Stephen Moyer: I’m ‘Pretty Good’ at Changing Diapers

09/08/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Stephen Moyer International Film Festival Changing Diapers Sonia Recchia/Wireimage

One year after True Blood couple Stephen Moyer andย Anna Paquin prematurely welcomed twins Charlie and Poppy, the babies are now healthy, happy and starting to show their personalities.

“The twins are amazing,” Moyer, 43, told PEOPLE at the premiere of his new drama Devil’s Knot at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday.

“They are really coming into themselves. They are beautiful,” he adds.

The British actor, already dad to son Billy, 13, and daughter Lilac, 11, from previous relationships, is thrilled to raise infants again — even if it means changing dirty diapers.

Despite a decade having passed since he last cared for an infant, the father-of-four — who reveals Charlie and Poppy celebrated their first birthday last week — is still a diaper changing champ. “I was already pretty good,” he proudly says about his skills. “I’m like zip, zip, zip and I’m done!”

— Paul Chi

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Laura on

Can you imagine what horrible names a woman would be called if she had four children from three different relationships? But I guess it’s no big deal if a man can’t keep it in his pants…

DS on

“Four children by three different women? I find it hard to praise anyone for that sort of trashy behaviour. Perhaps he should just learn to keep it in his pants and learn to use birth control, since he can’t keep a relationship going. Why does he have such difficulty keeping a relationship? Does he have a pathological need to have a baby with every woman, so that maybe the woman will stay with him…?”

Just showing everyone what the comments would look like if he were a woman. See comments about Kate Winslet et al.

Sad but true.

Emma on

Wow, so many judging people here! That’s life! It happens. You don’t have just one or two partners anymore. What is important is that he loves & takes care of his kids, which is better than a father married to your mother, but who doesn’t take care of his children.

EM on

I have 3 children by 3 different fathers. I don’t consider myself horrible. At times I feel that way because of society, which is awful. All 3 of my children were from relationships at least 3 years and 2 over 5. I put time into my relationships before having kids. Right now I am with 1 of the fathers and the other 2 dad’s are still really good friends. I have had people and teachers comment that my children are happier and more well-adjusted than feuding married parents. Who cares how the children got here and with who as long as they are loved, happy and have parents that enjoy themselves. Many times I get together with all 3 of my children’s fathers at the same time. Now that is something that would be rare in this society, but my kids are equal siblings. All their siblings families love and accept them as well. So, when I’m feeling down by society’s standards. I think about the day I was at a football game for the oldest 2 with my baby and sitting with all 3 of the father’s. We were joking and laughing and getting along while sitting right next to each other. So, screw you society. You are wrong!!!

DS on

Exactly — I’m not criticizing Moyer at all — we are all fallible, and we try our best, but sometimes relationships aren’t meant to last forever.

But if Moyer were female, we’d be skewering him. I just hate the double standard, and thought that by pointing it out, perhaps people would think twice before posting a vitriolic comment the next time someone female has several sequential relationships.

Juliet on

This is a ridiculous interview. Are we supposed to imagine he’s someone who doesn’t change diapers because he’s a celebrity?

Milky on

Meh, he doesn’t seem too skanky to me. His other kids are older so it’s not like he’s just having kids willy-nilly, so to speak. I’d think the same of a woman in the same situation.
And I also agree with Juliet, what a non-story this is, even for a celeb fluff piece. It just gives me the heeby jeebies that men in the US don’t change nappies, and if they do it’s newsworthy.


EM….you are a doorknob! Sounds like every man gets a turn…what you are doing is not cute or worth bragging about!

wildmageletficstorage on

I’m sorry, but I think it’s ridiculous to judge people for having different children by different fathers. And I’m saying this as someone who hasn’t been able to have any sex at all yet due to illness. How many people who make rude remarks like that have only ever had sex with one person in their lives? (Or additionally, have never made a mistake in their lives?) Because even with contraception, sex is for begetting kids and it can happen. So if you slept with more people than your safely, legally married husband, how is that any different from what people like Kate Winslet (who was even MARRIED to all of her babys’ fathers – what was she supposed to do if she wanted more children, ask one of her exes to donate sperm so the kids all came from the same DNA combo) and Stephen Moyer do? It sounds like he’s a loving, involved father. Judge the people who ditch, ignore or abuse their kids.

Cerise on

Really? This is what you choose to comment on? You are making judgements on the personal life of someone you know nothing about and then you say if he were a female he’d be judged harshly. Aren’t you judging him harshly?

How about a positive comment like “what a great dad that he changes diapers.” Because there are a lot that won’t. Not to mention he’s a celebrity that could pay people to do it but he does it. How sad that people are so judgmental and negative. If you’d read a little something about this man and you’d see what a hands on father he is to all his kids. You can hardly find an interview with him where he doesn’t talk about his kids.

Cerise on

Oh, and, FYI, ten years in between the kids ages does not reflect a man who “can’t keep it in his pants”.

iamtrue2bill on

This is a nice little piece of “fluff” that publications use to fill up space and bring some levity to their news, especially when it’s about a premiere event, a film festival, or the like.

To criticize a man who has several children, all of whom he is deeply committed to, involved with on a daily basis, and financially contributing to, as well as being on good terms with their mothers, just demonstrates an overly judgmental attitude.

This is a little piece on a man changing diapers. Perhaps we can all get off our high horses, and either enjoy the article, or ignore it.

Anonymous on

Every situation is not the same and therefore can’t all be judged the same. All men/women who have four children by three different partners are not trashy/slutty. It is an individual basis. Get to know the person before making a judgement. No one knows him or Kate Winslet to know the details.

My Aunt was married and her her husband died while her baby was six months old. She remarried and had one more children. He cheated on her, so she left him. She got remarried and had another child. So, three children three fathers….not a tramp! Now, my friend….has four kids, four fathers, never married to any of them. I can declare her to be trashy based on what I know about her. Don’t judge a book on its cover unless you want it done o you ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Cerise- Exactly! It also doesn’t reflect a man who doesn’t use protection when warranted. Obviously he and Anna wanted these babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob on

Perhaps those making nasty judgmental comments, under the guise of pointing out double standards, should just learn that misogyny is no excuse for misandry. Two wrongs do not make a right so if you can’t say something nice why bother to say anything at all?

Stephen Moyer seems like a good, hands on, loving father and that’s what’s most important in my opinion.

Junie on

Well said Cerise! Oh, and Rob, I learned a new word today – misandry- thanks!