Mario and Courtney Lopez Welcome Son Dominic

09/10/2013 at 02:40 AM ET

Mario Lopez Courtney Lopez Welcome Son Dominic Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

It’s a boy!

Extra host Mario Lopez, 39, and his wife Courtney welcomed their second child, son Dominic, on Monday evening, Sept. 9 in Los Angeles, he announced via Twitter.

“It’s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please welcome Dominic Lopez to the world,” he wrote. “Couldn’t be happier … Courtney and baby are doing just fine.”

The family’s newest addition, who weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz upon his delivery via c-section., is named after Courtney’s grandfather and will go by the nickname Nico. He joins big sister Gia Francesca, who turns three on Wednesday.

Since the February reveal that there was another baby on the way, Mario and Courtney have concentrated their efforts on soaking up time with their firstborn — including throwing her a princess-themed birthday party — as they prepared her for the baby’s big arrival.

“She’s pointing at the baby and saying, ‘There’s a baby in there,'” the doting dad told PEOPLE, adding their decision to keep the sex a surprise didn’t sit well with the soon-to-be big sister.

“She wants to know if it’s a boy or a girl, but we don’t know because we’re waiting to find out. That’s kind of tough sometimes — we just don’t know!”

But as Gia’s excitement grew, Courtney joked she wasn’t sure how much her toddler actually understood. “Gia kind of understands that there is a baby in my belly,” the mom-to-be said shortly after announcing her pregnancy. “She also told me our dog Julio has a baby in his belly — so who knows!”

As for regaining her body after baby, Courtney admitted to PEOPLE she’s hopeful she will shed the pregnancy pounds as quickly as she did following the birth of her first child.

“My husband is the most supportive man on the earth. He loves my booty,” she said in June. “I lost the weight pretty quickly the first time, so I’m praying it happens the second time around.”

— Anya Leon

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Erma M Vargas on

Happy 4 u all god bless

venett on

Awww how awesome. I’m so glad to hear the good news for the happy new parents. Mario and Courtney I wish you all the best to you and your growing family. May God bless you always.

kristie on

congratulations to mario and courtney!!

Marky on

Congratulations! Love the name; this couple seems to be so happy and loving toward each other and their children…nice!

Stacy on

Congratulations to Mario, Courtney and Gia on the arrival of a beautiful son and brother! 👪

CRH216 on

Nice to see her top concern is losing the weight quickly.

Ann on

Best wishes to all…..

Marilyn on

Congratulations! I was wondering if he’d be born on Gia’s birthday (Sept. 11) as the days went by.

Anais on

congrats from Australia!! see him every evening on tv with Maria Menounos ❤

The Naked Vegetarian on

Just had to bring up losing baby weight, People. Why can’t you just leave that out for one article – just one – and focus on the pure joy the occasion?

Momof3 on

I will never understand why every single article about someone having a baby has to mention losing all the baby weight in record time.

Martina on

Hard to imagine Mario as a married man with kids! But here he is. Congratulations. They picked wonderful names for their kids as well.

Surf City on

No one in my family has girls and boys. It’s either all girls OR all boys. My mom is up to her 6th grandson. Good luck to them and anyone having a baby. It’s a joyous experience for the whole family!

Lili on

I love that they didn’t find out the sex of the baby I am currently pregnant with my second child and we didn’t find out either times, my 3 and a half yr old keeps guessing what the baby is and I think it’s cute, there’s no element for surprise anymore with couples, congrats to them and to his big sister xxxx

msmick on

So refreshing to see a celebrity give their child a “normal” name…..not named after a bird, animal, planet, etc.!!!

pattib59 on

I am always amazed when the new Hollywood mothers are most concerned about losing baby weight as quickly as possible instead of concentrating on bonding with their babies. It must be so stressful to be a young pregnant woman in the spotlight constantly regarding her pre-post baby weight.

Denise on

Congratulations!!! Love his name. Best wishes to everyone.

Momof3 on

They look like brother and sister.

NSBooklady on

VERY awesome! Congratulations to Mario, Courtney and big sister Gia. Love the name.

Carolyn on

That’s great. He finally has his little boy. But what’s up with the Italian names? Is Courtney Italian?

maggie on

Pray for a healthy baby and life…Not to lose weight.

Nikita on

They look like brother and sister LOL

Nicole on

Congratulations to you and your families on the birth of your sceond child!! Love the name! Best wishes to you all! xoxo

Marge on

Why would she even mention losing the baby weight. Why is everyone obsessed with losing the baby weight?

Tasha_215 on

@ Anonymous, YES Mario’s wife Courtney (née Mazza) is Italian.

Congratulations to the Lopez’s, Dominic is a beautiful name 🙂 They make gorgeous babies…

Sylvia on

I cannot stand either of them but congrats on their new arrival. And thank God they gave him a normal name.

Anonymous on

It’s funny how people focus on the weight issue…Have YOU ever been pregnant? Do you even know how uncomfortable it is at the end of the pregnancy with all of that extra weight …Heck yes i couldn’t wait to get it off…while I enjoyed one of the most beautiful moments of my life…..this couple is enjoying one of the most beautiful moments of their relationship and they are inviting you to celebrate that with them …. beautiful couple and lovely name….

Rhonda on

Congratulations Mario and Courtney!

Marla on

They seem like a nice couple; congrats to them! I like the name choices for their kids. Still can’t wrap my mind around Apple after so many years (sorry, Gwynneth).

Toni on

Good grief folks … she just mentioned about losing the baby weight … it’s not a top priority. STOP reading things into everything. One little sentence out of the whole article and you that’s all you get out of it …. Geesh!!!

haven on

Who cares if she said she wants to lose the baby weight, who doesnt? Mario finally have their little man, congrats to them. This pic doesnt do her justice she looks way older. I am not a big fan of them because they seem to try so hard to get attention on their reality show.

vada on

beautiful name!!! Congrats to the both of them

LadyV on

People hating on her comment about losing the baby weight are just mad becasue they probably haven’t lost their baby weight and their children are 10 yrs old now…haters.

Lindsay on

I’m 32 with 4 kids. I lost all the “baby weight” within a month of having each of them. But it wasn’t my focus and it wasn’t due to a special diet or hitting the gym.

I think the concern here is the obsession with this in society. It’s the mentality that a woman must hurry and lose the fat! It’s unhealthy and it’s not what should be important – having a healthy baby and enjoying/bonding with it is what’s important. We shouldn’t be commenting on and ridiculing a woman’s weight – ever – but my momma taught me manners unlike some people. So your comment here is unfounded, and quite ridiculous in fact, no one seems to be a “hater” but you.

Lindsay on

Why has society been so wrapped up in this “lose the baby fat quickly!” mentality? Women should worry more about having a healthy baby and enjoying him/her than about how grat you’re “booty” is going to look a week later. Just my opinion though.

Congrats to the little family – love the name Dominic!

Marlene Emmett on

mario,courtney & gia:
Congratulations on your new adddition.

Sun on

Why she was worried about getting her old body back and it won’t be same after having babies. Focus on your newborn son than yourself. Your body takes time to lose weight and etc.

Brooklyn on

Umm, perhaps PEOPLE asked her the question about losing the baby weight. I don’t see anywhere where it says she brought it up.

lola on

Mario and Courtney : Mil felicidades por su Nuevo bebe, Dominic. Les mando Bendiciones desde Mexico.

stacey on

congratulations to the family… They must be one of the few couples to name their kids something normal in hollywood

mammabamma on

All this worry about baby weight!! Just enjoy the fact that you have sacrificed your body for the love of a child. Your first concern first and foremost should be your baby, then let the baby weight fall off naturally. Hollywood really sucks for any woman!

James on

I guess it’s true…why have little preppies when you could have a litter of studmuffins?

Deanie on

I seem to remember them doing a gender reveal on Extra, and he was visibly disappointed that it was another girl. Just smoke and mirrors?

Tee2 on


Jan on

Congrats Mario and Courtney!

SAR on

How wonderful! Now they have a girl and a boy. Congratulations.

Gypsy on

Good God she was huge! lol

jojo on

Awwwww so happy for them!..Mario wanted a boy so badly. Like the name Dominick, but Nico as a nickname? huh..never heard of that, reminds me of Nick..I just know guys that go by Dominick only..o0h well thats their choice, nice they chose it cuz of court grandfather their kids birthdays are just 2 days apart..interesting!

Anonymous on

His name is Dominic…no K. He will go by Nico. This is a popular nickname in Italian families…at least the ones I know!

sunlight on

strange in a good way…..these kids are 3 years apart…they are 3 days apart from each other’s birthdays’. Congrats to mario and courtney!

Mrs. B. on

Most supportive husband for a serial cheater, I guess. Well, congrats to them anyway. May their beautiful children live long, happy and healthy lives.

Sheri on

Mario needs a blackout box for his crotch…looks to be quite excited in this picture.

justbecause on

Wow there a lot of “out there” comments. Congrats to them on the birth of their baby. I have four and I did worry about losing the weight with all of them, not because I was obsessed but because I wanted to feel like myself again. After 9 months of doing everything for someone else it is quite healthy to put some focus back on yourself. I gave my newborn plenty of attention and they were all breast fed so we had bonding time. What woman doesn’t want to take off the extra weight?

kelly on baby picture yet? what are they waiting for..the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…hummmmm