Expectant Kate Winslet Feels ‘Completely Great’

09/08/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Kate Winslet Pregnant TIFF Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Kate Winslet looked happy and was positively glowing as she officially debuted her baby bump at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday.

“I feel completely great,” Winslet, 37, told PEOPLE while promoting her new film Labor Day. “It’s such a pleasure to be able to be here and still be permitted on an airplane and talk about a film that I’m proud to be a part of.”

The Oscar winner, who announced in June that she and husband Ned Rocknroll are expecting their first child together, wore a black blazer over a fitted black dress.

She joined costar Josh Brolin and director Jason Reitman to discuss the drama, in which she plays a divorced, single mother.

“I have admiration for mothers everywhere,” said Winslet, who is also mom to Mia, 12, and Joe, 9. “Being a parent turns you inside out. It completely transforms your life and, of course, your children are your absolute everything.”

— Paul Chi

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Marcia on

Ok, I am a huge Kate Winslet fan. I loved her even pre-Titanic. But she seems to get married really quickly and then have babies, and then things don’t work out. Let’s hope she has found the right one, but I dunno…..

Sandy on

Ned Rocknroll? He sounds like a winner.

Alissa on

Love her. I hope she found her man in Ned. And I hope this baby has a 3 letter name too. Maybe she will have another baby in a couple of years since there is a large age gap with her other 2 children..or maybe not.

Anonymous on

Three kids with 3 different fathers!

Anna on

Wow Sandy. Judging much?

lisa on

she looks stunning!

Sun on

Three children with three different fathers. what’s next?

Andrea on

OMG! My favorite actress is pregnant again.

Catca on

It’s a great story how she met Ned, and while I’m sure he’s a great guy with an obvious sense of humor, it’s hard to get over the name.

Sylvia on

If you Google Sir Richard Branson, you will notice that Ned Rocknroll is his nephew. He made a name change to be set apart.

I see no harm in that.

ladynightshayde on

At least she was married to the men.

Sonny on

She has thre children by 3 different husbands. Hope this one works out. She is married to the nephew of Billionaire Richard Branson. He obviously changed his name to be set apart from his uncle. Kate saved her husband’s grandmother in a fire so she’s a hero in their eyes. I wish them the best.

Kids Need Stability on

Three kids by three different men.

Sherae on

So I was right! She DOES have 3 kids by three different fathers. Wow.. she gets married and pregnant so fast! Hmmm…congrats to her I guess.

M on

Congrats Kate!

carmen on

I think the saddest thing here is that none of those kids will have the same father….3 kids, 3 fathers. What was/is she thinking???? So sad….

Anonymous on

At least she had her children while being married which is the proper way to do things…sigh. Where are all those religious loonies now? When a celebrity has a child out of wedlock they can’t wait to judge.

Anonymous on

carmen- How is that sad? They’re still siblings regardless!

girlfriend on

I sooooooo hope she has quit smoking for GOOOOODDDD?????

She is PRODIGIOUSLY talented. But if you want to avoid serious depression, don’t see “Jude.”

girlfriend on

and it’s cool that she is commingling her genes with three bloodlines. There will be at least four parents (one hopes) but gosh she and Sam were a powerhouse of talent together. zounds.

yeah, lots of women have kids with 3+ men. Christie Brinkley is one.

leni on

I think the saddest thing here are the judgemental comments. Her kids. Her life.

Sylvia on

I’m sure this will be the marriage that sticks for her and works out. I know her kids are from two different father’s, however, I’m glad she married them even though the marriage didn’t last.

lily on

For the people saying “3 kids with 3 different fathers” I would like to say that you are nobody to judge. You have make mistakes, and children are always a blessing, I hope it never happens to you or your children. If I were you I would keep my mouth shut. I’m not defending her because it happened to me (pregnant with my second, same hubby of 11 years) but because I haven’t walk in her shoes.

Anyway, blessings to her and her children! God bless!!

Meg on

It is nice to see a woman dressing like a lady when she is pregnant not like she’s trying to fit into a dress she would have worn months before

Hea on

I love her as an actress and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Her first big love died, her first marriage didn’t last very long and she was with Sam Mendes for 9 years. I doubt she goes into relationships lightly and it takes two. Having a child with her first husband is not strange. Having a child with her husband of 9 years is not strange.

I doubt she planned on having three kids by three different husbands but life sometimes works out that way. At least it’s been committed relationships and not some random one night stands.

manta on

Why is it bothering so many people that it’s her third child with a third husband?

Eastwood has 7 kids with 3 or 4 women, with overlapping relationships in some cases and no one raises an eyebrow. On the contrary, there’s this constant fawning over him(the epitome of the american male).

Scorsese, 5 marriages, 3 children with 3 spouses, no pearl clutching.

De Niro, 6 children with 3 women, no one bats an eyelash (only concern about his age with the last baby).

Oh, but they are white males worshiped by art circles, so no problem here.

Hazel on

Three children…three different fathers…hmmmm!

Debbie on

It’s ashame I guess all her kids have a different last names. In the Titanic days she was so beautiful. I just can’t put my finger on it, but she isn’t so pretty anymore.. I think it’s the horrible root showing blond hair. Red looked so good on her. And she always says no more nudity, but she still always does it.

Nandi on

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Don’t be judgemental, we don’t know what skeletons want to creep out of your closets. If she is happy, married and in love mind your business.

Nancy on

If she’s happy then great. If her kids are well-adjusted, even better. However 3 different children from 3 different fathers? I just don’t get it. Am I judging? Yep, I guess I am.

Tina on

So Kate Winslet has 3 children with 3 different men, at least she was married when she had them, many other women are single mothers.

Anonymous on

She is such a talented actress. What she does in her personal life is none of my business. That’s all.

Real mama on

You know what is sad?

People going on about three kids from three different Dads and how sad it is!

It’s none of your damn business.

I’m sure Kate didn’t ask to be in that situation, but sometimes things just don’t work out!

I’m sure her children are well loved and looked after, nothing sad about that!

Go back to your miserable lives trolls!

cyndi on

Women, stop judging her. She was married to all three men and the first two still play their roles their childrens’ lives, so give her a break! Will it soothe your judgemental souls if she was a single mother with the kids bearing Winslet and their fathers unknown?

Sandra on

She’s gorgeous and loved! Shut up haters! Who are you to judge? Get a life

TJ on

She’s such a great actress! I wish her the best! It is a double standard that people are critical when women have several children by different fathers. What about Clint Eastwood…8 kids by 6 women? I doubt she wanted it this way but at least she has been married to the fathers of her children.

mel on

I love Kate; such a great actress, but 3 kids with 3 different men? I would never want to explain that to my children. I was divorced 10 years before I remarried. And he had sons. Anyway; these women (e.g., JLo) get into relationships ASAP. But you know what? I want them to be happy; I just DON’T want to read 3-5 years they’re divorced again. Sheesh.

ally on

Omg, I just realized that the kid’s last name will be Rocknroll. It funny if you want to do that to yourself, but not sure how the child will feel about as they get older. Oh, well.

All the best to her.

Anonymous on

She can do whatever she wants to, bc she has money and support to raise her kids. It is the teen and low income moms who wouldn’t be able to handle the same domestic situation.

guest on

I lover her work and she looks absolutely amazing. However, the 3 husband, 3 kids by three men is not so great.

Tina on

Good God, she’s having all these babies with different daddies. She’s a desperate-to-fall-in-love woman.

fan of boardwalk empire on

Kate looks stunning and it is lovely to see her big smile. She looks so happy!

Windy on

Well said Leni

Sarah on

Some people are so narrow minded. Do we live in the 1950’s? A woman has the right to find love and have children if she wants and she doesn’t have to stay with a man she doesn’t get along with in order to have more kids. She has the right to move on. How old fashioned and backwards to judge her.

Denise on

Three different fathers…who were all her HUSBANDS. I love Kate Winslet, and while I think three marriages is quite a few for one person, at least she’s not like other celebs and non-celebs out there who continuously put the cart before the horse. Furthermore, she has the money to take care of her children. Kate, I hope the third’s time a charm and I wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Kasee on

Debbie, Titanic came out in 1998. A lot of women probably look a bit fresher at 22 than they do at 37, especially if they’ve had two kids (and a third on the way) in between. Geez, people are picky.

Jess on

If u don’t like what celebrities do then stop clicking in the articles, reading, and commenting! I am all for stating ur opinions but to say I could care less about the celebrity them comment seems a bit hypocritical to me!
But best of luck to her and her husband on their new baby

carla on

It should also be noted that Kate’s first two marriages ended because her ex husbands CHEATED (Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes who only recently went public with his mistress that he was seeing while married to Kate, actress Rebecca Hall.) Props to Kate for being able to find love again.

Guest on

Some of you guys are so clueless. Her first husband passed away and she was married to her second husband Sam Mendes for 9 years. Sometimes you get to a point where a marriage just isn’t working, so who are we to judge? The kids appear to be happy and healthy, and well loved by both. That’s what matters.

And just like other posters have said – Ned changed his name and he is a musician. Granted “Rocknroll” is a bit goofy, but to each his own and it is memorable. 🙂 So many other celebs have “stage” names; it doesn’t mean he isn’t a great guy.

Some of you will never get that if you put good karma out there, good will come back. Quit judging her. Just send positive thoughts and well wishes their way for a happy, successful marriage, and beautiful, healthy baby.

Sun on

Three kids by three different fathers. What’s next? Fourth husband and fourth child?

soph on

“If she’s happy then great. If her kids are well-adjusted, even better. However 3 different children from 3 different fathers? I just don’t get it. Am I judging? Yep, I guess I am.”

Assuming that we care that you “don’t get it”? Yep, that’s for sure.

Nancy on

This woman have a baby with every one of the three men she’s been married to and then within a few years gets a divorce. It’s just weird……..

krtmom on

3 babies with 3 different men…how proud she must be!

Shelliec69 on

Rod Stewart has a boatload of kids with five women-and most people don’t bat an eyelash. True, Kate has been married and divorced twice, and had a child with each husband. But she loves Ned and is choosing to have another. She is happy and that’s all that matters.

Sarah on

It’s weird that you guys think it’s shocking that she has sex with her husbands.

Anna on

3 children by 3 different men…3rd marriage….get it together! Hope marrying a billionaire’s son works out….

Anonymous on

Kate is really glowing, pregnancy suits her well…congrats!

guest on

this girl gets around. holy moley.

Steph on

@ Guest- Kate Winslet’s first husband did not pass away! They divorced and he is alive and well! A serious boyfriend had passed away before she ever married.

her husband is not a Branson- he is related, but his birth -last name was Abel Smith.

I know them,personally!

Kate on

I find her a very snooty lady and I’m sure a piece of work to live with ,good luck hubby number three

K on

Go Kate! I’m tired of hearing the story of the successful guy leaving his great/accomplished wife for the younger nobody (I’ve heard secretary, college student–) and then the same excuse–we didn’t have anything in common with the wife–oh, only three kids with her….. then with the new girl – you really see how they have nothing in common and he does things with the new girl he wouldn’t do for the wife. Go Kate-turn those traditional tables on the man.

Joanie on

Wow. Her children are everything to her? Right. If they were she wouldn’t be divorcing their dads and bringing another child into the world with yet another man. Piece of selfish work.

Megan on

Kate Winslet adopted Chicago’s old voting joke:

Marry early, marry often.

Melanie M on

3 kids by 3 men. Classy.

Anonymous on

She is SO beautiful and down to earth. Watched Titanic for the 20th + time last night and yes, cried all over again! she’s great in this movie. She’s going to be a great Mom to her new baby!

K on

TO the GUEST reply about giving good Karma into the universe and getting good Karma back…unfortunately, the world doesn’t really work that way. I’ve heard too many stories of really good people right now going through some bad times with this economy. People desparate for decent paying jobs and they’re good people just trying to raise a couple kids. GO Kate! There’s a role reversal here where she’s doing what most of the time guys are doing….

Lisa on

Here is the judgment brigade again! Who cares how many times she has been married, good luck to her.

soph on

K, please go let the secretaries and college students in your life know that they are “nobodies.” I’ll wait.

fy on

I don’t get why mariage is so important to so many people. What difference does it make that she was married to the fathers of her first children! she devorced them anyway! And so do 50% of married people eventially. There are just no garantees in live wheter you get married or not.

Mel in STL on

She is just soooo gross! Three kids by three different dads. Money and fame sure can’t buy class!