Jordana Brewster Welcomes Son Julian

09/10/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Jordana Brewster Welcomes Son Julian Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Surprise! It’s a boy for Jordana Brewster.

The Dallas star, 33, and husband Andrew Form “are excited to announce the birth of their son, Julian Brewster-Form,” her rep tells PEOPLE. “They welcomed their son via surrogate and the parents are overjoyed.”

Julian arrived on Monday, Sept. 9.

The couple, who have been married for six years, had been considering children as of late. “We’re thinking about having kids but I don’t know when it’ll happen. I feel very ready now,” the actress told Latina in January.

If all goes well, Brewster and Form, a producer, hope to eventually add another little one to their brood.

“I definitely want to have kids. I want two. I grew up with a sister, but I know Andrew would love boys, but I’ll take what I can get,” she said earlier this year.

“One thing that I’ve always sort of loved and been enamored by is the idea of having twins. My dad was a twin, so it runs in the family. Fingers crossed.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Julie on

She’s adorable! Saw her in an interview and she was refreshingly real. Congratulations on the precious new baby!!!

shannon on

I wonder why they used a surrogate? Either way congratulations to the family.

Erin on

I remember her as Nikki on As The World Turns. She’s grown up to be a beautiful lady – congratulations Jordana and Andrew!

Marky on

Congratulations to the new parents! How exciting and what a nice name. Bet it will take a whole 2 seconds before 45 posters say, “twins don’t ‘run in the father’s family” (her father’s), or “guess she just didn’t want to 1) ruin her figure, 2) take a break from her career, or 3) she took the easy way!” Let’s just congratulate this couple who probably dealt with so much before they finally had their baby with a little bit of help…… 🙂

Jennifer on

LOL@Marky….so true! Having fraternal twins conceived naturally and a husband who is an identical twin, I gave up correcting people who assume we should have known we would have twins since he is an identical! They just don’t understand fraternals are genetic on the mom’s side (and none on mine), and identicals are a random thing, having nothing to do with genetics.

sally on

I wonder why anyone would give the angry face! Are they angry because they wanted her to have a girl? I don’t get it!!!

Mrs. Winkler on

@ Shannon – Why else would someone normally use a surrogate???? Well not to sound so crass, but normally people use a surrogate if they are physically unable to carry a child successfully, they want to help children/babies that were put up for adoption for numerous reason and possibly because they did not WANT to put their body through child bearing. I am just sayin….

Isabel on

Congratulations to the couple!

Jazz on

@Mrs Winkler, not everyone that uses a surrogate is cause they have health problems or are unable to carry, specially in the case of CELEBRITIES that several of them have done in as an elective choice.

Rena on

She hasn’t looked very healthy over the last couple of years. I watch Dallas with my girlfriends and we have all commented on how thin and frail she looks. I wonder if she has some health issues going on? Hopefully she is well.

I’m sure the baby boy is gorgeous!

Niki on

I don’t think she looks healthy, she appears to be underweight on her new show Dallas. I’m not surprised she was not able to get pregnant. That said, anorexic Rachel Zoe has gotten pregnant I’m sure through IVF, so who knows. Maybe they didn’t want to go through years and years of infertility and wanted to be parents now.

Rosalyn on

It’s no one’s business why they used a surrogate! Many otherwise healthy looking people cannot carry children.

I had a daughter who was adopted by a couple who could not have their own children and tried in-vitro twice. The mother was extremely healthy & for some reason just could not carry a child. For christ’s sake people, grow up! Why can’t you just be happy for them?

Shawna on

Just out of curiosity, I wonder if the surrogate was a gestational carrier only. Not that it matters to people who have the money to get all the appropriate paperwork locked down. To us common folk, using surrogates can mean heart break if the birth mother decides to keep the baby.

Jordana is a beautiful woman and I hope her son looks like her. Congratulations to the happy family!

lauralee on

Wow did not see this one coming ,congratulations Andrew & Jordana may you two be blessed with many more down the line hopefully ‘twins’:)

Stormy on

Congrats …. Wish I had her money because my hubby and I can’t have anymore and would to expand our family of 4
But congrats either way

Anonymous on

Marky, spot on!

Jazz, first, Mrs Winkler said that some use a surrogate because they “did not want to put their body thru child bearing.” Second who in the celebrity world has used a surrogate and said they did so because they didn’t want to mess up their figure? Facts, not rumors.

Shawna, “the common folk” can’t have their baby taken from them when using surrogacy as long as it is done legally.

Jazz on

@Anonymous, There have been several celebrities who use surrogates because they “dont wanna mess up their body”, some have admitted to that but some dont admit so they dont seem cold.

4tmama on

Congrats, much love 😀 ❤

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! And did anyone ever think that her weight loss is from the stress of trying unsuccesfully to have a baby for several years? Infertility can take quite a toll!

M on

They used a surrogate because she’s to skinny to carry a child.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Jordana and her family! That is wonderful news and I think she will be a great mother! Looking forward to seeing her in Season 3 of “Dallas”!

Jennifer on

I got pregnant naturally at age 39, gave birth at 40. People assume all the time I did fertility methods because of age and my daughters eyes are blue (my husband and I both have brown).

People will make their assumptions, you just never know.

Anonymous on

Jazz, who? I don’t recall one saying that as a fact. I recall rumors. So again, who?

DaisyMoon on

I’ve never heard of ANY celeb who used a surrogate for convenience…

Jazz, can you name them…I must’ve missed it.

mg on

Nice to have money.

mary on

Jazz please, find ONE celebrity who admitted to using a surrogate because she “didn’t want to mess up their body”. Congrats Jordana and Family. Most likely she used a surrogate because she had too, as the best option of having a baby of her own for medical/health reasons.

LR on

I’m going to first say congratulations to the couple on their new baby! Enjoy every second of it…the time goes by so very quickly!

Second, using a surrogate could be for any number of reasons. Both of my doctors have HIGHLY suggested that if my husband and I choose to have another child to go that route. I have epilepsy and the stress on me and the baby would not be considered safe. My son, thank god, was born with no problems but I was also 25 at the time. Things change years down the road and with taking medication daily.

I have a friend that tried for 10 years with her husband. They found that they were both healthy but not compatible with each other fertility wise. Whatever reason they chose surrogate, whether it be medical, personal, body issue, lets just wish them well and be happy that a new life was brought into a home of married parents that have the capability to take care of him.

bkable on

@Shawna…. Typically a surrogate uses your eggs and your husbands sperm and implants them into another woman.. its like IVF but with a donor uterus essentially. Not sure how someone could legally decide to keep your flesh and blood.

Lauren on

Camille Grammer

J on

Wow, so many poor rumors, insinuations, and gossip. Can’t people just be happy and say congrats instead of creating rumors?

mary on

Camile Grammer never admitted that. She has a health problem, which is why she used a surrogate.

Pam on

She most likely used a surrogate because she is unable to carry the baby. She is not THAT rich & famous that she is “too busy or too into herself physique” to carry a baby.

Anonymous on

Lauren, that is not a fact. That is just a nasty rumor. Camille continually spoke about how she wishes she could have carried her children.

Ashley on

Congrats to Jordana and Andrew on the birth of their little boy! I guess we’ll never know (nor should we) why they used a surrogate. But I can’t help but wonder whether Jordana’s inability to sustain a pregnancy is in any way related to the fact that she’s so painfully thin. The film industry requires actresses to practically starve themselves in order to get movie roles, so a lot of them (like Jordana) are seriously underweight. A certain level of body fat is required for women to ovulate, conceive and carry a child, and most Hollywood actresses have such low levels of body fat that I wonder whether it affects their ability to conceive or sustain a pregnancy. Just a thought.

Lynne on

Did it occur to anyone that maybe the producers of Dallas didn’t want the hassle of using inventive filming or want to write a pregnancy for her character, but she really wanted a baby. Using a surrogate would be a way for her to have the child she wanted and keep her job. There’s no vanity in that.