Alyssa Milano ‘Can’t Imagine’ Not Giving Milo a Sibling

09/09/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Alyssa Milano Milo Sibling Rachel Murry/Getty

Motherhood seems right up Alyssa Milano‘s alley.

“I’m just content in this part of my life. I have no reason to not be happy. Things are good,” the Mistresses star, 40, told PEOPLE on Thursday.

“I love being Milo‘s mom. I’ve strived to try to find some sort of balance between motherhood and work, and I think now I’m on the right track with that, which is great. It’s hard not to be happy when I feel fulfilled.”

Milano’s 2-year-old toddler is “into everything right now,” she explains, adding, “There’s always something new. I got him a drum set for his second birthday. He’s been drumming away, which has been really fun to watch. I’m just encouraging everything.”

But Milo’s milestones are bittersweet for the actress.

“He’s just getting big, which is kind of the craziest part about being a mother — how truly fast it goes,” Milano says. “It feels evil how fast it goes. You just want them to be little and cuddly.”

And it sounds like she’ll have a tiny little infant on her hands again soon enough.

“I want to have another child, just because I want Milo to have a sibling and have someone to grow with,” the former child star says. “My brother and I are so close, and I can’t imagine not giving my son that kind of relationship.”

But for now, she’s content with her only child and all of his characteristics. “I think he’s right in the middle — he’s really physically active, but he also likes quiet time,” she explains. “So I think he’s a good combination of that really funny wild child and that cuddly, sweet baby, too.”

With the season finale to her sexy ABC series airing on Monday at 9:00 p.m. EST, Milano, who plays Savi, looks forward to a few weeks of just being “a mommy – happily” until she begins hosting Project Runway All Stars, which kicks off in October.

— Dahvi Shira

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klutzy_girl on

This was cute! Love Alyssa, and Milo is adorable. Wonder when she and David will have another baby.

So excited for Mistresses’ finale tonight! Really hope ABC renews the show for another season.

Anonymous on

There must be a typo – “little Samantha” from Who’s the Boss can’t possibly be 40 years old!!!! Man, that makes me feel old.

Lucabella on

At 40 she had better hurry, she doesnt have much time and in fact should have started having children 15 years ago. Good thing she doesnt want him to be an only. They always have issues and adjustment problems once they get into the real world and see that life doesnt revolve around them and they are not the precious snowflake that mommy and daddy say they are

heather on

Wow, it’s a good thing you know everything!

Amanda on

To Lucabella: That is an awful stereotype. My grandfather is an only child in a time when only children were very rare, and he turned out just fine, as do many other only children.

KB on

Wow Lucabella, your opinions are sure running rampant! One, not everyone wants to have children at the age of 25, I know I wasn’t ready and many other friends that weren’t…had my daughter in my 30’s. I also say daughter, yes we only have 1 and believe me she does not have issues and can deal with the world just fine! She is outgoing, confident and yes, she can do wrong and we are the first to call her on it to ensure she understands why she got in trouble and her subsequent punishment.

Colleen on

LucaBella- Plenty of women have healthy babies in their forties, and plenty of only children grow up to be just fine. I think people like to judge others to make themselves feel better about their lives and shortcomings. I know when I was pregnant and still now I get all sorts of unsolicited “advice” from strangers. You just smile and walk away and know that person must be missing something in life to feel the need to butt in that way.

Jennifer on

Geez Lucabella, way to be a Debbie Downer! She has as much time as she needs to have another child! And only children do NOT always have issues. My parents were both only children and they are both amazing people. Maybe you’re the one with the issues!

Sydney Chandler on

@Lucabella My husband is an only child and he’s one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. That silliness and mythology about only children needs to be put to bed. I know people who are obnoxious, self-absorbed, petty, out of control narcissists who have plenty of siblings. You are who you are regardless of how many siblings you have. And though I don’t particularly agree with people having children later in life, I’m certainly in no position to tell other people what to do with their lives. It’s their decision and as long as they’re are happy with it, then more power to them. You sound like someone who is unfortunately, trapped in the past. 40 is not fatal and an only child can do just fine. 2013 lady, try it, you may like it.

Alayna on

I hope she is blessed with another child.

Me on

to Lucabella: I am the last of 5 kids and the only girl. Even though I am very smart academically, I have been unemployed for years because I suffer from anxiety and stress which probably stems from witnessing my 4 older brothers beat the living hell out of each other for years while I could do nothing but watch.

My husband, however, is an extremely intelligent, confident and emotionally stable person and is very successful at his job and at being a husband and father. Guess what? He’s an only child and his parents were divorced when he was 12.

Go figure.

Katie on

I personally believe Lucabella typed that because she wanted to upset people. I am a teacher and I do see some only children act as if the world revolves around them, but the majority of only children are wonderful adjusted children.

Quinn on

There is nothing wrong with being an only child. Studies have proven that only children turn out the same as kids with siblings and even better in some areas sometimes (socially and academically). The idea that only children are selfish and lonely is an old-fashoined stereotype. Stereotyping groups of people is not considered “PC”, so why should it be for only children? I have an only child and she is well-adjusted, kind and giving. I’m also a teacher and have had only good experiences with only children.

v on

to Lucabella
you are not smart, women 40 for most time if they already have a child, have no problem to have more….

haven on

Being the only child is okay. My husband is the only child and he turned out just fine. Did he want a sibling? Yeah but what he doesnt know wont hurt him. I wanted two kids cause for one of the reasons i didnt want our daughter to be the only child since i was not the only child. Now we have both a daughter and a son and they are our world.

lauralee on

yayyyyyyyyyy…………another beautiful (normal) baby on the way I love her ,but why does she never mention her love for her husband ?

lauralee on


Vanessa on

Siblings don’t always get along. However, my brother & I really leaned on each other when our dad died suddenly.

sparkykid on

Lucabella: Welcome to the 21st century, dear. We have been missing your special “wisdom” for so long!

canadasue on

Lucabella must have been sucking on lemons, because she is one huge sourpuss! It’s a crock that Alyssa “should have started having children 15 years ago.” I have two happy healthy children, born when I was 36 and 38. Most of my friends are older moms, too. Everyone does things in their own time.

Isabel on

Lucabella, having siblings clearly didn’t help you. As for her age, it has no bearing on your life. Many spend their twenties learning who they are and what they want out of life. Rushing to have children to please morons like you is just stupid.

Cynthia on

I love Alyssa Milano! She is a great role model and sounds like a lovely mother. I hope all her wishes come true 🙂 Almost everyone I know has had a baby over 40 – happy and healthy! We just focused on our careers and make wonderful mothers with our maturity and life experience. You go girl!!

Tracey on

My husband and I have an only child… Not by choice, but due to fertility issues. I also worried at first about him not having siblings (I am one of three and my husband one of five), but we ensured he grew up close to his cousins and the 3 girls next door. He is really well-adjusted!

Anonymous on

@ sydney chandler…thank you! My thoughts exactly! Couldn’t have said it better!

Marky on

Some people are very ready to be parents in their mid-twenties, but it isn’t easy to be the best parent you can be, if you’re still figuring out who you are yourself, and many are doing just that when they are that age. I had my children in my 20’s, and my sister had her only child when she was 39. He is getting his doctorate, and doing very well. Been happily married for quite some time, and has chosen to wait to start his family. Guess it didn’t bother him too much to be an only child, and to be born to older parents. There is no one size fits all in when to have a child or how many to have.

Anonymous on

In addition to what others have said in regards to people waiting to have children, not everyone meets the right man/woman to have kids with when they’re younger. Perhaps Alyssa didn’t feel that she had the right father for her children until she meet David!

Lili on

Sounds like she’s newly pregnant but doesn’t wanna share just yet….

Katy on

Lucabella – That’s a lot of assumptions about someone else’s life in very few sentences.

MommytoanE on

@Lucabella You really need to get out in the world and stop seeing things through your insane rose colored glasses.

Sadly in life I have found the most spoiled, selfish, and vain people I know…have siblings. Heck look in the celebrity world at the people who have siblings vs the only children. You don’t see people like Natalie Portman, Daniel Radcliffe, or Sarah Michelle Gellar in the news all the time for partying it up, getting drunk, loaded or into some sort of jail stint. But you do see Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus in the news ALL the time….and every single one of them have multiple siblings.

Point is….spoiled can happen no matter how many children you do or don’t have. Perhaps you should pull your head out of your rear end and stop judging people via stereotypes.

That said. All the more power to Alyssa. Her family choices are between her and her partner…no one else.

Rhonda on

@Lucabella… you’re so perfect! We should all strive to be you! NOT EVERY MOTHER OF AN ONLY GET THE CHANCE TO HAVE ANOTHER and not by ANY doing of their own. Sometimes, health prevents some of us from giving our first-born’s (now onlies) a sibling. My son is not a spoiled brat like you! I was THROWN into menopause after the birth of my son and I was only 37 years old! We wanted two children, but fate and destiny decided that he was to be an only which tells me that whatever he is destined for, he MUST be an only which tells me it’ll be pretty important. Probably world changing. That’s how I have to see it instead of being upset or angry that I couldn’t have another, so go crawl under that rock you slithered out from.

TJ on

I actually think that parents should have another child because they want to raise another child, not so the first child has a sibling. Siblings don’t always get along and only children don’t always believe the world revolves around them.

Lila on

I think every family needs to do what is best for them. If she wants another child, she should have another child. We only have one, and we are happy with that. Our daugher is smart, funny, well rounded, popular, well mannered and does excellent in school. She has friends, extended family and neighbors to play with daily. I don’t worry about her future at all 🙂

Alicia on

“Giving” him a sibling…funny. God gives

Mia on

Hey Lucella, good on you for stating your opinion ..nothing wrong with that! All these other people commenting have nothing else better to do but bitch and complain!! Like their opinion is correct! What happened to everyone having their own opinion! I say GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

renee on

i agree with lucabella. only children are not precious snowflakes that is hilarious. the parents tend to ‘helicopter’ parent an only. if you’re serious about being a parent, then get in there and have some kids, forget it with this only child b.s.

Marilyn Prescott on

I saw last night’s final episode of Mistresses and was heartbroken over Savvy’s accident. Please tell me she’s not going to die.

Carrie on

Love Alyssa! Lucabella…my best friend’s mom is an only child, as is my neighbor across the street. Both women are so kind and sweet and classy. I have an only child..she is not the center of my universe and she is not self-centered/spoiled. She is outgoing, funny, and loves school because she loves being with her teacher and friends. I do understand the comment about not being a helicopter mom though. Sometimes I want to intervene, but I work hard everyday to know my child can and will work out things on her own. I’m not helping if I interfere, it’s the letting go and I have made progress. The important thing is that I am happy and my only child is happy. Thanks to the others on here who support only children. Sometimes having another child doesn’t work out.

Holiday on

I also agree with Lucabella. My dad and grandpa are onlies and both are arrogant and egocentric. I have never met an only who wasnt spoiled and bratty. Its those moms that want just one kid so that they can spoil them and overindulge them that have the worst kids. Also onlies never function right because you learn a ton from siblings

josycc on

Lucabella and Renee,

there are PLENTY of well off only children. If a kid is spoiled or not has nothing to do with how many siblings they have but the parenting they received.

Every family is different and what works for you might not be for others. Having one child doesn’t make you “less serious” about parenting. Parenting is about how many kids you have but how good of a job you do with as many or as little as you decide to have.

About the article- I have an only child and we have talked about a sibling but I do not believe that people should have kids because their kids needs a sibling, you should have kids because its something you want and you desire for your life. You are having a child not just a playmate for your first born.

Isabel on

So happy to see Holiday showed up to support one of her three soap boxes.

Anonymous on

As soon as I saw what the article was about, I know Holiday would appear, on a rant about only children are the worst!

As the new school year begins and my kids meet new friends, i am meeting them too. I met the worst kid yesterday. He spit, pushed kids over, hit, threw toys, etc. He is around five and has siblings. Then I met the sweetest and most adorable little girl. Wouldn’t you know it…she is an only child! Could it be that the bratty kids parents suck at parenting and the girls parents are good at it? Ya think? There are plenty of only children that are spoiled but same with children with siblings.

Damoiselle on

I thought Holiday was posting under the new name of Lucabella until Holiday herself piped up.

Stereotypes can be true to a certain extent but to say ALL only children are spoilt and bratty is a huge generalisation! My husband’s sister is the most selfish and bratty person I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across. She is so self-absorbed and done so many despicable things that she no longer have any contact with her, yet she has a brother.

Having a sibling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be well-adjusted, sociable, know how to share etc, nor does it mean that you’re automatically going to get along, and have this great sibling bond.