby boy, i must say that i’m a little upset at the fact that they allowed camera’s in the operating room because i would have loved to have had footage of my baby boy after i had my c section :l

Becky on

Congrats, but hopefully he looks more like Dad..

Emma on

ok relax on the botox

4tmama on

He did it?! Lol!! Well Wife did MOST of it, but congrats to all :-D;-)

Shaindy on

Dominic is a lovely name, and so wonderful that it has such meaning. Congrats to the entire family!

Marie on

So happy for them! What a wonderful family, love the surprise also. Cannot imagine how little Gia feels being a big sister, she is absolutely adorable!!

Marky on

The sex of the baby is determined by the father. That’s what he was talking about.

gnugs on

Are you really making a mad dash to a scheduled C-section?

leslie on

The c-section was scheduled for next week but she went into labor on her own…so no he was not rushing to a scheduled c-section. It says it in the article.

Anonymous on

Melissa, We have it and are not celebs. Most be your hospital or doctor.

Anonymous on

Super cute story!

Guest on

I caught that too Anonymous. He knew it was a boy.

guest on

I love the name Dominic-i hope he he goes by Dominic or Dom-thats cool

guest on

he has excellent work ethic, and is fantastic and natural in front of the camera-which is very hard! he has been in the biz since he was a kid. and so classy, never says a bad word about anyone

MEG on

That is one UGLY woman!

Jen on

Help me here. She was in labor and 20 minutes later she had a c-section?

Deanie on

justintime on

did he act this way with his first child? and didn’t he have sex with a minor years ago ?? and they swept it under the rug….hes gross!! I vomit in my mouth every time I see his ugly lying face!!

Mya on

I don’t know but something about hi SCREAMS “fame whore”

Anonymous on

Jen, that’s not what the article says or happened. She went into labor and 20 mins after he arrived, she had a c section. They arrived separately.

The examiner is not a reputable site and if you read, he never said they were having a girl.