Céline Dion: ‘I’m Not My Son’s Favorite Singer’

09/10/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

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She’s sold more than 200 million albums worldwide, but that doesn’t impress Céline Dion‘s 12-year-old son, René-Charles.

“I’m not his favorite singer, for sure,” the singer admitted Monday in an interview with Access Hollywood. “I’m his favorite mom, though. That’s the main thing.”

Although he’s much more impressed by rappers like Eminem, Dion — also mom to fraternal twins Eddy and Nelson, 3 next month — admits a recent revelation scored her some cool points with her son, whom she calls R.C.

Dion’s new single “Loved Me Back to Life” was written by Australian singer Sia Furler, who also wrote Rihanna‘s hit “Diamonds” and co-wrote and sang on David Guetta‘s track, “Titanium.”

“He said, ‘No way!'” Dion, 45, laughs. “He couldn’t believe it because I’m not cool, and I’m not Rihanna.”

“So he’s like, ‘What? Sia wrote you a song? That must be a mistake. Like, this is not normal. She must not be feeling her best,'” she continues. “Because she’s so cool, for her to write a song for me? It’s like, thank you, Sia. Maybe this will help us!”

— K.C. Blumm

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Mel on

Man, I’m not looking forward to this stage. My 10 year old still thinks I’m cool.

Michelle Jackson on

I’m sorry but this woman is not 45. I love Celine she is an incredible singer but she can not possibly be 45 years old while a woman like Whitney Houston is 49.

dianne on

First of all, Whitney was 48, not 49, when she died. Secondly why is it that Celine CANT look 45, but Whitney CAN look 48? Please explain’

NYYankeeBabe on

Love Celine!! Such an angelic voice!!

Anonymous on

Michelle – why do you say that? Why can’t she be 45? Whitney also looked a lot older due to all the drugs she did – Crack is a helluva drug! Celine lives a clean lifestyle and she’s been singing since she was very young (12, I believe).

Anonymous on

Lol kids, they know how to keep you humble lol

Kim on

Michelle Jackson, what are you talking about? Celine was born March 30, 1968..which does indeed make her 45. What’s so unbelievable about that?

Duh on

Whitney Houston is not 49 years old. She’s dead.

Celine Dion, however, is indeed 45.

Renee on

Yes, lets compare women by the way they age. If they don’t age the same, one must be lying about her age.

NeeNee on

Celine is 45, born in 1968. Whitney, if she were still alive today, would have been 50, as of Aug.9

johanna on

if Celine isn’t cool, what does Rene Charles think of his fossil dad?

Marie on

@Michelle .. Whitney is not 49 … was at the most … but not ‘is’ !

L on

Celine Dion is 45, She was born in 1968. I cannot wait for the new album. It’s gonna be a hit!

Sam on

You’re right. Whitney is 50.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Sounds like RC has his own tastes and what he likes! It is all good Celine! Just love him the way he is.

Marky on

I doubt there are many people on this planet who love and appreciate their children, just the way they are, than Celine Dion! She treasures her husband and her children…and it’s very obvious.

Karen M. on

“I’m not his favorite singer, for sure,” the singer admitted…”…. Does this not strike anyone else as peculiar? What about silly? Or a bit arrogant? I don’t know… it just hits me wrong, I guess….

Anonymous on

Why are we comparing her and Whitney and their ages? And comparing them in the present…..as if they are both actively alive and singing?!?!

Karen M. on September 10th, 2013
“I’m not his favorite singer, for sure,” the singer admitted…”…. Does this not strike anyone else as peculiar? What about silly? Or a bit arrogant? I don’t know… it just hits me wrong, I guess….

She said this in response to being asked if he knows how popular and successful of a singer she is in the world, as the world adores her. i found it cute, especially with her following up with, I am his favorite mom though and that’s the main thing! I find this so cute! The point is, he has no clue how successful his mom is an artist.

Linda on

You asked for it… Whitney Houston doesn’t look so good right know.

Jess on

This article is very cute. Here he is the son of one of musics biggest stars and he doesn’t think she is cool. LOL I love it. To him she is just mom.

Niko on

Michelle Jackson, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Celine looks like a 45 year old woman should look. What’s the problem exactly?

Lisa on

She is stunning in person, and if you ever get to see her live she seems like the most down to earth woman in the world. She talks about her husband and kids and you can tell how she is so in love with her family.

Bee on

I got to see her live while working for Disney. She was eating with her family (her husband came in on an electric wheelchair), PICKING HER NOSE while chewing her food. It was disgusting, and I laugh every time I hear her songs or see her picture!

Anonymous on

I hope she still keeps singing from her heart, and concentrate on more deep things such as singing about subjects could reach positive energy to listeners. Just like her old times.
She should not be like Rihanna or sing the same words to be cool. Her son someday will understand that too.
Celine should be her self to be cool. And I am afraid her last album, doesn’t say that, at least to me!